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Ye Xiwen's words had aroused a sense of urgency in everybody!

Indeed, these people were considered the finest of geniuses in their respective regions. Their cultivation level was sufficient to run amuck their natives. However, True Martial University was the best institution of the Southern region. Over here, they would find their cultivation levels lying at the bottom. They would get to join the University… but only as inner disciples, outer disciples, and so on. (1)

As a result, it would be impossible for the new disciples to be domineering from the beginning. Anyway, these outstanding geniuses weren't stupid. They were smart enough to know the facts. Such as — one could only turn to rules for protection if one's strength was weaker.

However, they would find themselves in a pickle if someone were to intentionally trample these rules. This would only mean that the formidable senior disciples could intentionally look for reasons, and could kill their weaker junior disciples. Then, who would ensure their safety?

Ye Xiwen had as many enemies as hair on an ox; simply too many to count. However, the other new disciples had their fair-share of foes. Everyone had killed and offended many people on their way to True Martial University. Of course, none of them had kept a count of enemies they might have made in the process.

This matter wasn't just Ye Xiwen's personal concern, for it was related to their safety as well. They would most likely be killed sooner or later if they couldn't abolish this rule. Hence, if they didn't come to his aid now, then who would support them later?

Everyone understood the importance of the interdependence between two neighboring states when facing a common enemy.

In just a matter of few breaths, everyone had decided to stand together with Ye Xiwen. As a result, the public sentiment soon swayed in his favor.

"That's right; we demand an explanation! What kind of a rule is this? Which government sets up an absurd rule that allows powerful seniors to attack its new disciples whenever they feel like? If that is the case, then we aren't some ordinary individuals either! You can't weed us out whenever you want."

"Right! We want an explanation; or there will inevitably come a day when no one will know how we died!"

"We won't let it pass that easily. We will not let-go of this matter until we get an explanation!"

The uproar at the city's gate attracted the attention of the disciples who were presently patrolling above the city's wall.

They all gazed at the commotion; one after another.

"Isn't that Yan Wu Fang? What's he doing down there with the newcomers?"

"I don't know, but it seems like he has gained perks from someone in return for making things difficult for Ye Xiwen!"

"Hehe, this is going to be fun. Didn't you see earlier how Ye Xiwen was intending to break through the barrier? He is definitely not a merciful guy. This is certainly going to be very interesting, ha ha ha!"

"Indeed, most of these newcomers are rebellious; let alone Ye Xiwen. …I guess we've all heard of his outstanding performance on the ancient road. Gee, he is not the type to stay idle and take the beating. Plus, these law enforcement disciples are the most rude and unreasonable bunch. It seems that the clash between these two groups is certainly going to be entertaining!"

The law enforcement disciples' faces turned ugly after the public sentiment shifted against them — head-disciple Yan Wu Fang's being the worst. Initially, they had thought that it would be very easy to find a reason which could allow them to butcher Ye Xiwen. However, they hadn't imagined that Ye Xiwen would instigate a feeling of dissatisfaction within this crowd of new disciples. As the matter had developed, Ye Xiwen had been able to gain the public sentiment in his favor using just a few words.

"You've got a sharp tongue Ye Xiwen. We are not here for the others. We just want 'you' to accompany us to the Law Enforcement Hall so you can receive a punishment for injuring a fellow disciple at the main gate of Ying Xin City." Yan Wu Fang tightly clenched his teeth, while his razor-sharp gaze was directed towards Ye Xiwen. He was furious because Ye Xiwen had compelled him to give an explanation.

However, his excuse was far from convincing for the new disciples. They were not speaking-up for Ye Xiwen; but for ensuring their own safety in the future. Were their lives really so worthless that anyone could kill them on a whim?

This explanation did not silence them; on the contrary, it made several of them angrier.

"Ye Xiwen, first you committed a heinous crime by injuring a disciple of the sect you're about to join. And now you're actually daring to resist the arrest?! You are truly reprehensible!" Yan Wu Fang spoke in a cold voice as his complexion paled. He was attentively watching Ye Xiwen.

"Don't you consider attempting to kill a new disciple a heinous crime? Is that the way Law Enforcement Hall operates around here?" Ye Xiwen sneered and asked.

"Shut up! Don't you dare think you can willfully slander the name of Law Enforcement Hall; got it? Be prepared to die today!" Those law enforcement hall disciples couldn't help it, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him. They joined hands, and called forth 'the net of justice'. It seemed as if this net was blotting out the sky — covering the earth. In fact, it seemed as if the entire world had been brought under one umbrella. So long as someone was entrapped in this net… making an escape was impossible. This was an important device used by the Law Enforcement Hall to capture the disciples who had committed crimes. This unusual divine tool was called ''Dragnet'. (2)

Ye Xiwen snorted coldly. His hands emitted golden rays of light as he advanced towards that inescapable net.

"Bang!" The dragnet was grabbed by Ye Xiwen.

A burst of divine arrays appeared inside the net, and began exploding one after another. However, Ye Xiwen remained unscathed since these explosions only triggered ripples on his golden body.

"Rip!" a massive sound of something being torn reverberated as Ye Xiwen ripped the dragnet was apart.

Ye Xiwen's body was extremely overbearing; to the extent that the dragnet had been simply torn apart by his bare hands.

Everyone was incomparably shocked! …especially those law enforcement disciples. The dragnet had never failed to capture its target; let alone getting ripped apart with bare hands. This Ye Xiwen was way too fierce!

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen snorted coldly. A surge of golden energy rushed out of his golden body, and transformed into ten thousand Swordqi. It then directly slaughtered those law enforcement disciples in one swoop. They screamed pitifully before transforming into blood fog.

"You dare to kill the Law Enforcement Hall's disciples?!" Yan Wu Fang was already enraged to the peak. He had never thought that such a situation could arise since he was confident of killing Ye Xiwen. However, the outcome had been the complete reverse. These disciples would never have thought they would get killed instead; that too before laying a single finger on Ye Xiwen.

Yan Wu Fang had been under the impression that they would murder Ye Xiwen without any problems, and no one would find out about it since the dead cannot testify. Also, who would bother to speak-up for a dead man? However, he never expected that Ye Xiwen would turn out to be so ruthless.

Yan Wu Fang released the terrifying energy of half-step legendary sixth stage. This energy soon spread in all directions.

"Ye Xiwen, do you realize what you have done today? Let me arrest you without a fight; I might still leave your corpse intact, and may even not implicate your family!" Yan Wu Fang announced.

"So you're thinking of implicating my family as well, ah?" A murderous intent could be seen exploding in Ye Xiwen's eyes. It soon spread out in the surroundings. Anyone who could contemplate such a thing… would be inviting the wrath of the Emperor.

This matter had already made him extremely angry. It was obvious that the opposing party had specifically showed up to get rid of him; in fact, they were even willing to go as far as involving his family. As it stood, Yan Wu Fang had effectively attempted to blackmail Ye Xiwen into subjugation. However, it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to capitulate without a fight.

"Well, well, well, aren't you a splendid law enforcement disciple!" Ye Xiwen laughed. He hadn't expected Yan Wu Fang to be so arrogant.

"Humph!" Yan Wu Fang sneered. He didn't say anything, and directly swept out a terrifying Sword-light. It seemed like a silver chain as it instantly advanced towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen roared, while his hands began to radiate waves of golden light. These waves condensed to form a terrifying beam of divine energy. Immediately after that, the incoming Sword-light was torn to shreds by Ye Xiwen's divine beam.

"Ye Xiwen, today you have dared to go against the law! You've also killed the disciples of Law Enforcement hall! No one can save you now. You can give up on the idea of joining the True Martial University since you're about to die!" Yan Wu Fang shouted.

"I probably won't get myself enrolled if the True Martial University shelters a generation of snakes, insects, rats, and ants like you-and-your-buddies!" Ye Xiwen sneered and replied. He was likely to depart in case the True Martial University decided against giving them a formal explanation. There were more than just one-or-two enemies lurking in the university; simply waiting for his arrival. Hence, he obviously wouldn't join unless his safety was guaranteed since it would tantamount to throwing his life away.

"Humph!" Yan Wu Fang's expression turned even uglier after being insulted like that. A formidable aura swept out of his body, and spread into the surroundings. It seemed as if it would engulf everything. Being a law enforcement disciple, Yan Wu Fang was certainly strong. An unusual terror swept out of his body as he rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

Yan Wu Fang went all out, and issued a magnificent Sword-light. Suddenly, it seemed as if the entire sky had been beset with stars. His body emitted countless rays of starlight, which instantly blotted out the sky as they aggressively lunged towards Ye Xiwen.




It could be said that Ye Xiwen's palm strength was simply infinite. The golden divinities boiled within Yi Xiwen's body as those star lights were directly slapped-to-smithereens by his palm. The attacks from both sides were equally terrifying. If this battle had taken place elsewhere, the surrounding space would have exploded and broken into pieces. However, Ye Xiwen could feel that this expanse had been solidified to an unprecedented extent. So much so, that even a battle between two legendary level experts couldn't break it.

Even so, the aftermath of their clashes caused to air to vaporize. One could imagine the unconquerable terror of witnessing this battle up-close.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched this battle — the new and senior disciples alike. They hadn't anticipated that this battle would get this far; they were finding it difficult to believe this.

Moreover, something happened, which left them panic-stricken — it hadn't taken long for Ye Xiwen to gain the upper-hand. Ye Xiwen had thoroughly suppressed Yan Wu Fang's sword attack. So much so, that the incoming Sword-light had been rendered ineffective about 10 feet away from his body. In fact, it wasn't even able explode as a result of the suppression. Everyone could see that Ye Xiwen had already attained a huge advantage in the fight.

Yan Wu Fang was them smacked around by Ye Xiwen… several times. He spat a mouthful of blood, while his complexion turned deathly pale.

(To be continued)

Outer disciple

'Dragnet' or 'inescapable net' is a system of coordinated measures for apprehending (criminals or other individuals)

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