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Only the 'heaven's pride' level experts were capable of obtaining expensive resources in any inheritance, while the majority of disciples could only obtain very limited resources. However, this wasn't a problem for the 'Hidden Star Peak'. Its annual revenue was astronomical. But, there were only a few disciples on whom it could spend this revenue. They basically had everything that they required in Hidden Star Peak's storage. Moreover, the relationship between the fellow disciples was very friendly. They didn't fight or scheme against each other like the disciples of other inheritances.

"Brother Ye, you must come quickly; see what's happening! Those people of 'War Dead Star Peak' have gone too far this time!" that disciple spoke with a trace of anger in his voice.

Ye Xiwen scanned the information about the 'War Dead Star Peak' stored in his mind. It was considered among the extremely tyrannical 'Top 100 Inheritances' at one point. However, it had fewer people since the times had changed. There was a huge difference between its overall might and that of the 'Top 100 Inheritances' at present. So, it had been thrown out of the 'Top 100 Inheritances' list since it had been replaced by some other inheritance.

However, 'War Dead Star Peak' had been in the limelight since the last one-thousand years. It was an inheritance with a heritage that had been passed down for ten-thousand years. Its rich heritage was slowly flourishing with the passage of time. And it was striving to enter the ranks of 'Top 100 Inheritances' again.

The reason was simple. The 'Top 100 inheritances' were the real foundation of the True Martial University. Every peak's chief and every city's Lord inside these 'Top 100 Inheritances' had the power to decide all kinds of affairs of the True Martial University.

An inheritance in the 'Top 100 Inheritances' list held 50% veto-power in all matters. Even the University Head was incapable of overruling their decision. This rule had persisted inside the True Martial University since countless years. Generally, the responsibility of every matter of the 'True Martial University' lay upon the chiefs of 'Top 10' Great Inheritances and the University Head. In fact, they would only conduct a general-meeting if they had come across a big matter.

The 'War Dead Star Peak' wouldn't dare to expect that it could enter the ranks of 'Top 10' Great Inheritances. However, it had more-than-enough strength to snatch a place for itself in the 'Top 100 Inheritances'.

However, the 'Top 100 Inheritances' only had 100 positions. One would have to eliminate the other inheritances in order to occupy a position among them. Consequently, the ambitious inheritances used to compete quite fiercely with the ones hanging towards the end of the 'Top 100 Inheritances'.

However, quite unfortunately, 'War Dead Star Peak' was one of the top inheritances which held the strength to challenge the 'Top 100 Inheritances'; whereas 'Hidden Star Peak's' case was opposite to it. It was hanging at the bottom of the 'Top 100 Inheritances'. Hence, it was the target of several strong inheritances which aspired to gain position among the Top 100 Inheritances. The 'War Dead Star Peak' especially wasn't very far from 'Hidden Star Peak', and had been eyeing its position.

Joining the list of the 'Top 100 Inheritances' wouldn't just greatly increase their power to voice their opinion in the affairs of the True Martial University… it would also give them the power to monopolize a big city. The 'Hidden Star City' earned astronomical revenue. How wouldn't one be jealous of it?

"The disciples of 'War Dead Star Peak' have blockaded the 'Hidden Star City'. They aren't allowing anyone to go inside or come outside. Anyone who tries gets attacked!" that disciple added, "They inflicted serious injuries to Brother Yang and Sister Deng!"

"What!?" Anger flourished inside Ye Xiwen's heart as soon as he heard this. The 'War Dead Star Peak' had been continuously coveting 'Hidden Star Peak' in the recent years. However, this was the first time that they had gone this far. They had blockaded the city-gate and had injured the disciples of the same Sect. This matter particularly involved two inheritances. They must keep aside their prestige to deal with it.

"How can this be?"

"The disciples of 'War Dead Star Peak' said that their chief has rejected the qualifications of your 'Hidden Star Peak' to remain as one of the 'Top 100 Inheritances', and has applied to be a replacement. They will take over the 'Hidden Star City' once they replace your inheritance!" that disciple's complexion turned ugly as he replied. People like him would side-with the 'Hidden Star Peak' in this case.

No other city apart from the 'Hidden Star City' gave such favorable business conditions. In fact, it was become impossible for these people to obtain a front-positioned store. This was because the frontal stores were in the possession of each peak's own experts. In fact, a sage realm or great sage realm expert would usually be standing behind a storefront.

They didn't have enough space for themselves. So how could they possibly rent it out to the outsiders? However, the situation was different in the 'Hidden Star City' since it only had a handful of disciples in total. Therefore, the city was openly accessible to the other people. Moreover, it had very little tax. Such ideal business conditions couldn't be found anywhere.

These people coming from small sects and small family backgrounds would be swept-out of the city if the 'War Dead Star Peak' were to gain control of the city.

"Brother Yang and Sister Deng tried to argue with them. They were injured by those guys as a result!" The disciple said, "I was in disarray, and ran here to inform Brother Ye about this!"

Ye Xiwen heard that and suddenly became angry. He hadn't opened his mouth to reply when the foul-mouthed wolf cub arrived beside him. "Ye Xiwen, let's go clean them up. We'll beat them in one fell swoop; we ought to teach those bastards a lesson!"

The wolf cub was overexcited at the prospect to stir up trouble.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate either. He trod on the rainbow light with the wolf cub, and rushed towards the 'Hidden Star City'.

The entire 'Hidden Star City' was in a chaotic mess. Many legendary or truth level experts had opened shops for their livelihood in the city. Some of these shops were owned by genuine powerhouses, but they had hired some legendary or truth level experts to run these shops since they didn't wish to spend their personal time and energy on this matter.

'Hidden Star City' had never come across such a situation since the day of its establishment — its own people had been stopped outside the gate. Over a hundred experts of the 'War Dead Star Peak' had blockaded the gate. Even the weakest among them was an expert of the legendary eighth stage. Many experts were at legendary ninth stage, and a few were at legendry's great complete realm. This wasn't the strongest lineup. However, the 'Hidden Star City' lacked a proper backup on their side. Hence, it had no means to deal with such powerful enemies.

Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin had been wounded. They were lying in a pool of blood.

"This place will belong to our 'War Dead Star Peak' soon. You people will have to depart. You only have five days. Pack your stuff and get out of here. This place will be known as 'War Dead Star City' in the future!" an expert of legendry's great complete realm shouted loudly. The sound wave soared like a dragon's roar and spread across the entire 'Hidden Star City'.

The experts of 'War Dead Star Peak' weren't afraid of the residents and merchants of this city because these people had come from small inheritances. They didn't have a strong backing. So, forcing them to leave was just a matter of a few words; nothing more.

They didn't even bother to pay attention to 'Hidden Star Peak'. In fact, it had declined and fallen from its status as one of the 'Top 100 Inheritances' as far as most people were concerned. It was an insignificant inheritance that only had a few disciples. This wasn't a cause of concern for them.

It didn't have much strength. However, the 'Hidden Star City' still occupied the status of the most populous and affluent city. There was no way this wouldn't make people envious.

However, these people wouldn't need to be envious anymore because this city would soon be ruled by 'War Dead Star Peak'.

"What? The 'War Dead Star Peak' will have the control over the 'Hidden Star City'? How is this possible? The ownership of this city hasn't changed since the last ten thousand years. It cannot be changed!"

"Yes. The 'Hidden Star Peak' has a very few disciples, but it has a lot of wealth. How will it not make people jealous?"

"Indeed! Not to mention that the chief of 'War Dead Star Peak' has applied to replace the 'Hidden Star Peak' in order to become the new member of the 'Top 100 Inheritances'. This has happened numerous times in the past. The 'Hidden Star Peak' was once amongst the 'Top 10' Great Inheritances, but it has declined. It will eventually be substituted…!"

"No outstanding disciple has joined 'Hidden Star Peak' in the past several hundred years; besides the surprising entry of Ye Xiwen this year. Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin are quite strong compared to us. However, they are far inferior when compared with those heaven's pride level experts. And both of these disciples are over hundred years old, but they still haven't entered the semi-sage realm!"

"The 'Hidden Star Peak' had been destroyed long ago. It doesn't have any outstanding disciples anymore. No wonder it has declined!"

There were many old disciples of several-hundred-years of age who considered it unworthy, and hence expressed their disdainful views.

"These people think that it's too weak. Can't they open their eyes and see that 'Hidden Star Peak' has been able to maintain its rank for so many years despite such a small number of people in it? There has to be something up their sleeves. Many people have jealously looked at the wealth of the 'Hidden Star City' in the past as well. However, not many people have dared to launch an attack on it. The 'War Dead Star Peak' is so impatient that it dared to pick a fight!"

"Ha ha, we'll have a good show this time!"

"'War Dead Star Peak' is very strong. The 'Hidden Star Peak' isn't easy to deal with either. This is going to be interesting. However, it will be better if the 'Hidden Star Peak' retains the charge of the city. If the 'War Dead Star Peak' were to take the charge… where will we have our foothold?"

Everyone was discussing among themselves when they suddenly heard a sound. A massive rainbow light fell down swiftly from the horizon. It was accompanied by a loud shout, "Which son of a b*tch dares to cause trouble for our 'Hidden Star Peak'?"

Then, an astonishing 'sword intention' took form in the sky. It condensed into a ten thousand feet long double-edged sword and swept towards the group of 'War Dead Star Peak' disciples to chop them. The ice-cold killing intention was scary, and the terrifying 'sword intention' left the people with an illusion of getting cleft into two halves.




Those experts of legendary eighth and ninth stages didn't have the strength to counter this terrifying power. They were sent flying in the sky. They spurted-out mouthfuls of blood and went flying for more than a dozen kilometers. It was as if a baby was facing an adult; they had no strength to counter this power.

Only five experts of legendry's great complete realm were able to resist this 'sword intention'. They had collaborated to block the incoming sword attack.

Suddenly, that astonishing rainbow light fell down. The rainbow light dispersed to reveal the figures of a man and a wolf.

Many sharp-eyed people recognized that invincible figure.

"It's Ye Xiwen. His name and fame have spread throughout the university since he has joined 'Hidden Star Peak'!"

"Indeed; he really lives up to his reputation. He has tyrannical strength. That one sword attack defeated those experts of legendary eighth and ninth stage, and sent them flying. They aren't people with low abilities. In fact, they are considered as strong disciples in the 'War Dead Star Peak'. Excluding the core disciples… these disciples have enjoyed a good reputation!"

"Are you Ye Xiwen?" one of those five disciples of legendry's great complete realm stepped forward and asked. He was clad in a fire-colored robe. There was a frown on his face.

(To be continued)

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