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"What, Ye Xiwen has completed the mission?"

"The Evil Demon of the Eastern Continent also died at his hands!"

"This is the first among several missions…"

Time flew by; day-by-day. 2 years had passed in the blink of an eye; it seemed as if time had slipped through one's fingers like sand.

A period of 2 years was a short time for a formidable expert with a long lifespan. However, Ye Xiwen had been very busy these two years.

He had undertaken the missions which no had wanted to pick. He had then been rushing here-and-there to complete them.

A time of two years was enough for Ye Xiwen to complete those missions with full devotion.

Ye Xiwen had completed several of these massive missions, and had earned over a 100 million 'Spirit Dans'. Everyone had become extremely jealous of him after hearing about this matter. However, no one dared to say anything because he had earned it by putting his life on the line.

This wasn't an exaggeration. Ye Xiwen had made several narrow escapes during those missions. He had understood why nobody had dared to pick these missions once he had set out on them.

The difficulty of these missions could scare a person to death. Even a heaven's pride level expert like Ye Xiwen had made narrow escapes during some of the mission; what could possibly be said for ordinary experts...

Many old monsters were associated with these missions. Some had even cultivated for more than 700-800 years. Many of them hadn't stepped into the semi-sage realm yet, but their strength was countless times more tyrannical than that of an ordinary expert of the legendry's great complete realm. In fact, one could say that their strength was very close to the tyranny granted by the semi-sage realm.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that escaping from the hands of those old experts hadn't been an easy task for Ye Xiwen; despite the fact that he held such incredible battle-strength.

Initially, Ye Xiwen had believed that his personal battle-strength was top-notched in the legendary realm… if not in semi-sage realm as well. In fact, he had believed that he was strong enough to counter the strongest experts of legendary realm. However, he had understood that he had been too naïve once he had fought these monstrous old experts. Perhaps… it could be said that he had greatly underestimated the people of this world.

Back in the day… these people used to be considered peerless geniuses of their respective regions. They may have failed to enter the semi-sage realm with the passage of time, but they were exceptionally tough and hard to deal with. What was the significance of Ye Xiwen's cultivation time in comparison of theirs?

Ye Xiwen had sustained severe injuries during his first mission. In fact, he had been pushed to the fringes of defeat. He had relied on assistance from the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' to defeat the enemy in the end, and had thereby completed the mission. He had then come to realize that there's always someone better out-there… no matter how good one thinks they are.

This segment of the legendry's great complete realm experts could kill him with ease; let alone the semi-sage realm. Ye Xiwen restrained his pride in his heart, and began to conscientiously enhance his strength. It was rather difficult for most people to reach the pinnacle of half-step legendary realm or legendary realm. However, the legendary realm was a mere beginning for a majority of the ambitious experts… nothing more. If one had to transcend the mortal world and become a transcendent being — then this was akin to taking the first step into the temple of martial arts.

Legendary realm was merely designed to lay the foundation. If one aspired to walk farther in the future — they would have to lay a solid foundation in the legendary realm. Ye Xiwen understood this fact. Therefore, his objective of earning big-money from these missions had turned into a method of honing his skills and gaining practical experience. This was a very important transformation.

The missions were divided into three levels. They started from 'easy', and then gradually progressed to the most difficult ones. Ye Xiwen had started to treat these missions as a means to gain experience after he had experienced the first mission.

The first mission had been the simplest. However, Ye Xiwen had a rough time while finishing it. He was very proud of his strength when he had undertaken these missions, and had reckoned that he'd complete the missions very easily. However, he had ended-up sustaining severe injuries during the simplest mission.

As Ye Xiwen gradually proceeded with the missions — the difficulty level gradually increased, and he started to sustain more injuries. One time… he narrowly escaped his fate; that too after he had sustained fatal injuries. However, the rewards for the missions became more and more lucrative as the difficulty level increased. Gradually, his strength started to increase. He had initially believed that his strength was at the peak… however, his strength still continued to increase.

And Ye Xiwen had desired to accomplish this since the legendary realm was meant to lay the foundation. He would have boundless future-prospects if his strength were to increase greatly within the legendary realm.

Ye Xiwen's reputation had gradually spread with the completion of the increased number of missions. He acquired a lot of fame inside the university before he had picked these missions. However, this fame was centered on the younger generation since he was one of the heaven's pride level experts of this session. Therefore, he was considered among the few new disciples who possessed outstanding strength.

However, this fact remained restricted within the bounds of the younger generation alone. Many powerhouses of the older generation looked down on these heaven's pride level experts. These heaven's pride disciples might possibly become outstanding talents in the future. However, that would happen in the future... they were 'nothing' at present. Many of the hidden profound experts of legendry's great complete realm could conveniently suppress these so-called heaven's pride level experts.

However, many people had started to realize the fact that Ye Xiwen had managed to complete the missions which were originally deemed impossible. Therefore, Ye Xiwen's reputation had gradually begun to grow louder and louder. In fact, several experts of the True Martial University hadn't taken notes of this matter early-on. They merely felt that a 'desperate-for-missions-madman' had arrived in this new batch. However, he had received extremely troublesome missions which could only be considered as dead-end jobs for ordinary people. Therefore, Ye Xiwen's reputation had gradually started to spread everywhere; not as this session's heaven's pride level expert — but as an expert of legendry's great complete realm with super battle-efficiency. In fact, several people had noticed that there would be no scars on his body every time he'd return from a battle. In addition, he'd complete every mission within a very short period of time. This indicated that Ye Xiwen wouldn't spend much time in recuperating after the mission's completion. Did that possibly mean that he won every battle without sustaining serious injuries?

They were unaware that the phoenix regeneration technique was so incredible that it could repair all injuries in a split second, and restore Ye Xiwen to his peak condition. In fact, they had never thought of such a wonderful technique. Therefore, the majority of people could only guess that Ye Xiwen didn't sustain any injuries during the completion of these missions. This led several people to admire his strength.

They were unaware that Ye Xiwen had barely scraped-by during several of these missions. Some of those missions' targets possessed insane strength; strength which went far beyond Ye Xiwen's imagination. These profound experts of the legendary realm hadn't been able to breakthrough to the sage realm in their lifetime. However, they would've had boundless future prospects in case they would've stepped into the sage realm. This was the impartiality of the heaven's law. These experts possessed outstanding talent, and were qualified to make further breakthroughs; just like any other normal expert. In fact, they could've advanced triumphantly after the breakthrough since they could rely on the foundation they had laid in the legendary realm. There was no such thing as impossible in this regard in the world of martial arts. Therefore, nobody had dared to look down on those old experts.

Every mission that Ye Xiwen completed in the early phases had proved out to be exceptionally difficulty for him. However, he had accumulated the 'Spirit Dans' required for a breakthrough within a year's time. He had then made a breakthrough into half-step legendary eighth stage. His situation had improved rather considerably thereafter.

Ye Xiwen's fighting strength hadn't been the same after he had made the breakthrough into half-step legendary eighth stage. In fact, he had speculated that his effective-strength had reached the semi-sage level.

However, Ye Xiwen's cultivation-level was far from the semi-sage realm. Therefore, there was no direct way to judge whether his fighting-strength had reached the semi-sage level or not. However, he could faintly sense that it hadn't. But even so, his fighting-strength had increased dramatically after he made the breakthrough into the half-step legendary eighth stage. In fact, it had nearly reached the upper limits of the legendry's great complete realm. This had allowed Ye Xiwen to complete the missions with much greater speed.

Ye Xiwen was convinced that his fighting-strength had reached the cap of the legendry's great complete realm after this breakthrough. In fact, he was under the impression that it would reach the semi-sage level with the next breakthrough.

Two years had passed, and Ye Xiwen had only been able to make one breakthrough. However, it didn't mean that he hadn't done anything of significance in these two years. In fact… whether it was 'Coiling Dragon Palm', 'Observing Person Scripture', 'Buried Sword Secrets', or that one page of ancient god scripture… he had comprehended them all at the cost of a great amount of 'Spirit Dans'. Initially, Ye Xiwen had merely comprehended one or two moves of these techniques. However, many more were still left.

Ye Xiwen had never been given the time to improve himself. Therefore, he had deliberately restricted the promotion of his cultivation during these two years. He had painstakingly invested his time and energy into building a robust foundation in order to prepare for the sage realm. In fact, he had used an overwhelming majority of the 'Spirit Dans' in his stock to comprehend these techniques.

The nine moves of the 'Coiling Dragon Palm', namely - 'Hidden Dragon Rises from the Abyss', 'Divine Dragon Flings its Tail', 'Dense Rain Without Clouds', 'The Shocking 50km', 'Maybe jump into the Abyss', 'Wyvern Soars in the Sky', 'Two Dragons Play With Pearls', 'Pearl Dragon Fights in the wild', and 'Time to Ride Six Dragons', had been entirely deduced by Ye Xiwen. The might of the 'Coiling Dragon Palm' technique had reached an earth-shattering level after the deduction of all the nine moves. In fact, it could now produce the terrifying might of an ancient martial arts technique.

Ye Xiwen had learned several martial techniques, but his understanding of the 'Coiling Dragon Palm' had always been 'somewhat' suspended midair in comparison to the other martial art techniques. It wasn't extremely strong, but it wasn't very weak either. However, the 'Coiling Dragon Palm' technique had transformed tremendously after the entire set of nine moves had been deduced.

Ye Xiwen wouldn't dare to say that he had deduced the original version of the 'Coiling Dragon Palm'. However, the version he had comprehended was the most suited one for him. That was because he had comprehended it on the basis of his own insights.

The 'Tyrant Body Technique', 'Observing Person Scripture', and 'Buried Sword Secrets' had also advanced by leaps and bounds.

(To be continued)

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