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Suddenly, a few figures swept down from the sky. These were disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. They had seen that Ye Xiwen had just crossed the Heavenly Tribulation, and his entire body was covered in wounds; such a tragic sight it was. However, they didn't hesitate. They rushed over since they knew that they would have to pay a heavy price in order to kill him if they allowed him to recover.

As for the possibility of being unable to kill Ye Xiwen…? That was a joke! How could that be possible?

Fang Chen sneered as he came down flying. He looked at Ye Xiwen. One could see a feeling of superiority in his eyes; it was as if he was looking down at Ye Xiwen.

"Who are you?" Ye Xiwen pretended that he didn't know them so that he could secretly operate the 'phoenix generation technique' non-stop to repair his wounds. It repaired his wounds within no time. His strength had also been restored to some extent. Soon his physical condition would see a complete recovery. He was just concerned about healing the deep injuries that had reached his bones. The superficial flesh wounds weren't a matter of concern since they couldn't do anything apart from causing some pain.

Ye Xiwen obviously wasn't in a rush to repair these superficial wounds. He allowed them to believe that he had just crossed the heavenly tribulation, and was in a weak condition. He was looking for an opportunity to catch them off-guard so he could eliminate them in one fell swoop. After all, the enemy side had a leader who was at the half-step legendary ninth stage, and this man was watching him very attentively.

An expert of the legendary ninth stage wasn't a major concern for Ye Xiwen. The potential of a mere legendary ninth stage expert was nothing in Ye Xiwen's eyes. However, the strength and potential of an expert who had practiced to half-step legendary ninth stage could be considered top-notch. Such an expert would become a fearful existence of the Sage realm in the future. How could such a person not have their own hidden secrets? In fact, these secrets must've prevented them from giving-up practice midway…

"He he, boy, we are disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall! We're telling you this so that you don't die with any remaining grievances!" an expert of half-step legendary seventh stage sneered and said. Other people seemed to have no interest in stopping him. Ye Xiwen was already dead in their opinion. Therefore, how could he possibly disseminate this information even if he were to find out?

Ye Xiwen sneered. He just wanted to buy some time. Perhaps they didn't think that he could recover in such short time. However, their intestines would've turned green with regret if they had known it.

"It's not good. He is buying time. Everyone, attack at once!" Fang Chen's complexion changed, and he immediately yelled. He had noticed that Ye Xiwen's breathing was becoming steadier and steadier over the course of the conversation. This indicated that he had recovered a lot.

Who didn't have one or two healing techniques nowadays? But the merits of these techniques varied greatly. Ye Xiwen had sustained serious injuries. Fang Chen had initially estimated that Ye Xiwen would require more than two hours to heal; that too by using a quick and top-notch healing technique. However, he had never imagined that Ye Xiwen would have the miraculous 'phoenix generation technique'.

However, this didn't stop him from issuing the judgment. Ye Xiwen had obviously been biding time. Fang Chen thought that a few minutes of delay wouldn't save Ye Xiwen.

"You're reacting now? It's too late!" Ye Xiwen shouted. His terrifying aura swept across the surroundings in a heart-beat.

Ye Xiwen had deliberately kept some superficial wounds on his body to fool others. But they had suddenly been repaired within a few breaths.

"You Xuan Yuan Palace Hall disciples consider yourself 'big-shots', don't you? You wanted to eliminate the True Martial University's disciples. So you sealed this underground place to block any contact from outside world. That's indeed ambitious!" Ye Xiwen sneered.

"How do you know that?" Fang Chen looked at Ye Xiwen in astonishment. He could clearly remember that no one was spying-around when he had spoken about this matter. And it was impossible for him to speak about this matter in front of an outsider.

It would be better if this matter was wrapped-up as secretly as possible. The consequences would be inconceivable if the True Martial University were to find out.

Fang Chen looked at Ye Xiwen. The 'Killing intention' had started to flourish in his eyes. He couldn't let Ye Xiwen escape; he needed to kill Ye Xiwen here.

"How do I know… well, even the walls have ears. You guys shouldn't dream about leaving this place alive. You're more than hundred in number. Four of you are at half-step legendary ninth stage, and one is at half-step legendry's great complete realm. Your Palace Hall's Lord will get a solid heartache if you guys die at once!" Ye Xiwen said coldly.

Practicing to legendary ninth stage was simple. However, practicing to half-step legendary ninth stage was very difficult. True Martial University had welcomed over a million people this term. One must consider that they all must've had numerous fortuitous encounters before their enrollment. However, barely fifty people had practiced to half-step legendary ninth stage. And around ten people reached the half-step legendary great complete realm. They were considered as geniuses among geniuses. These people were like the treasure of their respective forces. These people had their own archive; they were treated as key targets, and were given proper protection.

The death of any such expert might even shake the corresponding backing force.

"You know so much! Now you're doomed for certain. We won't allow you to escape!" Fang Chen said coldly. He was in no hurry since he was certain that Ye Xiwen would die.

"People like you think that they can kill me?" Ye Xiwen sneered, and then moved. He left a trail of golden afterimages as he arrived in front of an expert of half-step legendary seventh stage.

"You are courting death!" That expert of half-step legendary seventh stage was somewhat amazed by Ye Xiwen's speed. However, he was in no hurry either. He suddenly spat lightning from his mouth. It was an extremely high-level and mysterious skill.

That lightning struck like the 'rain of lightning' during Heavenly Tribulation. However, it was very unfortunate that they hadn't arrived here earlier. Otherwise, they would've seen how Ye Xiwen had faced that shower of thunder weapons. In fact, they would've seen that he hadn't budged one bit.

Ye Xiwen sneered and stretched out his big hand. His golden divinities started to boil. He grabbed the lightning, and crushed it. It exploded, but couldn't injure him.

His big golden hand immediately transformed into a dragon claw, and slapped that expert.

"Bang!" That expert of half-step legendary seventh stage had no time to dodge. He was turned into blood fog by Ye Xiwen.

"How can it happen?"

"It is impossible!"

The disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall couldn't believe their eyes. Ye Xiwen's palm attack had slapped an expert of half-step legendary seventh stage to death. In fact, the man hadn't even been able to fight back. This was entirely different from what they had thought. They thought that they could suppress Ye Xiwen with a slight effort; exterminating him should've been nothing for them. However, they didn't expect that this would happen. Fang Chen suddenly turned furious. Ye Xiwen had killed his man in the blink of an eye; that too, right before his eyes. He was embarrassed by this. His face looked like a red fruit.

Fang Chen moved into action, and launched an attack. A startling divine beam swept out towards Ye Xiwen. It shattered the space and took along everything that came in its path.

Ye Xiwen sneered as saw the incoming attack. He then brandished his long blade. His 'Real Elemental energy' frantically rushed to its tip. The long blade surprisingly began to radiate brilliant starlight.

It seemed as if hundreds-of-thousands of stars had exploded in front of Fang Chen. He simply didn't get any time to react, and his divine beam was torn to bits by Ye Xiwen's blade light. The blade light then swept forward. It appeared as if it would sweep away everything in its path.

"Bang!" Fang Chen's 'real elemental energy' protective layer had been torn apart by Ye Xiwen.

"Puff!" Fang Chen spat-out a mouthful of blood. The divine armor on his body had been cracked-open by Ye Xiwen. Blood gushed out from the wound on his chest. It was extremely terrifying.

Fang Chen looked towards Ye Xiwen in amazement. He hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen could have such formidable strength. Ye Xiwen's aura was clearly at half-step legendary sixth stage. Therefore, they were so confident that they'd be able to kill him. In fact, anyone in their team should've been able to kill him one-on-one.

However, they hadn't expected that this matter wouldn't turn out to bet as they had predicted. Ye Xiwen's tyranny was far beyond their imagination.

Fortunately, he had used all his strength in that hasty retreat. This had allowed him to avoid Ye Xiwen's attack. Else, he would've died.

"You guys will die today!" Ye Xiwen coldly looked towards Fang Chen and those other three disciples. He then said, "Not just you. All the disciples of your sect must die!"

"Go kill him. I want to see him dead!" Fang Chen quickly shouted.

The remaining three disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall rushed towards Ye Xiwen without any trace of hesitation. They could see that his strength was extraordinarily tyrannical; to the extent that he could be considered a humanoid monster.

They were no match for him in their individual capacity. But perhaps they stood a chance if they formed a team.

However, how could Ye Xiwen allow them to succeed? He paid no heed to their attacks and continued to pursue Fang Chen. He sneered and his long blade swept out a horrifying light.

"Bang!" the blade light exploded into terrifying rays of light. These rays blew-off the tip of Fang Chen's nose.

Fang Chen shouted like a demented person as he saw that long blade approach closer and closer, "I am a genius. I must prove that I can enter the great sage realm in the future. How can I die here? I don't want to die. I am not willing to die, ah!"

His voice hadn't faded when Ye Xiwen's long blade struck him.

"Puchi!" Fang Chen's protective layer was routed, and his body was cut in half. He didn't even have the power to fight-back in his last moments.

"Let's go; hurry up. We must report to Brother Fan — there's a guy who is going to ruin our plan!" The remaining three disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had realized that they had run into a peerless 'killer star'. Ye Xiwen was like the living reincarnation of the 'god of death'. They immediately dispersed, and tried their best to avoid getting caught in Ye Xiwen's dragnet; they knew that they'd be eliminated if they did.

However, how could Ye Xiwen let their wishes come true? He stretched out his big golden hand. It got bigger and bigger in the sky. It then fell from the sky like a huge golden cloud and crushed the three of them in one go.

(To be continued)

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