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The battle between both the sides took a tragic turn, and the third god's flesh was split open. However, even Ye Xiwen was not in a good condition, as the third god's long blade had caused severe wounds on his body from which blood was spilling out.

The attacks from both the sides had caused cuts and bruises on their bodies. However, none of them were ready to step back. The third god had lost his two brothers in the hands of Ye Xiwen and hated him for that. Also, Ye Xiwen eagerly wanted to get out of that place at any cost. It didn't matter to him whether he got hurt or had to hurt in order to escape.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen's phoenix regeneration technique began to operate frantically. The loud cries of phoenixes could be heard coming from his body.

Finally, his strength was restored to the peak. He slashed with his blade and the 'full moon creative concept' was displayed in the sky before it began to descend upon the vast earth. It seemed as if the laws of the world itself were turning upside down.

Although the third god's flesh was split open, he was still as brave as ever. With immense hatred in his heart for Ye Xiwen, he swept his blade out, displaying his blade skill at its utmost. It was obvious that no other expert of half-step legendary fourth stage would have been able to survive this attack except Ye Xiwen. And, if it was not for Ye Xiwen's tyrannical body and phoenix regeneration technique to aid him, perhaps even he would have been chopped down already by the third god's blade attack.

However, because of this, it was very important to kill him within the shortest span of time. Therefore, Ye Xiwen could not afford to drag on any longer.

Both of them had to kill each other's conviction mercilessly. Their blades had pierced into each other's bodies and blood was gushing out from the wounds. The situation was so tragic that everyone had held their breaths.

Was it possible that if they had exchanged their places, they would have blocked this kind of attack?

Actually, these two were not merely fighting, but they were fighting to kill each other.

The scene made everyone feel a chill running down their spine.

However, in the end, Ye Xiwen's phoenix regeneration technique began to operate miraculously, and in an instant, he reached his peak condition. The third god soon fell into a disadvantageous position. His body was not as powerful as the tyrannical body of Ye Xiwen, not to mention that Ye Xiwen had been constantly maintaining his combat strength at its peak. Moreover, because of the continuous collisions, the third god had already been severely injured and the increasing gap between their battle efficiencies was now visible to everyone.

Ye Xiwen instantly broke through the space and rushed towards the third god like a powerful golden tide, as if to engulf everything. The long blade held in Ye Xiwen's hand suddenly turned into a golden dragon which then soared along with the golden tides.

Ye Xiwen tried to give the third god a fatal blow so that he could score the winning point.

The third god also had some kind of healing technique. Although his technique was inferior to the Phoenix regeneration technique, the recovery rate was not very slow. Right now, they were basically competing on their respective ability to regenerate.

Undoubtedly, Ye Xiwen had the advantage in the healing technique, so he did not give any opportunity to the third god to stand up and fight back, and gave him the final blow.

The Third god's body was completely drenched in blood, but there was still a cold expression on his face. With immense hatred in his heart, he stared at Ye Xiwen and crazily rushed towards him.

"Boom!" Once again a terrific collision took place. The collision set off golden waves which then swept out numerous storms in a circular manner, as if to engulf everything around it.

"Clang!" Soon the sound of metal clanging could be heard, as the third god waved his long blade toward Ye Xiwen and directly shattered the space in the process.

This was a ferocious battle which caused the blood to drip everywhere from their bodies. It was really a tragic battle.

"Die" Ye Xiwen looked coldly at the third god as the long blade continued to dance in his hands.

"Stop!" At this time, from the other side, the Jinyi Young master was watching the battle. He was concerned with the battle not because he had good intentions or anything, but because he had seen the terror of Ye Xiwen. And, if he would let Ye Xiwen kill the third god, then Ye Xiwen definitely would turn toward them after that. Therefore, he had no option other than rescuing the third god at this time.

All the members of the Jinyi Guards, one after another, charged towards Ye Xiwen, and along with them, the remaining masters of the Army of God also rushed towards him.

Perhaps, a group of half-step legendary realm or legendary realm experts together might not be able to kill Ye Xiwen, but at least they must stop him from killing the third god. As everyone knew that only the third god could compete with Ye Xiwen, and once he was dead, they would completely lose their hope.




Numerous attacks swept towards Ye Xiwen, but none of them could hurt him. Suddenly, a red curtain appeared around him, and those attacks could not damage his body even a bit. This clearly was the effect of Tianyuan mirror.

Ye Xiwen directly rushed toward the third god. At this time, his golden robe was completely drenched in blood, and the wounds on his body were spilling blood in all directions.

Perhaps, in his expeditions of all those years, this was the first time when the third god had been beaten so miserably. Even among his peers, no one could hurt him to this extent. And, even when he used to fight with the first and the second god, definitely not to kill, he still had never been defeated so miserably.

Ye Xiwen swept out his long blade, and although it looked slow, it was very fast in reality. And in the blink of an eye, it appeared right in front of the third god.

The third god didn't have his long blade and he could not block the attack without it. Neither could he compete with Ye Xiwen's tyrannical body, therefore (,)it was simply impossible for him to resist.

"Puchi!" Ye Xiwen's long blade without any hindrance directly cut the third god into two halves.

His blood splashed out and pieces of his bones fell from the sky. Finally, the famous third god had been killed by Ye Xiwen.

Everyone who saw the battle, was stunned. They could not believe that the third god had lost the battle, and not only just lost, but had actually been killed by Ye Xiwen.

This was not the same as everyone had expected. In their imagination, the third god should have easily defeated Ye Xiwen because if Ye Xiwen was the rising star in the world of martial arts, then the third god had remained famous for many years.

But, the reality was something else. Such a famous master had been killed by Ye Xiwen. Moreover, he had been run over by the absolute strength of Ye Xiwen. There was no planning or schemes involved in the battle. He was killed just because Ye Xiwen was more powerful than him.

So, did that mean the third god was not strong? No, he was strong. However, even an expert of half-step legendary fourth stage like him could not be the opponent of Ye Xiwen, and died without being able to stop even a move.

Such a strongman had been killed by Ye Xiwen had been reduced to a pile of bones. And, in addition to this, a strong image of Ye Xiwen had spread in the outside world.

Many people's heart shivered. They witnessed the defeat of a top master of the younger generation who was killed and defeated terribly and did not have even a bit of luck by his side throughout the battle.

The road of martial arts was very cruel. On this road, the geniuses were like ants, and even the so-called peerless genius was only a bit stronger than the rest of ants. One could always come across formidable masters and the peerless rivals, who were always eager to excel. These reasons clearly indicated how much difficult it was to tread on this road.

Suddenly, a burst of cold wind blew, setting off an endless bloody atmosphere in all directions.

Ye Xiwen breathed heavily for a few times. His phoenix regeneration technique began to operate frantically and his countenance again turned to normal. All the wounds on his body healed and it seemed as if he was not at all hurt in the battle

"Now, you are next!" Ye Xiwen sneered, and looked toward the Jinyi Guards and the remaining members of Army of God.

The spies of other major forces were in shock. They had seen how Ye Xiwen killed the two gods, and now they were guessing that, could it be that Ye Xiwen would also take down the Jinyi Guards in one stroke?

Was he planning to completely infuriate the Jinyi Guards?

The Jinyi Guards were unable to believe that Ye Xiwen would actually do such a thing in the illustrious Ming Empire, but for Ye Xiwen, Jinyi Guards were simply nothing. Since the two parties had no consideration to give face to each other, there was no scope left for hesitation.

War! War! War!

Ye Xiwen's long blade was brandished directly towards the Jinyi Guards. It turned into a magnificent Bladelight, forming a dazzling curtain of blades which killed all of them one by one.

This blade attack was so magnificent that it suppressed the world itself. The sword intention ran amuck and shattered the space.

Moreover, the people who had come to kill Ye Xiwen weren't weak as well. Most of the half-step legendary realm super masters could be said to have their own heritage and means. However, the Jinyi Guards who had surrounded Ye Xiwen could be described as a group of ordinary masters concentrated at one place, with the formidable masters out of the picture.

But, it was of no use, as Ye Xiwen had suppressed their morale. It was not hidden from anyone that his tyrannical gilded body was incomparable. And, with all his strength, he rushed towards the Jinyi Guards.

"Puchi!" An expert of half-step legendary second stage was directly split into two halves by Ye Xiwen. His body parts fell from the sky as his blood splashed out.

Tianyuan mirror appeared over Ye Xiwen's head and slid down a curtain of scarlet light in order to protect Ye Xiwen from the attacks of the Jinyi Guards. Now, their attacks could not hurt him even a bit.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen immediately chased the Jinyi Young master while the Jinyi Guards were trying to block his way. The Jinyi Young master was the real culprit, so it was impossible that Ye Xiwen would let him escape.

The Jinyi Young master saw Ye Xiwen's attack coming and immediately waved the 'mountains and rivers' fan with his hand. It exploded a huge mountain of energy which advanced towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen snorted coldly and soon unleashed his long blade. He slashed with his blade and it directly cut the mountains and crashed into the chest of Jinyi Young master. It directly cut into his chest all the way to his ribs and opened a huge wound, from which the blood began to gush out. He was in very grim state right now.

The Jinyi Young master screamed and immediately retreated. However, how could Ye Xiwen let the enemy go? So, he immediately chased after him. At this time, the Jinyi Guards arrived one after another to the rescue of their young master. After all, Jinyi Young master was considered as a supreme existence among them.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's figure directly crashed into the group of approaching Jinyi Guards, and an expert was immediately killed by him.

"Ah!" Ye Xiwen's Bladeqi swept out and another legendary realm master of the Jinyi Guards was cut into two halves.

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