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The news of Ye Xiwen slaughtering a Law Enforcement disciple and Ling Yi Feng had shaken the entire Broken Moon City. The news had spread as quickly as forest fire. The news spread even more quickly especially since those people were resolute and had high aspirations.

It had immediately made the new Law Enforcement disciples furious. These new disciples had recently joined True Martial University. However, some of them had already been recruited by Law Enforcement Hall since they had great future potential. Therefore, there were many new Law Enforcement disciples among these disciples who had come to this foreign battlefield.

Ye Xiwen had killed a Law Enforcement disciple in front of everyone… once again. This was very embarrassing for them.

However, everyone had seen that the Law Enforcement disciple had attacked Ye Xiwen first. Therefore, Ye Xiwen's slaughter of that disciple was only normal. Hence, he would only get minor punishments even if the news were to reach the ears of higher authorities. And this certainly didn't conform to Law Enforcement Hall's way of thinking.

The Law Enforcement Hall's leader of new disciples, Luo Yi Hang, moved into action at this juncture. He issued a warrant to hunt and kill Ye Xiwen. But this 'chase and kill' warrant could not be released in public. However, Luo Yi Hang was not only the captain of Law Enforcement disciples — he was also the chief disciple of 'Hundred Treasures Peak'; the 'Hundred Treasures Peak' was one of the 'Top 10' Inheritances.

These 'Top 10' Inheritances were considered as big shots in True Martial University. Any among these inheritances would be regarded as supreme influence in the Southern region.

To enter one of these inheritances, and become the chief disciple was not an easy thing. One could imagine Luo Yi Hang's strength, and the authority he held.

The 'chase and kill' warrant was issued in secrecy. However, there was no difference between an official order and the one that came from Luo Yi Hang's mouth.

In addition to Law Enforcement Hall, the 'Broken Moon Peak' had also semi-overtly issued a 'chase and kill' warrant against Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had killed two disciples of 'Broken Moon Peak'; this included their fourth ranked disciple, Ling Yi Feng.

It was a matter of extraordinary shame and humiliation for the 'Broken Moon Peak'. Ye Xiwen was merely a disciple of the 'Hidden Star Peak'. That being said, Ye Xiwen was also a chief disciple. However, how someone could be considered as a true chief disciple if there was no other disciple on the peak?

Ling Yi Feng was the fourth ranked disciple of the 'Broken Moon Peak'. This meant that there were three stronger disciples above him. But he alone was below 50 years of age amongst the top four. However, a lot of masters on that peak were above 50 years of age. These masters might not be as talented as him. However, their cultivation time was far more than his; even extending up to decades or more than a century in some cases. There were numerous such masters on this peak.

The experts below the age of 50 were placed in the rear because of the relationship between their age and strength since it was a relatively safer area. However, the experts who were above 50 years old were placed close to the battle front. This was the spot where genuine powerhouses strived for their place.

All the top experts of this term's younger generation had arrived at this place.

Ye Xiwen knew about the 'chase and kill' warrants. But he didn't care. The most important thing for him was to enhance his own strength now. Only those whose strength was tyrannical enough would be able to survive in this trial. This was the only way to rise above others.

The curtain of night descended, and waves of chilly winds started blowing. It could be said that this cold winds could easily blow away a truth level expert. Such was the terror of the foreign battlefield Ye Xiwen was in.

Ye Xiwen trod through the astral wind unaffected, as if it was not blowing at all. He arrived on top of a mountain. The star power was illuminating this summit and was relatively rich.

A shadow appeared on top of the summit amidst the chilly winds. It had sensed Ye Xiwen's aura. It was a ferocious strange beast. It had three pairs of wings, and it appeared just like a human. Its head was quite big, and it had four limbs. Its entire body was withered. Its eyes were as red as a pair of lanterns. They were partly visible in that chilly wind, and appeared very frightening.

This territory belonged to this strange beast. It was an extremely dreadful strange beast. It was at legendary seventh stage; at the very least. It was the overlord of the surrounding area.

Suddenly, that strange beast howled. It caused burst of sound waves which shook the space. The space began to fluctuate as crazily as the surface of boiling water. This strange beast had six wings on its back. They had almost dried-up, leaving only the bones behind. It suddenly fluttered its wings, and its figure rushed towards Ye Xiwen like a black light.

It shot its palms, which pressed down the space itself and disintegrated the air. A terrifying palm attack was launched towards Ye Xiwen.

That pair of bone claws tore the space, and set-off monstrous waves of wind. It started blowing Ye Xiwen's clothes. This resulted in a fluttering sound.

Ye Xiwen saw the incoming attack, but simply didn't care. He directly swept out his palm. A huge golden dragon roared, and instantly tore that dreadful imposing aura. Then, it maliciously collided into that pair of claws.

"Crunch!" the sound of a fracturing bone resounded. This sound could horrify anyone. That pair of bone claws had been broken by Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen's figure appeared like golden lightning as he trod across the empty sky, and instantaneously appeared in front of that strange beast. He brandished his palm, and crushed its body. Its flesh and blood were completely absorbed by Heavenly Source mirror (1).

The 'inner stone' of that strange beast also fell into Ye Xiwen's hands.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't stop. All sorts of strange beasts and evil spirits were lurking in this area since it was flourishing with chill winds. They were large in numbers, and could all become Ye Xiwen's prey.

The sound produced when Ye Xiwen slaughtered that strange beast had alarmed the other strange beasts. There were over a hundred strange beasts of legendary sixth-seventh stage. There were no names to identify their species. However, they were very ferocious in nature and frightened everyone.

"Now give me your inner stones!" Ye Xiwen laughed out loud as he flew forward. It seemed as if his golden divinities would topple the mountains and overturn the seas as they rushed towards those strange beasts.

"Bang!" A flock of tyrannical strange beasts rushed towards Ye Xiwen like wild boars to knock him down.

Ye Xiwen immediately swatted his palm. Their bodies instantaneously exploded and transformed into blood fog. The fog was then absorbed by Heavenly Source mirror. Only their inner stones remained behind.

These domineering strange beasts were like tyrants who dominated over other strange beasts. However, Ye Xiwen had thoroughly wiped their entire existence within a short span of time. Would the other strange beasts dare to attack Ye Xiwen after watching this? Wouldn't that be equivalent to courting death?

Ye Xiwen had obtained enough inner stones. Hence, he didn't hunt more strange beasts, and sat cross-legged on that summit. He instantly absorbed the abundant star power which was shining down from the sky. As a result, his 'inner universe' began to transform.

Ye Xiwen fully operated the 'Observing Person Scripture'. The intrinsic quality of this scripture was to create a small version of the universe inside human body. His universe merely had a star and a planet (2) at present.

Ye Xiwen started to absorb the energies from those inner stones as the 'Observing Person Scripture' began to operate at full capacity. These inner stones were the energies cores of these strange beasts. Their entire energy was accumulated in these inner stones. Moreover, these strange beasts had received the illumination power of stars day and night. Their bodies were filled with star power; that was exactly was Ye Xiwen needed.

The chaos within his universe began to boil over with the absorption of a large amount of star power.

There were all kinds of luminous spots within Ye Xiwen's Dantian. These luminous spots were numerous and all densely packed. Yet, they were located away from each other — with a certain distance in between.

These luminous spots instantaneously began to blossom into dazzling rays of light as large amounts of star power were instilled into his inner universe. One of these luminous spots began to absorb large amount of star power under the guidance of his consciousness. The luminous spot began to revolve at a great speed, and continued till the power of countless stars had been submerged into it.

This luminous point slowly began to expand once it had absorbed the power of so many stars.

The temperature of this spherical luminous spot slowly began to rise. However, this didn't worry Ye Xiwen.

Day-by-day-time passed, and this luminous spot got bigger and bigger. It slowly took the shape of a planet. In fact, it had started to appear just like the planet 'Venus' from his previous life.


Venus had been molded at last. Ye Xiwen's imposing aura finally rose once again. Moreover, his universe had also expanded by one third because of Venus's formation.

However, the universe was inside Ye Xiwen's Dantian. Since the universe had expanded by one third, it meant that his Dantian had also expanded by one third. It could now hold 30% more Real Elemental Energy. His strength had risen considerably as a result.

Ye Xiwen could only compete with weak experts of legendary eighth stage. But now, he was sure that he would be able to compete with the top powerhouses of legendary eighth stage even though his realm hadn't ascend, and he was still at half-step legendry's small complete realm.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. He realized that his imposing aura had become even more terrifying he restrained it. Many strange beasts who were observing him from afar trembled with fear. It seemed like these muddle-headed strange beasts that only knew how to kill — had apparently learnt fear as well. The way Ye Xiwen had mercilessly slaughtered their brethren, had left them with a deep sense of fear.

In order to deal with these strange beasts — one needed to be more brutal than them. Only then could one scare away these strange beasts.

"You couldn't level up this time. However, your strength is sufficient to compete with the top powerhouses of half-step legendary eighth stage. You will be counted among the top ranked disciples even if we include those 'above 50 years old' new disciples in the equation!" Ye Mo said with a smile.

Arriving at this foreign battlefield had brought several rewarding benefits for Ye Xiwen. His 'Observing Person Scripture' was currently at its initial stage, and the power of these stars was the best form of nourishment for his universe.

"But this is not enough!" Ye Xiwen shook his head. There were too many experts inside True Martial University. The strongest ones were elusive and stayed hidden; especially those who had been cultivating for a long time. There were innumerable such hidden experts. Ye Xiwen had been lagging behind. But he had started to catch up now. He was slowly filling the gap between him and these people.

"I still have a dragon essence left in the stock!" Ye Xiwen had two dragon essences earlier. However, he had used one during a closed-door practice in order to avoid a confrontation with the Jinyi Guards. Hence, only one dragon essence had remained.

"My cultivation should be able to make a breakthrough to half-step legendary sixth stage after consuming this dragon essence. Then, I will be able to beat even the experts of half-step legendary ninth stage. Even if that Luo Yi Hang personally arrives — I will beat the crap out of him!" Ye Xiwen said coldly.

A burst of noise came from afar at this time, and a 'shaking sword rainbow' suddenly flitted across the sky.

(To be continued)

Heavenly Source Mirror = Tianyuan Mirror

He has the Sun and Mercury inside his inner universe.

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