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The earth trembled due to the might of the third god and a golden light emitted from his body which spread throughout the vast sky.

All the spies of the major forces got stunned as their bodies were covered in cold sweat. The third god had not begun to attack yet, but his terrifying might had already swept over in all directions.

Jinyi Young master's face turned pale as he stepped back. He considered himself as the top disciple of the younger generation but, the fourth god who was already at the half-step legendary fourth stage, had died in the hands of Ye Xiwen. This indicated that Ye Xiwen was even fiercer than the fourth god.

However, this third god was even more powerful than the fourth god. A formidable breath swept across the surroundings. Now, there simply was no means for anyone to approach him.

For a formidable master like him to use his full power against this young genius was already a matter of joke.

"Ye Xiwen, die!" The third god clenched his steel-like teeth and squeezed out these few words before rushing towards Ye Xiwen in a flash. The golden Zhen Yuan rushed out from his body and turned into a sea of golden energy before surging towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's golden body also emitted a large amount of golden Zhen Yuan, which similarly swept towards the third god.

"Bang!" The golden divine energies collided, and while looking from afar, it seemed as if two oceans made of gold had collided.

The frightening shock waves swept all over the sky, and both of them stepped upon their respective sea of gold and ferociously pounded into each other.

Two long blades hit each other and a monstrous storm swept across everywhere. It seemed as if the space itself would collapse any time now.

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura surged up once again and his golden clothes flared up. Finally, Ye Xiwen didn't hold back and went all out, releasing the entirety of his strength of half-step legendary second stage in one go, by relying on all sorts of secret techniques. Ye Xiwen's intrepid strength was simply beyond anyone's imagination.

"Puff!" In the third god's hand, the web between the thumb and the forefinger cracked open and blood splashed out. The entire blade was stained with blood.

Ye Xiwen also felt a giant force pounding into his own body as the long blade hit him. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest, but immediately felt it disappearing. Although the third God was very strong, only a tiny step away from entering the half-step legendary fifth stage, his overall strength was not less than that of Ye Xiwen. However, his body was not as strong as Ye Xiwen's, hence his attack couldn't injure Ye Xiwen.

"What! Was the third god injured just now?" A chill ran inside everyone's backs. The third god had obtained fame at a very early age, even before stepping on this ancient road. Earlier, people in the Ming Dynasty did not know him, but after he had stepped on this ancient road, no one could injure him even among his peers. There really was no such master who could hurt him. However, that same third god had been injured today.

It was not because of any trick or conspiracy. It was a fair battle between two equally strong fighters and the third god had actually been defeated by Ye Xiwen.

The wounds on the third god's hands healed rapidly, leaving only the scars behind. A formidable master like the third God obviously had some kind of healing technique in his arsenal, although much inferior to the Phoenix regeneration technique, yet good enough to deal with such small wounds.

The Third god held the long blade in his hands and stared at Ye Xiwen with a cold look in his eyes. His icy gaze made everyone tremble with fear as his long blade was pointed at Ye Xiwen.

"You are very strong, no wonder fifth brother and fourth brother have died in your hands, but today you are doomed. You cannot escape from my hands!" The third god sneered and said.

The third god had great self-confidence and his self-confidence arose from his strength. His strength was enough to dominate the young generation, and even when compared to the experts who were more than a hundred years old, he was not that bad.

The cold tip of the blade burst into a frightening radiance, overflowing with murderous intention. The third god raised his long blade and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in the blink of an eye. The blade instantaneously slashed towards Ye Xiwen. It was an invincible blade technique, and no one could guess from where he had obtained this inheritance. It seemed as if the blade would cut the world, as if it would cut through the very flow of time.

Ye Xiwen laughed coldly as the long blade danced in his hands again, emitting a bright moonlight in the sky which took the shape of a beautiful moon diagram. It was as bright and dazzling as the sun.

The two long blades collided again. The third god's blade and Ye Xiwen's 'full moon creative concept' banged maliciously into each other, setting off burning hot rays of light in all directions.

"Bang!" Both the third god and Ye Xiwen had put all their effort into this attack and were exhausted. As a result of this time's collision, both of them had their hands injured.

People were watching from afar with their eyes wide open. They could tell that this time's collision was more ferocious than the one from a moment ago.

"Ye Xiwen, you cannot waste time!" Ye Mo said suddenly. "As time passes, more and more masters will come. Now it's only the Army of God and the Jinyi Guards with whom you have to fight. But, if they are grouped together with other forces, you will not be able to deal with them. And, what if an old monster shows up? Then, even with the devil wings, you will not be able to escape!"

Ye Xiwen's heart shook because since the time he had come out; he had been trying to escape. However, the army of god and the Jinyi Guards had blocked his way so that he couldn't escape. He did not have time to waste here, and since the words about him coming out of the small world had already spread out, more and more masters would continue to arrive here.

At that time, even if really wanted to escape, he would most likely fail to do so.

The look in Ye Xiwen's eyes was getting colder and colder. The third god must be killed quickly otherwise, the consequence could be disastrous. As far as the Jinyi Young master was concerned, Ye Xiwen simply couldn't care less.

Although the Jinyi Guards were considered as a monstrous presence in the Ming dynasty, they were also the personal guards of the Emperor. There were a large number of experts in the capital city, but only some of them could be mobilized in this peripheral region, with the strongest among them being at half-step legendary fourth stage. In fact, the strength of these experts was almost comparable to that of the fourth god. Not to mention that Ye Xiwen was presently dealing with the third god, so he couldn't possibly be bothered by the likes of them.

Certainly, if he continued to stay here for longer, the Jinyi Guards from other places would gather here, and at that time, the situation would be different. Thankfully, Jinyi Guards didn't have their main forces readily available in the nearby regions.

Therefore, the third god must be killed as quickly as possible.

The long blade in Ye Xiwen's hand released a strong bream of light. His left hand issued an enormous aura as the Hanshan seal appeared in his hand.

Ye Xiwen's facial expression turned from ice-cold to merciless. He had made up his mind to slaughter the third god, hence there was no hesitation in his heart, and neither was he going to hold himself back.

This scene was just too terrifying, as the Mt. Tai itself was taking shape at this time.

The third god's complexion changed for the worse as this was the first time his usual dignified countenance had fallen under the wind, but he still didn't lose his confidence. His dignified demeanour had been shaken by the unexpected win of Ye Xiwen a while ago. Although he would not admit it, his confidence had been thoroughly shaken for a moment.

Ye Xiwen waved the long blade in his hands, but this time, it didn't appear to pierce the sky like usual. It was a rather mediocre slash as it seemed as if an old man had barely managed to wave the blade in his hands.

The blade attack directly cut its way through the sky to descend upon its target.

However, the Third god couldn't interpret even the slightest bit of meaning that was hidden in Ye Xiwen's attack. The long blade appeared quite slow but in reality, it was moving very fast and had almost arrived in front of the third god.

The third god's hair fluttered frantically as the sharp blade wind blew against him.

The third god's reaction was full of resentment as he no longer dared to look down on Ye Xiwen. As soon as Ye Xiwen was ready to launch his attack, the third god had also prepared an attack of his own.

"Clang!" Soon, a melodious metal clanging sound resounded everywhere, appearing to be disseminating from the prehistoric times after having crossed the river of time.

This strike appeared rather mediocre and there was nothing strange about it either, but the blade wind it swept out was incomparably sharp.


Blood splashed out from both of their bodies as they had been simultaneously struck by blade winds. The ice-cold blade wind had torn open their flesh. Even the so-called tyrant body of Ye Xiwen had been sliced open almost instantly by the blade wind.

Ye Xiwen's wounds were a few inches deep and few feet in length. He had received terrible wounds all over his body.

However, the third god's condition was even more miserable than Ye Xiwen's. Since his body was not as strong as that of Ye Xiwen, hence the blade wind had caused deeper injuries on his body, reaching all the way to his bones.

Ye Xiwen sneered and suddenly, the phoenix regeneration technique started repairing his wounds. The third god was also restoring the wound on his body, but the healing rate was far less than that of Ye Xiwen's.

Although his wounds had started to heal as well, it was nothing like the way Ye Xiwen had healed his wounds within a few breaths' time. Not just that, his battle strength had also been restored to the peak.

"Die!" Ye Xiwen roared as his whole body appeared like a vast ocean, as if rushing forward to topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

With a burst of golden energy beneath his feet, Ye Xiwen instantly unleashed his long blade and rushed towards the third god. Although the third god had not yet recovered, he just didn't have a way out of this precarious situation because Ye Xiwen had already attacked.

At this time, Ye Xiwen went all out. Since the third god was already wounded, it was important to kill him off once and for all.

"Bang!" Summoned by the Hanshan seal, a huge mountain took shape in the sky all of a sudden and fell directly upon the third god.

"Bang!" The third god got smashed as his flesh and blood splashed out everywhere. His left hand, which he had used to block the incoming attack, was completely broken.

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