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Although several thunderbolts bombarded on Ye Xiwen’s body back to back, they still couldn't make him move even a hair’s breadth; on the contrary, they had no other choice but to get completely absorbed by him.

Apparently this time, the heavenly tribulation was somewhat impatient. It could no longer wait and immediately flooded the whole sky with innumerable lightning weapons; swords, spears, halberds, and so on. Altogether eighteen sorts of densely packed weapons were streaking across the sky, and just like a torrential rain, they directly fell upon Ye Xiwen.

The might of each and every of these weapons was much higher than the previous thunderbolts, as if these weapons contained souls of their own. Their attack power was simply majestic as they set off endless waves of killing intention across the sky.

A great number of weapons swept down from the sky like a huge storm. An exceptional terror was deeply associated with this scene.




As soon as these weapons crashed onto Ye Xiwen’s body, the impacts surprisingly produced intermittent bursts of metal clanging sound. Previously, the heavenly tribulation had been unable to injure him, but this time, these lightning weapons not just rumbled on his body but also blew open several bloody wounds on his body.

However, Ye Xiwen immediately restored his wounds using the heavenly Phoenix Regeneration Technique. This time, he did not dare to be negligent. He promptly started operating 'Tyrant Body technique' so as to endure the barrage of impacts from these weapons, which were basically wreaking havoc upon his body non-stop.

Mo siblings were standing nearby and ere simply staring at him in awe because if compared with Ye Xiwen's previous heavenly tribulation which they had seen before, today's heavenly tribulation was ten times more intense. The last heavenly tribulation was just like a nightmare in general while this time's tribulation was not only much more dreadful, but also unpredictable; there was literally a downpour of weapons dropping unceasingly.

Such a huge change going on inside the heavenly tribulation was dangerous enough to get them twisted into pieces. However, Ye Xiwen was still entirely calm and composed although was being continuously hacked by those lightning weapons, and in pain. A very miserable look had already crawled on his face. Indeed, this time's heavenly tribulation had also failed to budge him even a bit.

Even half an hour later, the heavenly tribulation still couldn't have the slightest effect on him; therefore it could only resentfully disperse in the end.

However, Ye Xiwen's imposing aura was more frightening than before which completely engulfed his wounds and started to heal them gradually.

Ye Xiwen breathed out with satisfaction as he finally entered the second stage of half-step legendary realm. Considering his current strength, he was now much more confident than ever. Now, even the experts of the legendary fourth peak couldn't stand any chance against him.

Ye Xiwen felt that now he had some strength for self-defense, but was pretty obvious that this was far from enough.

But no matter what, it had already been beyond his control, so he needed a massive amount of Ling Dans to cultivate. He had several techniques to practice, so the constant need of Ling Dans couldn't be ignored. Although his Tianyuan mirror could condense Ling Dans, the produced quantity was far from adequate.

Moreover, they could continue to stay inadequate like this for a lifetime.

The heavenly tribulation eventually dispersed and since it had been crossed through by Ye Xiwen, the usual scenery of sandstorm had been replaced by a calm and tranquil sky without a shred of clouds across thousands of miles.

Ye Xiwen looked towards the slowly approaching Mo siblings and the wolf cub, and said: “I have decided that I will wait for a while before leaving here, while you people continue staying here for at least ten days before going out.”

This matter had already been properly discussed among them. In this group, Ye Xiwen was the strongest one while the strength of Mo siblings was far inferior to his. So if they went along with Ye Xiwen, then would definitely become a huge burden for him.

It would be better if Ye Xiwen left alone because he wouldn't need to tend to two or more people at the same time. Even withdrawing in a dire situation would be easier for him.

Furthermore, he would apportion the sword commands he had seized from the fifth god amongst them, so that they could exit this small world anytime and anywhere using those sword commands.

—— After having explained everything to them, Ye Xiwen immediately opened the gate of the ruins and went out.

“Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen is here!” The moment Ye Xiwen’s figure appeared in their line of sight, the scouts of major forces instantly recognized him because his picture had long been spread throughout the major forces.

Just one page of Ancient God Scriptures was worthy of sending any major force into frenzy. Several experts had arrived near the entrance to the ruins of Wang Heavenly faction, and were continuing to come as well. Although Ye Xiwen had obtained merely one page of the God's Ancient scripture, this news had still spread throughout the major forces, making countless people to direct their gazes over here.

“It really is him, that's for sure; hurry up and report, today this kid is going to die!” One of the scouts of a major power hastily said.

“Ye Xiwen is really stupid, unless he hides there for a lifetime, it is absolutely impossible for him to evade the murderous chase of our Army of God. Could it be that he thinks that just by hiding there for half a month, he would be able to escape this tragic fate?” A member of the Army of God coldly said.

Suddenly all sorts of summoning talismans soared in the sky, sending reports that Ye Xiwen had finally shown up after half-a-month.

“Ye Xiwen, they have already issued summoning talismans. Be prepared for a fierce battle!” Ye Mo said.

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded, he did not prevent these scouts from sending out the summoning talismans because there were too many of them and he did not have the means to stop them all.

It seemed like many forces were interested in obtaining the power of ancient god scriptures.

“Ye Xiwen, die!” A roar suddenly resounded throughout the sky. At this moment, the sky already had dozens of rainbow lights flitting across the sky, as if trying to delimit the sky into several parts.

A few dozens of warriors were all floating in the air, constantly releasing an unscrupulous aura from their bodies. Besides, they were being led by several experts who were powerful enough to actuate the atmospheric Lingqi with a mere hand gesture. Yes, they actually the battle efficiency of legendary level.

Amongst them, two experts especially possessed exceptionally tyrannical imposing aura; one of them was roughly 27 or 28-year-old youth with divine-looking gracious facial features, while his golden colored robe was making his appearance look quite extravagant and classy.

The person beside him looked more or less the same as him. This person's facial features were also quite gracious, making him look exceptionally attractive with a handsome face. He was clad in a long golden robe, but appeared a little younger than the previous one, roughly 25 or 26 years old.

From the discussion of the surrounding people, Ye Xiwen could at least figure out this much that one of these two men was the third god, while the other one was the fourth god; both belonging to the Army of God.

To Ye Xiwen, the appearance of these two men and the previously met fifth god seemed very much alike with almost the same temperament, as if they really were Gods in general.

And right behind them, there were dozens of breathtaking warriors and each one of them was an invincible character of half-step legendary realm. One could tell that each of them was favored by the gods and held supreme dominance in their respective regions. Thus the inside story of the existence of the Army of God could be clearly inferred.

Ye Xiwen swept his eyes around and noticed that there was the insignia of 'Army of God' on the bodies of these experts. It seemed like all forces of the Army of God, which should have been dispersed throughout the Ming Empire, had concentrated here to encircle and annihilate Ye Xiwen.

“These super experts, who have the insignia of the Army of God on their hands, are more than enough to flatten the major influences of Yongan City. But today they have assembled to deal with Ye Xiwen!"

“This is nothing! Actually, Ye Xiwen has beheaded the fifth god and that thoroughly enraged the Army of God. This has also triggered the anger of the high level experts, who are now blazing with fury!”

“Look at those two men who are the leading the powerhouses of the Army of God, aren't they the fourth god and the third god? It is reported that the Army of God has altogether five great gods, but there is a huge difference among them on the basis of their strength. Speaking of which, actually the fifth god was the weakest one while the fourth god and the third god are far above the fifth god based on their respective strength levels. It is said that the second god and the first god have already left the Ming Empire for the Qin Empire. So now, the Ming Empire is left with only three gods. And since the fifth god was killed, third god has taken the task of sealing off the place, while the exploration of these ruins has fallen into the hands of the fourth god. In short, they have collectively started out on a trip, and perhaps this is not the so-called rage of the Army of God."

“Are you Ye Xiwen?” That 27 or 28-year-old youth asked. He was actually the third god who was coldly staring at Ye Xiwen at this moment. He held a very commanding position in his army; his facial features were solemn while his stare was quite bone-chilling as if was about to turn into a sharp sword to behead Ye Xiwen right here right now.

“Yes!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“So, you are the one who killed the fifth god.” The fourth god gazed at Ye Xiwen with his heart-chilling sharp eyes, as if a ferocious beast had selected a human to devour till its heart content. In spite of being aware of Ye Xiwen's real identity as the killer of the fifth god, he still asked in an inquisitive manner.

Ye Xiwen also had nothing to hide, so he slightly nodded in response.

“Good!” The third god coldly glared at him. His face was expressionless as it seemed as if he was looking at a dead man; Ye Xiwen was just like a tiny ant in front of him.

“Today, it would be very difficult for you to fly away from here even with your wings. So, if you have any last words to say, go ahead!” The third god seemed very lenient when he said that but was actually very cold and detached person in reality. That was why he talked about the death of the fifth god quite indifferently. Actually the Army of God had been established a long time ago, but nothing grave like this had ever happened since then. If the first and the second gods had not left the Ming Empire, then perhaps they would have personally moved into action.

In his eyes, Ye Xiwen was already dead, so at present, the only thing he was concerned with was - at what time Ye Xiwen would finally perish.

“Listen Ye Xiwen, hand over the ancient god scripture to me and we Jinyi Guards will guarantee your safety!” At this time, a loud sonic boom resounded in the sky.

It was followed by the arrival of a large fleet of warriors streaking across the sky.

Dozens of warriors had arrived on the scene. They were all clad in the uniform of Jinyi Guards and none of them appeared weaker than the members of the Army of God. There were also a few legendary level experts among them, with each releasing intense killing intention in the vicinity. This group was quite eye-catching in a way.

And the one on the front was the famous Jinyi young master, whom Ye Xiwen had seen earlier.

Ye Xiwen knew that this should be the master of Jinyi Guards.

“Ye Xiwen, hand over all of the items which you have obtained in the ruins, and you shall live.” Jinyi young master said in a cold voice. He was quite pleased by the fact that Ye Xiwen had been surrounded and didn't seem to have any way out. Earlier, Ye Xiwen had been too strong an expert to deal with. In fact, even Jinyi Guards hadn't dared to face him. However, now that the tables had turned against Ye Xiwen, it was the perfect timing to ask him to surrender obediently.

“Jinyi Guards, I never thought that so many of these experts would arrive here. Could it be that Jinyi young master has called backup from Yongan City as well as from nearby cities?”

“Exactly! That one page of ancient god scriptures is said to have alarmed the entire organization of Jinyi Guards. If there was enough time, then more Jinyi Guards are estimated to arrive.”

“Encircled by both the Army of God and Jinyi Guards, I am afraid it is really a dead end for Ye Xiwen this time around.”

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