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This was a terrifying battle. Ye Xiwen had fallen into a comprehensive disadvantageous position. The lightning ape was like a killing machine that had no flaws. The 'Monkey fist' it demonstrated seemed simple, but it had far more power than it should have. It was extremely frightening.

Ye Xiwen needed to be quicker than this lightning ape; this was the most crucial point. However, Ye Xiwen's body had turned numb. The injuries sustained during the battle weren't a major concern for him. However, the electric attack had made his body numb; this had turned into a major problem. He was lagging behind, and needed to catch up with that lightning ape. Otherwise, it would become very difficult for him to continue with the fight.

That lightning ape rushed over in a flash. It swept its slender yet powerful tail, and instantly swept Ye Xiwen away.

Ye Xiwen was sent flying. He came to a halt after he crashed into a mountain.

Blood unceasingly flowed out from the corners of his mouth. He had suffered serious injuries one after another. So much so, that the phoenix regeneration technique couldn't repair his injuries at this pace. That lightning ape didn't give him any opportunity to take rest.

Ye Xiwen unceasingly operated the phoenix regeneration technique to repair his wounds.

"Ye Xiwen, you can't go on like this. You'll certainly die if you continue to fight like this!" Ye Mo said.

"I know. But there is no other way!" Ye Xiwen roared. He brandished the long blade he held in his hand towards that lightning ape; he put everything into the attack.

Ye Xiwen's movement had slowed down, but that lightning ape's movement had come nowhere near-close to being slow. It rushed towards Ye Xiwen like a golden god of lightning, and attacked mercilessly.

"Puchi!" That lightning ape was cleaved into two halves by Ye Xiwen. However, its attacks also arrived in a flash. Ye Xiwen was already prepared for it and escaped quickly.

"Panting, Panting, Panting!"

Ye Xiwen was panting unceasingly. However, most injuries on his body had been restored. Yet, the numbness hadn't reduced much; on the contrary, it had intensified.

"Ye Xiwen, you must resolve this situation. Otherwise, you won't be able to fight; you may collapse first!" Ye Mo said.

Ye Mo didn't need to state this fact. Perhaps, the strength of that lightning ape was the same as Ye Xiwen, but it was still extremely tyrannical. However, this wasn't the biggest problem. The biggest problem was that electric energy which kept paralyzing his body. It was making his movements slower and slower. He didn't wish to see himself getting thrashed like this — slowly and steadily.

"Use your divinities to counter its electric energy!" Ye Mo reminded.

However, Ye Mo didn't need to remind him since he had already started doing the same. The divinities were boiling on his body. They began to circulate all over his body, and thus formed a giant golden armor.

That lightning ape recovered effortlessly; that too in the blink of an eye. Its cold eyes flashed like the lightning as it looked towards Ye Xiwen. It immediately released an electric light, and it flickered in front of Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's palm attack and the 'Monkey Fist' ferociously collided into each other. The electric light pierced through the air and almost broke through Ye Xiwen's thick divine armor. However, the power of this electric light got exhausted and it couldn't penetrate his armor.

This boosted Ye Xiwen's confidence. He continued to beat-up that lightning ape with a barrage of palm attacks, and opened a big hole in its chest.

However, the lightning ape didn't bother about the palm attack, and instantaneously shot its fist on Ye Xiwen's body.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen was sent flying. However, there was a trace of smile on his face.

He took the advantage of this situation and repaired many of his wounds. The electric attack of that lightning ape was the most troublesome thing for Ye Xiwen. He wasn't afraid of other things. After all, that lightning ape wasn't a human being. It wasn't as cunning as human beings.

Most other things would be simple to deal with once he could restrain this numbness.



"Bang!" Ye Xiwen and the lightning ape struggled hard. No one could tell how many rounds they had fought by now. Even that lightning ape felt powerless in this kind of battle despite being entirely made up of lightning. Its stature had decreased from 3 meters to only 2.

Ye Xiwen had been in a disadvantageous position initially, but he was slowly suppressing that lightning ape now. However, he was still unceasingly absorbing its lightning, and was then transforming it into energy; he was gradually condensing the Earth within his body. It had slowly started to look very similar to the Earth from his previous life.

Suddenly, several unexpected visitors appeared outside the layer of tribulation clouds.

"Ye Xiwen, it's not good. Some people have arrived outside the heavenly tribulation," Ye Mo promptly alerted him.

Ye Xiwen swept-out his soul search. He found out that they were the same disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace hall whom he had seen earlier.

They were headed by that man of half-step legendary ninth stage; the one who had been talking to Brother Fan earlier. Over a hundred disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had gathered up. Four of them were at half-step legendary ninth stage, and six were at legendary ninth stage. In total, there were ten people of this level including the lead-man.

The leader was clad in a brilliant military dress. His countenance showed indifference. He was watching the fight between the lightning ape and Ye Xiwen.

Four disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall stood behind him. They were at seventh or eighth stage of either half-step legendary realm or legendary realm.

"He he, Brother Fang Chen, I didn't expect that we would see a disciple of True Martial University passing through the Heavenly Tribulation here. He is extremely reckless. He dares to cross this tribulation in this kind of environment!" an expert of legendary eighth stage sneered and said. He had been forced to jump straight from half-step legendary seventh stage to legendary eighth stage since he had no way to continue to cultivate within half-step legendary realm. However, he was still regarded as an outstanding expert amongst his peers. It was natural for him to be arrogant.

Ye Xiwen would be screaming 'injustice' if would come to know of his man's words. However, there was no place which was 100% safe for him in a territory like this. He had no option but to cross the Heavenly Tribulation here. He had anticipated that the Heavenly Tribulation would scare away those star beasts. However, he didn't expect that it would attract the disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

"This tribulation is quite scary. To take on such a strange and terrifying Heavenly Tribulation… it seems that this person is one of the top geniuses of True Martial University!" Another expert of half-step legendary seventh stage said.

Even Fang Chen was shaken after watching the fight between Ye Xiwen and the lightning ape. His countenance changed as he witnessed such a terrifying battle — particularly after watching that awful fighting method in which both the parties were blasting the other to open severe wounds on their enemy's body.

"However, we must kill him. He will become a peerless genius of True Martial University in future if we leave him alive. It will be best if we can strangle him in the cradle!" a disciple of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall suggested. The other disciples nodded in unison. The relationship between True Martial University and Xuan Yuan palace Hall couldn't be dubbed as 'very unfriendly' since the latter was the subordinate force of True Martial University at some point in the past. In fact, they maintained a fairly decent relation in public eye. However, there was no one here, and they could easily kill Ye Xiwen. No one would ever come to know about this.

They didn't know what kind of Heavenly Tribulation Ye Xiwen was crossing. However, they knew that it was an extremely strange and terrifying one. He was certain to become an extremely tyrannical person in the future if he could cross it.

Those four disciples came out from behind Fang Chen, and surrounded Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen hadn't crossed the Heavenly Tribulation yet. They didn't dare to enter the domain of tribulation because they would suffer huge losses if the Heavenly Tribulation were to mistakenly identify them as his helpers.

"Ye Xiwen, perhaps these disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall are planning to kill you!" Ye Mo said.

"Humph! I know. But let them be pleased with themselves for a while. Perhaps they'll have the chance to kill me if they rush inside now. But, they will die once I finish crossing this tribulation!" Ye Xiwen hadn't heard their conversation. However, he knew what they were thinking. They had planned to kill him just when he would complete the tribulation since he'd be exhausted. However, they didn't know that he had a wonderful healing technique — the 'phoenix regeneration technique'. Their idea could only be deemed as futile.

"Will they rush inside? He he, perhaps a group of apes will appear in the sky if they will rush inside. It will be like a nest of apes here when that time comes!" Ye Mo chuckled and said.

Ye Xiwen pushed-back that lightning ape and nodded. It wouldn't cause great changes in an ordinary heavenly tribulation if they were to intervene. However, Ye Xiwen was crossing an extremely terrifying Heavenly Tribulation. A group of lightning apes might actually appear if they were to intervene. That would be devastating for everyone.

Hence, Ye Xiwen didn't dare to lure them inside.

"Ye Mo, begin!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. The Heavenly Source Mirror had stayed hidden for long. It suddenly flew out and emitted scarlet rays of light towards that lightning ape. That lightning ape had already been exhausted to a great extent in the battle. It was no match for the Heavenly Source Mirror, and was instantly entangled by the light.

Ye Xiwen didn't miss the opportunity. He suddenly flew up and arrived in front of that lightning ape. He shot his palms; they turned into a pair of dragon claws, and instantaneously tore apart that lightning ape.

The lightning ape turned into purest form of lightning energy after it had been torn apart; it was then absorbed by Ye Xiwen. It entered inside his universe and the Earth instantly took shape.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's imposing aura surged up in a flash.

He had finally arrived at half-step legendary sixth stage.

"He he, he is really an adept genius of True Martial University. But, unfortunately he's going to die!"

(To be continued)

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