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Chapter 304 - Puts down the evil freaks

An absolutely terrifying force swept over toward Ye Xiwen and engulfed him.

His divinities immediately swept out of his body, wrapping the Mo siblings and the wolf cub and pushing them back several dozen feet before coming to a half. At this time, a terrible explosion occurred and blasted a huge crater in the ground.

Ye Xiwen looked up and saw a general in magnificent golden armor. His icy-cold eyes were staring at Ye Xiwen. His golden scaly armor was glowing breathtakingly in the sunlight.

He held an iron spear in his hands. The spear was suffused with anger and fearful resentment, whose extent was simply unimaginable. Who could say how many enemies had been slaughtered by this ominous spear.

He was riding an unusual black steed whose hooves were glowing with spooky black flames coming out of them. One could easily tell that this horse was an extraordinary breed of horse-type demon beasts.

The sky was obscured by the black flames that soon began to corrode the surrounding space that started to burn and produce sizzling sound.

The spectators held their breaths when they realized that the general in golden armor was riding a steed of legendary realm, indicating that he himself must be of higher level.

“Ye Xiwen, surrender your sword command or it'd be difficult for you to escape death today!” The golden armored general said in a cold voice. The sense of command in his voice was leaving no scope for negotiation.

Undoubtedly, he was a powerhouse from the older generation whose cultivation had already reached the peak of legendary first stage. He aspired to fight for the dragon essence in order to enhance his cultivation further more.

He was one of the several powerhouses of the older generation who obtained news about the appearance of sword commands.

And, why not? After all, when city's government office was also involved in this competition, why shouldn't the other powerhouses of the older generation? In this chaotic situation when the top players of the younger generation were going contend with each other for the ultimate treasure, the top players of the older generation were also prepared to make good use of their advantage as experienced experts with as much as 4 times more experience than their younger counterparts. Compared to them, the top players of the younger generation were too tender and inexperienced.

At this time, there sounded another loud laughter. It was creepy laughter that came from far away: “Ye Xiwen, so long as you hand over the sword command, I, your Grandpa Ku Mo, will guarantee your safety. I will also allow you to enter my practice cave and work as my personal disciple. Keep this in mind that if you accept my offer, you are going to be one in a million to enjoy such a privilege!”

As soon as the voice fell, accompanied by a ghostly wind, a black-robed figure appeared over the horizon. It was a tall, skinny and ugly-looking old man who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere like a ghostly apparition.

“Ku Mo ancestor, you dare to snatch the sword command from me?!” The golden armored generation angrily stared at the black-robed man. A surge of imposing aura rushed out of his body and went toward the old ancestor.

“Hump, what's wrong with that, huh? Why cannot I have a sword command?” Ku Mo waved his hand and the imposing aura suddenly disappeared without a trace. It was as if he did not pay any attention to the golden armored general.

“Ku Mo, so you think my army cannot trample flat your cave?” The golden armored general thundered. There was a rage in his voice, overflowing with majestic imposing aura.

“You can try!” Ku Mo replied, “I will just turn you into a human puppet.”

“They want the sword command so badly.” Ye Xiwen smiled, “Listen freaks, stop fighting among yourselves. You all can come at me together.”

“What are you two arguing about? Stop this nonsense. I know this little brother is smart and really understands people. He is definitely going to choose this elder sister as the owner of his sword command.” At this time, a charming voice sounded from afar. A burst of fragrance invaded the surroundings as a graceful figure came strolling from the distant horizon. She appeared to be in her twenties and had a very beautiful and seductive body. Her face was covered with only a thin while her private parts were moving seductively with her movements. Indeed, she looked very sultry. Several experts saw her and could not help but secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This woman was just too tempting.

As this woman continued to stroll forward, she was leaving behind a trail of pink fragrance. The experts who were in the range immediately found their complexion turn red, along with their wild fantasies being stirred at the same time.

Ye Mo was floating behind Ye Xiwen and even his face turned bright red. His reaction was really spectacular and unprecedented.

“Gee, this woman looks so seductive. She seems to have comprehended a profound seduction technique. No wonder the ordinary experts have no way to resist her charm.” Ye Mo said. “Among the devils, even the infamous clan of Succubus does not have such a high level of seductiveness.”

Ye Xiwen was unaffected by this burst of fragrance as was being protected by the cloak of golden divinities that were keeping off any outside interference, whether physical or non-physical in nature.

“Hu Meiniang, I never expected you get involved in the matters of Wang Heavenly faction.” Ku Mo ancestor turned toward the seductive woman and said with a creepy smile.

“Well, what do you know, my ancestors and Wang heavenly faction seem to have some old connections. So I am planning to get myself a sword command. I am sure this little brother will help his elder sister in fulfilling her goal.” Hu Meiniang gave a seductive look to Ye Xiwen and smiled.

Standing nearby, many experts secretly gulped their saliva. That woman's seductive aura was making them go wild and compelling them to contemplate romantic mischief.

However, no one dared to rush forward. Although this woman was simply irresistible, she had quite a reputation in Yongan city for being an ominous witch who enjoyed brutally torturing and killing young experts. She had her own sadistic methods of killing men and was well-known for her depraved evil arts, killing countless in her lifetime. Her hands were completely covered in blood.

No one was foolish enough to face such an ominous woman.

Ye Xiwen was not at all budged, instead he spoke in a calm voice while carrying a cold smile on his face: “You guys have really let me down. I am truly disappointed. I was expecting to be challenged by a powerful figure, but what did I get? You all are just a bunch of freaks that are practically begging to be put down.”

“So, you are not going to surrender the sword command to me?” Ku Mo asked in a dull voice.

“If you want me to hand it over so badly, why don't you try and make me do it?” Ye Xiwen smirked.

“Boy, you are courting death!” The general couldn't control the sudden burst of anger and immediately rode the steed toward Ye Xiwen. His dreadful imposing aura was constantly locking onto Ye Xiwen.

“Shua!” A loud piercing sound came out of the blue and an iron spear flew toward Ye Xiwen to assassinate him. In the endless ocean of roaring and resentful souls, lingering around the spear, the might of the spear continued to surge as it punctured the vault of heaven and arrived right in front of Ye Xiwen.

The spectators held their breaths, their complexions paled as they suddenly realized that a peerless genius like Ye Xiwen had committed the biggest mistake of his life. His strength was on par with the fifth god but he was still too young to be competing with the older generation. He was barely 20 years old whereas the golden armored general was four times his age, or even more. There was no way Ye Xiwen could compete with him and live.

Ye Xiwen moved instantly, like a golden lightning jumping through the clouds and blasted his palm that instantly transformed into a golden coiling dragon and rushed toward the enemy.

“Boom!” The coiling dragon collided with the iron spear and this result into a massive explosion.

“Bang!” Along with a deafening explosive noise, a strange yet horrifying energy channeled through the spear and leaped toward the golden armored general.

“Crash-bang!” As if being punctured in the jaws of death, his golden armor cracked open and blood spattered out from the cracks.

Even the divine steed was pushed back several steps by this explosion. Ye Xiwen's power was just extremely terrifying.

The golden armored general quickly healed the injury in his hand and looked at Ye Xiwen with an incredible look in his eyes. His army had fought for hundreds of years and each time they faced a strong opponent, he would fight at the front and wreak havoc on the enemy forces, sweeping everything on the battlefield. He would always rely on his outstanding power and destructive capability to weaken the energy forces, however, today he was made to have a taste of his own medicine by Ye Xiwen.

He certainly didn't know that his so-called destructive power was nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's divine power.

Ye Xiwen was not in a mood to waste time on this general. He immediately summoned the Hanshan seal in the sky and rushed toward the general.

“Die!” The general roared and regardless of a huge mountain of energy falling down from the sky, he rushed straight toward Ye Xiwen. His plan was to kill Ye Xiwen before Hanshan seal's impact.

He was extremely fast and appeared in front of Ye Xiwen in a flash.

“Shua!” Ye Xiwen stretched out his hand that was wrapped in divinities. He directly grabbed the spear and this clash set off a storm of rogue energy in all direction.

“This is impossible!” The general looked incredibly at Ye Xiwen. He couldn't believe his eyes. His spear was unable to piece Ye Xiwen's hand, in fact, it couldn't even put a scratch on his skin. He thought, just what was the extent of this youngster's toughness?

“Nothing is impossible in this world, now go to hell!” Ye Xiwen sneered and the Hanshan seal finally smashed down.

“Boom!” With a horrendous noise, both the general and his steed were smashed by the Hanshan seal. Even at the point of death, the general couldn't believe how Ye Xiwen's body could be so formidable.

Ku Mo and Hu Meiniang couldn't believe what they just saw. With their eyes wide open and an incredible look in them, they were staring at Ye Xiwen. They just couldn't understand how a youngster like Ye Xiwen managed to kill a veteran general in such a short period of time.

Not to mention, they soon realized that they had messed with the wrong guy.

“Now it's your turn.”

(To be continued)


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