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Half-a-month passed in an instant. This underground world had changed tremendously over the course of this time. At least one-third of the several thousands who had arrived here had died. They hadn't been killed by those star beasts. They had been killed by the disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

Only Ye Xiwen knew about these people from Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Everyone else thought that them to be a group from the True Martial University. After all, this was the True Martial University's territory; no one had imaged that other forces might also arrive here.

Perhaps Ye Xiwen would've felt the same if he hadn't seen them coming out of the portal. He wouldn't have believed that some people could've travelled across a huge region through that portal to arrive here in secrecy. This was beyond everyone's expectation.

So much so that the disciples of the True Martial University didn't even contact the outside world. Some people did return to that pit to exit the underground world. However, they found that that pit had already been mended. This had incited panic among those experts.

They had never come across such situation. No one knew how things took this turn.

However, Ye Xiwen knew that this must've been the Xuan Yuan Palace hall's disciples' doing. But how could they dare to do such an audacious thing? The entire True Martial University would burn with anger if they come to know about this matter. The True Martial University was still the overlord of the Southern region despite its decline. True Martial World (1) was world's strongest force and its rage was sufficient to create trouble for the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

It was chaotic outside. However, Ye Xiwen only thought of one thing — to enhance his strength. Only the relentless enhancement in his strength could help him in dealing with the impending chaos.

He especially needed to deal with those Xuan Yuan Palace Hall disciples. He knew that they intended to eliminate all disciples of the True Martial University present here. Moreover, they had great strength since they had several experts of half-step legendary ninth stage. This was far higher than this term's experts in True Martial University. Only Luo Yi Hang and Sword Sage could contend the experts of half-step legendary ninth stage. Moreover, the other party also had that Brother Fan, and he was at half-step legendry's great complete realm.

One couldn't rely on others. One could only trust themselves.

Ye Xiwen had accumulated a lot of 'star power' and had initiated the process to condense the Earth over this time. However, he had wanted to condense the Earth to perfection since it held a special status in his heart.

An intense rumbling sound reverberated at a distance. Huge Mountain-like figures were getting closer.

These strange beasts were called Mountain Giants. They were born out of this territory and were full of 'star power'. These Mountain Giants were more powerful than the species of Mountain Giants found on the outside. Their bodies were the most tyrannical defense.

They were only over a thousand in number. However, their mere-walk was enough to produce rumbling sounds. They marched forward like a magnificent army. It was very scary.

These Mountain Giants belonged to a tribal group. They had formed an army formation, and migrated at a very slow pace. This was an incomparably huge army.

A sharp eyed Mountain Giant spotted Ye Xiwen, and immediately roared. These Mountain Giants began to move. Their appearance gave no sense of sluggishness in their demeanor. In fact, they were quite flexible. It seemed as if huge Mountains were dashing towards Ye Xiwen from afar.

Each Mountain Giant had a huge stone club in its hand. They looked very tyrannical. It seemed as if their stone clubs could smash the sky to pieces.

They were barely more than a thousand in number. But they had enough strength to ensure their safety.

"Whish!" a violent sound of reverberated. It seemed as if the air had been torn. The vanguard team of Mountain Giants had already arrived. They were headed by a rather huge Mountain Giant. It brandished its huge stone club, and produced an ear-piercing sound; it would seem as if the space had been shattered. A strong shadow took shape out of nothing and shrouded Ye Xiwen.

"Ye Xiwen, kill these Mountain Giants and you'll be able to condense the planet. These Mountain Giants are different from ordinary star beasts. Their bodies are made up of stones. Moreover, their bodies are tempered and refined by 'star power'. Thus, they contain a lot of 'star power'. This much star power will be enough for you to condense the Earth to perfection!" Ye Mo quickly said.

Generally, even the little star beasts possessed significant 'star power'. Then how could these massive Mountain Giants not have it in abundance?

In fact, the amount of star power in their bodies was so high that the leftover 'star power' after Earth's creation would be enough to prepare for the next breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen moved into action and summoned the 'Hanshan Seal (2)'. This 'Hanshan Seal' unexpectedly brought a glimmer of 'twinkling stars' as it appeared above. Even Ye Xiwen hadn't expected this. It seemed like he had undergone a huge change after absorbing so much star power.

"Bang!" A huge mountain fell from the sky like a giant stone dragon.

It pressed towards several of those Mountain Giants.

These Mountain Giants swung their stone clubs towards that falling mountain. These stone clubs formed a huge shadow, and it rushed towards the descending mountain like a stone dragon.


It appeared as if two huge stone dragons had maliciously collided in the sky; each strangling the other to death.

Ye Xiwen snorted. He shot a big hand, and grabbed those stone clubs. Suddenly, the shadow of that stone dragon got crushed, and the 'Hanshan Seal' finally suppressed downward.




Dozens of Mountain Giants were crushed in moments since they didn't get enough time to escape.

Each Mountain Giant had extraordinary strength. In fact, they didn't even require a martial skill. One could tell from their enormous bodies that each was enough to face dozens of enemies.

What exquisite martial skills would they need? They were one strong group, and could smash their enemies with one swing of their clubs. What control could one have on such creatures that could smash their enemies to explosion? What was the need of martial skills?

However, they were very sluggish in nature. They wouldn't become skillful even if they were given a chance to be since they weren't laborious.

Ye Xiwen rushed into this army of Mountain Giants, and went on a killing spree.

These Mountain Giants were massive like mountains; as their name suggested. However, they started to look smaller after they got killed. It was a magnificent sight.

Ye Xiwen slaughtered them crazily. Soon he had effortlessly killed hundreds of Mountain Giants with his long blade. But, this massacre aroused the indignation of the Mountain Giant King.

This Mountain Giant King was clearly bigger than other Mountain Giants. It was extraordinarily conspicuous even in a very large crowd of incomparably huge Mountain Giants.

The power within its body started to boil-up. It swung its huge stone club at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen shot his long blade again, and it maliciously slashed towards that huge stone club. That stone club in Mountain Giant King's hand was basically a stone club; however, it smashed down like a mountain in Ye Xiwen's eyes.

"Bang!" the two completely unequally-sized weapons collided, and a terrifying power swept across. The strength of this Mountain Giant King was ridiculous. It had always used the toughness of its body to compete against multiple opponents. Unfortunately, today he had come across Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen's body was even more powerful.

The practitioner could tear gods and devils with bare hands if the 'gilded tyrant form' were practiced to the pinnacle level. Ye Xiwen hadn't practiced it to the pinnacle level yet, and legendary experts could use their skills and higher cultivation levels to suppress him. However, it was impossible to suppress him by using just one's physical strength and bodily toughness.

Perhaps that person with the special physique of a 'titan' could pose a challenge to Ye Xiwen's 'tyrant' form. But, how could Ye Xiwen believe it unless they would have a showdown? Ye Xiwen was quite confident about his 'gilded tyrant form'. He wouldn't spare the person who dared to provoke him… whether one had a titan body or anything else.

That person with the titan body could take a hike. Ye Xiwen believed that his 'gilded tyrant form' was the strongest. This was the reason he had stuck to it.

"Go to hell human!" that Mountain Giant King shouted loudly. The intense rumbling sound burst-out like the sound of mighty bell. It couldn't believe that a human was challenging it on equal terms.

No human had been able to match its strength. However, Ye Xiwen hadn't used his full strength yet.

Ye Xiwen sneered. He avoided that stone club which had swept at him. Then, he instantly flew over the head of that Mountain Giant King.

"Clang!" The 'sword intention' soared in the sky. It formed a hundred-meter-long sword, and swept down at the Mountain Giant King.

The so-called gigantic body of Mountain Giant King collapsed and broke-down to pieces. Only an immense 'inner stone' was left behind, and Ye Xiwen hastily collected it.

The remaining task was a piece of cake for Ye Xiwen once he had slaughtered this Mountain Giant King. The other Mountain Giants were no match for him. He killed them all — just the way clouds are swept away by the strong winds.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that his 'small complete realm' had reached perfection after he had absorbed the great amounts of star power. But, one luminous spot inside his universe frantically began to emit rays of light. It attracted massive amounts of star power towards itself.

Dark clouds began to gather in Ye Xiwen's direction.

Ye Xiwen looked-up towards the black clouds in the sky. He understood that it was natural for the heavenly tribulation to arrive following the completion of his realm.

Ye Xiwen clenched his fists tightly and shouted, "Come On!"

(To be continued).


Zhen Wu Jie = True Martial World

Hanshan Seal = Shaking Mountain Seal

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