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"We can't be sure. After all, this is the True Martial University, and not the influence of some secluded regional territory. These geniuses aren't worth mentioning around here even if they used to be famous earlier!"

"Hehe, these new disciples look lively to me!"

"Well, they must hurry up and go inside quickly. Tomorrow will be the last day for this term's enrollment for new disciples!"

Ye Xiwen directly entered the city. The Ying Xin City was the only city to welcome the new disciples. No one knew the exact age of this city, or how much it had expanded over the time. It was large enough to accommodate 2-3 million people easily; at any particular time.

However, at present, the warriors were arriving one-after-another from various ancient roads to join the university. They added up to no less than hundreds-of-thousands of people; plus those who had been selected earlier. All these added up to a total of over-a-million people. In addition, there were a lot of senior disciples who lived here all-year-round. On the whole, the Ying Xin City looked somewhat crowded.

Ye Xiwen looked for a guest house to stop over. In the city, all such inns were basically owned by some old disciples. They used truth-level outer disciples as waiters and attendants in the inn. Most of these truth level disciples were usually at fifth or sixth stage. These disciples were the descendants of older disciples, who couldn't help, but married inside the True Martial University. After several generations, these descendants wandered about destitute; they were basically stranded outside. In the end, they ended up becoming 'Recorded Name' disciples of True Martial University. In reality, the general population inside the True Martial University was no different.

Ye Xiwen had originally intended on finding Qi Feifan and the other fellow disciples from Yi Yuan School. However, he later heard that they had already chosen an inheritance, and had left for different places one year after their arrival in the university.

Nowadays, a number of books on general knowledge of True Martial University were being sold everywhere inside the city.

Naturally, Ye Xiwen also bought a book, and finally developed an understanding of the entire foundation of True Martial University after reading it.

There was an endless stretch of sierra in the center of the True Martial University. Magnificent mountain peaks continuously rose one-after-another. No one knew how many mountains had come together to form this mountain range. Every mountain had a mountain peak, and each peak represented an inheritance. After all said and done, no one knew how many inheritances actually existed in the university. In fact, no one really knew when this university was established. However, there had always been people who would step-up to represent a peak's inheritance ever-after its establishment.

A majority of people could choose different inheritances according to their preferences in the beginning itself; apart from a few exceptions. Naturally, different inheritances had different strength level requirements.

The mere names of the strong inheritances could make people's scalps go numbs. However, fortunately everyone was a successful martial arts practitioner. Hence, one could figure out the exact strength level of an inheritance with just a sweep of soul search. And based on the assessment, one could make a choice.

There were huge differences between each of the natural heritages associated with these various inheritances.

Each of these inheritances had their individual secret heritage. Not to mention that there were large difference between these secret heritages.

Some of these inheritances were very strong, while others were inferior. That is because some inheritances had been left behind by the powerhouses of past generations. …some of them had been left behind by Sage level powerhouses; such inheritances were considered the weakest. In fact, more than 70% of inheritances were of this kind. In addition, a part of these inheritances had been left behind by Great Sage level powerhouses. Such inheritances were considered relatively stronger than the others.

However, the genuinely strong inheritances were the ones which had been left-behind by the powerhouses who were even above the Great Sage level. These inheritances naturally had countless people rushing in to join; almost as if these disciples were on a wild goose chase.

However, the strongest among all the inheritances were the so-called 'Top 100 Inheritances'. That's because they were set up at the time of the University's establishment. No one knew how many powerhouses had emerged from these 'Top 100 Inheritances' over the last innumerable years. Hence, only they could be considered as the strongest of inheritances.

Over the past years, more than 70% of the powerhouses had emerged from these 'Top 100 Inheritances'.

However, these Top 100 Inheritances were also the ones that every disciple yearned for. These Top 100 Inheritances were surely very powerful, but their selection criterion was quite stringent as well. Unless a truth level disciple did not fall in the category of peerless monstrous geniuses… they simply weren't allowed to join any of the Top 100 Inheritances.

The minimum requirement was half-step legendary realm; that too after properly checking the talent of the disciple. An ordinary disciple was expected to at least have the cultivation of half-step legendary's third or fourth stage in order to enter these inheritances. In fact, some of the tyrannical inheritances in the group of Top 100 Inheritances only accepted disciples of half-step legendary's sixth stage or higher.

Disciples of Half-step legendary fifth stage or higher, and under the age of 50 were small in numbers. However, disciples of this level above the age of 50 were not small in numbers. In fact, every 3 out of 4 adults were at this level.

Ye Xiwen looked for a window seat to settle down inside the liveliest hall of the inn. He stared blankly towards the distant street, and was soon lost in his own thoughts.

"The martial heritage of True Martial University is really profound. It's simply far beyond my imagination. Comparing it with Yi Yuan School… is simply like distinguishing between cloud and mud!" Ye Xiwen couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

Even the pedestrians on the streets were experts of truth realm or higher. Naturally, the experts of Xiantian realm and Houtian realm were not allowed to pass through the city's gate.

The name-and-fame of these geniuses didn't hold any value here. They were nothing more than a joke. Everything needed to be started from the scratch after arriving here. One needed to put both the hands at work, and strive to become successful again.

Originally, Ye Xiwen had thought that the first thing he would do after arriving at the True Martial University — was to find Qi Feifan and the other from his school. Now, it seemed as if it was similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Moreover, they had already chosen their favorite inheritances, and had dispersed to their respective places. Therefore, finding them was easier said than done.

And so he must wait till later to nurture himself, and make personal contacts to find their whereabouts. Although the True Martial University was an educational institution… but it was more like a small country in reality.

In fact, Ye Xiwen was quite glad that he chose to come to True Martial University. Otherwise, he would have been similar to a frog at the bottom of the well, thinking that the world was only as big as its well.

"Well, you wouldn't have found the means to gain such experiences for a lifetime if you had continued to stay in the southeast region!" Ye Mo said with a nod.

"These two days… the last group of new disciples has also arrived!"

"Did you all see what happened yesterday? That person called Ye Xiwen broke his way into the city through the main gate. His has cultivated deeply!"

"He at least has the cultivation of a half-step legendary's Small Complete Realm(1). He will probably become a core disciple after joining in!"

"Yes! If he goes to some small inheritance… he will be treated as a True disciple(2) who has come to train!"

"Yes! Those of us who are nothing but the disciples of Complete Truth realm(3)… we would be treated as outer disciples; even if we were to join a small inheritance!"

"That is not bad you know. We have the advantage since our age is not over 50 years yet. Otherwise, the truth level disciples can only exist as 'Registered Name' disciples. Not to mention that Registered Name disciples are equivalent to servants in the university!"

"But we would still have an illustrious reputation outside… even if we are considered as servants in True Martial University. Even the ordinary experts of legendary realm wouldn't dare to gesticulate while talking to us!"

Having the age of less than 50 years and still being able to reach Complete Truth realm… if these experts would be considered extraordinary if they were in the ten countries of southeast region. However, here, they could only be reduced to the rank of 'Registered Name' disciples, and yet they still were secretly delighted.

Ye Xiwen secretly pondered that even these so-called geniuses did not mention their qualifications in this top university of the southern region. In fact, only a few people dared to refer to themselves as geniuses. In reality, they all had become ordinary people.

"This time's fiercest and most powerful new disciples are those few ones with special physique. However, this is also very rare!"

"What do you mean by special physique? How come I never heard of that?"

"These extraordinary physiques are very rare; almost very difficult to find. Even I don't know exactly… but some new disciples with special fierce physiques have arrived sweeping all the way from the ancient road. They are completely unstoppable, and there are rumors that they will be chosen as True disciples… or even pro-disciples in the university!"

"Are you talking about that guy with the Titan's body? I was present on the scene, and saw him with my own eyes. The city gate had collapsed upon nothing more than just a strike of his palm, while those puppets had been smashed to pieces. He had made a complete mess to pass through the gate!"

"In addition, that one with phoenix body had used a sea of fire to burn those wooden puppets, which couldn't even resist, and were directly reduced to ashes!"

"So fierce! Good gracious, we have so many ferocious characters joining the university… how we will mix them. I just wanted to come to True Martial University to flex my muscles. And here I am, almost reduced to the rank of a mere odd-jobs disciple. The comparison between us and them is simply like distinguishing between mud and cloud!"

"There is nothing to be discouraged about. Although those people with extraordinary physiques are ferocious… they are very few in numbers. The majority of new disciples are ordinary experts. In the past few days, the masters who have arrived are all ordinary masters, and they have run amuck throughout their journey. These ordinary experts are also not inferior to those people!"

"What are these special physiques? Do you know about them?" Ye Xiwen asked Ye Mo in a low voice.

Ye Xiwen showed a bit of interest toward those people with extraordinary physiques. Were these extraordinary physiques really so ferocious?

"I certainly do know about it. In common terms, it can be described as mutation. Every race has a certain mutation, and it is actually quite common. For example, some people are innately stronger than others since the day they are born. But, this kind of mutation has small scope. On the other hand, the mutation of those extraordinary physiques is substantial, and on a deeper level!" Ye Mo further explained, "For example, those with the mutation of a titan's body, or our Devil World's famous Great Asura Body and so on. However, these people are often quite ferocious in nature!

"The so-called martial practice generally depends on two innate factors; first is 'natural talent' and the second factor is 'intelligence'. A person who isn't intelligent cannot possibly comprehend anything. This is the general definition of a genius. The talent is deep-rooted in the very bones of these geniuses. Some people can naturally bridge their hundred arteries, and directly pass from the Houtian realm to the Xiantian realm. Some people can naturally practice fire attribute power technique law at a very fast speed. From this comparison, one can see that the former type is very common, but the latter type is quite rare. And those with special physiques belong to the latter. However, if someone belongs to both the types… then that will be truly terrifying! Then they might become strong by unimaginable proportions; going far beyond common people's imagination!"

(To be continued)


Small Complete Realm: This is a level that lies between Fifth Stage and Six Stage. It basically means that the expert is halfway through the realm.

True disciple = It's just a rank within the university. It has nothing to do with the cultivation level of Truth realm.

Outer disciples

Complete Truth Realm: This is a cultivation level that lies between Truth Ninth peak and half-step legendary realm.

Truth Ninth Stage

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