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The entire universe rumbled and shook. This stirred-up the entire city. Nobody knew the reason behind this sudden event.

Soon, everybody knew where the problem was. There was a giant stele not very far away from the city. The area in a radius of more than 10 miles surrounding it had completely collapsed. This had exposed a huge gap.

Everyone was seething with excitement because they knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And they might not get another later.

Why did they come here? Was it not for that sword code?

However, there had been a widely spread rumor that Ye Xiwen had obtained this sword code. However, he had completely denied it, and had said that it had disappeared in that stele. Nobody had any evidence that it was with him. However, a lot of people were still ready to cause him trouble. They wanted to launch an attack on him. It was too early to say that the sword code was in his hands. But, a lot of people disliked him, and were hence gearing-up to deal with him.

Ye Xiwen knew that he had been exposed to all this mess. He knew that he must leave this place, but he didn't even if they might hold him down. His reasoning was simply. His departure would cause a riot involving several thousand experts inside this city since almost all of them had come for the sword code.

Ye Xiwen's departure would enrage everyone.

However, a Divine Hou appeared out of nowhere soon enough. Then, it disappeared into that giant stele. This washed away the suspicion that had stained Ye Xiwen. In fact, Ye Xiwen would've been submerged by all those people if Luo Yi Hang and his men hadn't arrived and surrounded him first.

Ye Xiwen would've disappeared long ago if these people hadn't kept a covetous eye on him. Or at the very least… he would have found a nice place to hide.

The outcome of the fight between Ye Xiwen and Luo Yi Hang wasn't certain yet.

The strange movement in that territory had attracted Luo Yi Hang's attention as well. Ye Xiwen seized this opportunity to heal his wounds, and was secretly relieved. There was no dispute in the fact that Luo Yi Hang had tyrannical strength. There was a huge difference between their levels. Even an ordinary expert of half-step legendary ninth stage wouldn't be able to block Luo Yi Hang's blade attack. Perhaps, two strikes of his blade would be enough to kill them.

Even an ordinary expert of half-step legendary ninth stage would not be able to force Luo Yi Hang to this extent. But Ye Xiwen had relied on 'gilded tyrant form' and 'phoenix regeneration technique' to hang on.

The experts in this entire city seethed with excitement. They had been closely observing the fight between Ye Xiwen and Luo Hi Hang. They had kept an eye on this fight since they wished to see if the sword code had really fallen into Ye Xiwen's hands or not. They had been expecting to know the answer by the end of it.

However, everyone was determined that the sword code wasn't in Ye Xiwen's possession after that sudden movement took place in that region. Moreover, it would eventually fall into Luo Yi Hang's hands after the fight even if it was in Ye Xiwen's.

Nevertheless, the sudden appearance of that underground pit had made them even more excited. It seemed as if the sword code and Divine Hou had disappeared in that stele; they had most likely escaped into that giant pit.

Everyone bellowed and excitedly flew outside the city.

Suddenly, a sword rainbow flew across the sky. And it was followed by a figure treading on a rainbow-light. Both of them instantaneously flew inside that pit.

Some sharp-eyed people immediately recognized that figure.

"That is the Sword Sage. He is the leader of the Sword Tomb organization. I didn't expect that the Sword Sage would arrive as well!"

"I didn't expect that the two top experts would actually gather at this place instead of staying hidden like always. I never thought that he would appear to fast. It seems like the Sword Tomb's people already knew about it!"

Luo Yi Hang saw that figure treading on the rainbow-light, and his complexion suddenly changed. How could he not have recognized the Sword Sage? Other people weren't a threat in his eyes. Especially since he had brought a large number of Law Enforcement Disciples with him… However, many members of the Sword Tomb had also arrived. The sword skill was regarded as very sharp and effective one among all sorts of martial arts. Therefore, these sword disciples usually had an extremely tyrannical strength. Moreover, the Sword Tomb's leader's arrival had scared him even further.

Luo Yi Hang looked towards that pit, and realized that more and more experts had started to enter it. He then looked at Ye Xiwen once again, and realized that he had almost restored his strength. Luo Yi Hang finally made his decision, and turned around to leave. He flew directly inside that pit.

He felt sure that he could kill Ye Xiwen sooner or later. However, the Sword Sage was likely to take away any treasures which were inside that pit. The current gain would certainly not make up for the loss he would have later on.

In fact, he had no fear of Ye Xiwen's future growth potential. He had been able cultivate to this level… that itself showed that he possessed an air of strong confidence. He aimed at the supreme throne of the younger generation. Ye Xiwen hadn't demonstrated enough skill to portray himself as a threat in Luo Yi Hang's eyes.

Ye Xiwen growth was certainly rapid, but it didn't bother Luo Yi Hang one bit. No matter how quick was Ye Xiwen's growth… he didn't care as long as his own was faster than Ye Xiwen's.

Moreover, Luo Yi Hang had already seen that Ye Xiwen possessed a strange healing technique. It was impossible to kill Ye Xiwen in a short period of time. Moreover, he wouldn't get anything if he were to arrive late inside that pit.

Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh of relief as he saw Luo Yi Hang depart. He sat cross-legged in midair, and began to heal his injuries.

"Ye Xiwen, are you all right?" Jian Wu Chen and the others flew over. They arrived next to Ye Xiwen and asked in a concerned manner.

"I am all right!" Ye Xiwen shook his head. In fact, the result was much better than what he had anticipated. His hopeless approach to exhaust Luo Yi Hang to death hadn't work. In fact, Ye Xiwen was completely exhausted instead of Luo Yi Hang.

Ye Xiwen could think of only one method to deal with Luo Yi hang —injure the man seriously, and then use the devil wings to escape. However, it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to outrun Lou Yi Hang if they latter was in his peak condition. But it would've been much easier to escape him if he were in an injured state.

Ye Xiwen was confident that he would be able to beat Luo Yi Hang rather easily after finding a way to have a breakthrough to the next stage.

"You all go and examine that pit. I am going to be a bit late since I have to heal my injuries!" Ye Xiwen said.

"Alright! Then we will go first!" They were members of Sword Tomb after all. Hence, they had also received the scrambling order from the Sword Sage.

Jian Wu Cheng and Mu Ling went to that pit after confirming that Ye Xiwen was fine. They saw that the wolf cub was also present there.

Ye Xiwen had completely healed his injuries in less than ten minutes. He had injured himself rather seriously. Therefore, he was forced to completely restore his internal injuries before he entered the pit.

There was no one in the city now. Everyone had rushed into that pit. Ye Xiwen rode the rainbow light, and arrived near that stele in a flash.

This stele had initially looked quite ordinary to him. However, it was emitting waves of strange light now. It seemed as if some kind of martial technique was being set off in motion.

"This stele really is very strange!" Ye Mo frowned as he appeared on Ye Xiwen's shoulder.

"But, I still want to go inside and see. I can feel that it contains a large amount of star power!" Ye Xiwen said. The power of the stars was what Ye Xiwen needed the most since he had recently started to construct his own universe. Other forms of energies could also be used in the construction of the universe. But they were far from being as effective as star power. Ye Xiwen could upgrade quickly… as long as there was enough power of the stars. Then, he could even compete against those other peerless geniuses.

"I think that this foreign battlefield is possibly a star fragment. That's why it has such abundant star power!" Ye Mo said.

"Star fragment? Such a huge star fragment!" Ye Xiwen was somewhat startled.

"Well, maybe they have taken some star as a battlefield. And this underground region could have been fragmented out of it!" Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen held his breath as thought of taking a star as a battlefield. Disintegrating a star into fragments was impossible even for an expert of the sage realm.

What sort of a terrifying expert would it take to fragment a star?

Regardless; this place had abundant star power. For Ye Xiwe, it was like cultivating in a holy land. Naturally, he needed to go inside the pit.

Ye Xiwen got into the pit. He realized that it was a huge underground world. It was hard to imagine. It was a huge world and was no different from any other; except the fact that it had no sky. The large availability of star power had given birth to strange beasts, and they ran amuck in this world.

"I can feel the aura of a strange beast ahead!" Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen had just entered this underground world and had already found a tyrannical strange beast. These strange beasts were more tyrannical than the ones on the surface. This was merely a strange beast of legendry's seventh stage. However, many experts of legendry's eighth stage wouldn't be able to deal with it.

"Arghh!" that strange beast roared in a strange manner. It ferociously rushed towards Ye Xiwen. Its movements were fierce and powerful. Every action and movement of that strange beast was unexpectedly conforming to the laws of the world.

These strange beasts were far more tyrannical than those present on the surface.

Ye Xiwen sneered. He shot his big hand towards that strange beast and grabbed it. Many experts of half-step legendary eighth stage wouldn't be able to deal with this strange beast. However, that was limited only to the ordinary experts of half-step legendary eighth stage. Ye Xiwen wasn't at half-step legendary eighth stage yet. However, his real physical strength was sufficient to sweep away the experts of half-step legendary eighth stage. Hence, coping with this strange beast was like a piece of cake for him.

The strange beast screamed as Ye Xiwen grabbed it. It began to struggle frantically; but how could it possibly escape from Ye Xiwen's attack?

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen crushed that mountainous strange beast to death. It then turned into blood fog. Its flesh and blood was absorbed by Heavenly Source Mirror (1), and its inner stone was absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

The Heavenly Source Mirror hidden inside Ye Xiwen's body had finally completed the accumulation of energy. It suddenly burst into dazzling rays of light, and this light shrouded the surrounding area.

"Ha ha… Ye Xiwen, I have finally completed the accumulation of energy. The Heavenly Source Mirror has finally been restored to the level of a pseudo-sage tool. The blood pond can finally be opened now!"

(To be continued)


Heavenly Source Mirror = Tianyuan Mirror

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