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Chapter 311 - The fifth god slaughtered

The forces of Destruction Army, Jin young master et al, were stationed nearby. Although they also wanted to the end result of this battle, they couldn't put down the contention over dragon essence. They did not have the time and luxury to witness someone else's battle.

A cold blade-tip swept through the golden divinities and cut across all the way, releasing a burst of golden light everywhere in the sky and cracking open voids at several spots. The chaos was visible on the other side of the cracks.

“Boom!” This collision was comparatively much more terrifying than the earlier one. The fifth god rushed toward Ye Xiwen, just like an ancient god carrying an unusually dreadful power with him that appeared to be divine in nature.

Their bodies were glittering and it seemed as if two golden statues of ancient gods had suddenly come to life and were engaged in a crazy battle.

“Bang!” A dreadful force ran through the halberd and penetrated into the fifth god's body, instantly rupturing his flesh and churning his blood. His huge body was sent flying horizontally all the way before maliciously crashing into a mountain peak.

Everyone was dumbfounded as the battlefield had been divided into two parts. One part of the battlefield was hosting the life and death battle between Ye Xiwen and the fifth god while the other part was witnessing a fierce competition among Jin young master as well as some profound elusive experts with profound cultivations, each of them competing for the dragon essence.

Although there were a lot of experts on the other side having intense fights with each other, the battle between Ye Xiwen and the fifth god was genuinely tragic. These two were ruthless, merciless and simply did not give any value to each other's existence.

Especially the fifth god who was accustomed to being domineering and tyrannical and this was the first time he completely fell under the wind. Moreover, among all the battles had with peers of his age and level, this was an unprecedented one.

After all, not even a few of them were able to push him back to such an extent, let alone a kid like Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate and rushed forward while towing his long blade, step by step across the sky. It seemed as if the size of the sky was shrinking inch by inch in his presence. As his glistening figure flickered once, almost in a breath's time, he caught up with the fifth god. The long blade transformed into a long dragon and its cold cutting edge swept down directly upon the enemy.

The fifth god suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze was like a blade, chilling and quite scary. He shot once again by channeling a surge of killing intention through his long halberd, all the way toward Ye Xiwen.

“Shua!” Ye Xiwen raised his long blade to block the incoming attack.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen stood firmly where he originally was but the space around him collapsed immediately under the impact of this horrifying attack.

The long halberd broke the universe!

The fifth god also took advantage of this opportunity to catch Ye Xiwen off guard. He was breathing heavily, had clenched his teeth with his face showing the appearance of a god that was ready to kill. Intermittent rays of golden light was twinkling through his body and one could see a bunch of quaint illegible text flashing within his body, and slowly combining together to form an ancient scripture.

“It's an incomplete ancient scripture!” Ye Mo exclaimed loudly, “No wonder they dare to call themselves the Army of God. It turns out that they really have obtained a part of god's inheritance!”

“Ancient scripture? What is that?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“There is a detached part of the universe, aloof from life and death. It is said that six fearful powerhouses jumped out of there. They claimed to be gods and some of them left behind ancient scriptures which are the essence of their spiritual life and have recorded the entirety of their perception of the universe, along with all sorts of magical spells and whatnot. Each time an ancient scripture makes an appearance, it causes bloody battles.” Ye Mo explained, “This fifth god had possibly obtained one page of an ancient scripture. No wonder he is tough, fierce and so hard to deal with.”

Gods are actually considered as taboo in Zhen Wu Jie. No one knows whether such a creature really exists or is just a myth. However, whether it's a legend or not is not entirely hidden from Ye Xiwen because he is exposed to a little something about gods. He can say for sure that gods are truly frightening creatures. Some demon beasts that seemed to have the blood of god flowing in their veins were much more powerful than ordinary demon beasts.

No wonder even a single page of an Ancient God Scripture was enough to create an earth-shattering powerhouse like the fifth god.

“Ye Xiwen, this is a big opportunity, ha ha ha ha!” Ye Mo shouted, “So what if he only has one page, it is still priceless. You will simply be unable to estimate its value no matter how much you try. You know, it is said that the gods only taught their ancient secrets to a handful of confidants and disciples. Unless a powerhouse like that falls from the sky, there is no way to obtain such a priceless treasure. You should consider yourself extremely lucky if you manage to obtain even a single page of an Ancient God Scripture.”

“Snatch it away before anyone else does. Others simply have no way to bring out the real value of this page, but if it falls into your hands then it's a different case altogether. You will be able to parse out massive amounts of information about the Ancient God Scripture inside your mysterious space which would bring immeasurable benefits to your future cultivation.”

Ye Mo and Ye Xiwen had been together for so long, naturally Ye Mo was aware of the existence of the mysterious space because Tianyuan mirror was now owned by Ye Xiwen. Hence, the tool spirit of the mirror just couldn't betray his master. Now, Ye Mo was like a confidant to him and knew almost everything about Ye Xiwen apart from the fact that he had come from the Earth.

The fifth god's back was burning with bursts of energy and each illegible character floating behind him contained the essence of true Dao. A unit of golden light fell upon his body and gradually healed his injuries.

However, the fifth god's complexion turned even more unsightly as he realized that the ancient page in his hand couldn't be used easily. Right now, he had actually been compelled by Ye Xiwen to bring it out and use it to defend himself, however, he could clearly feel the greedy looks centering upon him from all sides. He could sense the burst of joy popping in the hearts of almost all experts present on the scene, with their eyes full of greed. Of course, this outcome was perfectly conceivable. Even if he managed to kill Ye Xiwen, the news about this ancient page would still attract numerous experts to him.

Let alone the members of Destruction Army, Jin young master and the others whose burning hot gazes seemed extremely scary, even an ordinary expert would be more than able to understand the preciousness of an Ancient God Scripture. Even if there was only one page, it would still be considered as a priceless treasure.

No one could say for sure that gods really existed in this world, but there were a lot of people who believed that when someone kept on progressing and arrived all the way at the level of gods, they would acquire immortality and live forever. This was the so-called interpretation of god in the hearts of a vast majority of genius experts.

The gods are not indifferent, they do not govern myriad types of things under the sun, in the heart of an expert, the god is a super-strong and absolute being and anything he leaves behind is priceless treasure, even a standalone page from an Ancient God Scripture is not an exception to that.

Its value is inestimable, even more than the value of the dragon marrow because its effects are anyway going to be for a while, but one page from an Ancient God Scripture, once perceived through meditation, would help one in achieving much greater benefits which would stay for a lifetime.

“Ye Xiwen, prepare yourself to die!” Said the fifth god as these words jumped out through the gaps between his teeth. His facial expression became more and more ferocious. No matter what kind of trouble he would have to face in the future, right now, the biggest problem for him was that Ye Xiwen. He vowed to himself that he would definitely kill Ye Xiwen.

The fifth god's head was glowing brightly with the influence of Ancient God Scripture, sweeping away one after another. His state was restored to the pinnacle, his vitality was brimming as it seemed like his long halberd was applying horizontal compression on the sky, breaking the surrounding space and creating openings to the chaos. All of this was aimed at Ye Xiwen along with the surge of God's coercion that swept toward Ye Xiwen while shaking the entire world in the process.

Ye Xiwen was calm without fear. The long blade in the hand bloomed into a terrifying Bladelight; his golden clothes also released bursts of golden light that obscured half of the sky as the ice-cold tip of his blade cut horizontally toward the incoming attack.

“Bang!” The tips of the blade and the halberd had a fierce collision in midair, leading to a gorgeous explosion that swept away as many things as possible in the range and opened cracks in the surrounding space.

There was no comparison between the power displayed by the fifth god just now and what had been showing all this time. This was the effect of the page from an Ancient God Scripture which was also his trump card. Once used, there was no turning back.

A frightening force swept over to the side of the fifth god. That one page of Ancient God Scripture began to emit intermittent sounds of the chanting of ancient sutras from behind him. It was hard to tell how many eras had passed since the power of this ancient sutra chanting had been sealed inside that page, so as to block it from leaking outside.

As the raging energy storm rushed past Ye Xiwen's body, his golden clothes danced crazily in the stormy winds.

Even while facing the sudden insanely strong rise in the fifth god's power, Ye Xiwen's complexion remained unchanged. He just lightly said: “Your only option is to break through to the third stage of half-step legendary realm right now, or you shall die without a doubt. I will guarantee you that much.”

So long as one was not a complete fool, one could clearly sense a burning killing intention in the fifth god's heart. In fact, the fifth god never harbored a small killing intention toward his enemies because weeding out an enemy had been his principle all along.

Everyone was aghast with a sudden strike of amazement that took them off guard. Just now, they saw the power of the fifth god but they just couldn't comprehend as to what exactly was emboldening Ye Xiwen to the extent that he openly threatened the fifth god with no hesitation whatsoever? Of course, he also seemed to have enough power to defeat the fifth god.

Many experts were looking at Ye Xiwen!

“Such audacity!” The fifth god said with a sneer. He naturally did not dare to look down on Ye Xiwen anymore and had to put away his usual stance of overlooking all living things in front of him. However, he still could not come to terms with himself and felt like he might be able to kill Ye Xiwen. No wonder he was offering a sacrifice by resorting to using all his might and secrets in order to defeat Ye Xiwen.

“Die!” The fifth god shouted angrily, grasped the long halberd and rushed forward while sweeping away the overflowing godly might along with him. One could see a type of simple and unadorned aura, somewhat ancient in nature, being increasingly released by the Ancient God Scripture behind his body.

It was really like looking at a god. He went toward Ye Xiwen while leaving behind a trail of chaos. His black halberd appeared just like a black flood dragon as it roared loudly and soared into the sky from the abyss.

“Today, I will let you know what disparity of strength truly means!” Ye Xiwen sneered and immediately used the long blade in his hand to release a Bladelight as bright as the stars, dazzling the entire sky. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen was holding the entire horizon in his hand as his long blade.


With a horrifying sound of the collision, Ye Xiwen and the fifth god severely crashed into each other. The page of Ancient God Scripture also collided severely with Ye Xiwen's golden divinities and the impact caused the space avalanche in the surrounding region, exposing the jet black turbulence on the other side.

It was like a battle between two gods and the scene was simply spectacular. Ye Xiwen's Bladeqi contained an irresistible force and it cut off the fifth god's golden light right away.

The golden light dispersed. Figures of the two godlike warriors crisscrossed then staggered apart from each other as the fifth god's body suddenly made a 'Puchi' sound and blood came gushing out. His tall body had been cut into two halves, slantingly downward all the way from the shoulder. There was an utter look of disbelieve on his face. He just could not believe that he was defeated so easily in a blink of an eye.

Then, abruptly, a big hand descended from the sky and attempted to grasp the fifth god's corpse in midair.

(To be continued)


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