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After the head injury caused by Dongchang's expert, Ye Xiwen had disappeared for a total of three months. However, three months later, he resurfaced and was again intercepted by one of the experts of Jinyi Guards. This time, the Jinyi Guards had sent an expert who was actually at Small Complete legendary realm. He had personally led a group of experts to encircle and kill Ye Xiwen, but in the end he himself was actually killed by Ye Xiwen.

After this incident, Ye Xiwen had really stirred up the whole country; he was also being considered as the most talented figure of the younger generation now, just like the first god, the second god and others. Not just that, many people also felt that in the entire Southern region, he could now be ranked among the first-class experts.

After having killed and beheaded a lot of experts of Jinyi Guards, wherever Ye Xiwen went, he kept on killing all the way; it could be said that the way to his destination had become a bloody battle for him. Even several people from other empires also started coming over, especially to seize the Ancient God Scriptures from him.

Some of them were above the level of Small Complete realm. So, for Ye Xiwen, escaping their murderous chase had almost become like a fight to death situation. He even bumped into the deputy commander of Jinyi Guards once; he was a very terrifying person of half-step Sage Realm.

And this particular war contributed greatly to the rising popularity of Ye Xiwen all across the country. However, people actually looked askance regarding his combat strength because although he could not turn out victorious in that fight, he still fought to death before managing to escape. Even though that war was seen by countless people where they also saw a very dreary scene of how Ye Xiwen was split into two halves; however, in the end he successfully escaped from the hands of an expert of half-step Sage Realm. This was sufficient enough to suddenly send his fame skyrocketing all around. Even those who weren't in his favor, they also admitted that he was indeed a ridiculously strong opponent in the younger generation.

Furthermore, it had also become publicly known that Ye Xiwen might have practiced an unparalleled body refining technique, because the body of an average expert couldn't withstand attacks repeatedly. Even if an expert of half-step legendary seventh or eighth stage was to suffer attacks from an expert of half-step Sage Realm, he would be thoroughly annihilated.

Ye Xiwen's insanely tyrannical body was enough to baffle so many people. And this news also became the reason for him being chased by many forces.

In addition to this, the rumors about that one page of Ancient God Scriptures as well as the ancient body refining technique spread everywhere. And many also spread the rumor that Ye Xiwen had a supreme restoration type power technique.

This also stirred up many people as they literally went berserk!

In this process, several top masters of the young generation had also tried to dig out information about Ye Xiwen's whereabouts so as to capture him along with his treasures. However, not only were they all eventually butchered by Ye Xiwen, they also helped in further raising Ye Xiwen's popularity all the more.

After having escaped from a half-step Sage Realm expert, Ye Xiwen had already gotten close to True Martial University and that also in just one and a half month.

A large number of experts of the younger generation had eventually concluded their trips and were rushing to TMU in large groups.

Tianhui City was located in the Qin Empire, but it was actually not managed by the Qin administration. Standing erect on this piece of land, this city had already amassed a history of ten thousand years; this kind of long-established history was enough to give people goosebumps..

As for the origin of Tianhui city, no one could say anything clearly about it, but it was reported that the person who laid its foundation was a great personage; besides, it was also said that a disciple of TMU had founded it ten thousand years ago.

Even though Tianhui city was in the territory of Qin Empire, it was a very big and lively city. It was also located at the confluence of three ancient roads in the Qin Empire; and after passing through this convergence point if one continued along the road, then one would soon reach True Martial City.

This was also the prime objective behind Ye Xiwen's coming to Tianhui city, because this was the only city he could now take a break in. Although he was away from the Ming Empire for the last two months and presently was in the Qin Empire, the news that he possessed exceptional secret techniques had widely spread everywhere; these three ancient roads were no exception either. Therefore, the idea of snatching the ancient scripture from him was not just limited to the Ming Empire because the Qin Emperor had also stated his desire to obtain that page of Ancient God Scripture.

In the event of Ye Xiwen setting his foot in any of the cities of the Qin Empire, he would be immediately chased down; and this road precisely turned out to be the most brutal place for him. Although he had been having fortuitous encounters repeatedly, the entire journey had remained filled with dangers as well. However, if it hadn't been the case, it would have been impossible for him to gain such huge benefits during this past year.

If anyone would see Ye Xiwen's present appearance, he would instantly notice that his forehead had started graying along with the appearance of wrinkles. And though he was still dressed in battered clothes, his overall appearance had definitely changed a lot.

This was in fact the side effect of Phoenix Regeneration Technique. During this entire journey, Ye Xiwen had experienced so many bloody battles that he could not even reckon all of them. It could be said that he had been killing all the way. There were several people who craved for the Ancient God Scriptures but one after another, all had been killed by Ye Xiwen.

Plenty of times, Ye Xiwen had escaped death, especially the last time when he had barely escaped from an expert of half-step Sage Realm. That time, he had almost died. Those who hadn't faced the terrifying power of such an expert would never understand it. However, thanks to this fight, he had caught the attention of the Qin Empire's powerhouses. And as a consequence, they were scared away just based on the thought that if such a great expert of half-step Sage Realm couldn't harm Ye Xiwen, then how could they possibly stand any chance? This way, Ye Xiwen had managed to avoid such a disaster.

Even so, his body had almost been cracked into pieces, and if it were not for Ye Mo who towed him away with the help of Tianyuan mirror, he probably wouldn't have survived.

The devil wings had been imparted to him by Ye Mo, so he could naturally escape very fast on his own as well. Before the experts of Qin Empire could show up to capture Ye Xiwen, they needed to escape from there as quickly as possible. At that time, it was Ye Mo who had moved into action and quickly dragged Ye Xiwen along to escape.

Only in that one battle, it could be said that almost 10 people were killed and there never was any possibility of their survival. However, Ye Xiwen had to rely on Phoenix Regeneration Technique to survive, though it ended up imparting him with his current appearance of someone who was suffering from premature aging.

It was just a 20-year-old's appearance, but his forehead was already graying and the life essence within his body had started showing the signs of depletion. This was the so-called side effect of overusing Phoenix Regeneration Technique. Even if Ye Xiwen was under the clutch of such a big side effect, he was still as enthusiastic as before. This was not enough to make him give up.

He had arrived in Tianhui City with the intention of solving the shortcomings of Phoenix Regeneration Technique, and, thus, he immediately wanted to look for some herbal medicines in accordance with the ones he had found from the tomb of the flood dragon, in order to create a Longevity Dan which could help in supplementing his exhausted life essence.

The lack of life essence was the reason that he had already been stuck in the half-step legendary fourth stage for the last two months. It didn't mean that whatever he had accumulated so far was insufficient, but since his life essence was inadequate, he was getting old and that too extremely fast.

Although half-step legendary realm had contaminated the reputation of the legendary realm, if someone couldn't achieve the legendary level, they could still achieve the strength of legendary realm even while being in the half-step legendary realm. However, right now, what he couldn't achieve was the lifespan of legendary realm.

Originally, the lifespan of Ye Xiwen used to be more than 500 years, but since he had consumed a massive amount of life essence recently, which was supposed to be converted into his lifespan, therefore, now he was almost equivalent to a person of nearly 400 years old. In other words, he could now be considered as very old.

As for why people preferred young talent over old ones, the answer was quite simple - it was because in young age, vitality is exuberant with sufficient life essence along with infinite possibilities, which are enough to support one's life and help one breakthrough to higher levels.

The older a person would be, the greater the difficulty he would face in having breakthroughs. The same happened with Ye Xiwen; now the age of his body was four hundred years old, so breaking through to the half-step legendary fifth stage was highly unlikely for him.

Although presently he could maintain his fighting strength at the peak of Small Complete legendary realm, it had still become very difficult for him to have a breakthrough. In fact, it could be said that it had become literally impossible for him. Therefore, he must find a way to supplement his life essence which he had lost so far. In case he really replenished his lost lifespan, he would finally regain the possibility of having further breakthroughs.

Although he had the formula to concoct a Longevity Dan, he hadn't actually begun the preparation because he just had a few herbs required to concoct one. However, fortunately the ones he had were the main ingredients while the rest could be found easily. However, the only thing that was stopping him was a medicinal product called Tianyuan fruit.

It was very important to have a Tianyuan fruit to concoct Longevity Dan. However, these fruits were getting rarer now a days, as a consequence of which the Longevity Dan had ended up becoming a legendary drug.

In case Ye Xiwen couldn't find the Tianyuan fruit, he would then try to use only the available ingredients to increase his lifespan; however, the effect would be naturally far less. If it wasn't absolutely necessary, he wouldn't waste those ingredients like that.

Tianhui City was the number one bustling establishment in the Great Qin Empire along with a huge trading market of its own which was also quite famous for often having a lot of good things to buy.

As soon as Ye Xiwen entered Tianhui city, he directly went to find Tianhui City's largest Chamber of Commerce. He had already inquired about it and knew that this Chamber of Commerce was the largest in the city. It was reported that Tianyuan City had the support of city's main government from behind, so no one dared to underestimate the city's famous Chamber of Commerce. The story didn't end here, because this Tianhui Chamber of Commerce was reckoned to be the best out there in the entire Qin Empire.

Ye Xiwen barely strode in when there came an attendant to greet him: "Welcome to Tianhui Chamber of Commerce. How can I help you?"

Ye Xiwen nodded slightly; finally he had reached the so-called number one Chamber of Commerce. Although he was in ordinary attire or it could be said that he looked somewhat shabby, still the other side didn't express any disgust; at least on the surface he did not express anything.

"I would like to sell a few herbs in your Chamber of Commerce, but I don't know who would come to receive it. Can you point me in the right direction?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Respectable gentleman, I don't know what kind of herbs you want to sell here, but we don't accept common medicinal herbs." The attendant clarified, after all, considering the financial resources of Tianhui Chamber of Commerce, common medicinal herbs certainly weren't of any value to them.

"Is dragon grass good enough?" Ye Xiwen asked.

The moment the attendant heard that, he was suddenly startled and said: "Sir, do you really have dragon grass?

Ye Xiwen nodded and thought in his heart that this place was really amazing because the name of dragon grass was even unknown to several warriors; however, this attendant not only knew about it, but it seemed that he also knew that it was a highly expensive and extraordinary item.

"Gentleman, please wait for a moment. I will ask our shopkeeper to come!" The attendant said promptly.

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