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Ye Xiwen accepted the mission and left. The rumor about this started to spread soon after.

"What? Someone has taken the mission to catch Guan Yuan Wu? Who's he? No one has picked this mission in over 10 years. Guan Yuan Wu is a bad news. Several people want the reward of 9 million 'Spirit Dans', but many have lost their lives at the hands of Guan Yuan Wu!"

"Gee, it seems that Ye Xiwen is running low on 'Spirit Dans'… that's why he has chosen this mission. But, isn't it true that the Hidden Star Peak is very rich?"

"The Hidden Star Peak is obviously very rich. But, it's Hidden Star Peak that's rich… not Ye Xiwen. It may be possible that he's looking to accumulate enough 'Spirit Dans' to step into the semi-sage realm. These heaven's pride level experts have been recently guided by the elders of their respective inheritances to secret places for cultivation. And Ye Xiwen is very pitiful compared to them!"

"Yes. The disciples of the Hidden Star Peak are very strong. However, it had declined many years ago. And the most important thing is that it has a very few people. Moreover, its only elder remains outside all-year-round. So, there's no one to guide him. And people say that Huang Wuji has been looking for the lost treasures of the Hidden Star Peak. The Hidden Star Peak might see a revival someday if it was found!"

"How can it be so easy when so many ancestors of the Hidden Star peak have failed to find it over the years?"

Ye Xiwen was unaware of what the people were discussing behind his back. He knew that Hidden Star Peak was very rich. However, it couldn't afford to divide its annual income among the disciples. It gave 3 million 'Spirit Dans' to each of its disciples on an annual basis. This was a good figure. That's why many people were jealous of this peak since the annual income of an average person was about 10,000 'Spirit Dans' per year in the other inheritances. After all, every inheritance had nearly hundreds-of-thousands of people. Even the smaller inheritances had tens-of-thousands of disciples. On the other hand, the Hidden Star Peak only had a handful of disciples. They obviously benefited from it. However, it wasn't as if the annual income would be entirely divided among the disciples. The ancestors of the peak had always wished to find a means to revive it. That was why the majority of the income was collected and stored for the future revival of the Hidden Star Peak.

10,000 'Spirit Dans' a year was far-from-enough for an expert of the legendary realm. Therefore, the sage realm and great sage realm experts obviously required many more 'Spirit Dans'.

Therefore, to count on the inheritance for one's income wasn't logical. One mustn't think that they'd get a great share. Their share would be like a drop of water in the bucket. Therefore, even sage and great-sage level experts only had the option to take various kinds of missions to earn the required amount of 'Spirit Dans'.

This was a genuine problem. It was impossible for the Hidden Star Peak's monthly revenue-share of disciples to satisfy Ye Xiwen's needs given his consumption rate. The total monthly income of less than 300,000 'Spirit Dans' wasn't enough. Even coupled with the high-level reward of 20 million 'Spirit Dans' for exhibiting an outstanding performance in the 'Newcomers Big Trial Competition'… it still wasn't enough for him. However, one could say that this was a great sum of money for other people.

Such an amount of 'Spirit Dans' could be considered as sufficient for a heaven's pride level expert like Fan Ming. However, it was barely enough to satisfy Ye Xiwen's immediate needs. He needed over 50 million 'Spirit Dans' to refine a blood slave of the semi-sage realm. It was an astronomical figure given his current situation.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen's breakthroughs and practice of several martial arts techniques were inevitably linked to the 'Sprit Dans'. It was hard to imagine the shortage he was currently faced with. However, an issue such as this… couldn't be solved in one-go.

The scorching sun was situated overhead a valley of the Southern region. However, the sunshine couldn't illuminate the valley. The entire valley was filled with the unpleasant miasma of peach blossoms. Whoever was to inhale this miasma… would submerge in endless lust.

A middle-aged man clad in a long loose robe was indulged in obscene pleasure above a tall platform in the valley. A beautiful woman was on top of his body; she was moving up and down. Her face revealed a painful expression. But, she couldn't stop.

If examined carefully… one would see that this beautiful woman was an expert of the legendry's great complete realm.

"Ha ha ha ha!" That middle aged man stretched-out his hand to grab the plentiful chest of that woman's and started to rub it at a whim.

He was the infamous obscene thief — Guan Yuan Wu.

Countless young women were being forced into degenerate pleasures by an evil group of young warriors under the tall platform. Those were the many youngsters whom Guan Yuan Wu had received as his disciples. He would often find himself being chased-after by the authorities in the beginning, but the people who showed interest in catching him had grown fewer and fewer over time. Moreover, he had grown stronger over time. Therefore, this strenuous and unrewarding mission was no longer worth the risk. He eventually opened a school of martial arts and named it 'Peach Blossom Valley'. This school itself was an exceptional magic tool. It held the endless might to restrain the freedom of people inside its domain.

Soon that beautiful woman discharged her Yuan Yin, and weakly limped to the side. Guan Yuan Wu sat cross-legged and began to refine the Yuan Yin that he had just absorbed. His martial power seemed to have enhanced vigorously.

His disciples began to shout; they had started to make a big ruckus.

"Congratulations to the master. Your martial power has enhanced enormously. You'll enter the sage realm sooner or later!"

"Master, we're tired of toying with these young women. It's better that we go back and catch more!" a warrior flew-up and cautiously suggested.

"Yes, you may!" Guan Yuan Wu touched his chin and said. "My Peach Blossom soul control technique has been perfected to the most critical point. I will certainly enter the semi-sage realm if you can catch and bring one thousand virgin maidens for my practice. And when that time comes, humph… even the experts of sage realm won't be able to catch me. The world is so big! I could go anywhere!"

"Master's martial arts are outstanding; simply invincible. But we've grown bored of these legendary level women. We shall capture several semi-sage level beauties once master enters the semi-sage realm. We've never played with a woman of semi-sage realm or above. He he, we would like to know the taste of woman moistened with the tag of the word 'sage' on them, and see how different they really are!"

"How will I not know the thoughts you scoundrel monkeys harbor? You'll get what you desire when the time comes!" Guan Yuan Wu said with a smile, "Even the True Martial University isn't maintaining a strong surveillance on me. So we can go about our business without any problem. Isn't the Jiangshan city nearby? Slaughter everyone, and bring the women. I don't know how many women you'll find, but there should be enough for you boys to taste the fresh women too!"

The disciples burst into a wicked laughter after they heard Guan Yuan Wu's words.

"You deserve to die for this heinous crime!" Suddenly, a loud sound reverberated in the valley, "Humph! 'Buried Person Sword'!"

A startling sword-light appeared from outside the valley. It split-through the sky and opened countless Dao principles as the sword light came lasing down from the sky.

Those disciples, who were indulged in pleasure a moment ago, were killed and turned into blood fog by the sword light. They screamed pitifully and disappeared without any trace.

"Who has the impertinence to kill my Peach Blossom Valley's disciples?" Guan Yuan Wu crushed the Dao principles with his bare hands and flew past the sword light.

"I am Ye Xiwen from the True Martial University. I have especially come here to send you on your way to hell!" A figure broke-through the layer of unpleasant Peach Blossom miasma and appeared inside the valley. Ye Xiwen showed no trace of excitement as he looked at the shining-white naked bodies that lay on the ground. Instead, he only had endless fury in his heart. He had finally understood why everyone called this obscene thief a 'heinous villain' who had committed countless sins.

Rap*sts were considered sinister in his previous life as well.

"Go to hell! Boy, you don't know how profound this world is!" Guan Yuan Wu didn't pay any attention to Ye Xiwen. He assumed that Ye Xiwen didn't know how profound this world was in reality. He was an expert of the legendry's great complete realm. However, one couldn't tell how many people he had killed… or the number of women he had played with. Many of those women were at legendry's great complete realm. Even the lord of a martial arts school was among them. However, no one had been able to catch him for these heinous crimes. Perhaps he would've retreated if Ye Xiwen was an expert of semi-sage realm. However, he was confident of his victory since Ye Xiwen was merely an expert of legendary realm from the looks of it.

Ye Xiwen was merely a young boy; he was nothing in front of him.

An exquisite peach-colored folding fan emerged in Guan Yuan Wu's hand. It was a magic weapon that had stayed with him throughout his life. It was called - Ying and Yang Peach Blossom Fan.

The fan suddenly emitted an unpleasant Peach Blossom miasma. This miasma interweaved together to form an inescapable net. It advanced towards Ye Xiwen to envelop him.

The Peach Blossom miasma shrouded Ye Xiwen, and then turned into a beautiful woman. However, Ye Xiwen couldn't see her face very clearly. Guan Yuan Wu would kill a woman after he was done playing with her. He would then capture her soul and integrate it into this Peach Blossom fan.

"I'll break it!" Ye Xiwen sneered. An astonishing sword light emitted from every hole of the net, and lased-out in all directions.

That woman condensed from the Peach Blossom miasma was slaughtered by the sword light, and the net was torn-open in an instant.

"You've managed to escape for so many years. But it's time for you to die!" Ye Xiwen said coldly. "Those other legendry's great complete realm experts were idiots if they couldn't kill some like you. Do you think that I can't kill you?"

"Clang!" suddenly a 'sword intention' emerged from Ye Xiwen's hand. It then condensed into a longsword. It shattered the space and momentarily rushed towards Guan Yuan Wu to kill him; just like a streamer of light.




Ye Xiwen didn't hold back. He had merely brandished his sword. That had split-open Guan Yuan Wu's protection layers.

"How can there be such a terrifying expert in legendry's great complete realm? I'm about to step into semi-sage realm! How can I be of no match to you?!" Guan Yuan Wu shouted in disbelief. However, he didn't hesitate to turn around in retreat. It seemed as if he trod on Peach Blossom flowers as he rushed-out at an extremely fast speed. He left the Peach Blossom Valley.

"You wish to enter the Semi-sage realm huh… dream on!" Ye Xiwen sneered and pursued him. He opened his devil wings and turned into a golden streamer of light as he chased-out.

The entire Peach Blossom Valley began to issue a rumbling noise. It then exploded towards Ye Xiwen. This valley was indeed a very good tool.

Ye Xiwen didn't stop; nor did he hold back. The Heavenly Source Mirror flew-out of his body and released a scarlet light. The scarlet light spread-through the entire Peach Blossom Valley, and disintegrated it into pieces.

Ye Xiwen quickly caught-up with Guan Yuan Wu. Guan Yuan Wu's agility technique had granted him incredible speed. He appeared similar to a peach-colored figure as he tore through the space. An ordinary expert of legendry's great complete realm couldn't have caught-up with him.

However, unfortunately he had come across Ye Xiwen and his devil wings. Ye Xiwen overtook him within a moment. The 'sword intention' condensed into a big sword, and advanced towards Guan Yuan Wu. He didn't have the ability to resist… he was chopped-down and turned into blood fog.

(To be continued).

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