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Ye Xiwen used his soul search technique to check Guan Yuan Wu's memory after he killed him. Ye Xiwen found-out the location of the place where he had stored the looted wealth from all those years. Then, Ye Xiwen crushed his soul mercilessly. Mere death was insufficient for such scums. This was Ye Xiwen's attitude towards such people.

Then, Ye Xiwen returned to the Peach Blossom Valley. The entire Peach Blossom Valley had been nearly destroyed. The unpleasant miasma of peach blossoms had leaked out as well.

Those ordinary truth level women came to their senses once the miasma of peach blossoms had been fully eliminated from the valley. Ye Xiwen looked away since those women were wearing their clothes. They then embraced each other and started to cry.

"Thanks a lot, savior. You've rescued us from the sea of fire!" those women said. These women were extremely beautiful. They had earth shattering beauty. It was touching to see the tear stained faces of these beauties.

They would've been sucked dry of their Yuan Yin if Ye Xiwen hadn't arrived. They would've then turned into dried-up human beings. This was the fate that awaited them.

"You don't need to thank me. Hurry up and leave this place. Hey, wait!" Ye Xiwen sighed. His big hand stretched-out and grasped the spirit energy that lingered in the surrounding radius of tens of miles. He then sprinkled that spirit energy throughout the sky. It seemed like a rain of spirit energy had fallen from the sky upon those wounded and traumatized women. Their mental as well as physical injuries were quickly restored once they came in contact with the rain. In fact, some of them even made breakthroughs. This was the magical ability of the large-scale healing that Ye Xiwen had learned from Phoenix Regeneration technique. However, he had never been given the chance to use it.

"Many thanks to the savior!"

"Thanks a lot, savior!"

Those women thanked profusely. Ye Xiwen had found out from Guan Yuan Wu's memory that his treasure trove was hidden inside the valley. He had buried it somewhere in this Peach Blossom Valley; in fact, the valley itself was a great magic tool. There was no way to open it since the Peach Blossom Valley would explode if one would try to open it by force. This showed how sinister Guan Yuan Wu was.

However, none of his plans were useful anymore. His entire wealth had fallen into Ye Xiwen's hands. He had looted many martial arts schools over the years. However, he had squandered the loot quite fast. He had spent most of his wealth and wasn't left with much. Treasures worth only 20 million 'Spirit Dans' were left. Only 10 million were left in 'Sprit Dans', while the rest were some rare treasures and so on.

There were only 10 million 'Spirit Dans', but they could be counted as a small bonus. This trip had at least harvested 20 million 'Spirit Dan's for Ye Xiwen if this loot was added to the reward of 9 million 'Spirit Dan's' for this mission. It had turned out to be a worthwhile trip in the end.

Ye Xiwen didn't show any modesty as he grabbed those 'Spirit Dans' with his big hand. He then began to burn them. They transformed into a long river of spirit energy as they flowed in the sky, and then got absorbed by Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen's body began to boil up as the long river of spirit energy started to gallop within his body; especially the mysterious space. His body began to emit colorful rays of light since he had absorbed great amounts of spirit energy. Ye Xiwen consumed the entire spirit energy to deduce the 'Coiling Dragon Palm' technique.

He had originally deduced the first three moves of Coiling Dragon Palm technique - 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss', 'Divine Dragon flings its tail' and 'Dense Rain Without Clouds'. This time he deduced the next two moves - 'The shocking 50 km' and 'maybe jump into the Abyss'. Ye Xiwen's entire body seemed as if it had turned into a golden dragon as he faced towards the sky and howled.

Ye Xiwen's aura became even more intrepid than before. The 'Coiling Dragon Palm' technique had 9 moves in total. These nine moves coincided with the nine types of dragons that existed between the heavens and earth.

Ye Xiwen had nearly consumed the entire 10 million 'Spirit Dans' he had obtained in the process of deducing these two moves.

The nine moves of 'Coiling Dragon Palm' technique weren't superior to each other. However, there was no way to display its full might since he hadn't yet practiced it to perfection. Its might would become more terrifying with the deduction of more moves. And eventually, its true terrifying might would reveal itself.

It could be said that the deduction of the fifth move and the third move of the 'Coiling Dragon Palm' technique wasn't the same thing.

Then, Ye Xiwen absorbed the Peach Blossom Valley since it was a magic tool. It was inferior to a semi-sage level tool. However, it was only 'somewhat' lacking. The only thing it lacked was that a sage expert hadn't integrated their own principle into it. The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' was obviously different. It was a supreme Dao Tool, and that too an extremely outstanding one. But its restoration was nowhere near what should be… but it would automatically integrate whichever principle it wanted to… once it was restored to a certain stage. Therefore, Ye Xiwen didn't need to worry.

Ye Xiwen made the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' to swallow the Peach Blossom Valley without any hesitation. The mirror wouldn't make a suddenly breakthrough into the sage realm, but it would gradually advance towards it; one breakthrough at a time.

The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' emitted a burst of peach-colored light after it had absorbed the Peach Blossom Valley. It then got replaced by the usual scarlet light; this indicated that the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had absorbed the Peach Blossom Valley.

"Ha ha ha, Ye Xiwen, it won't be difficult for me to be restored to being a sage tool as long as I get to swallow several magical tools like this one!" Ye Mo laughed heartily and said.

Ye Xiwen smiled. He then opened his devil wings. His figure turned into a streamer of light and disappeared in the horizon.

Half a day later… Ye Xiwen returned to the True Martial University and went to report the mission's status.

"What? You completed the mission?" that expert of legendry's great complete realm who had assigned the mission to Ye Xiwen asked in an incredible tone. He couldn't believe that Ye Xiwen had completed this mission in such a short time. He would no longer underestimate Ye Xiwen. He had understood why Ye Xiwen was ranked as a heaven's pride level expert. An expert of such rank would never be ordinary. The reason why Ye Xiwen had seemed ordinary was because his cultivation time was too short; that's all.

Guan Yuan Wu might've seemed like an ordinary expert of legendry's great complete realm, but his reputation inside the legendry's complete realm was very high. The most famous was his outstanding agility technique… An average expert couldn't catch-up with him. Even the experts of semi-sage realm couldn't catch him. This had allowed him to roam free and unfettered for so long.

What was the point of chasing him if they couldn't even catch-up with him?!

"What, that Guan Yuan Wu has been killed by Ye Xiwen?"

"This Ye Xiwen is extremely ferocious. Guan Yuan Wu was a well-known figure inside the legendry's great complete realm. Several semi-sage experts couldn't catch him; he was very cunning. He would flee at the first sight of trouble. How can he be killed?"

"Indeed, each new generation excels the previous one. These heaven's pride level experts are very ferocious. They are living-up to the rank of Heaven's pride!"

"En!" Ye Xiwen nodded and took out the evidence. Guan Yuan Wu's body had been reduced to dregs by Ye Xiwen. However, this had posed no difficulty while collecting the evidence.

That disciple of the Merit Palace Hall quickly took out the reward of 9 million 'Spirit Dans' and handed it over to Ye Xiwen once he had verified the evidence. He then said, "Young Ye, you've done a good job. That Guan Yuan Wu was evil, and should've been put down long ago!"

Ye Xiwen nodded and spoke, "I would like to take the next mission!"

"What, you wish to take another mission?" That disciple looked somewhat incredibly at Ye Xiwen. This mission must've been an extremely difficult one since the target was no pushover. He could be killed with one shot. One would have to suffer major losses in completing such a dangerous mission. Most disciples usually picked a mission of this difficult only a few times in a year.

However, Ye Xiwen was different. Guan Yuan Wu couldn't even injure him. He couldn't even put a scratch on his body. So, there was no need to wait for recuperation or anything. In other words, Ye Xiwen shouldn't be compared with rest of the disciples in this regard.

"Young Ye's strength leaves us lost in admiration!" that disciple said. "It looks like Young Ye is running short on 'Spirit Dans'. However, you've got an extremely intrepid strength. Let's do it in this way. I'll recommend you some missions that nobody has completed in last several years!"

The disciple took out a list of missions. Ye Xiwen glanced. He quickly understood why nobody had been able to complete these missions for so many years.

These important missions were marked for the experts of legendry's great complete realm. However, this realm was divided into several grades. These missions were for those old monsters who held the cultivation of more than 500-600 years; not for ordinary experts of the same realm. However, these old experts had gone past the bounds of legendry's great complete realm. Therefore, these missions had slowly accumulated over the years.

However, these missions were very lucrative. Most of them offered a reward of 10 million 'Spirit Dans'. The highest reward was 30 million 'Spirit Dans'. The biggest reason why this mission had the highest reward was that… a heaven's pride level expert had been killed in this mission. A heaven's pride level expert had tried to complete this mission… but he had been killed on this particular mission. He used to have a big reputation at the time. He was merely an expert of legendry's great complete realm, but he could easily deal with the experts of semi-sage realm. Guan Yuan Wu was nothing compared to him.

"These missions are very dangerous. These missions are marked for the experts of legendry's great complete realm, but we only allow the experts of semi-sage realm to pick these missions for safety reasons. But your strength is extremely intrepid. Therefore, you can try these missions if you urgently need 'Spirit Dans'!" that disciple explained. For an average person to take these missions — it could only mean he was courting death. However, he must've seen that Ye Xiwen was very strong. That's why he had recommended him these missions.

"I'll take these missions!" Ye Xiwen opened his mouth and announced.

"What? You'll take these missions? Young Ye, you're very strong… but can you handle so many missions?" the disciple asked. He seemed somewhat stunned by Ye Xiwen's response. Many illustrious people had come across these missions. However, even the ones with the most intrepid strength hadn't dared to choose these missions. Even if some did take up one of these missions… they did it as a group of disciples. However, Ye Xiwen wanted to single-handedly complete these missions. Would he be able to accomplish that?

That disciple opened his mouth to stop Ye Xiwen. However, he suddenly remembered that Ye Xiwen had completed the mission of assassinating Guan Yuan Wu in a few days… and this was a mission that no one had completed in decades.

However, he didn't know that Ye Xiwen had made an easy game out of Guan Yuan Wu. Instead, he had wasted his energy and time in inquiring and finding information about the whereabouts of Guan Yuan Wu from Ye Xiwen.

"That's good. Then, I'll register your name!"

(To be continued)

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