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"Yes miss, those medicinal herbs were for..." Xia Chen said hesitantly.

"It's a Longevity Dan, isn't it?" The woman said. Except a few, all the herbs were very important for making a Longevity Dan. And though Ye Xiwen had added a lot of irrelevant herbs to confuse the others, they had still seen through his plan in a glance.

"It seems that he is not as simple as we imagined. Although the recipe to make Longevity Dan is not very difficult to acquire, but the short supply of required herbs is the reason why only a very few people can make it!" The woman smiled and continued, "But he should also worry about his bodily functions which have dropped significantly, and, as a result, the situation he now finds himself in is difficult to deal with. Moreover, the hair on his temples has also turned white."

"It seems that in the outside world, there are rumors about his miraculous healing technique. But it doesn't seem to be true!" Xia Chen said.

"That is not true. You may not have heard how many times people said that he won't survive, but he is still alive, and has done many things which to others seemed impossible. This is because of his miraculous ability; and I further admit that it's extraordinary too!" The woman said, "Despite his transformation, amiability has made him rich."

The day Ye Xiwen had returned from the Chamber of Commerce, he did not think that some people might be analyzing him thoroughly. However right now, he wasn't concerned about anything else apart from acquiring a Tianyuan fruit. The reason being he could easily use other herbs in place of Tianyuan fruit, but their effect would be miniscule in comparison to that of a Tianyuan fruit.

All those precious medicinal herbs obtained from the flood dragon tomb now appeared to be futile.

Ye Xiwen had listened to Xia Chen's instructions to reach the city's largest market, which, in any case, was not a difficult task. Now he only needed someone who was familiar with the place.

Finally, he found the so-called trading market, because it was actually considered a black market, situated in the public square. However, these warriors could not be considered professional merchants because they came to sell only one or two items. One couldn't even be sure whether they would have anything to sell the next time or not.

Ye Xiwen used his soul search technique to look through the entire market. Indeed, there were some good things as well inside the market. However, those warriors who had set up the stalls didn't only have the strength of the truth level; there were also some legendary level experts among them who possessed unfathomable cultivation. This was the reason why he couldn't look through their cultivation in depth. This place appeared like the territory of Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons.

There were many good items in the market, but Ye Xiwen was only looking for a Tianyuan fruit, and did not even give those other items a thought.

It was like finding a needle in a haystack, but Ye Xiwen knew he had no other choice and had to find the Tianyuan fruit anyhow.

"Wang Jingtian, didn't you say earlier that you wanted to sell this fruit today?" Suddenly, a loud voice came from a distance and attracted Ye Xiwen's attention.

Tianyuan Fruit! Ye Xiwen's eyes suddenly glowed, and he ran towards the source of the sound. He was surprised to see a young man, around twenty years old, in a stall, and his stall was unlike others as it was open from all sides. One could easily smell the light fragrance of some medicinal fruit coming out of the stall. This was definitely a Tianyuan fruit.

And not just that, this Tianyuan fruit was also floating in the air, attached to a golden chain.

This Tianyuan fruit and the ordinary medicinal herbs were not the same. Tianyuan fruit didn't grow in the soil; it directly grew in the sky instead by absorbing the abundant Lingqi from the atmosphere. It was very strange because sometimes Tianyuan fruits often grew so high in the sky that ordinary people could not see them.

"I will not sell it! I have told you that I will only exchange it for the ingredients which can be used for increasing lifespan. I am not exchange it for anything else!" Wang Jingtian shook his head, and said firmly. He was a young man; however, a formidable master was standing before him, and was looking bitterly at him.

"How dare you not give me face? You shameless man! Don't you know that…" That master spoke but was interrupted by Wang Jingtian, who then glanced at him and said, "Did you not hear me? I will not sell it. Now get lost!"

"The medicinal herbs that increase lifespan are very precious, and you want to exchange your Tianyuan fruit for them?" That formidable master bitterly looked at Wang Jingtian, but in the end he didn't dare to create any scene, and went away after only giving Wang Jingtian a hateful stare.

As there were guards present in the vicinity, he could not do anything and left angrily.

Ye Xiwen immediately rushed forward and said. "Would you like to exchange this fruit for a Longevity Dan?"

Wang Jingtian was surprised to see a young man with white temples when he looked up; he was further taken aback by the mention of Longevity Dan. He could not believe his ears, and a surprised expression appeared on his face.

He wanted to exchange the Tianyuan fruit for any medicinal herb that could increase lifespan. However, it would definitely be better if it was a Longevity Dan.

"Do you really have a Longevity Dan?" Wang Jingtian looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief. Longevity Dan's recipe was not a secret, at least among the big forces, but it was hard to find the ingredients for refining it. Even the most experienced alchemist could only refine a Longevity Dan that could increase the lifespan by five or ten years. And even if a Longevity Dan could only increase life by five years, it could still be sold at an astronomical price.

"Yes, but in order to refine Longevity Dan, I will need your Tianyuan fruit!" Ye Xiwen said lightly.

Wang Jingtian looked at Ye Xiwen skeptically. It seemed as if he found it hard to believe Ye Xiwen's words.

"Have you got any other option? You think you can exchange your Tianyuan fruit with any medicinal herb that increases lifespan. It is simply impossible!" Ye Xiwen continued, "If you give me the Tianyuan fruit, then I can give you a Longevity Dan after refining it!"

Wang Jingtian thought for a moment. Even he didn't know how things would work out and the probability of an exchange was very little because the medicinal herbs that could increase lifespan were very rare in the world. Moreover, he only had one Tianyuan fruit; and if he gave it to Ye Xiwen, he would lose that one as well. But perhaps, it was the only chance he would get, and if he missed this opportunity, he might not get another!

Wang Jingtian thought a lot and finally had to bite the bullet. He said: "Well, I believe you, but I hope you will not let me down!"

"Trust me, you will not be disappointed!" Ye Xiwen said in a delightful manner.

Ye Xiwen along with Wang Jingtian moved to the tavern and Wang Jingtian handed over the Tianyuan fruit to him. Ye Xiwen then immediately began his alchemy to concoct Longevity Dan, while Wang Jingtian stood guard outside. Both of them wanted to get the Longevity Dan, so Wang Jingtian was also keeping a close eye on him lest he escaped.

Ye Xiwen did not stop Wang Jingtian from monitoring him nor did he mind it. He had never thought of deceiving Wang Jingtian anyway.

After getting the Tianyuan fruit, Ye Xiwen had immediately begun to refine Longevity Dan. Wang Jingtian, in the meanwhile, had made a protective barrier outside the door in order to protect him.

Ye Xiwen took out a huge alchemy furnace from the Tianyuan mirror. He sat down and put his Zhen Yuan to use in order to ignite the furnace, and started the calcination process.

Ye Xiwen blindly added a lot of herbs into the furnace according to the recipe.

Ye Xiwen's face turned expressionless, and he kept staring at the alchemy furnace. He was constantly controlling the size and duration of the fire in order to understand the mysteries of alchemy. To do so, even the special space in his mind was constantly helping him in learning all sorts of mysteries of the alchemy.

In no time, three days had passed. Waiting outside, Wang Jingtian was getting anxious. Although he too knew that the alchemical process to concoct Longevity Dan was not easy, he still couldn't help being anxious. He certainly knew that Ye Xiwen was inside and had not escaped; otherwise he would have gone inside the room.

"Boom!" An explosion took place and suddenly a medicinal fragrance spread out in the surroundings. And though it wasn't a big explosion, Wang Jingtian still heard it outside.

"Creak!" Soon, Ye Xiwen opened the door and came out.

"Mr. Ye, what happened?" Wang Jingtian asked in a somewhat nervous tone.

"It was successful! As promised, here is your Longevity Dan!" Ye Xiwen stretched out his palm and showed a Longevity Dan to him.

"This is Longevity Dan…" Wang Jingtian looked with abjection, but he could clearly see that this was indeed an extraordinary Longevity Dan. "This Longevity Dan is the best quality product and can increase the lifespan by up to a hundred years!"

Wang Jingtian looked incredibly at Ye Xiwen. He could not believe that Ye Xiwen had given him a Longevity Dan which could increase the lifespan by up to a hundred years. According to him, the best result a Longevity Dan could give was increase the lifespan by ten years, and even if it could have added five years, he still would have accepted that happily. But, a lifespan increase of hundred years was very rare, even beyond Wang Jingtian's imagination.

"Thank you, Mr. Ye. You are very generous and great, and I am deeply grateful to you!" Wang Jingtian said emotionally, "To be honest with you, this Longevity Dan is going to be used by an important elder of my clan in order to increase his lifespan, so that my clan does not decline in the future."

Ye Xiwen nodded. He had already figured that out from Wang Jingtian's age, since he was not even 100 years old so why would he be so desperate about increasing his own lifespan. There could only be one possibility behind his desperation: there must be an elder in his clan who had reached the end of his lifespan and was in a desperate need to increase his lifespan as soon as possible.

To Wang Jingtian, Ye Xiwen might have seemed like an extremely generous person who had given him a Longevity Dan which could increase one's lifespan by a hundred years, but the reality was that Ye Xiwen had refined a total of thirty six Longevity Dans; not to mention that each and every one of them could increase lifespan by a hundred years. In fact, if he had possessed better ingredients, then he might have been able to refine special Longevity Dans, which could actually increase lifespan by a thousand years.

(To be continued)

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