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After killing the entire night, Ye Xiwen finally returned to the "Broken Moon City" with the break of dawn. Everyone had just woken up. The waves of astral wind had blown very violently at night therefore no one had dared to go out of the city. They could only hide inside the city, and wait for dawn. The wind blew feebly in the morning. Hence, even the truth level experts could move about freely.

Ye Xiwen mixed into the crowd of people, and they all moved out of the city. However, a terrifying sound reverberated before they could disperse for hunting. This distant sound made everyone tremble with fear. This vibrating sound was similar to the sound of ten thousand stampeding horses which could cause even the earth to tremble.

Taking a broad view ahead, a large group of countless grotesque-looking strange beasts appeared in their line of sight. They were rushing toward them.






"What's going on? …the ground is shaking…"

"Strange beasts… these are the roars of strange beasts!"

"For the ground to shake like this… how many strange beasts are there?"

"That's a lot of powerful aura; possibly of the Xiantian realm. How can so many of these strange beasts assemble like this?"

"Strange beast insurrection! It's the strange beast insurrection!"

There were people who understood what was happening, and hence, didn't panic; Ye Xiwen was one of them. Bai Jian Song had told him about various things before they had arrived here. This insurrection of strange beasts was their first trial in the foreign battlefield. However, this was not a battle front. This place didn't have any formidable strange beasts because the experts of True Martial University had already fixed a time to get rid of them in advance. However, it didn't mean that there was no danger. In fact, there were beasts of truth realm, half-step legendary realm and legendary realm all over the place. Occasionally, even the beasts of half-step sage realm could also appear.

This place was usually desolate. However, these strange beasts would gather in large numbers every time after the arrival of new disciples. It was not certain as to how many years this fight between the human race and these strange beasts had been going on for… However, one thing was certain — these beasts were very sensitive towards human aura. The dawn had just broken, and these strange beasts had already assembled.

"Retreat! Let's return to the city!" no one knew who shouted this, but everyone directly flew back to the city.

Everyone returned to the city wall to prepare for the imminent battle. Meanwhile, those strange beasts were still rushing towards them like endless sea waves… as if blotting out the sky and covering the earth.

The long-range raid of these strange beasts shattered the space as they rushed towards the people on the city wall to kill them.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen shot his palm and it transformed into a huge dragon claw. A huge strange beast that was as big as an elephant had its skull crushed by the dragon claw. That strange beast was six feet tall and was different from the commonly seen demon beast.

These strange beasts lived in the void of the universe, and weren't the same as other living beings. They were in all sorts of grotesque shapes.

The strange beast's essence and blood was instantly absorbed into Ye Xiwen's body with the help of the Tianyuan mirror (1). Its inner stone (2) was instantly crushed by Ye Xiwen, and the energy from the stone was completely absorbed by him as well.

Ye Xiwen was pleasantly surprised to find that the universe within his Dantian had grown a bit larger. Although, the growth was very little and was quite hard to sense, however… he could still feel it.

The bodies of these strange beasts had the power of stars. These strange beasts lived in the universal space where one could feel the power of the stars irradiating anywhere, and at any time. Over time, the blood of these strange beasts had also gotten to contain the star power.

This star power had made their flesh exceptionally tyrannical. Their body was even tougher than that of demon beasts. Naturally, these strange beasts were more terrifying. However, most of these strange beasts didn't possess a high intelligence quotient. In fact they didn't even possess the wisdom that their demon beast counterparts did.

However, the star power was just a thing of nourishment for Ye Xiwen. He could use it to temper and refine his corporeal body and also to expand the universe within his Dantian. Each and every trace of star power could wash and nourish his universe — reinforcing it even more.

However, it would take a lot of time if he would only absorb the star power from the illumination of the twinkling stars in the sky; probably hundreds or even thousands of years for his universe to grow to maturity.

Ye Mo had told him about another method of exploding a star and taking out its nucleus. This nucleus was the core source of the star power. However, Ye Xiwen didn't even think about his idea because there was no possibility of implementing this method.

However, these strange beasts gave Ye Xiwen a much easier option.

Ye Xiwen immediately rushed down from the city wall. His body was brimming with golden divinities as he went forward like a huge surging tide, and swept towards those innumerable strange beasts.




These strange beasts of truth level or half-step legendary level simply could not block Ye Xiwen's attack. They were instantaneously annihilated by him. Afterward, he absorbed their bodies-whole.

People on the city wall witnessed Ye Xiwen's aggressive performance, and were left somewhat stunned. Many of them didn't even know that it was Ye Xiwen.

However, Ye Xiwen performance was quite stunning, and these beasts were basically far from being his opponents.

However, some people were stimulated into action while everyone else was attentively watching his performance. They too rushed down from the city wall to fight these strange beasts. However, some of them were torn to pieces in a short while. Some managed to persist for a while, but soon exhausted their strength and were eaten by those strange beasts.

It turned out that it was radically impossible for an average person to do the things that Ye Xiwen could; simply because he was way too strong.

On the tall wall, a pair of ice-cold eyes was keeping a close eye on Ye Xiwen as he decisively killed the strange beasts. There flashed a beam of cold light in that pair of icy eyes.

Within a few breaths, Ye Xiwen easily rushed through the group of numerous strange beasts. It could be considered that other people were worried that they had to fight with a group of strange beasts. However, Ye Xiwen was fearless. These strange beasts didn't have any means to injure his tyrannical body. Not to mention that his 'phoenix regeneration technique' would instantly heal his wounds even if they were hurt him.

Ye Xiwen's physical strength was so plentiful that there was no possibility of consuming his life force in a way that might endanger his life.

The golden divinities surged within his body as he opened his devil wings and flew forward at an extremely fast speed. This place didn't have an enemy of his match.

"Who is this man? He dared to burst into the army of strange beasts… Is he insane?"

"Isn't this person that same Ye Xiwen whose name had made a buzz everywhere? Has he not entered the Hidden Star Peak? I never thought that he would be able to join True Martial University so smoothly after insulting the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall!"

"But he is really strong. At least dozens of strange beasts have died at his hands in such a short time. He is worth of his fierce and illustrious reputation!"

The fight had reached to an intense level. Over ten thousand Houtian level strange beasts had surrounded the entrance. When looking from afar, one could see silhouettes of these strange beasts everywhere. Each of these beasts appeared to be in frenzy. Their eyes were blood-shot and they appeared to be fierce and brutal.

Hundreds of legendary realm beasts released out their terrifying auras from among these densely packed strange beasts. They stirred together to form a pillar of energy which directly agitated the clouds and formed a huge swirl. The mighty coercion of these strange beasts blotted out the sky, and covered the earth.

The fight between the humans and these strange beasts had a reached a superheated stage near the city wall. White and red pieces of broken limbs were scattered on the ground. It was hard to distinguish whether those limbs belonged to humans or the strange beasts.

The number of human elites was comparatively less than those densely packed numerous strange beasts.

"Ha!" Suddenly, a loud cry reverberated from the side of human experts. The sword energy was swept towards those strange beasts with the mighty slash. The space collapsed in a flash. The beasts that came in contact of the sword energy screamed as they turned into blood fog. This sword attack had directly cleared up a batch of strange beasts.

However, the total number of these strange beasts was massive. Some strange beasts grouped together to replace that annihilated batch almost immediately. The half-step legendary realm human experts began to send out their mystical powers in quick succession. However, even that could not sway the defense line of these truth level and half-step legendary level strange beasts.




After issuing such mighty roars, the strange beasts of legendary realm suddenly rushed towards the entrance. Although these were only several hundred strange beasts, their advance made the earth to tremble. The imposing aura of these strange beasts was far more formidable as compared to that the strange beasts of truth level and half-step legendary level.

The defense line of the human race was already in imminent danger. It was on the verge of collapse due to the long-range raid of those several hundred legendary level strange beasts.

These strange beasts of legendary level were extremely fast, and in a flash, one of them arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. Its eyes were blood-shot and its body was covered with eighteen legs. Just like lightning, it used its claw to grab Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate to respond, and immediately shot his palm.

"Bang!" The claw of that beast exploded in a flash, and turned to blood fog.

"Roar!" That strange beast screamed as blood started dripping out from the spot where its limb had turned into blood fog.

However, this strange beast didn't stop. It opened its big mouth to bite Ye Xiwen to death.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen snorted as his fist blasted forward and directly punched through its big mouth. The head of this strange beast exploded as it died on the spot.

It could be assumed that crashing into such group of strange beasts was equivalent to courting death for others. However, this was not the case for Ye Xiwen since his strength was simply too formidable.

It was impossible for these strange beasts to consume him… thanks to his 'gilded tyrant form' in coordination with his 'phoenix generation technique'.

(To be continued)

Tianyuan Mirror: Heavenly Source Mirror

Neihe: Also known as inner stone. It's an item that is similar to Neidan (inner core) which is found inside demon beasts.

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