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Chapter 312 - Dragon essence is captured

Then, abruptly, a big hand that was made up of qi descended from the sky and attempted to grasp the fifth god's body.

That was the old patron saint who suddenly rushed out of the competition, going on over the dragon essence, to grab the fifth god's corpse.

Originally, the fifth god's corpse shouldn't have been so important to fight over but it happened to contain one page of an Ancient God Scripture. The old patron saint wanted to capture the fifth god's corpse before anyone else and use the ancient knowledge, contained in it, to enhance his own martial art practice.

It would take time because that entire page had already been refined by the fifth god and its essence was located inside his corpse.

“Do you want to die?” Ye Xiwen instantly waved his long blade and that big hand, which was extending toward the fifth god's corpse, was directly chopped off and extinguished the next instant.

“Ye Xiwen, you’ve already swallowed the flood dragon's corpse and now you also want to seize the page of an Ancient God Scripture?” The old patron saint looked coldly at Ye Xiwen and said. There was a look of greed clearly visible on his face.

Even a page from an Ancient Scripture was enough to make anyone excited.

“Yes, it's mine! If you really want to die, then come on and fight me.” Ye Xiwen sneered.

He struggled hard in a life or death kind of battle with the fifth god and once it was all over with his victory, that old patron saint wanted to meddle in and reap the benefits as a third party. He would certainly not allow that to happen so easily!

Ye Xiwen's eyes seemed even deeper and much profound as if the birth and death of the universe itself were repetitively taking place in the depths of his eyes.

“Hand over the ancient scripture to me and we Jinyi Guards will guarantee your safety during your stay in the Ming Empire!” Jin young master also appeared at this time and said while completely ignoring the ongoing fight over the dragon essence. Although the dragon essence was precious as well but when compared with a page of Ancient God Scripture, it was not so important actually. Forget about the experts of legendary realm, even the Sage level experts would go crazy for something like that.

The Jinyi Guards, the black-robed powerhouse as well as those elusive powerhouses of the older generation were staring at Ye Xiwen. The value of ancient scripture was simply inestimable and it was now inside the corpse of the fifth god. The one who would capture the corpse would also get a hold of that page. Moreover, there was a possibility that one might also manage to sense the rest of the ancient scripture by using that one page as the first step.

“When did Jinyi Guards start doing the work of bodyguard for random strangers?” Ye Xiwen sneered and said while making it very clear to everyone that he had his own aspirations regarding this page and nothing could convince him to give it up that easily.

“Humph, you sure do know how to talk big, young man. However, you must know that sometimes, it is best for your own good to act humbly and listen to your seniors.” At this time, an old man with profound cultivation stood up and said with a sneer, “Today I will teach you how to be respectful toward your seniors.”

The old man sneered again and blasted his fist, wielding the might of some type of terrifying boxing technique, all the way toward Ye Xiwen. The fist pressure swept over like a mighty ocean wave toward Ye Xiwen, as if to suppress the eternal domain with indomitable might.

“Old fogy, you alone dare to challenge me?” Ye Xiwen sneered and slashed with his long blade, releasing a radiant Bladelight that darted off in all directions along with a burst of deafening sharp sound. The Bladelight instantly flew toward the incoming fist pressure from multiple directions.

“Puchi!” Ye Xiwen's Bladelight annihilated the fist pressure in a flash by instantly cutting it into two halves. The Bladelight didn't stop there but went forward and directly crashed into the old man's body.

“Puchi!” That old man was caught off guard and was instantly cut in half by Ye Xiwen.

“Who else wants to try his luck? Come out right now!” Ye Xiwen said as he cast his ice-cold gaze skimming through the crowd.

Everyone was suddenly spellbound, had their minds blown away. They recalled how the fifth god, an expert at the second stage of half-step legendary realm, was unable to deal with Ye Xiwen's tyrannical power. He just never stood a chance against Ye Xiwen, not to mention several experts were directly slaughtered by him. No one was able to push Ye Xiwen into the disadvantageous situation throughout the course of battles so far in this small world. In fact, no one was able to occupy the winning side, even for a short time, while fighting with Ye Xiwen.

The fifth god struggled for some time until he was finally killed by Ye Xiwen, which made them all aghast with amazement. Although they very much wanted to obtain the page of ancient scripture from Ye Xiwen, they didn't have the confidence to face Ye Xiwen and immediately retreated at the first sight of him. If they couldn't face Ye Xiwen, then might as well just feign ignorance.

The experts were like they couldn't do anything about it anyway and began to hesitantly join the competition over the dragon essence. The dragon essence just lay like a dragon's corpse in the sky with a unit of terrifying attraction force, originating from it, that was increasingly pulling them toward the corpse.

Ye Xiwen also joined the competition immediately. With a flash of golden light, a big golden hand extended toward the dragon essence.

“Ye Xiwen, you’ve already obtained so much but you are still eyeing dragon essence?” Jin young master said in a discontented manner

“What a joke, don't tell me that you think of this as some kind of fair treasure hunt where everyone gets a share from the treasure trove? Something like one treasure per person? Remember, only those who are capable get to keep the heavenly treasures! Others simply keep on waiting and just watch from the sidelines.” Ye Xiwen sneered and simply didn't pay any attention to Jin young master's words.

Jin young master's complexion immediately turned unsightly. He secretly vowed in his heart that he would make Ye Xiwen go through hell. After exiting this small world, he would mobilize Jinyi Guards from all over the Ming Empire, while making sure that Ye Xiwen would be meeting a tragic end no matter what.

(NT: 死无葬身之地  sǐ wú zàng shēn zhī dì: to die without a burial site; to die a pauper; a tragic end)

How could Ye Xiwen not know what Jin young master what thinking at the moment? Just by looking at his mutated facial expression, Ye Xiwen knew that he was planning to take revenge. However, Ye Xiwen was not at all bothered because of a simple reason - there a large crowd present in the vicinity and some of them were bound to publicize this matter as soon as they would go out. Hence, he was already prepared to face the imminent crisis and all sorts of problems and stress that were soon going to come his way, in fact, he was prepared to be chased down as well so adding Jinyi Guards to all this mess would actually make no significant difference either.

However, he knew that there was nothing to solve this issue unless he could kill everyone otherwise there was literally no visible way to avoid the disclosure of news. Therefore, he was not planning to let go of the dragon essence because his only option was to do all he could to upgrade his own strength in an attempt to increase the possibility of his survival in the upcoming series of crisis.

The top players and their respective groups simultaneously launched their attacks, concentrating their combined powers onto the dragon essence. Although it was shaped as a dragon, it wasn't a real dragon. If it was a real dragon, then it would be impossible to its break defense with this level of attacks.

“Boom!” There resounded a terrifying sound of an explosion and the entire dragon essence shattered into pieces and spread throughout the sky.

Without any hesitation, Ye Xiwen took out his Tianyuan mirror and sent it out, capturing the dragon essence's figurehead which was located at its front end. At this time, other experts also went into action with the intention to not skip even a shred of dragon essence, capturing a piece after another with each of them grabbing their favorite piece. Ye Xiwen went in for another attempt to grab a piece, but by this time, there wasn't much left of the dragon essence's pieces. There were only a few pieces remaining and Ye Xiwen instantly attempted to grasp the last remaining piece.

“Boom!” Two big hands instantly collided in the sky. Both the Destruction Army and Ye Xiwen had spotted the same piece and tried to grab it at the exact same instant, only to end up rendering each other's attempt in vain. Meanwhile, taking advantage of this situation, other experts extended their big hands to grasp that piece of dragon essence.

“Humph!” Ye Xiwen snorted and swept out Bladelight that immediately chopped down all those big hands in midair and caused them to explode. That last piece of dragon essence finally ended up in Ye Xiwen's pocket.

The masters felt their complexions turning pale by Ye Xiwen's attack but they did not continue to get involved, after all, Ye Xiwen’s tyrannical power had been fully reflected while neutralizing their collaboration attack, not to mention the way he seized that last piece just now clearly revealed his insane strength. Moreover, they were more or less satisfied right now as all of them had managed to obtain at least one piece of dragon essence, with some of them obtaining over two pieces as well.

After all of this was over, the experts did not stay there any longer and immediately left the scene in abundance.

Half a month later, in the depths of the ruins of Wang Heavenly faction……

The entire ruins of Wang Heavenly faction, as a result of losing the dragon essence, had mostly dried up in absence of nourishment from spiritual arteries. So the entire environment was very harsh, filled with sandstorms everywhere, almost to the point of exaggeration. One could see that even the experts of truth realm would be torn in half directly in this kind of harsh environment.

The deeper they went in, these sandstorms continued to get more and more terrifying, and most importantly, it was very difficult for human experts to roam about in this environment but there were some hidden demon beasts that were already accustomed to such an environment after millions of years of evolution. In fact, it seemed like these storms were somehow related to those demon beasts. The region ravaged by these sandstorms had become the lair of demon beast and they had even formed a kingdom inside these giant storms. Countless demon beasts were thriving inside this demon beast kingdom.

As Ye Xiwen and his team ventured deeper, they found such storms getting more and more tyrannical with a lot of turbulence in the atmosphere.

They arrived in front of such a giant sandstorm which was about ten thousand meters high and several kilometers in diameter. It simply looked like a giant war-fortress that was targeting to sweep away all the enemies.

Ye Xiwen blazed with anger as soon as he saw many demon beasts lurking in this sandstorm.

The sandstorm was huge yet incredibly quick. Almost in a flash, it arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. The first ones to rush over were a type of sand type demon beasts. Their bodies were wrapped in layer upon layer of sand and each of them was at least at Complete Truth realm. They were working jointly to fire sand columns which then condensed together into a huge sand column and seemed to have tremendous power of impact, enough to move the mountains.

Ye Xiwen moved his palm and immediately blasted out a mysterious coiling dragon that soared out from the depths of the abyss, faced upwards and roared loudly. The huge sand column was directly torn open and even though some sand beasts were at half-step legendary realm, they were instantly blasted away. Some were killed while some of them were severely wounded. But who was Ye Xiwen? He was an expert that had already reached the peak of half-step legendary realm and his combat power was sufficient to defeat the experts of half-step legendary's second stage or even those at the third stage. There was no suspense in how his coiling dragon was able to tear that sand column apart.

(To be continued)


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