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For the next two weeks, Ye Xiwen underwent closed-door training. He needed to consolidate his cultivation as he had just made the breakthrough into the half-step legendary's 'Small Complete realm'. He also needed some time to adapt so that he could thoroughly exhibit his newly gained strength.

This morning, the sunlight spread through the earth, tearing down the curtain of night. Ye Xiwen was ready to start his preparation for the upcoming trial.

He immediately got up to push open the gate of his small courtyard. At this time, Bai Jian Song, Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin were also ready.

Since the last two weeks, Ye Xiwen's relationship with them had sincerely improved. He was completely integrated into the Hidden Star Peak. The Hidden Star Peak didn't have many inhabitants. However, all of them were united. He really liked this kind of atmosphere. He didn't like a place where people fight and scheme against each other(1) all the time.

"Young Brother, you must strive for our Hidden Star Peak," Deng Shui Xin said, waving her small fist.

"Relax. The Sixth Brother is definitely better than both of you," said Bai Jian Song, looking towards Ye Xiwen.

He added, "Come on, let's go,"

Under Bai Jian Song's leadership, Ye Xiwen descended from the Hidden Star Peak. He arrived at a spacious and empty valley located nearby. At this time, the valley was densely packed with over a thousand of new disciples. This time, they were going to proceed towards the foreign territory.

They had gathered to go to the foreign territory. One- third of these disciples constituted the main forces of the 'Broken Moon Peak'. The 'Broken Moon Peak' was one of the Top 100 Inheritances. The rest of the new disciples belonged to various other inheritances.

Similarly, all other inheritances which were part of the Top 100 Inheritances had their own teams of new disciples. But, Ye Xiwen was without any companion. The 'Broken Moon Peak' had a mighty team of more than 300 people. This team gave off a completely different feeling in comparison to others.

If a person who entered True Martial University was a genius according to the Yi Yuan School's standard, then the people who entered the Top 100 Inheritances were elites among elites. In fact, these people were considered elites even according to the True Martial University's standard.

They were glowing with health and were full of pride.

Undoubtedly, the new disciples of other peaks were nothing in comparison to the new disciples of the 'Broken Moon Peak'.

As soon as everyone assembled, the elder of the 'Broken Moon Peak' opened the Transmission Array. He wanted to send these disciples to the foreign battlefield. Among all the nearby inheritances, only the 'Broken Moon Peak' had the Transmission Array for sending the disciples to the foreign battlefield.

In a blink of an eye, everyone was sent to the foreign battlefield. This territory had a vast starry sky gazing downwards. Although it was hard to see in this fuzzy environment, this continent looked huge in comparison to Zhen Wu Jie (2). It was vast to the extent that one's gaze could not reach its edge.

The foreign battlefield was like a huge continent. No one was aware of its length and breadth. It might have extended to hundreds of thousands of miles. The influential forces of Zhen Wu Jie had resisted the invasion of many foreign forces in this foreign battlefield.

Everyone had become aware that this was not the most intense battle front. If this was, then it would be impossible for the new disciples to survive.

Ye Xiwen looked as far as he could and noticed that it was a completely desolate land. The environment here was not a vacuum as he had imagined. On the contrary, it actually had a slight presence of the spirit energy (3). Although the environment here was quite harsh, it was not impossible to survive.

This spirit energy was very violent. When it blew against one's face, it seemed as if it was scrapping the face like a steel knife. In fact, some of the weaker new disciples had their meridians cut after absorbing this spirit energy.

Everyone was dumbstruck. This foreign battlefield was more dangerous than they had thought. The new disciples, who were considered treasures in other places, had no importance at all in True Martial University. They were feeling as worthless as a mustard plant.

The foreign battlefield lived up to its reputation.

The elder of the 'Broken Moon Peak' lightly said, "Well, this is the foreign battlefield. Although it is not the front line, there are many foreign beasts that live here. Our 'Broken Peak Moon' has a city nearby called the 'Broken Moon City'. You can temporarily take shelter there. In the future, you can move out of the city and kill those strange beasts. I believe that before you came here, your seniors must have told you that more the number of beasts you kill, the better result you will get. More resources will be inclined towards your inheritance. All of you are smart and great talents from different regions. You must understand that in order to strive forward, you must rely on your own hands to fight. If you want to succeed, you can only rely on yourself. There are secret heritages that were left behind by many sages here. Whether you can rise or not, that totally depends on you!"

Everyone got excited and stood up. They were able to stand here because all of them were outstanding talents. They didn't come from a supercilious generation. The many heritages which were left behind by the sages could help them in rising beyond their countless peers. Hence, everyone rolled up their sleeves and geared up for the battle.

The elder of the 'Broken Moon Peak' didn't say anything and led them towards the 'Broken Moon City'.

Although that city could accommodate one million people, at this time it appeared relatively empty.

After bringing everyone, the elder of the 'Broken Moon Peak' turned around and flew back.

The dim light of the night shrouded the earth. The spirit energy began to sweep across; a hundred times more violently than the daytime. In this situation, there was no chance for an average person to survive. Let alone an average person, it was difficult even for a truth level master to walk in this wilderness. Even the legendary or the half-step legendary's masters could be greatly affected by this.

From afar, the intermittent roars of strange beasts' reverberated. It was quite terrifying. These were not just the frantic roars of strange beasts, but also the furious roars of Yin spirits(4).

This foreign battlefield was the first battle front to resist the invasion of foreign forces. Only God knows how many powerhouses had fallen here; many of them had turned into Yin spirits. They were undead creatures who haunted this place. They were very dangerous.

If there were no such city, then it would have been impossible for these new disciples to survive in this foreign battlefield.

Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged in a room inside a small courtyard. The entire city was very big. At present, there were only over a thousand new disciples inside. So, it seemed that everyone could have their own small courtyard.

The spirit energy in the foreign battlefield was hundred times more violent than in Zhen Wu Jie.

Even if Ye Xiwen were to absorb this spirit energy with his 'gilded tyrant form', he would feel quite uncomfortable inside his meridians. Needless to say, the process of absorption would be very difficult for other people.

However, the advantage was also obvious. Here, the long-term practice could incessantly increase the strength of one's body little by little.

Nevertheless, this pain was nothing more than a tickle for Ye Xiwen.

The night in the foreign battlefield was very long and unendurable. The environment of this battlefield was quite harsh. Most of these God's cherished ones had clearly understood that in this foreign battlefield, they were extremely weak and vulnerable.

"If I will practice here, perhaps I will again have a breakthrough very soon!" Ye Xiwen said while looking towards the strange moonlight outside the window. He also heard the roaring sound of the tyrannical strange beasts.

At this time, Ye Mo appeared and said, "However, it is also very dangerous here. The strange beasts in this foreign territory are a huge threat, similar to any other place. These strange beasts are so tyrannical that they have stars as food to survive in this universe!"

Ye Xiwen nodded and left the room. He trod under the moonlight for a while, and then flew out of the city. Although the environment was quite intense, it was not a problem for his 'gilded tyrant form'.

Ye Xiwen flew over a hundred miles away from the city. But, suddenly he ran into trouble. Large quantities of Yin Feng (5) blew slantingly and condensed into evil spirits. They were probably the strange beasts that lived here. They could also be the worthy predecessors of True Martial University. The predecessors of True Martial University had died here and the remnants of their resentment had turned into evil spirits. The leader of those evil spirits suddenly let out a strange cry.

"Jie Jie, this is such an excellent human specimen! If we devour his energy and blood, then we can condense our own bodies. Then, we will be able to detach ourselves form this ghostly appearance!" (6)

Accompanied by baneful laughter, an evil spirit condensed its ghostly form. It looked like an ancient general, clad in the scaled armor. His spear was suppressing the sky itself. Unexpectedly, he turned out to be a master of half-step legendary's 'Small Complete realm'.

Behind him, many other evil spirits also condensed their forms. Their appearance seemingly changed to the likes of soldiers. The most inferior amongst them was a master of 'Complete Truth realm'. Whereas, there were many tyrannical ghosts of legendary realm as well.

"Jie Jie, hand over your body to me!" The evil spirit general laughed cruelly. He rushed towards Ye Xiwen, simultaneously thrusting his spear forward. Before arriving in front of Ye Xiwen, it seemed as if the spear had pierced the stars and cracked up the space.

These evil spirits would be considered inferior to Ye Xiwen, even before he had crossed the strange 'Heavenly Tribulation'. Unquestionably, dealing with them was nothing more than a piece of cake for him.

Ye Xiwen extended his big hand and grabbed the spear. Once it fell into his grip, the spear couldn't move.

"Bang!" The spear was crushed by Ye Xiwen, causing it to explode. The evil spirit general was also blown off by Ye Xiwen's fist attack.

The evil spirit general transformed into a group of energy, which was then absorbed by Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had used the Tianyuan mirror (7) to transform and absorb the energy.

As far as the evil spirit soldiers were concerned, they simply weren't Ye Xiwen's opponents. He immediately grabbed them with his big hand and pinched them to explode.

"This foreign battlefield is really very dangerous. Even these evil spirits aren't ordinary!"

(To be continued).

Idiom - Fight and Scheme against each other

Zhen Wu Jie: Also known as True Martial World is the name of the continent this story is based in.

Spirit Energy = Lingqi

Yin Spirit: The Yin part of this term signifies the negative principle of the Yin-Yang theory.

The raw for chill wind is 'Yin Feng' which can also mean 'evil wind'

JieJie: Evil laughter

Tianyuan Mirror: Heavenly Source Mirror

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