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Originally, Ye Xiwen's Dantian had been pitch-black. However, now it was radiating more sunshine than the sun itself and illuminating his entire Dantian. It seemed as if the rays of light had given birth to the primal chaos inside his Dantian.

If Ye Xiwen's Dantian had been a universe, then this sun would be the center of it. It would also be at the origin point of that universe.

The 'Observing Person Scripture' was Ye Xiwen's own creation '. The 'Observing Person Scripture' observed one's own human body as the supreme universe. (1)

For a long time now, a saying existed among the experts that the human body was like a small universe. However, nobody really tempered their body to form a small universe.

However, Ye Xiwen dared to do so at once. After comprehending the Hidden Star Scripture, he came up with a crazy idea to give frantic rise to his understanding of the entire universe. He thought of establishing a universe within his body by tempering his corporeal body, considering it a small universe. This really was a crazy idea.

However, when Ye Xiwen's deduction of the 'Observing Person Scripture' had been completed after an entire night, he finally detonated his Dantian. Just like the massive explosion during the Big Bang of the universe, a rift had been torn open in his Dantian along with the creation of a scorching sun.

The small universe within Ye Xiwen's body was actually the starting point. Later, along with the 'Observing Person Scripture', he would have a continuous improvement and unceasing breakthroughs. The small universe within his body would also become more and more perfect and transform into a galaxy, nebula, and universe and finally, it would evolve into a True Universe. The 'Observing Person Scripture' might also become a stunning ancient scripture later on.

However, the 'Observing Person Scripture' was still in its embryonic stage right now. Everything about it was still unknown. The theory of Ye Xiwen's body turning into a small universe and his own comprehension of the 'Hidden Star Scripture' had finally come together to form his own thing.

The 'Hidden Star Scripture' had many things which were worthy enough to be used as references by Ye Xiwen. In addition, the method of drawing power of 'the Heaven and Earth' to temper as well as refine one's own corporeal body was also worthy of being used as a reference. The power of these stars could also be accumulated for the nourishment of his 'gilded tyrant form'.

Although Ye Xiwen could not walk on this path, he could still use many of these things as a reference.

It could be said that Ye Xiwen had benefitted a lot this time. This was the first time he had fully confirmed the path he had to take. Although it had been quite difficult to determine this direction, he would certainly overcome all the obstacles to forge ahead.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and found Bai Jian Song looking at him, seeming pleasantly surprised. Bai Jian Song said, "Sixth Brother, you were comprehending the 'Hidden Star Scripture', weren't you?"

Ye Xiwen nodded, not trying to hide anything. His real secret was not the 'Hidden Star Scripture'; rather it was the 'Observing Person Scripture'. Although the 'Observing Person Scripture' had not been completed yet, he was confident that he would continue to improve it. The ancient sages had created earth shattering Ancient God's Scriptures in the past, and now he could too.

"Great! Now we have three people on the Hidden Star Peak who can comprehend the Hidden Star Scripture. That day is not far when the Hidden Star Scripture will be completely restored!" Bai Jian Song received Ye Xiwen's affirmative. He was pleasantly surprised. Earlier, from generation to generation, some people had managed to comprehend the Hidden Star Scripture little by little. They had amended it gradually, which had ultimately led to the prosperity of the Hidden Star Peak.

The Hidden Star Scripture was a great fundamental principle of the Hidden Star Peak. Because it had gone missing, the peak had been hanging at the end of the Top 100 Inheritances for such a long time. Now it was only known as a small inheritance with only a few disciples.

"I have already sent the message to inform Master and the Eldest Brother," Bai Jian Song said.

After hearing Bai Jian Song's explanation, Ye Xiwen came to know that the Hidden Star Peak's Master and the Eldest disciple had gone to the foreign battlefield, where their predecessors had been nearly wiped out in a war. They had hoped to find clues regarding the Hidden Star Scripture that those predecessors might have left behind. In fact, this step had also been taken by the Hidden Star Peak's Masters of the previous generations. However, there had been only a little progress so far.

"Sixth brother, by mutually verifying your version of the Hidden Star Scripture with ours, the restoration of the Hidden Star Scripture will advance quickly!" Bai Jian Song said.

Ye Xiwen saw that Bai Jian Song was wholeheartedly devoted towards the Hidden Star Peak. The smile on his face was not artificial, and Ye Xiwen immediately began to admire him in his heart.

"The Eldest Brother should be back after the completion of your 'Newcomer's Trial Big Competition'(3)!" Bai Jian Song said.

"Newcomer's Trial Big Competition?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Yes, that's right!" Bai Jian Song said seriously, "The 'Newcomer's Trial Big Competition' is very important for every peak because the performance of the new disciples decides the amount of resources every peak will get. The more brilliantly you perform, the more resources we will get!"

"Hehe, this time we have picked up a great deal at quite a cheap price. We will make good use of your innate talent, which is absolutely sufficient to place you among the top hundred disciples. If they don't have innate talent like yours, then it's their loss!" Bai Jian Song said, smiling mischievously.

"In fact, since only less than a month is left for the competition to start, you must also begin preparations. Also, beware of the young brats of the Law Enforcement Hall. They must be plotting against you!" Bai Jian Song said. "Judging by their disposition and how they seek revenge even for the slightest grievance, they will certainly come for you!"

"Understood," Ye Xiwen nodded. It was needless to say that if the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall tried to create trouble for him, he would also not stay silent.

"This 'Newcomer's Trial Big Competition' will take place in the foreign territory. The foreign territory is a place located outside the bounds of this world. The foreign territory has many foreign beings which are all rampant and many of them have tried to invade our Zhen Wu Jie (2). In the trials, you must eliminate the strange beasts that try to approach youm," Bai Jian Song said, and then added, "Certainly, there will be no extremely tyrannical beasts, or you will not be able to deal with them!"

"This time over a million new disciples will participate in the competition. Moreover, the disciples of the half-step legendary third stage or higher will also be present among them," Bai Jian Song said and then continued, "I have heard that this time many tyrannical youngsters with extraordinary physiques are participating as well. They are already at the half-step legendary eighth or ninth stage. These people are really monstrous and the university must focus on the training of such disciples."

Ye Xiwen was surprised when he heard this. It could be said that the experts of the half-stage legendary's eighth and ninth stage already possessed the peak strength of the legendary realm. These experts were considered to be a terrifying presence, and were strong enough to run amuck in the southern region.

Ye Xiwen had not expected to find such experts among his peers. He was really dumbstruck. Presently, he was at the half-stage legendry's fifth stage and his combat strength was comparable to the half-strength legendry's sixth stage.

The young generation was full of talented individuals in hiding, especially people with extraordinary physiques. Therefore, the emergence of these monstrous disciples (4) was not really an issue.

"Your innate talent is pretty good. I can already tell that you will have boundless future prospects. You shall never be treated as a stepping stone by these monstrous disciples (4)!" Bai Jian Song praised Ye Xiwen repeatedly.

Presently, the Hidden Star Peak's Master and the Eldest disciple were in the foreign territory and the Second Sister was undergoing closed door training. So, only Bai Jian Song could bear the responsibility of warning Ye Xiwen about these things.

Suddenly, a dignified look appeared in Ye Xiwen's eyes, and black clouds began to gather up in the distant sky.

Ye Xiwen was about to cross the Heavenly Tribulation!

"Crap! Do you really want to cross the Heavenly Tribulation?" Bai Jian Song saw the black clouds assembling in the distance. However, he didn't know how the Heavenly Tribulation had suddenly arrived for Ye Xiwen.

Yesterday, Ye Xiwen had showed no signs of facing the Heavenly Tribulation. This was the indication that he must have obtained enormous benefits from last night's comprehension.

No wonder he was about to face the Heavenly Tribulation and that too right after the end of his state of enlightenment.

Bai Jian Song sighed with emotion. Venturing into a deep state of enlightenment certainly had enormous benefits. Unfortunately, most people rarely got the chance to experience such a state of enlightenment in their entire lives.

Ye Xiwen stood up and was about to fly out of the campus of True Martial University. He didn't want to cross the Heavenly Tribulation here. However, Bai Jian Song stopped him and said, "You can stay here to cross the Heavenly Tribulation, as it doesn't matter. You don't have to worry about crossing the Heavenly Tribulation here inside True Martial University. You can cross it here on our Hidden Star Peak."

Ye Xiwen was convinced that he really wasn't in the Yi Yuan School anymore. In the Yi Yuan School, the entire school would get alarmed if one tried to cross the Heavenly Tribulation. However, it didn't matter at all in the True Martial University. There were over a million new disciples, and many more senior disciples. It could even be said that people kept crossing the Heavenly Tribulation almost all the time.

Ye Xiwen wanted to find a safe place because he was afraid to disturb other people. Although Bai Jian Song was here to lay out the protective barrier which would safeguard him, if the word went out about this then it would attract people's attention and might compromise his safety.

However, now he didn't have the time to think anymore, because the Heavenly Tribulation had already begun.

The Heavenly Tribulation began to pour don thunder and lightning weapons. Sword, spear, double-edged sword, halberd - a total of 18 kinds of thunder and lightning weapons condensed and rushed down towards Ye Xiwen. It appeared as if he was under a heavy rain of weapons, which finally crashed upon his body.




Bai Jian Song, who was beside Ye Xiwen, coldly snorted and laid out a protective barrier in a flash, thereby preventing the soul searches (5) of the other peaks from probing. Ye Xiwen's Heavenly Tribulation made him gasp in amazement. This was a strange Heavenly Tribulation. It was not like an ordinary Heavenly Tribulation, and was quite terrifying. It could be said that an average person wouldn't be able to survive this tribulation, and wouldn't even dare to think about crossing it.

(To be continued)


One must observe one's own body in order to observe the universe. Hence the name of the principle is 'Observing Person Scripture'.

Zhen Wu Jie a.k.a 'True Martial World' is the name of the world in which this novel's story is based.

Newcomer's Trial Big Competition: This is a trial as well as a competition. It's a trial because new disciples have to face foreign beings and survive. It's a competition because the winners will take back rewards to their peaks.

Literal translation for these monster disciples would be 'evildoers'

Soul search or 'soul perception' or 'soul idea' is a method like soul sensing. Experts can use soul search technique to sense a variety of things from afar. They can sense each other, or they can converse with each other using this technique.

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