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These strange beasts were certainly powerful because of their tyrannical bodies. But Ye Xiwen also had a tyrannical body. In this respect, it was a neck to neck collision. In short, the ordinary strange beasts of legendry realm were not his opponents.

"Puff!" A huge column of fire was ejected out from the mouth of a strange beast of half-step legendary third stage, and it went lasing towards Ye Xiwen. He felt the heat of that flame blowing against his own face.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm, and it rose up against the wind. His palm grabbed that column of fire and instantly extinguished it. The strength of his palm attack didn't reduce one bit as it advanced and banged upon the body of that beast.

"Bang!" The body of that huge legendary level beast instantaneously flew upside down. It severely collided with a group of several legendary level beasts, and then fell heavily to the ground and died. However, those other beasts which had gotten hit also fell to the ground and died.

Ye Xiwen looked just like a raging war-beast. He was on a killing spree. So much so, that he could be regarded as a roller crushing those beasts. Wherever he went, casualties on the beasts' side followed. He was simply unstoppable.

Ye Xiwen went all the way down killing those strange beasts. His body became more and more powerful, while the universe within his Dantian expanded. In addition, his aura also became increasingly formidable.

Those experts who saw him fight had no choice but to agree that his strength was indeed excessively tyrannical.

"That Ye Xiwen is killing his way forward like nothing. Does he think that he can penetrate the army formation of these strange beasts?"

Some people felt incredible watching Ye Xiwen penetrating through the army formation of strange beasts by killing them. They didn't know what he was up to.

At this time, an ominous aura swept across the entire battlefield, as if blotting out the sky and covering the earth. It belonged to a strange beast of legendary eighth stage. Its vindictive aura sent chills down everyone's spine.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen's eyes flashed. These strange beasts possessed star power; stronger a beast, more the star power it would have. In fact, this relation was directly proportional in nature. He would definitely move a step further if he could kill this strange beast of legendary eighth stage. In fact, he would be able to condense a new planet, Venus, within his body.

Yes. Ye Xiwen was going to construct a solar system inside his universe. The universe had so many celestial bodies, but he was familiar with the solar system only. Therefore, he wanted to create it first. Presently, he had molded only the sun and Mercury in the entire solar system. Continuing on like this, he would certainly mold Venus now.

After the completion of Venus, the next ones would be Earth and Mars. This was the so-called 'inner solar system'. He was absolutely confident that he would be able to break through the shackles of the legendary realm in one fell swoop once the creation of the entire solar system was complete. At that time, his moves would have the strength of the universe, while his tyrannical strength would reach an even more dreadful extent.

Taking a broad view ahead, one could see the huge figure of a monster with many scales on its body. Its six feet were touching the ground; it appeared like a small hill. It was running towards them while causing the entire ground to tremble.

Its entire body was covered with scales, and it relied on a pair of weird-looking thin wings to lighten its weight.

The experts at the top of the city wall saw this strange beast arriving, and their complexions turned pale. The terrifying vigor of this strange beast overflew everywhere; it was simply frightening.

Who was going to stop this strange beast? It should be said that there was no one here who could stop this strange beast.

Half-step legendary eighth stage, it was a terrifying synonym for these new disciples.

And, now such a creature had appeared among these strange beasts. It could be said that it was a disaster for these new disciples.

Ye Xiwen looked dignified, and didn't show any signs of retreat. At present, he was at half-step legendry's small complete realm, and could compete with some weak creatures of half-step legendary eighth stage… at most.

However, the word 'weak' and this strange beast obviously had no relation. In fact, it would be considered the most tyrannical existence even among the beasts of half-step legendary eighth stage.

A sword intention came out from Ye Xiwen's hand. It then rose into the sky and emitted intermittent waves of coercion in all directions.

It seemed as if Ye Xiwen had discovered his prey. Ye Xiwen had noticed that four of its legs were well-grounded the moment that strange beast had started rushing. He figured that the remaining two were claws, just a bear's. Like a lightning, it rushed towards Ye Xiwen to grab him.

The long howl of this strange beast tore through the nine heavens. It didn't seem like a living being at all, rather like a dead creature that had appeared from hell. It was very scary.

In that split second, it swatted its claws which broke the space into pieces. That pair of thin wings finally drove its body forward and it arrived in front of Ye Xiwen at a lightning pace. Those thin wings were setting off waves of strong winds, sweeping its ominous aura in all directions.

"Clang!" The sword intention instantaneously spewed out from Ye Xiwen's hand and got mixed with the golden divinities. Then it soared into the sky and instantaneously advanced towards that strange beast.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's sword intention slashed on that strange beast's scales. However, it only made a scratch on the scales, and failed to break them. The clash released sparks in all directions; it sounded similar to a collision between iron and gold.


The entire space had undergone a tremendous collapse as a result of a man attacking a beast. Both of their killing intentions had almost pierced the space.

Ye Xiwen retreated a few steps during that terrifying collision. His complexion had also slightly discolored. The body of this strange beast was too horrifying. He was actually unable to neutralize it… even with his 'gilded tyrant form'. The fact was that not only was he one whole 'realm' below that strange beast, the body of this strange beast was ridiculously tough.

Even if another person of half-step legendary eighth stage would be placed in Ye Xiwen's shoes, it would be difficult for them to avoid injuries.

The terrifying power of that strange beast shook Ye Xiwen's hands and caused them to turn numb. However, the same enormous power was shifted into his universe and immediately disappeared without a trace, just like a raindrop on barren land. Even such enormous power was unable to affect the operation of his universe.

"Roar!" That strange beast faced upwards and roared loudly. Its ominous power was monstrous and dreadful. It brandished its claws. It seemed as if could grab the space itself and cause it to crack. It rushed straight towards Ye Xiwen. Although it was only one strange beast, its ominous power was simply matchless.

Ye Xiwen was glowing with vigor. His eyes were radiating glory. The golden divinities surged beneath his feet and he instantly rushed forward carrying sword intention in his hand.


The collision between both the sides once again shattered the space. This time, Ye Xiwen's sword intention struck that strange beast's chest and opened a terrible wound.

This left that strange beast in immense pain, and it roared immediately.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't in a good condition either. That strange beast had opened five big and bloody wounds on his chest.

Ye Xiwen began to gape in pain. He almost couldn't stand properly. If it were an ordinary person in place of him, then that claw would have definitely split them into two halves.

"Does he want to die?" At this time, a lot of people looked worried while looking at Ye Xiwen. Many didn't know him, but still were worried for him. This was because they were counting of him as their last hope.

This wasn't the end; just the beginning.

Ye Xiwen didn't admit defeat. Although his face had contorted in agony, the 'phoenix regeneration technique' was done repairing his wounds soon.

Ye Xiwen's sword energy(2) was released in all directions. He shouted loudly, "Die!"

Ye Xiwen once again rushed towards that strange beast.

"Bang!" The sword intention he was carrying overflowed through the sky.




They had already fought over a hundred rounds. Blood was dripping from their bodies, and not enough meat was remaining on it. However, Ye Xiwen had maintained himself at his peak physical condition throughout. Although his entire body was covered in blood, not a single wound was there on it. However, that strange beast was panting and seemed to have been beaten out of its breath. Ye Xiwen had pushed it in a completely disadvantageous position.

That strange beast didn't have the 'phoenix regeneration technique' like Ye Xiwen. There was no way for it to repair its wounds, or to restore its tyrannical strength in such a short period of time after being wounded. However, Ye Xiwen's 'gilded tyrant form' was extremely tyrannical. He just used his own body to blast open wounds in its body.

Perhaps, each of these wounds was not extremely fatal on its own, but there were simply too many; enough to be life-threatening.

This was the first time that Ye Xiwen had fought with a beast of half-step legendary eighth stage. He was sure that he would've died countless times if he didn't have 'phoenix regeneration technique'. This strange beast had caused severe wounds on his body. No other person could have survived till now. It was only possible for Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen had finally cornered that strange beast.

There were cuts and bruises all over his body, while blood was continuously gushing out of the wounds. It had finally slowed down and was slowly revealing its weaknesses.

"Now, die!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. The sword intention from his hand swept out and dashed across the sky.

"Puchi!" The sword intention instantly dashed through a wound located on its head. A mix of red blood and white brain matter spattered everywhere.

"Bang!" The huge stature of that strange beast collapsed, and shook the entire ground.

Everyone noticed that Ye Xiwen had beheaded that strange beast. The fact that he was able to kill that strange beast had stunned them. They had a sudden illusion of managing to have a narrow escape. If not for Ye Xiwen, they all would have most likely been massacred in the city.

Ye Xiwen finally heaved a sigh of relief as he saw the scene of desolation in the aftermath of this disaster. He was about to take away the corpse of that strange beast, when suddenly a strong sense of crisis leaped up in his heart and a chill ran from the soles of his feet to his brain.

A cold beam instantly appeared out of nowhere, and quietly shattered the space. In the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. It was an extremely magnificent, yet dreadful beam of light.

(To be continued)


Jian qi = Sword qi = Sword energy

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