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Half a month passed in the blink of an eye. Ye Xiwen didn't pay much attention to other things and continued to practice without a break. This place had many star beasts and he continued to kill any that came his way. The accumulated 'star power' got more and more vigorous as a result.

Ye Xiwen still required a lot of 'star power' to form the entire solar system. His idea was to form a fully operational universe which could generate 'star power' on its own. This would rid him of the need to absorb the external star power.

Ye Xiwen was improving his universe. He wasn't in a hurry because he knew that the universe within his body was currently in its most basic state. But it would help him embark on this invincible road of martial arts if he had the most solid foundation. He wanted to build a solid foundation.

He didn't relax one bit. He clearly knew what needs to be done, and at what time.

He had also been hunting-down and killing the disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace hall in secrecy over the course of this half a month besides unceasingly slaughtering star beasts.

They had mingled among the disciples of the True Martial University, and had slyly killed many disciples of the True Martial University. However, they didn't know that someone was keeping an eye on them.

Ye Xiwen didn't hold himself back when it came to the disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. They wanted to eliminate all disciples of the True Martial University, and this meant that Ye Xiwen was also one of their targets. Therefore, Ye Xiwen would crazily chase them down whenever he'd see them. Neither party took a break.

Ye Xiwen had killed three 'legendary ninth stage' experts of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. He had also killed two experts of half-step legendary ninth stage including Fang Chen who was considered a top expert among the disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

He had also killed thirty others…

In other words, Ye Xiwen had already killed more than one-third of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall disciples that had arrived here.

In addition to this, more than half of those disciples had died in the counter-attack executed by True Martial University's disciples. That Brother Fan of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall was quite furious, but he couldn't do anything about it.

The disciples of the True Martial University couldn't do anything to contact the higher authorities. Hence, they couldn't call for reinforcement. However, the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall couldn't do so either.

That was because Ye Xiwen had rushed towards their portal soon after they had spread out to slaughter the disciples of the True Martial University. He then killed the 'legendary ninth stage' expert who was guarding the portal, and then destroyed it.

Hence, they had lost their advantage, and both parties had arrived at the same level.

However, they still had one advantage. No one apart from Ye Xiwen had noticed the involvement of these Xuan Yuan Palace Hall disciples yet.

The disciples of the True Martial University would've united and caused an instant destruction of the enemy if they had been aware of their presence. The Palace Hall had sent some good experts. However, over a thousand disciples of the True Martial University had arrived for the trials. The quantity of the True Martial University's disciples had an overwhelming advantage over the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's quality. The experts from the Palace Hall were superior in quality when compared to the experts of the True Martial University. However, they weren't enough to subdue over a thousand people.

Several rumors had started to spread since many disciples had died mysteriously. In fact, some of them hadn't been assassinated by the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Therefore, the rumors had spread very quickly.

Most people said that someone was killing other disciples, and this rumor had proliferated very quickly. Everyone had been convinced of this rumor when a disciple of Law Enforcement Hall came under a surprise attack. He fought bravely, and forced the opposite party to retreat. However, he sustained seriously injuries.

Everyone was convinced that someone had deliberately started to kill other disciples. Suddenly, the panic began to spread, and the atmosphere became intense.

This rumor had spread like wildfire. However, not many people believed it. This was because it was impossible to have peace and harmony in such a big University. Several people had come across a number of bloody battles in the past. And many mortal enemies were present in this university. In fact, they weren't small in number. Moreover, fights erupting between the disciples were also quite normal.

Moreover, there was an abundance of star beasts present in this area. A death by the claws of these beasts wasn't strange either since several people were on the hunt for a treasure. Several of these star beasts had also been slaughtered. Moreover, these terrifying star beasts always arrived in large groups. It was impossible to tell the number of disciples that had been killed by these beasts, but there was nothing strange about it. However, the arrival of this matter left several people in panic.

Several people had initially panicked because the exit point was sealed. This had made them somewhat hysterical. However, the disciples of the two major forces of the True Martial University, namely — the Law Enforcement Hall and the Sword Tomb — weren't anxious. However, they couldn't do anything about it either. Many people tried but couldn't break the seal to open the exit point.

It seemed as if both these major forces were on a crazy treasure hunt. This place was considered extremely dangerous. However, several people had obtained enormous profits from the treasure hunt. This had lured many people to stay for the treasure hunt.

The matter of the exit point being sealed-off and the unceasing assassination of disciples had caused people to panic. Many people were under the impression that someone, or a group of people, had been secretly assassinating the disciples of the True Martial University.

No one had thought about an 'outsider' being involved. Everyone doubted each other.

The tensed atmosphere began to fill the air. The storm clouds approached and began to spread over the disciples of the True Martial University.

The other news that had caused a sensation among the disciples of the True Martial University was the assassination of that very disciple of the Law enforcement Hall who had come across the surprise attack earlier. He had been found dead in a room inside the Earthen City.

Suddenly, everyone began to feel insecure.

The Earthen City was a foothold that the disciples of the True Martial University had built in this underground world. This place was built to support their survival here. A powerful expert with his supernatural powers had created a series of quarters made up of toughened soil, and had enclosed them within an earthen wall. This structure could resist the attack of those star beasts.

Many courageous people had turned timid as the rumor that someone had been assassinating the disciples of True Martial University started to spread. Some of the weak disciples hid inside the Earthen City and waited for this mess to end. They felt safe inside the city. At least there was no danger there.

However, a disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall had been slaughtered inside the Earthen City soon after. This made several hundred disciples of the True Martial University to panic with shock. They became afraid of coming in contact with others.

They would only remain in touch with people they knew.

The panic had started to spread inside the Earthen City. However, Ye Xiwen arrived into the city soon after. He had arrived tracking a disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

How would people not panic? That recently murdered Law Enforcement disciple was at half-step legendary eighth stage… this meant that the killer must be at legendary ninth stage. Ye Xiwen's intended target was an enemy of at least legendary ninth stage.

This was so-called 'being an oriole bird and staying behind mantis as it stalks the cicada'. Ye Xiwen didn't disclose anything to anyone and gradually slaughtered the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. However, he was unsure of fighting with that Brother Fan.

That man was at half-step legendary great complete realm, and was about to step into half-step sage realm. Ye Xiwen wasn't capable of competing such strength. Therefore, he could only stay low-key and secretly slaughter the weaker disciples.

The experts of the Law Enforcement Hall were very discontented since one of their own had been killed. Hence, several experts of Law Enforcement Hall had returned to the city to investigate.

They couldn't accept this. They were elites among elites. They weren't able to deal with Ye Xiwen. However, one had to admit that the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall were truly elites among the elites. Many of these people were among the well-known leading figures of True Martial University's disciples. How else could they've possibly managed to maintain order and quell those other rebellious elite disciples of the True Martial University?

"Even the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall can't find any clues!" Ye Xiwen was looking for a place to sit inside a recently built restaurant. Some people were discussing the assassination of the disciples of the True Martial University in a corner.

"Someone has dared to assassinate a disciple inside the Earthen City. The killer certainly isn't an ordinary person… it can even be a group… this is possible because there is news that many disciples have been killed simultaneously at different places!"

"I don't know who's doing this. No one would want to face the people's outrage, right?"

"Maybe one interest group wants to keep everything for itself in order to earn maximum profit in this underground world. That's why it wants everyone else to die…!"

"They are insane. There are so many of us. Do they really think they can kill us all?"

"The opposite party dares to do such a thing. That means they have grasped something. Otherwise, how could they dare to do something like this?"

"Could the people of the Sword Tomb be behind this? Only two major forces are present here — the Law Enforcement Hall and the Sword Tomb. However, that disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall was found dead, and people have found clues that he had been killed by a sword expert!"

Ye Xiwen was listening secretly. The experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had done this. It was obvious that they wanted to mislead everyone.

Many more experts of the True Martial University gathered as these people continued to discuss. They couldn't be defeated that easily. However, the situation was only getting more chaotic. They needed to find the enemy's identity.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't mention the name, or expose the intentions, of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. He didn't wish to lose his secret identity as an 'oriole' on the hunt. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's losses would be considered as the reaction of the disciples of the True Martial University if he were to launch a surprise attack on them. They wouldn't be alarmed that someone had guessed their real identity as long as he wouldn't mention their name.

Secondly, he and the Law Enforcement Hall considered each other as arch-enemies. The people of the Law Enforcement Hall wanted to kill him by all means; they wanted to kill him to reestablish their prestige. However, they had been busy with the people of the Sword Tomb because of that 'sword code' of late. Therefore, the people of Law Enforcement Hall hadn't been able launch an attack on him. A dogfight had been raging between these two major forces. He simply didn't need to intervene.

He was only concerned with Jian Wu Chen, Mu Ling, and the wolf cub since they were members of the Sword Tomb as well. He needed to look for an opportunity to warn them about the reality.

At this time — a group of people entered the restaurant.

(To be continued)

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