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A cold beam instantly appeared out of nowhere, and quietly shattered the space. Then, it arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in the blink of an eye. It was an extremely magnificent yet dreadful beam of light.

That cold beam was extremely frightening and almost made a cut in Ye Xiwen's throat. This was an astonishing killer move.

The timing was near-perfect. Ye Xiwen had just slaughtered that strange beast and had finally gotten a chance to relax. It was the best time to launch a sneak attack on him.

However, how could Ye Xiwen ever take things lightly? He responded instinctively and shot a big hand. His hand appeared just like a golden sun in the sky.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen brandished his palm into the void and a figure instantaneously fell. The bones of his chest broke and blood splashed out. His body was sent flying upside down.

Ye Xiwen wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. That sneak attack could've succeeded in beheading him since he was off-guard when it was launched at him.

Ye Xiwen saw that a young man clad in a magnificent robe was lying on the ground. He had curled up in pain while his face had turned pale. He also kept spitting blood.

The emblem of Law Enforcement Hall was embroidered on his robe.

"Damn it, he is from Law Enforcement Hall!" Ye Xiwen saw the emblem on that man's robe and cursed.

These Law Enforcement disciples were really haunting Ye Xiwen like ghosts. He had been wondering why they hadn't been causing him any trouble all this time. But now it seemed like they had been waiting for him here.

They were too sinister. They made their move just when Ye Xiwen killed that strange beast.

The people on top of the city wall hadn't recovered from this sudden turn of events. They had seen how Ye Xiwen had killed that strange beast with great difficulty, and had then been ambushed by someone.

Although they were very far from the scene, they all had profound skills. They didn't find it hard to make sense of the current situation. They immediately understood that someone had tried to assassinate Ye Xiwen.

"This is a disciple of Law Enforcement Hall!"

Suddenly many people recognized him after looking at the emblem of Law Enforcement Hall. The reputation of Law Enforcement Hall in True martial University was illustrious. There was no one who didn't know about them; even these new disciples knew about Law Enforcement Hall though they had just joined.

Law Enforcement Hall had magnificent glory. They were in charge of law and discipline inside True Martial University.

"The enmity between the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall and Ye Xiwen seems quite deep. They were hidden till now, but have finally moved into action!"

Some people were unclear and puzzled as to when Ye Xiwen had offended these Law Enforcement disciples.

"Don't you know that there was a buzz in the entire city some time ago? A new disciple had killed several disciples of Law Enforcement Hall; don't you remember?"

"Oh, so this is 'that matter' and is he 'that Ye Xiwen'! He's the one who had broken through the city gate to enter, right? No wonder he is so powerful. A total of hundred disciples had burst their way through the city gate along with him. Seriously, he is a respectable genius!"

That sneak attack could have killed Ye Xiwen, and this made him angry. He walked coldly and kicked that disciple's body.

That disciple was sent flying like a sandbag after Ye Xiwen kicked him. He severely collided with the city wall, and came to a halt before finally falling down.

"Stop!" Someone yelled from the top of the city wall. The speaker was a young man who appeared approximately 20 years old, and was clad in a brown robe. His eyebrows were like sword, and his eyes were like stars. He appeared very handsome and made large strides as he walked over.

"Who are you? Why are you interfering in other people's business?" Ye Xiwen asked coldly.

"He is a disciple of our 'Broken Moon Peak'. Therefore, I must interfere regardless of anything!" that young man coldly replied.

Above the city wall, several people recognized this young man.

"That man is Ling Yi Feng. He is the leader of the new disciples of 'Broken Moon Peak'. I have heard that this person is an outstanding young genius, and was considered as one of the top ten experts on the ancient road. He is quite ferocious!"

"Yes, ah, he entered as a core disciple and will soon become a true disciple!"

The Law Enforcement Hall was a huge organization inside True Martial University. However, their disciples had actually come from various peaks.

"Do you really want to interfere in this trivial matter?" Ye Xiwen coldly asked.

"He is a disciple of our 'Broken Moon Peak'!" Ling Yi Feng looked coldly towards Ye Xiwen. The killing intent could be seen in his eyes. He had heard about Ye Xiwen. In fact, more than hundred disciples had broken through the city gate. And all information about these disciples had already circulated throughout True Martial University. Ye Xiwen was no exception.

"I am dealing with your Broken Moon Peak's disciple because he was going to kill me. It is that simple." Ye Xiwen coldly said. His logic was quite simple. Whoever tried to kill him — he would kill that person in return.

Ye Xiwen sneered and suddenly rushed forward. It seemed as if he was treading on a burst of waves to trample that disciple.

"Stop!" Ling Yi Feng saw that Ye Xiwen had completely ignored him. And so, he immediately fired a punch. The terrifying 'fist energy' surged forward. It gave rise to a 'fist wind' that ferociously rushed forth to pound Ye Xiwen's back.

After perceiving the fierce 'fist wind' coming from behind, Ye Xiwen's eyes flickered with a killing intent. This 'fist wind' was extremely terrifying. Perhaps, Ling Yi Feng's strength had already reached above half-step legendary seventh stage.

How could there be such a great disciple in Law Enforcement Hall? Were the disciples of 'Broken Moon Peak' so amazing? However, it didn't matter whether he was a disciple of 'Broken moon Peak' or not — he was trying to kill Ye Xiwen!

Ye Xiwen felt the fierce 'fist wind' behind his body, but he didn't stop. On the contrary, he ferociously rushed towards that disciple of 'Broken Moon Peak' at an even faster speed.

"You are courting death!" Ye Xiwen's action had thoroughly enraged Ling Yi Feng. He saw the manner in which Ye Xiwen had looked down on him. This made him very angry. He shouted loudly and his Real Elemental Energy(1) swept towards Ye Xiwen to blast him to death.

Anger flourished inside Ye Xiwen's heart, and he maliciously trampled that disciple.

"Bang!" That disciple of Law Enforcement Hall who was lying on the ground was instantly trampled to death.

Ling Yi Feng saw Ye Xiwen killing that Law Enforcement disciple, and his complexion turned ashen. He was considered as a genius ever since he had started cultivating as a young disciple. Even if the geniuses on this ancient road were countless like clouds, he was still considered extraordinary. No one ever dared to go against him. But now, a disciple of his own peak had been killed in front of his eyes.

This was intolerable.

"You have brought about your own destruction!" Ling Yi Feng roared repeatedly.

The 'fist wind' had already crashed into Ye Xiwen's body.

A strong power boiled all over Ye Xiwen's body. Though Ling Yi Feng was arrogant, his strength of half-step legendary seventh stage was no joke.

Ye Xiwen draped a layer of divine clothing over his shoulder, and his figure immediately condensed a golden sword behind him to chop off that 'fist wind'.

Ye Xiwen had completely transformed to assume his golden avatar. He then looked coldly towards Ling Yi Feng.

"How did these two bump into each other? Geez, Ling Yi Feng failed in rescuing that disciple of 'Broken Moon Peak'!"

"'Broken Moon Peak' is quite overbearing. We saw a moment ago how that disciple of 'Broken Moon Peak' tried to assassinate Ye Xiwen and Ling Yi Feng didn't say anything. Instead he actually showed his desire to take that disciple back home. This is making me angry!"

"Hush, hush, can't you see there are so many disciples of 'Broken Moon Peak' here? They may expel you from the city if you offend them. In the worst case scenario, they might even kill you right now!"

"These big inheritances are not always fair… especially those Top 100 Inheritances. They don't even treat us as fellow disciples!"

"They are way too tyrannical!"

"You have killed a disciple of 'Broken Moon Peak', and that makes you our enemy. You have courted death!" Ling Yi Feng said angrily.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything. He just brandished his long blade which emitted bright rays of light. It appeared as if the existing light in this world had suddenly vanished, and only this blade's radiance had remained.

Ling Yi Feng's complexion changed drastically, and became abnormally solemn. His Real Elemental Energy surged-up and he operated his secret technique. He instantly fired his fist which shattered the space as it rushed towards the incoming blade attack of Ye Xiwen's.

Ling Yi Feng strength wasn't equal to that strange beast's from a while ago. However, he still couldn't be considered as a lesser threat. This was because that strange beast used its tyrannical body to its advantage in close combat, which was also Ye Xiwen's strong point. Though Ling Yi Feng didn't have such a tough body, his martial art was quite exquisite. That was why he was the biggest threat.


The 'blade energy'(2) and the 'fist energy' collided in the void, and the terrifying force set-off dreadful storm waves. Ye Xiwen's 'blade energy' directly chopped through Ling Yi Feng's 'fist energy', and then crashed into his body almost instantaneously.

"Puchi!" A bloody wound was cut open on Ling Yi Feng's chest, and blood gushed out of it. His tall body finally collapsed on the ground.

One move had decided the outcome of this battle.

Everyone was stunned. They had assumed that it would be a ferocious battle between two equally matched opponents. However, they had never imagined that a single move of Ye Xiwen's would decide this battle once and for all.

Ling Yi Feng had never imagined that he would fail to stop even a single move of Ye Xiwen's, and would end up being defeated like this.

He didn't lose because he was weak. He lost because Ye Xiwen was way too strong. After creating 'Observing Person Scripture', Ye Xiwen's combat power had increased by leaps and bounds. An expert of half-step legendary seventh stage was simply not his opponent.

Ye Xiwen looked at Ling Yi Feng's fallen figure. He knew that he could not stay in 'Broken Moon City' any longer. However, he didn't have any regrets. If given another opportunity — he would do the same again.

The other party had blundered by regarding him as a pushover. However, they never knew that he could be so decisive.

(To be continued)

1. Zhen Yuan = Real Elemental Energy

2. Blade energy = Bladeqi

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