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This ancient road had once again seethed with excitement after being isolated for hundred years as countless young geniuses had set foot on this road to enter True Martial University. At present however, one could see that this road had started to quiet-down steadily since the university had already opened its gates for new disciples.

Ye Xiwen would certainly win the top spot when it came to leaving the most profound impression on everyone simply because many top masters had already crossed this road; he however, was at the top of the last batch of disciples. In fact, he had already killed many formidable masters in order to successfully cross the whole way; spilling blood everywhere in the process.

Along with the ringing sound of the bell, True Martial University began to accept new disciples. Everyone knew that these geniuses would by default become the disciples of True Martial University if they had managed to survive till now. However, if they weren't able to pass the grand assessment, it would be equivalent to bringing about their own destruction.

Ye Xiwen, at this time, was boasting a haughty appearance in front of everyone. Moreover, no one dared to mess with him, even if they envied him for having the Ancient God Scripture.

True Martial University was located among the mountains in the central part of the Southern region. Several spiritual arteries overlapped each other in the campus, and one could see the clouds and mist curling up to form a purple canopy; making this place appear like the fairyland.

Located in the surroundings of the enormous True Martial Mountain Range was a city, rising steeply from the level ground and revolving all around the entire mountain range. One couldn't guess the real size of this settlement, but the combined land area of this city and the True Martial Mountain Range was almost comparable to that of a small country. Not to mention that this territory didn't belong to any country, rather it had belonged to True Martial University since the day of its establishment.

Moreover, once in every hundred years, this huge city would bustle with excitement as it welcomed the new students into the city. That was why it was called Ying Xin City (1) of True Martial University. Previously, even though the Yi Yuan School had also welcomed new disciples by assigning them mountain peaks, but there was an unimaginable difference between the orientations performed by these two institutions.

This was an extraordinarily huge city spread all across the ravine which was brimming with a terrifying, formidable breath.

"No one actually knows when this city was first established. However, countless geniuses have come out from the True Martial University over the years. Naturally, they all must have started their journey from here only!" Ye Xiwen said as he sighed.

The Ying Xin City's wall was very huge, and extended up to several hundred feet or more. Moreover, it stretched up to an unknown number of miles. Not to mention, this city was not like a common dynasty-city since it didn't have an army of its own. Instead, it was constantly patrolled by the disciples of True Martial University.

Ye Xiwen noticed some young experts hugging the wall in one particular portion to prevent themselves from falling down; they seemed quite miserable in that state.

At this time, some strong figures were standing at the entrance gate. Each of them was a master of half-step legendary third stage or more. In addition, some of them were exuding the dreadful aura of ominous beasts.

Ye Xiwen saw that dozens of such tyrannical masters were standing here. Though, he couldn't figure out what were they waiting for. . .

These people appeared to be in their twenties and thirties, and looked very young. They must be the experts of the younger generation, who had come to enter True Martial University.

None of them appeared to be weak.

Ye Xiwen had maintained a very low profile so he could mix into the crowd comprised of young experts; more and more people were joining this ever increasing crowd.

"When will they open the gate? So slow, ah!" an expert of the younger generation spoke impatiently. "I am going to smash that gate open!"

"You can go ahead if you are looking to die, but do not think of taking us with you!" a young expert standing next to that young disciple sneered and said.

"Is there something I haven't paid attention to? How come they haven't opened the gates yet?" a warrior asked to clarify his doubts.

"Yes! The Ying Xin City gate would open only in the evenings for welcoming the new disciples this year. Therefore, people who arrive before, or after, will have to wait until its time. As it stands, we will just have to wait since there are four hours to go before the sun sets!" that young expert explained.

"Is there no other way to get in? Why should we wait like this for one full day?" a man asked in a discontented tone.

"This is exactly the so-called 'killing one's prestige with a stick'. We are all considered as 'god's favored ones'; the 'proud young masters' who have emerged from various empires, and have risen above others in the process of distinguishing ourselves. It is inevitable that some of us are going to be domineering and quite difficult to deal with. Therefore, the True Martial University is using this harsh and unreasonable treatment to kill our acute spirit now itself. Didn't you notice those guys hanging from the city wall? Those idiots were caught by the senior disciples of Law Enforcement Hall, and were suspended from the wall!" a disciple sneered and explained.

"Yeah, it's important not to do anything silly here. There is one way to go inside, and that is by directly breaking through the main gate. The main gate has an array of 108 wooden puppets; if you are capable of crashing your way through that, then you can go in directly!" that disciple explained in a somewhat envious manner. "However, even the experts of half-step legendary fifth stage are not capable enough to break through that array. Perhaps only the experts of half-step small complete level can manage to go inside like that. However, it seems like there is no such expert among us, or they would have already blown up those wooden puppets to go inside!"

Ye Xiwen smiled lightly, for he found this assessment a little mean. It basically meant that one could be arrogant if they had the required strength to do so. If one didn't have the strength, then they must be humble, and should behave properly at all times.

"Ye Xiwen, since there is already a way to go inside, we must breach our way in!" Ye Mo said. "This is also a test of one's heart and determination. This is not just the test of one's strength, but also a test of one's inner conscience. If one doesn't possess unequalled conviction, then one might not be able to continue following the path of martial arts practice anymore!"

"Yes!" Ye Xiwen nodded. It was also a test of one's own inner conscience and determination. Therefore, he must keep advancing while crashing his way through the obstacles.

Ye Xiwen slowly walked towards the main gate.

He heard a loud shout at this time. "Then let me try! Could there be any such array which can stop me from rushing inside?"

A man, riding a beast, emerged from the crowd.

He was a tall and young man, with dark complexion and frivolous eyebrows. A killing intent was overflowing from his eyes. He seemed to possess an invincible self-confidence, and was looking disdainfully from of the corner of his eyes at the moment.

He was sitting on a powerful and exceptional divine tiger that was more than twenty feet tall. Its entire body was emitting bright rays of light, and its four powerful claws appeared quite vigorous and effective. When brandished, any one of its claws could tear open the space.

A good deal of formidable and imposing aura was discharged all of a sudden.

The young man stimulated that divine tiger into moving towards the main gate. Ye Xiwen happened to be in his way too. However, the young man didn't stop, and instead increased his pace. The divine tiger suddenly rushed towards Ye Xiwen with an intention to kill him.

Everyone's gaze turned towards Ye Xiwen as they cried out in alarm. This person had the best of misfortunes . . . could it be that he would be knocked down, and killed immediately?

Ye Xiwen didn't feel anything as he allowed that young man and his tiger to collide with himself.

"Bang!" that man and his tiger released a divine beam together, and caused strong air waves to sweep across the surroundings; as if to engulf everything.

Everyone held their breaths. That tiger had an excessively rampant and domineering man on its back. Before coming to the Ying Xin City, he had planned to never give his opponent a way to survive. An opponent must be killed at any cost; this kind of temperament was extremely overbearing.

As smoke and dust dispersed, a surprising scene appeared in front of everyone. Although in their opinion, Ye Xiwen should have been knocked down and killed by this attack . . . the reality however, was entirely different. He certainly didn't die; instead, he used just one hand to push aside that divine tiger's forehead. This dreadful attack had been blocked by Ye Xiwen without resorting to any unnecessary movements.

"You are courting death!" that young man immediately became furious. The divine tiger he was sitting-on, was also unable to control its anger, which was evident from that electric look that flashed in its eyes. Its front claw almost turned into an electric light as it advanced forward in order to grab Ye Xiwen.

That electric light looked just like a blade as it advanced forward; as if it would cleave Ye Xiwen into two halves from the middle.

No one was able to properly catch a glimpse of the vigorous movement made by that divine tiger's claw. They were all amazed in their hearts, and thought that this young man was really too strong. Not to mention that the divine tiger he was sitting on was a demon beast of half-step legendary fourth stage, or higher, and was certainly far stronger than these people.

This time, that young man, who was in the way, would most likely die. It was such a pity that an outstanding genius like him had finally reached Ying Xin City after surviving through all the hardships and massacres, only to be killed like this outside the main gate.

In a moment, rays of golden light flashed, and on contrary to everyone's expectations, Ye Xiwen wasn't split into two halves; instead the divine tiger's claw was directly chopped down by his blade.

That divine tiger screamed endlessly. Ye Xiwen's complexion didn't change, even by a bit, as he shot his palm, without showing any trace sympathy, which then impacted upon the forehead of that divine tiger.

"Bang!" that divine tiger's head was directly blasted by the explosive might of Ye Xiwen's attack.

"Even a divine tiger of half-step legendary fourth stage couldn't block a single move of Ye Xiwen's. Just what kind of backing does this man boast?!"

Everyone was stunned. A formidable demon beast of half-step legendary fourth stage had actually been killed by Ye Xiwen, and that too in just one move! Had they been there in his place, they would perhaps been in a far more miserable state.

Ye Xiwen's attack was so strong, that it had directly exploded that divine tiger's head. Then his palm attack advanced further, and towards that young man, only to crash into his body as well.

"Bang!" that youngster was sent flying by the terrifying force contained in Ye Xiwen's palm attack; in fact, it left a huge hand imprint on his chest, while his bones were shattered due to the impact.

He spouted out a mouthful of blood, while his body was sent flying.

Just one palm attack had killed a despotic tiger, and severely injured an arrogant man. However, it was not clear whether the young man was dead or just severely injured.

"Who dares to be impudent in the Ying Xin City?" a furious shout reverberated from the horizon, followed by a frightening 'Heavenly Sword Qi' directly falling towards Ye Xiwen. If this attack was not blocked in time, it could actually kill him.

(To be continued)

Yíng Xīn means to welcome new guests; to receive new students (in context).

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