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Ye Xiwen's blank expression turned ice-cold. The killing intent could be seen in his eyes. Yan Wu Fang had crossed all the limits by threatening Ye Xiwen's family. This was something he simply could not tolerate.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen invoked the Hanshan seal(1), and summoned a huge mountain which fell from the sky. There was scope for Yan Wu Fang to resist the attack. 'Bang!' All the bones within his body appeared to have been completely smashed by this attack.

"How is this possible? Yan Wu Fang had no power to fight back? Who in the world is this Ye Xiwen?"

"Looks like a tenacious fellow who very much wants to join the government office."

"These new disciples are quite fierce. They are not willing to bear even the slightest bit of grievances when they feel wronged. Their determination is higher than the sky. They are rebellious, and certainly cannot be tamed easily!"

"Hehe, this is not just about feeling wronged. If I were to come across this matter, then I would have also wanted to get hold of that Yan Wu Fang; I too would've wanted to slaughter him. However, I wouldn't dare to such a thing right before the main gate of Ying Xin City. It can be said that Ye Xiwen's courage knows no bounds!"

"Such assassination attempts happen every time the new disciples arrive; but the tables were turned this time. Those assassins died miserable deaths at the hands of their target. Well, all I can say is — only the elites-among-the-elites are able to survive till the end!"

"Ye Xiwen, you'll regret if you kill me!" Yan Wu Fang shouted as he stared coldly at Ye Xiwen. There was actually a hint of panic in his eyes since he hadn't expected for things to turn out this way. His ego had been shattered by Ye Xiwen. Moreover, he no longer had the strength to fight back. Yang Wu Fang had joined the university about a century ago, but the disparity between their strength levels was already quite huge. Not to mention, this gap was only going to widen in the future; until there would be no scope for comparison whatsoever.

Such a person could become a huge threat to him once grown-up. Yan Wu Fang's gaze somewhat flickered, and it seemed as if some schemes and tricks were revolving through his mind.

Ye Xiwen looked coldly at him. He did not know what Yan Wu Fang was secretly planning, but he knew that Yan Wu Fang was up to no good. With an awe-inspiring killing intention, Ye Xiwen said, "It's too bad that you won't be around to see me regret!"

Ye Xiwen's killing intention surged up in a flash. At this time, Yan Wu Fang was worried since he had finally recalled that Ye Xiwen was a killing machine. His fellow law enforcement disciples had already been slaughtered by Ye Xiwen. It also seemed as if Ye Xiwen had already given up on the idea of entering True Martial University; then why would he hesitate from killing one more…?

Law Enforcement Hall's disciples were usually very arrogant and domineering in nature. In fact, they didn't even get along well with the other disciples. It was no wonder that — even when the other disciples were aware that Yan Wu Tian as in danger, they didn't come down from above-the-city-wall to save him.

"Ye Xiwen; Ye Xiwen… stop. Please let me go. I promise I will never come back to trouble you again. I will also give you big rewards and benefits!" At this time, Yan Wu Fang was finally afraid.

"Do you really think that I will let you go?!" Ye Xiwen said lightly as his big golden hand flourished forward. He then grabbed Yan Wu Fang's neck, "Go to hell, and regret your decision there!"

"Stop!" At this time, an old-and-hoarse voice sounded-out from the middle of Ying Xin City. An old figure suddenly came out from the void. He had wrinkles on his face, and was dressed in black clothes.

"It's the City Lord!"

"How come the City Lord himself has moved into action?"

"This incident has made a huge noise, and even the Ying Xin City's Lord has been informed about it. I didn't expect that the mysterious City Lord would arrive at the scene himself. He must have realized that this matter would go out of control."

Ye Xiwen, regardless of the present situation, immediately shot his palm towards Yan Wu Fang, and killed him; as if he simply hadn't heard the words of Ying Xin City's Lord.

"Ha!" The Old City Lord sighed, "You are too reckless!"

Ye Xiwen seemed wary of that old City Lord, and asked, "Don't tell that you are here to intercede in his favor?"

The Old City Lord shook his head and said, "He is not worthy of my arbitration. However, it is such a pity; because you were such a fine young successor!"

The Old City Lord had a look of pity on his face.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt relieved after hearing that this Old City Lord, who had an unfathomable cultivation, was not here for backing Yan Wu Fang. Since this old man was extremely terrifying, Ye Xiwen had no choice but to maintain utmost vigilance.

"You possess a magnificent spirit. But you are way too reckless!" The Old City Lord said, "Sometimes, it is not a bad thing to exercise forbearance, and take a step back!"

"You also saw the situation clearly; didn't you? I was willing to step back, but they had put a sword to my neck. I would have died, had I not fought back!" Ye Xiwen said.

"However, there is no doubt that you will offend groups of people in the university if you continue to carry such attitude; especially the people of Law Enforcement Hall!"

The Old Man's words had left many disciples dumbstruck since they were concerned about this matter. It could be seen the he and Ye Xiwen had never met before, but he still said such words of praise for Ye Xiwen. This indicated that the Old City Lord was very optimistic about Ye Xiwen's future. That must be the reason why he was having such a deep conversation with a stranger like Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen felt somewhat grateful in his heart. Who would go out of their way to praise a stranger? This also made Ye Xiwen to put down his hostility.

"If True Martial University is all about such stuff… I would just leave as early as possible since I haven't yet joined it!" Ye Xiwen said indifferently. He seemed quite tough and aloof in his stance.

"Ah! Forget about it. I am not handling this matter anyway; but sooner or later, the people of Law Enforcement Hall will come looking for you!" The old man saw Ye Xiwen as a lofty and unyielding character. He didn't say much since he knew that Ye Xiwen's anger was not directed at him.

"Thank you for warning me, Sir!" Ye Xiwen said as he cupped his hands in obeisance.

"Good, but you must keep-in-mind that you cannot dispose of someone inside Ying Xin City. Otherwise, you will be punished according to the government's rules!" The old man said indifferently.

"It's a given. But what if it was in self-defense?" Ye Xiwen asked since he was not usually the one to provoke others. He had certainly killed many masters on the way; but mostly in self-defense. He rarely took the initiative to stir up trouble.

"That will naturally have nothing to do with you!" said the Old City Lord, "Whoever stirs up the trouble shall be held responsible for it!"

"Thanks a lot for reminding me, Sir!" Ye Xiwen said as he cupped his hands in obeisance again.

"You must keep on striving, okay? Your innate talented is extraordinary. Your future prospects will certainly be boundless if you manage to walk till the very end of the way-of-martial-arts!" The Old City Lord finished speaking. Then, his figure immediately disappeared in the void. This wasn't just fast speed, but genuine flash-step.

Ye Xiwen hadn't even stepped inside the Ying Xin City, but had still attracted the attention of so many people. Not to mention that he had also stirred up the entire crowd of new disciples.

He had dared to kill the law enforcement disciples at the main gate. Although the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall were wrongful in their approach, but Ye Xiwen's actions were still overly courageous.

Ye Xiwen hadn't yet entered the city, but his fame had already spread throughout it. The disciples who had been patrolling above the city wall had already spread the news throughout the city.

Moreover, the news also contained information about Ye Xiwen being praised by the mysterious City Lord, for having boundless future prospects.

Ye Xiwen's reputation had suddenly risen up.

"Ye Xiwen, go break through the array!" Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen nodded. After passing through this matter, he had become famous in the entire city, and had also attracted the attention of a lot of masters. Naturally, keeping a low-profile had no significance anymore.

Ye Xiwen moved towards the city gate, and those new disciples also followed after him; one after another. At this time, they didn't have any other choice except going inside along with Ye Xiwen. They obviously didn't wish to wait until the next day.

As soon as Ye Xiwen entered through the gate, the entire scene around him suddenly changed. It seemed as if everything between the heaven and earth had disappeared.

Ye Xiwen realized that he had stepped into an array.

"Whoosh!" A puppet suddenly appeared before Ye Xiwen. Although it had a simply structure, it was exuding a terrifying aura towards him. It unexpectedly started to use proper fist technique to fire punches at him. Each of its punches was arousing the Spiritqi(2), and directing it towards Ye Xiwen.

This puppet had the strength of half-step legendary fifth stage!

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen attacked with his palm, and a sound similar to a dragon's howl reverberated. Finally, his palm pounded on that puppet's wooden body.

Ye Xiwen suddenly found-out that he was unable to crush that puppet into powder like he had initially expected; its body was merely broken into pieces. This puppet's toughness had gone far beyond his imagination.

"These puppets are made of special wood. They are even harder than the ordinary metal and stone!" Ye Mo said.

The martial heritage of True Martial University was simply hard to imagine. They had actually used this level of treasure as stepping stones to test the strength of its disciples. There was always a way for two or three individuals to be able to cross over to the other side. However, it was hard to imagine how many of these puppets had been prepared for testing the strength of so many disciples who had walked on the ancient road before.

"I see!" Ye Xiwen nodded. It was truly so, but he wasn't slow in changing his tactics either. He immediately covered his hands with golden divinities, and then shot his palm towards a wooden puppet.

"Bang!" That puppet was instantly destroyed by Ye Xiwen.

It would take time to explain the scene, but-in-fact, Ye Xiwen was moving extremely fast. None of the puppets who had jumped-out in front of Ye Xiwen were any closer to being his opponents. He was emitting waves of golden divinities which were simply like an irresistible force sweeping away all those puppets. Regardless of their numbers, these puppets could not do anything to stop Ye Xiwen, and were smashed into pieces by him.


Ye Xiwen lowered the emission of golden waves when he finally smashed the last puppet, and finally entered the city.

"Is that Ye Xiwen? He sure is eager to be first, ah. Those puppets of half-step legendary fifth stage simply didn't have the strength to fight back... His body is also very strong; strong enough to tear even gold and iron into pieces with bare hands. I have never come across such tyrannical body before. Other people have also passed this barrier before. But they've had to rely on various technique and magical powers to dash through the array, before crossing over to the other side. Ye Xiwen is the only one who was able to sweep away those puppets with his bare hands!"

"Such a strong and capable disciple has arrived in this group of youngsters! Perhaps it is really going to be very lively around here now!"

"They are all quite strong and capable. But I must say that there are a few people with special physical constitution. I heard there's a guy who has a Titan's body… but I really cannot say if the toughness of his body can be compared with Ye Xiwen's!'

(To be continued)


1. Hanshan Seal: Also referred to as 'Shaking Mountain Seal'. Ye Xiwen had obtained this secret heritage from the tomb keeper. Whenever this seal is invoked, a huge mountain made up purely of energy appears in the sky. Then at Ye Xiwen's command, this mountain falls down upon its target.

2. Spiritqi: Also referred to as 'Lingqi' is actually the spirit energy present in the atmosphere.

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