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"Ye Xiwen, you will die today for sure, and I will also make sure that by the time I am done with you, you will be left unable to even beg for your life!" The fourth god tightly clenched his steel-like teeth and his handsome face twisted fiercely. Actually, these five great gods had grown up together; they shared a close brotherly bond amongst themselves. To them, the news of a brother getting murdered by Ye Xiwen had been quite devastating.

He simply wished in his heart to thoroughly destroy Ye Xiwen by crushing his bones to dust.

"Humph, don't be so full of yourself; there are several others who want to kill me, so you alone are nothing but inconsequential!" Ye Xiwen sneered and said. One could see that both sides no longer cared to give face to each other. There was nothing that could ease them now.

"You are courting death!" The fourth god was thoroughly enraged by Ye Xiwen's response. A long spear instantaneously appeared in his hand and he immediately swept out a terrifying Spearlight that rushed towards Ye Xiwen at a tremendous speed. It crossed the expansive sky, rippling along the way, while it seemed as if the world would be broken into pieces any time now.

Many spies were present in the surrounding and all of them held their breath in astonishment. They noticed that the fourth god actually had the strength of half-step legendary realm's fourth stage. Although he had recently stepped into the half-step legendary realm fourth stage, he wasn't even 50 years old. Even the old experts of 100 years of age and above were able to achieve barely half step legendary fourth stage or so, hence it could be seen that the strength and talent of the fourth god had already reached a considerably higher level. Even in the entire Southern region, the experts with almost the same age as him couldn't achieve the same level as he had achieved. At this moment, Jinyi young master, who was standing nearby, also saw that and it instantly stole away the colour of his face because he was only at half-step legendary third stage and that, too, because he had recently consumed a piece of dragon essence.

Actually Jinyi Young master was considered as a top genius not only in the Ming Empire but also in the entire southern domain. In fact, since his debut, he had always been at the top. When compared to the fifth god, he was not bad. However, compared with the fourth god, he actually fell short by a bit. Not to mention that he couldn't possibly be compared with the first three gods.

Furthermore, there were other powerful forces like the Seven Star Lords on this ancient road. Such comparison suddenly made it somewhat hard for him to accept his powerlessness, turning his face a bit gloomy.

Ye Xiwen snorted coldly. In a flash, a long halberd emerged in his hand. This halberd actually belonged to the fifth god. Ye Xiwen didn't even know the material used in its formation. At that time, when the battle between him and the fifth god had ended in the death of the latter, this halberd had surprisingly remained intact.

 Ye Xiwen brandished the halberd from his hand and instantly shot it up into the sky. It pierced through the sky to face the astonished Spearqi that had been shot by the opposite party.  

Although Ye Xiwen's halberd technique was not profound as it was not obtained as an extraordinary inheritance, yet the sheer might used by him in this halberd attack had more than compensated for all that. In fact, the power displayed by this halberd this time was far more terrifying that that by the fifth god.

Previously, Ye Xiwen had stayed in the library for several months. There, he had studied all sorts of martial techniques as well as the so-called avenues of the martial arts. Although he could not become proficient in all of them, his tyrannical strength was more than enough to balance out what was lacking.

 "Bang!" The golden beam of the halberd instantly collided maliciously into the majestic Spearqi, causing a huge pressure that crushed the space. It resulted into an immense shock wave that set off energy storms in all directions.

 "Ah, Fifth brother!" The moment the fourth god saw the long halberd in Ye Xiwen's hands, his eyes immediately turned red while his already fierce facial expression turned even more eerie. He gave out a loud bellow which vibrated throughout the surrounding space.

 An icy-cold and piercing killing intention suddenly blasted out from his body and scattered everywhere.

 The experts present in the surroundings immediately felt this intense killing intention and quickly drew a few steps back. His killing intention was so frightening that some of the spies with comparatively weaker strengths felt as if they would be shattered into fragments.

"Ye Xiwen, I will strangle you to death!" The fourth god shouted ferociously with a touch of callousness and arrogance in his tone. His qi enveloped the world itself just like a vast ocean and swept towards Ye Xiwen to engulf him completely.

"Die!" The fourth god snarled aggressively which shook the space before shattering it into pieces. His grandiose imposing aura swept across and engulfed the surrounding area as he rushed towards Ye Xiwen. At that time, he looked exceptionally scary, like a mountain hurling towards Ye Xiwen.

"Get lost!" Ye Xiwen also roared loudly. His golden divine cloak draped over his body instantly. He also started the operation of gilded tyrant form. He swept out his halberd, rocking the entire space in the vicinity. His qi engulfed the opposite party's imposing aura. The golden tide that he had swept out had already blotted out the entire sky.


Both sides collided with each other in midair like two stars. In that split second, a large area in the surrounding space crumbled down while the dazzling light spread out in the horizon like millions of arrows made up of Bladelight, streaking across the sky at once.

In the face of such a terrible collision, whether it was the Army of God or Jinyi Guards, all withdrew as far as possible, so as not get swept away by the aftermath of this collision. Even though they were the leaders of their respective domains, this collision was too dreadful for them to withstand.


After the collision occurred, the energy waves swept out and shattered the surrounding space, shocking everyone in the process. Just what kind of force was this attack comprised of that it led to such a terrible collision.

"Bang!" A figure was instantly sent flying out of that group of dazzling light. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be the fourth god. The fourth god had released such an invincible imposing aura only a while ago, but now his clothes were completely tattered while his hair was all messy. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone's eyes shrank as they hadn't expected that the person who would be sent flying out like this would actually turn out to be the fourth god. Actually, that terrible explosion was caused by Ye Xiwen. Indeed, Ye Xiwen was extremely strong.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't even wait for him to catch his breath and quickly leapt up, making his way through the space avalanche and rushed towards the fourth god.

The Lingqi in the atmosphere had gone completely chaotic. The turbulent flow of Ye Xiwen's long halberd directly broke through this chaotic aura and like a black flood dragon, it swiftly dashed towards the fourth god to bite him.

"Hey, stop!" The third God was very much confident of his brother, but hadn't thought that during that horrifying collision, it would actually be the fourth God to fall into a disadvantageous position. Moreover, he was almost on the verge of being killed by Ye Xiwen.

Sensing the situation, the third god immediately shot out a move that took the shape of a big hand and rushed toward Ye Xiwen's long halberd at a lightning speed.  

The third god was stronger when compared to the fourth god. He had almost stepped into half-step legendary fifth stage. In fact, had he not received the news of the fifth god getting killed, he would have already stepped into the fifth stage after a closed-door training session.

"Hmm, when I decide to kill someone, no one can save them!" Ye Xiwen snorted coldly. The situation had taken a turn where there was no room for reconciliation between him and the Army of God. Now, it had become a matter of life and death for both sides; either Ye Xiwen would kill them or the Army of God would kill him.

All of a sudden, a blue vein burst open in Ye Xiwen's right hand as he pulled back the long halberd and instantly shot it towards the fourth god. The halberd darted forward while absorbing the very soul of the expansive sky.

Ye Xiwen had already reached the peak of the fourth layer of Gilded Tyrant Form. Surely, one could imagine the sort of tyrannical force that he would have used to throw that halberd just now.

Ye Xiwen swiftly turned around and shot out his palm. In a flash, a coiling dragon came out from his palm, raised its head upwards and gave out a loud roar before soaring up into the sky. Then, it immediately flew towards that big hand of the third god.


The coiling dragon collided with the third god's big hand which was made up of Lingqi. Afterwards, it tore that big hand into shreds and flew towards the third god to gobble him up.

At the same time, that long halberd which had transformed into a black flood dragon, also galloped towards the fourth god.

The experts of Army of God immediately moved into action. They absolutely could not allow the fourth god to be killed in front of them. They were thoroughly enraged when the fifth god had been killed in front of them, but now if the fourth god was to die before their eyes as well, then their faith would surely collapse.

An expert of half-step legendary first stage directly went forward and stretched out his hand and made a futile attempt to grab that long halberd.

 "Whoosh!" The sound of the terrific friction was heard by everyone as the bones in his hand were shattered and blood began to ooze out from the wound. In fact, his whole body was affected by the terrifying force contained in that halberd. He fell down from the sky while the blood sprayed out from his body.

However, his attempt had slightly delayed the advancement of the halberd. This gave opportunity to many experts to arrive in front of the halberd. Yet nothing could resist the tyrannical force of that halberd as it broke through all their defenses. Even the experts of half-step legendary second stage couldn't stop it and were directly reduced to a group of blood mist. This halberd was simply unstoppable!

It took quite long to describe the entire scene, but all of this happened in just a moment. The halberd ultimately broke past the layers of experts and arrived in front of the fourth god.

"Puchi!" The halberd pierced through the body of the fourth god and directly nailed him to the ground.

"Boom!" As soon as his body was nailed to the ground by the halberd, his blood splattered out. It had directly crushed his soul before virtually crucifying him.

He lost his life that very instant.

The third god went crazy due to rage as he saw the death of the fourth god. Not to mention that it had happened right in front of him. This feeling was more heart-wrenching than the grief caused by the news of the fifth god's killing. After all, the fifth god hadn't been killed before his eyes, while the fourth god was killed right in front of him.

Surely, this unbearable feeling had pierced his heart.

"Fourth brother!" The third god bellowed as his fierce imposing aura swept across in all directions.

The third god ferociously roared. His eyes were bloodshot as he gradually walked towards Ye Xiwen while towing his long blade.

Each and every one of his steps trod down the space, as his imposing manner was rising with each advancing step. An intense killing intention swept out towards Ye Xiwen to lock him down on the spot.  

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