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"Who is being so vicious? Ye Xiwen, escape quickly or this attack will kill you!" Ye Mo shouted promptly.

Ye Xiwen snorted as a cold look appeared on his face. His hands emitted rays of golden light, and tore apart that 'Heavenly Sword Qi'.

"Who is this coward that attacks me from the shadows?" Ye Xiwen asked coldly, while his gaze was tightly fixed above the city wall.

Above the city wall, stood several disciples with the True Martial University's emblem embroidered on their chests. They were releasing a murderous aura while looking towards Ye Xiwen, with rays of cold light flashing in their eyes.

"It was me, do you have any complaints?" Those disciples directly flew down from the top of the city wall. They were headed by a young man clad in a cyan robe. He looked very calm and confident, and had fairly handsome facial features. There was a divine look in his eyes. His oblique eyebrows stretched all the way to his temples, making him appear rather majestic.

"Do you want to die?" Ye Xiwen retorted coldly. Just then, a murderous aura suddenly surged towards him. Judging from that murderous aura, he could tell that the Heavenly Sword Qi from a moment ago wasn't just a warning shot; instead, this one was shot with the intention to kill him.

"Ye Xiwen, you really are like the way rumors portray you - arrogant and despotic. Do you think that this place is some countryside like your southeastern region? You dare to threaten us Law Enforcement Hall's disciples! This is far more serious than a first-grade crime." the cyan-robed young man spoke in a cold voice.

Ye Xiwen gawked for a moment since he had never thought that this person actually knew him. Although it didn't seem like that initially, the attack from a moment ago had actually been premeditated a long time ago. So, who could he possibly be… Ye Xiwen had recently offended a lot of people, but this man was deliberately waiting for him here; it seemed as if the enmity he held within his heart wasn't little.

Ye Xiwen had killed too many people by now, and a lot of them had close relatives. However, he simply did not know who this person might've been related to.

"If you want to live, then you better leave; don't try to provoke me!" Ye Xiwen stated coldly as he simply ignored that so-called law enforcement disciple.

Many of the masters, standing in the background, were dumbstruck upon hearing this. It was hard to believe that Ye Xiwen would've actually dared to speak in this manner. Although the people who had come here were well-known geniuses, these law enforcement disciples were no less. None of them were easy to deal with. They too had arrived here in the same manner, not long ago. The "present" of these law enforcement disciples was going to be the "future" of the new ones. If one would say that these geniuses had assembled like ants on the ancient road, then their reputation would basically become a joke after joining True Martial University. Here, they wouldn't be considered anything more than mediocre.

Warriors did not dare to be dissolute, regardless of whether their temperament was peaceful or irascible. Not just because there were as many experts in True Martial University as clouds in the sky, but also because those experts were extremely strong. The might of True Martial University's experts was not a very big deterrence for the new disciples. The newcomers knew that if they were to practice for a few hundred years, then their own achievements wouldn't be lacking. However, they had been restrained by the fear of those countless tyrannical seniors, and had ended up becoming indifferent. In short, they had silently restrained their temperaments.

How could they be so overbearing and daring, like Ye Xiwen, and compete with Law Enforcement Hall's disciples? Though they didn't really know how the True Martial University was partitioned on an administration level… but an organization like the Law Enforcement Hall could appoint several forces under their banner with authority-enough to provide penalty, and also 'iron and blood'. These forces were in charge of pedestrians' discipline within the city.

"I'm warning you! You better behave, and let us capture you. You will follow me to the Law Enforcement Hall to receive punishment. Don't forget that True Martial University is located here!" that young man spoke coldly.

Right at that moment, one after another, many other law enforcement disciples released their terrifying aura, which tightly shrouded Ye Xiwen from all sides.

The bystanders suddenly started trembling with fear even though they were considered geniuses in their own merit. The overall might of these law enforcement disciples was too terrifying; far more tyrannical than their own. A series of vigorous and imposing auras swept across the surroundings; even the weakest being at a profound degree of half-step legendary fifth stage. In fact, majority of these auras were at Half-step Legendary's Small Complete realm.

However, the young head-disciple had the cultivation level of legendary sixth stage. Moreover, he wasn't just an ordinary expert of legendary sixth stage… he was at its peak.

None of the new disciples would dare to take the initiative of stepping forward when faced with this kind of lineup; even if there were some geniuses of half-step legendary realm hidden among them. The overall might of the opposite side was far beyond their reach.

Everyone could feel their hearts trembling. Was this the true might of this University? They still had such strength… even though they seemed like ordinary disciples of Law Enforcement Hall.

Since that guy was an expert of the legendary realm, it seemed like he must have been unable to have a breakthrough within the half-step legendary realm. However, no one would laugh at people like him. The road of half-step legendary realm was difficult to tread on. Only a few could manage to persist till the very last stage. There weren't many who could obtain instant success. Before long, they would start to get anxious; not knowing where to advance to, or how long they should wait. In the end, they would make the decision to have a breakthrough to the legendary realm. (1)

"Ye Xiwen? That's Ye Xiwen, right? He is so strong. No wonder that guy who tried to pass through the gate earlier… couldn't stand up to him!" spoke a disciple.

It could be said that Ye Xiwen had started walking on this ancient road towards the end. His pace could also be regarded as very slow in comparison. Not to mention that he hung at the end of the last batch of disciples. However, his fame wasn't less. In fact, he could be regarded as an ominous — yet illustrious — figure of the younger generation. After all, not everyone could survive after being hunted by almost all the forces of the Great Ming and the Great Qin Empire. Moreover, he had continued to grow stronger all this while, and had slaughtered several of his pursuers.

Ye Xiwen's fame had been thoroughly established after a few months of such 'slaughtering'. Even though he was hanging at the end of the last batch, his glory had forged ahead at an incredible speed; even faster than his progress-speed.

A lot of masters had died at his hands on the three ancient roads located within the borders of the Great Ming Empire and Great Qin Dynasty. The most famed among them were the third, the fourth, and the fifth god. They used to be well-known young talents, and no one had thought that they would ultimately die at the hands of Ye Xiwen.

"They say Ye Xiwen has a page of Ancient God Scriptures… but I don't know whether that's true for false!"

"Do you want to die? If not, you should give up on the idea of taking him on. Didn't you see what happened to that man a while ago? If you want to die, go die! Don't implicate us!"

"Hehe, these law enforcement disciples are certainly being unfriendly. They just want to test Ye Xiwen to see whether he really deserves his reputation. We will finally get to see some action!"

"Why should I go with you? If you're a disciple of Law Enforcement Hall, you should speak out the rules one by one!" Ye Xiwen replied indifferently.

"Humph! You dare to cause trouble in Ying Xin City by disregarding the government rules!" that young man spoke coldly.

"Being a newcomer, I am not aware of these so-called government rules you talk about. Moreover, that the place where I am standing right now… isn't within the bounds of Ying Xin City. The city is on the other side of the gate!" Ye Xiwen replied in a cold voice.

"Stop your nonsense!" a disciple shouted in a somewhat impatient manner, and immediately began to advance towards Ye Xiwen. A sinister smile spread on his face as a divine beam appeared in his hand. It seemed as if he would crush Ye Xiwen's bones with his bare hands.

"You are overreaching yourself!" Ye Xiwen's speed was even quicker as he shot his palm towards the incoming attack. Perhaps that disciple would've never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually dare to retaliate against him — a disciple of Law Enforcement Hall. Immediately, an explosion took place.


"Crunch!" There was a loud crunching sound. That disciple's arm was broken in the explosion, and blood splashed out from it.

Ye Xiwen took a step forward, instantly causing the space beneath his feet to collapse. He arrived in front of that disciple in the blink of an eye, and threw a kick.

"Stop!" The head-disciple roared the moment he saw that.

However, Ye Xiwen couldn't possibly care. His kick landed on that disciple's chest, and instantly shattered his sternum. His body turned upside down, and was sent flying into the sky.

"You are quite courageous!" That head-disciple became furious. Ye Xiwen had crippled one of his subordinates in front of his eyes. This was nothing less than a slap in his face.

Ye Xiwen sneered, "Your courage is 'fatter' than mine. You first dared to launch a deadly sneak-attack on a new disciple before his enrollment, and then you blame him for breaking the rules?"

After saying that, Ye Xiwen turned around to face those 'outstanding' geniuses and said, "Everyone, we all are peerless geniuses of our respective regions, and have come here from far-off countries after facing countless hardships along the way! But for what? Is it not to excel and become successful? We are heroes and not stray dogs. You just heard that these people knew me, and deliberately come looking for trouble-still.

"They had planned to intercept and kill me in front of such a huge crowd of new disciples at the main gate of Ying Xin City. I don't know the rules of the True Martial University, but I can say for sure that there isn't a rule that allows people like them to bully newcomers. How can such people hold the position of Law Enforcement Hall's disciples? If we enter True Martial University and things remain like this, would there be even a hair of safety and security left to protect us? Do they have the right to be so rampant because they joined the university before us…?

"We demand an explanation! How did they become law enforcement disciples!?"

The disciples were just observing from the sidelines. This matter was of no concern to them. They were just enjoying themselves while watching an entertaining scene. They felt that Yi Xiwen was completely against the rules after hearing what he had said just now.

So what? This had nothing to do with them. In fact, the party in question was actually creating trouble for Ye Xiwen, and some of the new disciples were just taking joy in Ye Xiwen's misfortune. After all, if Ye Xiwen were to get killed, then it would only mean one less rival in the future.

However, Ye Xiwen's assertion had changed the situation entirely. If these seniors could dare to intercept Ye Xiwen so arrogantly outside the university, then there was a possibility that they themselves might face a similar fate someday.

As rookies about to join True Martial University, they lacked unity and strength of a group. Who would guarantee their safety if a senior blatantly attacked them for no reason?

They were accustomed to living in a world where strength was revered. But it was not as if they couldn't question the legitimacy of some rules!

(To be continued)

One can choose to have a 'breakthrough' directly from any stage of 'half-step legendary realm' to the corresponding stage of 'legendary realm' whenever they feel like (A leap of 9-10 stages in one breakthrough). This is because continuing to have breakthroughs within the 'half-step legendary realm' become almost impossible at later stages and only super-geniuses can proceed to higher stages of 'half-step legendary realm'.

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