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"Clang!" Soon the metal clanging sound could be heard as Bladelight rushed toward the expert of the Army of God. It seemed as if it was cutting its way through the sky before it actually chopped an expert into two halves.

Ye Xiwen's blade suddenly released huge amount of energy which swept away the warriors.

The battle between them could only be described as tragic and none of them were holding their hands. Both of them were looking to kill each other.

"Yet another one has died!" Among the spies of major forces, many masters heard the news of Ye Xiwen killing a legendary realm master. It made them hold their breath. Certainly, the death of a legendary master in the Ming Dynasty was discouraging for all other masters. However, even the masters of such level were nothing in front of Ye Xiwen as they continued to fall prey to him and fell one after another from the sky like a bunch of dumplings from a pot.

One must not forget that a master of half-step legendary realm was not like a plant which could be cut so easily. However, Ye Xiwen killed such an expert with ease.

"Go to hell!" At this time, the only remaining expert of the Army of God who was at half-step legendary second stage master burnt his own life energy and suddenly broke through to the half-step legendary third stage. After that, he immediately rushed toward Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" An explosion took place as that expert laid out his palm and released out a huge rolling mountain of energy, shattering the space in the process.

Ye Xiwen used his glowing golden hands to directly tear apart that huge mountain of energy.

Ye Xiwen's big hand found its way to that expert of Army of God and pounded on his body.

"Bang!" His bones were broken as his mangled body fell from the sky. Although his body was not weak, it was nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's palm strength that contained the tyrannical might of gilded tyrant form. Therefore, he simply couldn't sustain the blow.


The murderous intent could be seen in their bloodshot eyes and it seemed as if the entire sky would collapse at once. It was like the sky and the earth were turning upside down; as if it were a scene from the time when the creation of universe had taken place.

Ye Xiwen's complexion remained the same. He had only one thing in his mind and that was to get rid of this farce and escape as soon as possible!

Everyone got stunned after watching the killing intent in Ye Xiwen's eyes. Ye Xiwen's body was strong enough to sustain the attack of even the master of half-step legendary second stage. And, the attacks from those masters of half-step legendary realm and half-step legendary second stage simply could not hurt him.

With the might of gilded tyrant form, even one strike of a palm could slice off a mountain. Right now, Ye Xiwen had a golden appearance with golden energy surging in and around his body.

"Bang!" Finally, even the last master of the Jinyi Guards failed to escape from the hands of Ye Xiwen, and was reduced into a pile of bones in the blink of an eye.

And now, only the seriously injured Jinyi Young master remained.

However, at this time, no one could put a check on the casualties of the masters of Jinyi Guards and the Army of God. Today, those spies of the major forces clearly got to see an apocalyptic scene.

After this war, Ye Xiwen would definitely become famous. In addition to this, he was sure to be ranked among the top masters of the younger generation.

The last remaining expert's body exploded as his splashed out. It was like a rain of blood from the sky.

"So terrible, this Ye Xiwen is extremely frightening. He has not only killed three gods of the Army of God, but even the Jinyi Young master would probably die at his hands. This time, Ye Xiwen has really pierced the heaven!"

"Yes, but I'm afraid that the Jinyi Guards would be really furious after this. I wonder why their deputy commander has not arrived yet."

"Well, I am more curious about his inheritance. Don't tell me it is as hard to deal with as that one page of the Ancient God Scriptures!"

"I can tell that his fortuitous encounters are not limited to that one page of Ancient God Scripture, as he can simply restore his strength and wounds continuously using some kind of secret technique, which is something far more important than that one page of Ancient God Scripture!"

"Yes, and his body as well, I do not believe that his body is naturally that tough. He has definitely used some kind of method to toughen his body. He is just like a moving treasure trove and once news about it spreads out, he will not have a single peaceful day in his lifetime!"

"Hey, in fact, each and every one of these god's favored geniuses experience fortuitous encounters in their life, but no one gets to know what kind of treasures they obtain in the end. However, the most important thing is that Ye Xiwen has bullied other people and especially those who have strong backings. It is said that he belongs to a small sect from one of the ten southeastern countries. Isn't he an ideal choice for bullying?"

"To emerge omit from such a small place of the Southeastern region and have such a combat power is purely a matter of talent which can stun the world. And, if he doesn't fall in the future, he will definitely become one of the top masters of the southeastern region!"

"However, it's not easy to survive on this road as this road is famous as 'the road of death'. In the last many years, many geniuses have fallen on this road. Each and every inch of this road is literally paved with the bones of the fallen geniuses. In order to enhance one's cultivation by leaps and bounds, these geniuses would only get a timeframe of a year. Of course, only the so-called exceptional geniuses could walk on this road and strive to grow powerful!"

Ye Xiwen instantly arrived in front of Jinyi Young master and released huge amounts of golden Zhen Yuan, dazzling the entire sky in the process. In the sky, there appeared a huge Hanshan seal which was in the shape of a massive mountain. Immediately after that, this huge mountain of energy swept down towards Jinyi Young master.

"Bang!" Jinyi Young master's body was smashed down and he fell down from the sky.

Finally, Jinyi Young master had also died in the hands of Ye Xiwen.

"Boy, you have courted death!" As soon as Ye Xiwen killed the Jinyi Young master, a loud sonic boom transmitted from the horizon and a huge hand advanced towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's was startled in his heart, and he immediately opened his devil wings and dodged to one side in order to avoid getting struck by that attack which could have killed him in one blow.

"Boom!" That big gasified hand instantly pounded on the ground and left a big handprint on it. It was an unusually terrifying scene.

"Ye Xiwen, you must hurry up and get out of here!" Ye Mo shouted immediately, "Now the enemy is still far away from us. If they manage to catch up with us, you would be in big trouble!"

Ye Xiwen nodded, then immediately flapped his golden devil wings and flew straight towards the horizon like a streamer of golden light. It seemed from the attack that the enemy was at least an expert of profound legendary realm; Ye Xiwen was definitely not his opponent. If this enemy's attack from so far away could be this terrifying, if they managed to get close to Ye Xiwen then he would certainly be in big trouble.

At this time, the Ming Empire was in a state of turmoil. The death of the three Gods and the Jin Young master had added fuel to the fire. It seemed as if everyone had suddenly turned furious.

All three Gods had been killed off in one breath and even the Jin Young master, who had been specifically trained by 'Jinyi Guards' had died a pitiful death in battle. These two forces comprised of a total of two hundred people and none of them were ordinary experts. Many of those were actually the so-called extraordinary sons, coming from thousands of prestigious clans of the Ming Dynasty. Although the masters of the Army of God were not so famous, they still had several young rising stars under the age of 50; who had managed to reach half-step legendary realm and even legendary realm. In other places, such a genius would be given utmost importance, but here, he was obscured in the dazzling rays of so many geniuses.

While considering small countries like the ten countries of southeast region, an army comprising of such combat power would be enough to wipe out an entire country.

However, even the masters of such caliber had died in the hands of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen used to be a famous expert earlier, but he became well-known on this road after beating the fifth god. However, even after that, his fame remained limited in the vicinity of Yongan City.

However, even in the vicinity of Yongan city, his fame remained quite short-lived. In fact, for a majority of people, he was simply nothing.

However, also for a person like Ye Xiwen to kill hundreds of experts of half-step legendary realm and legendary realm alike, was a great achievement.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen's name spread everywhere in the Ming Empire.

"Did you hear what happened to that domineering Army of God? Out of the five great gods, three are already dead. Moreover, all three of them died in the hands of the same person!"

"These five gods used to be the top masters of the younger generation and Ye Xiwen unexpectedly killed three of them in one go. Don't you feel that this Ye Xiwen is really going against the heaven's will?"

"I must say that this guy has established his position among the top players of the younger generation."

For a moment, everyone was a bit concerned and was talking about this fierce young master. As everyone had expected, the Army of God and the Jinyi Guards issued an arrest warrant for Ye Xiwen. They declared that whoever would catch Ye Xiwen would get a lot of rewards.

Army of God had gone out of its way to announce that as long as Ye Xiwen was killed, they would not inquire about the Ancient God Scriptures.

Though nobody took the Army of God's declaration seriously, after all, if anyone were to kill Ye Xiwen, then they would undoubtedly keep the Ancient God Scripture for themselves.

However, with this announcement, at least no one would need to worry about the consequences of seizing the Ancient God Scriptures from Ye Xiwen, because the Army of God would not come looking for trouble.

Suddenly, several forces joined together to catch Ye Xiwen.

Apart from the Jinyi Guards and the members of the Army of God, many other small and large forces were trying to encircle Ye Xiwen, so that they could get their hands on the legendary Ancient God Scriptures. It was not a secret that one could use this treasure to enhance one's cultivation by a step.

These people were part of the Ming Empire. In fact, some forces of other empires had also turned up in the Ming Empire to catch Ye Xiwen.

Although Ye Xiwen had the ability to elude, it was difficult for him to remain invisible for long time.

Ye Xiwen killed a large number of experts for three whole days, but on the third day, he was ambushed by the Jinyi Guards in a small town. After a protracted battle, Ye Xiwen escaped again after having murdered all of the experts who had encircled him.

Ten days later, Ye Xiwen was ambushed by a group of Dongchang experts. However, he continued to kill those experts one after another, though he sustained a serious head injury when he was struck by an enemy in his head. In the end, he managed to escape from there but with severe injuries.

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