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Clouds in the sky turned more and more dense. The layer of clouds rapidly blackened as if black ink had spilled over it. It appeared as if a thunder dragon was rolling and flickering in the clouds.

A strong suppressive force swept down. This mighty force could easily make one feel exceptionally insignificant.

"Crash-Bang!" The lightning fell from the clouds and severely crashed down. The lightning didn't appear like a thunder dragon this time. Rather, it appeared like a group of thunder dragons that had rushed down one after another. They crazily fell upon Ye Xiwen; as if to bite him to death.

Those thunder dragons could not bite Ye Xiwen's body owing to his 'gilded tyrant form'. However, they were able to grab him with their claws. This left his body stained with blood in several places. Berserk lightning and thunder wreaked havoc on his body. His body was roasted, and turned black.

Ye Xiwen frowned. These attacks were far more tyrannical than before.

Ye Xiwen's golden divinities transformed into a small statue of his figure, and bombarded those thunder dragons. This small statue butchered them with its bare hands, and then absorbed them in their entirety.

One could say that it was just a minor tribulation for Ye Xiwen; nothing more.

It was hard to tell how long the lightning and thunder had been ravaging Ye Xiwen's body. He was unceasingly operating his 'Observing Person Scripture' in order to guide the 'star power' and lightning energy inside him.

The luminous spots within Ye Xiwen's body had begun to tremble crazily. Though, these spots hadn't formed the stars yet.

Then, the thunder tribulation slowly spread in the sky. A tall figure appeared in the clouds. It was staring at Ye Xiwen with its ice-cold eyes.

Ye Xiwen could feel an ice-cold killing intention coming from that figure. Then, it blew his hair backward. This killing intention was different from any he had felt before. He felt a deathly chill getting directed towards him from that ice-cold look.

Ye Xiwen looked up, and realized that it was a lightning ape. It was quite tall; almost 3 meters in height. Its ice-cold aura could easily scare-off most people.

Ye Xiwen felt that this lightning ape looked very similar a human beings; to living creatures in general. It seemed as if this lightning ape had its own power of thought.

It was clearly visible how terrifying this lightning ape really was.

Ye Xiwen's expression was solemn. He realized that this must be the trump card of this heavenly tribulation. Perhaps his cultivation would immediately rise to an unconceivable degree in case he successfully made it through it. However, it would be a dead end for him if he wasn't able to pass through.

This was the reason why most people were afraid of crossing the heavenly tribulations; it involved too great a risk. One could possibly die if they didn't pass through it. If not that — they would at least risk serious injuries.

However, Ye Xiwen's case was different. He would definitely die in case he couldn't get through this battle formation of thunder tribulations. It was impossible to escape from such a heavenly tribulation with just injuries.

Ye Xiwen didn't feel lucky since he knew he had no other option but to move forward. He must take large strides forward, and overcome all the obstacles that stood in his path.

He could sense that this lightning ape wasn't a living creature. Rather, it had been condensed from the heavenly tribulation's consciousness in its entirety.

That lightning ape's expression was ice-cold and its aura was very terrifying; precisely — it was a killing machine. However, its strength was very tyrannical; perhaps even more than Ye Xiwen's. Its strength wasn't at the level of half-step legendary ninth stage. However, it still seemed even more terrifying than the experts of ninth stage.

Ye Xiwen had fought with lightning beasts earlier. However, those beasts didn't have enough wisdom. They just used their instincts to fight. There had been no reason for Ye Xiwen to worry as he had dealt with them. Hence, he had easily slaughtered many such beasts.

However, this lightning ape was different. Ye Xiwen unexpectedly saw a trace of wisdom in its eyes. Moreover, one couldn't guess the exact of its strength's tyranny. Perhaps, its strength wasn't inferior to Ye Xiwen's.

Ye Xiwen was fully concentrated on crazily operating the 'Observing Person Scripture'. The lightning and thunder were still striking everywhere from the sky. However, he was focused on his crazy pursuit to condense the Earth.

Ye Xiwen's cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds once he succeeded in doing this.

"Roar!" that lightning ape roared loudly and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. It hopped and arrived in front of him just like a real ape would. Its speed was very fast. It drew a long wave of lighting in the sky as it effortlessly approached him.

The lightning ape shot 'monkey fist' (1). Moreover, it was an extremely profound 'monkey fist', and appeared quite horrifying. It seemed as if this fist attack had been launched by an extremely profound expert who had practiced for countless years. The suppressive force in this terrifying martial art went towards Ye Xiwen.

The lightning fist attack rushed towards Ye Xiwen. It was an overwhelming attack since it brought along the very principles of Dao. 'Monkey Fist' wasn't an extremely profound fist technique. However, this particular attack of the lightning ape had enormous might.

There is no such thing as 'weak technique'. The crucial point is to see who is using it.

Ye Xiwen didn't retreat; nor did he hold back. A 'Hanshan Seal' (2) smashed down. It swept down from above; like a huge mountain.

"Bang!" a huge explosion occurred. The lightning ape smashed the 'Hanshan Seal' with its fists. Then, it immediately arrived in front of Ye Xiwen and continued to attack with its fists. This was the most terrifying attack so far.

Ye Xiwen had no choice but to face the enemy with his 'coiling dragon palm'. He used the move 'Hidden Dragon Rises from the Abyss'. His hands immediately turned into dragon claws in order to counter the incoming fist attack.


The fist attack and the palm attack collided into each other. The two strong forces began to boil-up and instantly swept across the surroundings. The space itself was shattered in the process.

Ye Xiwen felt a terrifying electric current leaping along his arm within a split second of the collision, and it directly spread over his entire body. Suddenly, his entire body had been paralyzed. He was taken aback. It was almost impossible for an ordinary lightning to actually injure him owing to the strength of his 'gilded tyrant form'; let alone paralyze his body. The lightning should've been destroyed as soon as it had come in contact with his 'real elemental energy' (3).

However, this lightning ape had unexpectedly succeeded in paralyzing him.

The lightning ape saw through this chink in Ye Xiwen's armor. One could say that it was a killing machine. It immediately rushed in front of Ye Xiwen. Its fist contained the might of countless lightning and thunder as it pounded on Ye Xiwen's chest.


Ye Xiwen was instantaneously sent flying upside down. His ribs had been broken. Even his internal organs were near-ruptured. Blood gushed out from the corner of his mouth. Suddenly, his entire body was paralyzed.

Ye Xiwen almost fainted. Such a bitter battle had only taken place when he had confronted enemies with far superior strength.

However, Ye Xiwen had never been beaten-up so miserably by an expert of the same realm as his. An ordinary fist attack from this opponent of the same realm had left him in such a miserable state. It was an extremely rare occurrence — even impossible.

However, Ye Xiwen had been able to sustain this lightning ape's 'monkey fist' because of his 'gilded tyrant form'. Perhaps an ordinary expert would've lost their life to this attack. In fact, they wouldn't have been able to block this fist attack.

Ye Xiwen sighed with sorrow. This terrifying heavenly tribulation had become more and more terrible. However, he didn't have time to think about all this. He opened his devil wings, and quickly left his position. A terrifying electric light ferociously smashed the place where he had standing almost simultaneously.

"Bang!" The electric light dispersed. However, that lightning ape's fist attack had smashed the ground's surface into pieces. This lightning ape's fighting style was quite average, and not that wonderful either. However, it was living up to the reputation of 'lightning speed' since it was made up of lightning. It would've been impossible for Ye Xiwen to avoid this attack if he hadn't opened his devil wings. In fact, he might've succumbed to this attack.

Ye Xiwen quickly took the advantage of this gap between the two attacks of the ape. His 'phoenix regeneration technique' hastily began to repair his wounds.

"What kind of a Heavenly tribulation is this? How can it be so terrifying?" Ye Xiwen gasped as he said. The 'phoenix regeneration technique' unceasingly repaired his ruptured and shriveled chest. Soon, it had been restored to its normal condition. The blood wasn't gushing out from the corner of his mouth anymore. However, he hadn't been able to restore to his peak condition yet — that would take time.

That lightning ape looked upward when it saw that the opposite party couldn't attack. It then roared loudly and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if each of its steps would break the heavens. Its terrifying suppressive force was firmly locked on Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen didn't get any time to relax.

The 'Monkey Fist' shook the heaven and earth. It seemed as if it would squash the entire universe as it arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

The power contained in this fist attack was fairly average. However, it was incomparably quick and was about to hit Ye Xiwen. In fact, it seemed as if he would get crushed into fine powder.

Ye Xiwen had no time to think. He immediately shot his 'coiling dragon palm'. It transformed into a golden dragon in the sky. It instantly went towards that lightning ape, and used its claws to tear it into two halves. Meanwhile, the lightning ape's power also surged-up instead of decreasing. It struck Ye Xiwen's chest with its fist, and opened a big hole.

"Puff!" Ye Xiwen spat out a mouthful of blood. His chest was nearly broken, and this left him nearly breathless.

He was panting and gasping for breath. The phoenix regeneration technique began to operate crazily within his body. The speed at which that big hole in his chest was being repaired could be seen with naked eyes.

The lightning ape ignored Ye Xiwen, and seemed to be recovering quickly as well. Its body which had been split into two parts had already rejoined within a few moments. In fact, it had fully recovered. Its healing speed was superior to Ye Xiwen's phoenix generation technique since it in-itself was nothing but a bundle of energy. Therefore, its speed of restoration was bound to be faster. It could effortlessly heal itself. Even the healing speed of Ye Xiwen's phoenix regeneration technique didn't stand a chance in comparison.

(To be continued).


Monkey Fist - It's a popular boxing type martial art.

Hanshan Seal = Shaking Mountain Seal

Zhen Yuan = Real Elemental Energy (Just in case the readers have forgotten. Making a switch from Pinyin may confuse some readers who are used to previously used terms.)

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