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The weapons finally crashed on Ye Xiwen's body and exploded. However, not much damage was caused. It looked as if his body was on fire as a puff of black smoke emitted from it.

Ye Xiwen not only looked fearless as he faced the 'Heavenly Tribulation', but also operated the newly formed 'Observing Person Scripture'. He absorbed the thunder and lightning weapons in a flash. This was the first time the absorbed energies had not been used in refining his 'gilded tyrant form'.

Rather, the entire energy had been absorbed into the chaotic universe inside Ye Xiwen's dantian. Immediately, lightning flashes burst inside his dantian. They seemed to resemble the creation scene of the universe. The original chaotic environment inside his dantian had transformed enormously. The space inside his dantian became even bigger due to the lightning.

Ye Xiwen was trying to make use of this 'tribulation thunder' to set up his own universe. At present, it could only be regarded as a dantian, and not really a universe. However, he firmly believed that sooner or later he would be able to set up his own.

Following the increase in the absorption of the 'tribulation thunder', the space within Ye Xiwen's dantian became even bigger. His 'Observing Person Scripture' also became better. The essence of the 'Observing Person Scripture' was to create a small universe within the human body. The power of the 'Heavenly Tribulation' accelerated this process.

"Crap! What is this strange practice method of using the 'tribulation thunder'?" Bai Jian Song was left dumbstruck as he watched Ye Xiwen absorbing the 'tribulation thunder'. This was no ordinary energy; it was the 'tribulation thunder' — the strongest and most violent positive energy in the world. Even if he could successfully absorb these energies, his meridians would be destroyed. It was both beneficial as well as harmful.

However, Ye Xiwen could actually absorb these energies because his body was tougher than anyone could've imagined.

"I can tell that he does not have a special physique. Could it be possible that he has practiced an outstanding power technique?" Bai Jian Song made obscure speculations. However, Ye Xiwen was a disciple of the Hidden Star Peak. The more powerful he became, the happier Bai Jian Song would be.

Crash! Bang! The rain of the 'tribulation thunder' became more condensed in the sky, but still they couldn't budge Ye Xiwen. Contrary to expectation, he became even more powerful by absorbing the energy in this 'tribulation thunder'.

In the sky, the lightning didn't condense to form weapons. Instead, it gave birth to terrifying demons. These beasts began to rush towards Ye Xiwen.




The sky emitted an earth-shaking sound as the golden shadows of the lightning demon beasts appeared midair.

One after another, these lightning beasts opened their mouths wide like sacrificial bowls,(1) and advanced towards Ye Xiwen. Their long-range raid began to shake the entire horizon.

Ye Xiwen maintained a dignified look. This time, the 'Heavenly Tribulation' had taken a qualitative leap and had become horribly powerful.

This 'Heavenly Tribulation' was to cross over to the half-step legendary's 'Small Complete Realm'. The half-step legendary realm had three major tribulations that one must cross - at the time of making the breakthrough into the 'Small Complete Realm', the 'Full Complete Realm', and the half-step sage realm.

If it had happened earlier, perhaps even Ye Xiwen wouldn't have been able to deal with this kind of a 'Heavenly Tribulation'. However, since he had already created the 'Observing Person Scripture' by then, his understanding of the different types of secret skills had improved.

Although the 'Bright Jade Technique' was fair and moderate, Ye Xiwen had still created different kinds of secret skills to use this technique in a better way. These skills came in quite handy. However, now that he had created the 'Observing Person Scripture', he was finally able to wield these skills freely since it was his own power technique.

Ye Xiwen immediately transformed into a stream of light since he was faced with an army of infinite lightning beasts. He then advanced towards them. It was hard to tell, but perhaps they were several thousand, ten thousand or even more in number. All of them had a ferocious look on their faces. The leader of the lightning beasts let out a roar which shook the heaven and the earth. It seemed as if he could to conquer the world.

The leader's imposing aura shook the sky, whereas the electric flashes made it difficult for the people to look at it.

The lightning beasts were greatly provoked when they saw that Ye Xiwen had not backed down and was rather rushing towards them. They roared over and over, and advanced to kill him.

In spite of their grotesque looks, the lightning beasts were still using fine martial arts. Moreover, their martial arts techniques were exquisite, and had an endless might.

Ye Xiwen roared loudly, and shot his palm forward. A big golden divine hand rose against the wind, and got increasingly bigger. It grabbed dozens of lightning beasts. The lightning beasts were crushed and transformed into the purest of the thunder energies; energies even purer than the ones contained in the raining weapons. These energies were entirely absorbed by Ye Xiwen. As a result, his dantian expanded a little more.

Along with the primal chaos, (2) the 'tribulation thunder' exploded again and again inside his dantian. This gave rise to a huge chemical reaction.

The transformation took place little by little.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate. He shot his fist and superbly displayed the 'Coiling Dragon Palm'. Although he hadn't deduced all its moves, he had already reached the peak of the ones he had.

Like a dense rain cloud, Ye Xiwen's palm shadow went forward and slapped the lightning beasts in quick succession and dispersed them everywhere. There simply was no way to hurt Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen slaughtered his way around the excessively outrageous army of the lightning beasts. All of them were at the half-step legendary's 'Small Complete realm'. In addition, some of them were the dreadful beasts of the half-step legendary sixth stage.

Although they were attacking Ye Xiwen with all their strength, they were unable to affront his 'gilded tyrant form'. Nothing could be done to hurt him. Even if some of the beasts of the half-step legendary sixth stage were able to injure him, his phoenix regeneration technique would immediately begin to heal his wounds.

Ye Xiwen's palm attack easily smashed several lightning beasts in a single blow, and then completely absorbed their energies. After that, his strength increased further.

The more he fought, the fiercer he became.

The scene could easily have frightened any witnessing outsider. For most people, the 'Heavenly Tribulation' was the biggest threat. The problem was the fact that it was very dangerous. Many people couldn't even cross an ordinary one, whereas this was a strange 'Heavenly Tribulation'. Such a strange 'Heavenly Tribulation' was very difficult to cross because all its lightning beasts were at the half-step legendary's 'Small Complete realm'. Those who wanted to cross the 'Heavenly Tribulation' of the 'Small Complete Realm' would have to face these lightning beasts, which was simply impossible.

Unquestionably, crushing the lightning beasts with such ease was unthinkable. Although he was at the half-step legendary fifth stage, his combat strength was enough to sweep away the beasts of the half-step legendary sixth stage. His strength was comparable to the combined might of hundreds of individuals of the half-step legendary's 'Small Complete realm'.

Only Ye Xiwen could cross this kind of a 'Heavenly Tribulation'.

The other two disciples on the Hidden Star Peak, namely Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin, ran over to watch. They couldn't possibly miss such a huge battle. Bai Jian Song had prevented the Soul Searches of the experts of other peaks from entering this one using a protective barrier. Even then, how could they not have noticed such a big event?

The entire Hidden Star Peak could feel the incomparable pressure of this terrifying 'Heavenly Tribulation'.

"This is a strange 'Heavenly Tribulation'. We definitely don't have any other person like him on our Hidden Star Peak!" exclaimed Deng Shui Xin, with her beautiful eyes wide open. She could not believe it because she was a simple-minded disciple.

"This world of evildoers (3) is too much to take. Ordinary people like us should not confuse our heads in a bid to apprehend it!" Yang Wen Jun couldn't believe it either. They hadn't seen such a genius crossing a 'Heavenly Tribulation'. They had seen people who had been called geniuses before, but their 'Heavenly Tribulation' had never been as strange as his.




Ye Xiwen didn't even know how many lightning beasts he had blown off. He was only absorbing their energies and was focusing on the task of setting up the primal chaos within his dantian.

As the 'Observing Person Scripture' was operating inside his body, his comprehension of the same was also rising step by step.

Ye Xiwen regained his calm after slaughtering numerous lightning beasts in the sky. Although the lightning beasts had suffered huge damages, they still didn't retreat. Instead, they advanced towards him with all their strength.

Bang! When the last lightning beast was smashed by Ye Xiwen's palm attack, the tribulation clouds began to slowly fade away.

As soon as the 'Heavenly Tribulation' ended, Ye Xiwen made the breakthrough and reached the half-step legendary's small complete realm.

Ye Xiwen then sat down cross-legged to examine the primal chaos inside his dantian. Finally, a small planet had formed, and had begun to revolve around the sun which was emitting endless rays of light.

Every rotation spurred incomparable terrifying power.

Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh of relief because he had finally entered the half-step legendary's small complete realm. His combat power had improved, and now it could sweep away even an expert of the half-step legendary seventh stage. In fact, he could even compete against the weak experts of the half-step legendary eighth stage.

The 'Heavenly Tribulation' for entering the half-step legendary's 'Small Complete realm' was one of the three tribulations which were the toughest to cross. Ye Xiwen compared this to the previous one, and started to feel that it simply couldn't be done. It was like distinguishing between cloud and mud.

Because he had created the 'Observing Person Scripture,' and had crossed this type of a 'Heavenly Tribulation', it could even be said that Ye Xiwen could easily cross 10-20 more such.

Now that he had conveniently grasped it, he could feel the tyrannical power flowing inside his body.

(To be continued)

Idiom - bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl

Primal Chaos: formless mass before creation in Chinese mythology

Evildoer: It is a term used to refer to peerless geniuses, who are very few in numbers and possess unimaginable powers that are hard to understand for ordinary experts.

An alternate term for this is 'monster'.

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