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"Get lost!" Ye Xiwen didn't reply. His complexion turned ice-cold as he shouted coldly.

That expert clad in the fire-colored robe felt embarrassed by this. His complexion turned ashen. He clenched his teeth and said, "Ye Xiwen, who do you think you are? Do you really think you're a heaven's pride level expert?"

"Get lost!" Ye Xiwen coldly squeezed out these words from the gap between his teeth yet again.

"Ye Xiwen, you're going too far!" another expert stepped forward and shouted.

They hadn't paid much attention towards Ye Xiwen from the beginning. According to the rumors — Ye Xiwen had the strength of half-step legendry's great complete realm. However, these people also had considerable strength since they were at legendry's great complete realm. Moreover, they were five of them and Ye Xiwen was alone. He couldn't possibly do anything to them on his own.

They would've already launched an attack on Ye Xiwen if they hadn't been dominated by his sword attack a moment ago.

"Get lost!" Ye Xiwen repeated the same words again. He didn't say anything else. He had said those words very faintly. However, these people suddenly couldn't bear to see the look of contempt in his eyes. They weren't as good as those other heaven's pride level experts who received everyone's attention and were considered as treasure by the entire True Martial University. But, they were still considered top-tier experts among the inner disciples. An enemy of semi-sage realm or sage realm expert would've been a problem. However, their enemy wasn't even an expert of half-step legendry's great complete realm, and had still dared to pull such a stunt before them.

The battle between Fan Ming and Sword Sage had dragged on for a long time. That had exhausted both of them. Ye Xiwen had merely taken advantage of that. This thought had deeply-rooted itself inside everyone. The fact that Ye Xiwen had just defeated some experts of legendary ninth stage hadn't changed their perception of him. That was because there was a difference of heaven and earth between the experts of legendary ninth stage and legendry's great complete realm.

"Ye Xiwen, you think that you're outstanding because you've made a great name for yourself or something? You simply cannot imagine the difference between your 'Hidden Star Peak' and our 'War Dead Star City'. Soon, this 'Hidden Star City' will be a property of our 'Dead Star Peak'. Therefore, it's in your best interest to leave right now!" that expert stated in anger. However, Ye Xiwen didn't pay attention towards the sullen mannerism of these handful-of-disciples of 'War Dead Star Peak'.

"Get lost!" Ye Xiwen's words were as cold as before. His imposing aura had started to surge.

"F*k you, Ye Xiwen. You refuse a toast… only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Today you shall die without a burial site!" a legendry's great complete realm expert of the 'War Dead Star Peak' shouted. His countenance had turned dark red. He brandished his long blade and launched an attack at Ye Xiwen. An incomparably terrifying and sharp blade-attack cut-through the vast sky and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

"Ye Xiwen, let's beat these guys-up and crush them to pieces!" the wolf cub shouted as he scurried beside him.

Ye Xiwen sneered and stretched-out his big hands. He didn't need anything else… his hands forged ahead to face the incoming attack.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's hands grabbed the sword attack of that expert of legendry's great complete realm. The two terrifying attacks shook the sky as they collided. It seemed as if two raging waves had crashed against the shore.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. His hands started to emit endless golden light. Suddenly, that long blade was ripped apart by the golden light. Then, an exceptionally terrifying power surged-up as spiraling energies rushed forth.

"Puff!" the arm of that expert of the legendary great complete realm was turned into a group of blood fog. His bones were broken into fragments and were sent swirling in the air.

"Aaah!" that expert screamed due to the unbearable pain. His loud screams transformed into layers of sound waves and diffused in the surroundings. The surrounding space began to distort severely. Fortunately, the 'Hidden Star City' had a fine array of defensive barriers. Otherwise, it would've sustained considerable damage.

"Stop!" An expert of the 'War Dead Star Peak' was extremely shocked to see the manner in which his comrade had been thoroughly suppressed by just one move of Ye Xiwen's. Hence, he promptly roared to stop Ye Xiwen.

However, a lot of anger had accumulated inside Ye Xiwen's heart. It couldn't possibly have reduced in such a short time.

Ye Xiwen pretended as if hadn't heard anything. He released a golden light from his body and trod on the rainbow light until he arrived in front of that expert of legendry's great complete realm. He then twisted his waist backward and shoved a kick into that expert's body.

"Bang!" that expert was sent flying in the sky by his kick. The bones in his entire body had been broken by the kick. He went flying and crashed against a mountain peak several kilometers away.

"Bang!" he collided against the mountain peak with a force so terrifying that it severed the structure. It was hard to tell whether that expert had survived the collision or not.

Ye Xiwen's one attack had deterred everyone. He had effortlessly defeated an expert of legendry's great complete realm. Moreover, no one knew if the victim had survived or not. Ye Xiwen's tyrannical strength had left everyone baffled.

"Humph, you guys are acting recklessly!" Ye Xiwen sneered. His 'sword intention' frantically condensed into a long sword. It rose against the wind and turned bigger-and-bigger in the sky. Eventually, it transformed into a very big sword and then rushed towards that young man clad in fire-colored robe to chop him.

"Bang!" that young man promptly retaliated to block the incoming attack. However, how he could be Ye Xiwen's opponent? That huge sword crushed the bones of his hands into fragments. His entire body pounded into the soil of the 'Hidden Star City'; just like an artillery shell. Only his head remained sticking-out of the ground, and blood gushed-out unceasingly from his mouth.

Ye Xiwen grasped the startling great sword in his hand as he mercilessly looked towards those remaining three experts of legendry's great complete realm. His gaze was ice-cold, unforgiving and full of killing intention. The opposite party had blocked Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin at the gate of 'Hidden Star City', and had then severely wounded them. Anger had flourished inside Ye Xiwen's heart because of this matter.

Ye Xiwen hadn't been a part of the 'Hidden Star Peak' for long. However, he harbored an extraordinary sense of belonging towards this peak. The reason was simple. The fellow disciples on this peak got along well with each other, and shared a harmonious relationship. They didn't fight and scheme against each other like the disciples of other inheritances did. Ye Xiwen liked this atmosphere very much.

The 'Hidden Star Peak' had a very few disciples. Therefore, they were very much united.

"Ye Xiwen, what're you doing? Do you wish to provoke our 'War Dead Star Peak', and break-out an all-out conflict between our inheritances?" An expert of legendry's great complete realm looked at Ye Xiwen's cold eyes with a hint of fear in his own. He seemed afraid of looking into Ye Xiwen's eyes.

He had climbed-up a stack of corpses and swam out of the sea of blood to get here. He was regarded as a genius. He was a well-known figure among the inner disciples. However, even someone like him didn't dare to look into Ye Xiwen's eyes.

The fighting strength that Ye Xiwen had displayed was too tyrannical. The rumor wasn't false. But the rumor about him picked-up a cheap bargain because of the Sword Sage's bullsh*t. The disciples of the 'Sword Tomb' who had witness the scene when Ye Xiwen had killed Fan Ming didn't dare to say that he had obtained any help from the Sword Sage. However, the other people had refused to believe it. Rather, they had chosen to believe in the ordinary explanation present in the other rumor to console their hearts.

However, it had become clear that how ridiculous that rumor was. One simply couldn't say that Ye Xiwen would need any help considering his current strength. Suddenly, that expert recalled the first edition of the rumor - it wasn't Ye Xiwen who had obtained help from the Sword Sage. On the contrary, he had saved the Sword Sage.

"Get lost; you motherf*kers!" Ye Xiwen's slender arm lifted the great sword and brandished it towards that expert.


Another expert was pounded into the ground by Ye Xiwen like a radish. One couldn't say whether he was alive or not.

Ye Xiwen didn't care about the possible outbreak of a conflict between the two inheritances and bullsh*t like that. These people had arrived here and had blockaded the entrance gate… so they had it coming. Moreover, he had given them a prior warning, but they gave him no face and seemed prepared to fight it out. Therefore, it naturally didn't matter to him now. Ye Xiwen's sword would've slaughtered them all by now if there were no witnesses to this scene.

"I don't give a crap whether the two peaks have friendly relations or not!"

"Get the hell out of here!"

Ye Xiwen's two loud sonic booms resounded as the two experts fell from the sky and plunged into the earth like two artillery shells. Their bones were shattered by Ye Xiwen's attack.

"He is extremely ferocious. He has effortlessly defeated five experts of legendry's great complete realm. Now nobody can say that he isn't a heaven's pride level expert!"

"He has the fighting strength of great complete realm. However, there was a huge gap between his fighting strength and theirs!"

"This is a difference between top-notch talents and mediocre people. That's why they're called heaven's pride experts!"

"Now I believe that Ye Xiwen must've really killed Fan Ming with his own strength. That Fan Ming might have gone against the heaven's will in the future if he hadn't been taken care off!"

"Just you wait! I told you that we'd get to see a good show. The 'War Dead Star Peak' has scaled enormous growth in these past years. However, the 'Hidden Star Peak' cannot be taken lightly either. It seems that it has been gradually covering-up its shortcomings!"

"I still want the 'Hidden Star City' to win. If it were to lose… then I'm afraid we'll have to leave this place. I've lived here for hundreds of years. I tell you… no place can be better than this city!"

Ye Xiwen turned around and descended next to Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin; they were lying unconscious on the ground. Yang Wen Jun had sustained more severe wounds among the two. Deng Shui Xin had been a bit fortunate in comparison.

Ye Xiwen promptly took out some medicinal pills from the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' and hastily fed them to his injured fellow-disciples.

The two of them began to breathe heavily soon enough, and eventually gained some respite.

"Dammit! You've done a good job. Now kill these bastards!" Yang Wen Jun opened his mouth and roared. His own roar affected the wounds on his body, and he grimaced in pain.

"I haven't been that badly injured by these people. Let Big Brother come back. He'll pick-up a fight with that 'War Dead Star Peak'. How dare they bully 'Hidden Star Peak'?" Deng Shui Xin was quite intrepid as well.

Ye Xiwen came to know everything from their mouth. The situation had been bad from the beginning. The opposite party wasn't ready to retreat, and was using every method to block them outside the city. But these two had remained extremely stubborn. However, the opposite party was stubborn as well. These two experts were unlikely to suffer the losses since they were experts of legendry's great complete realm. However, the opposite party had five experts of same realm. They combined and attacked Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin, and defeated them severely. In fact, these two had come close to getting killed.

"Who is Ye Xiwen?!" a loud sonic-boom-like shout sounded from afar.

(To be continued)

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