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Chapter 303 - Competition for sword command

As the information about the location of the eighth sword command came to light, the Seven Star Lords (Qixing) Organization immediately surfaced and the sword command fell into the hands of the Destruction Army, working under this organization. These were tall, burly and intrepid young males with an ominous presence in this region. Rumors were that whenever they went all out, nobody could stop them.

Along with the appearance of Destruction Army, the news about the seven star lords also began to be slowly known. The Seven Star Lords Organization was not an ordinary group on this road but a tyrannical organization that was placed on a par with the Army of God and well-known to the experts who were traversing this road. It was said that Seven Star Lords Organization was composed of seven top young experts who were tyrannical enough to dominate the entire organization and command the Destruction Army.

Suddenly, many people had started talking about the seven star lords, after all, the tyranny of the Destruction Army was the real deal. There were a lot of small and large groups operating on various roads to TMU and since each group or organization was supposed to have its own territory, this road had always been dominated by the Army of God whereas the Destruction Army of Seven Star Lords Organization was operating on some other road. However, now they arrived on this road to compete for the sword command and this was bound to spark a fierce clash between the two forces.

Everyone was waiting to see how the Army of God would react. It didn't take long for the news to reach the fifth god and he immediately went into action to retrieve the sword command from the Destruction Army.

Who would have known that the fifth god's declaration of war would have no effect on the Destruction Army? The fifth god was extremely furious and he directly clashed with the Destruction Army, however, he gave up later on and retreated.

Although no one knew what happened to make him retreat, it was pretty obvious that he had been unable to subdue the Destruction Army and had to give up in the end.

Now that seven of the eight sword commands had already appeared and were now in the possession of their respective owners, everyone was eagerly waiting for the appearance of the last one. Most experts didn't know that Ye Xiwen already had a sword command until the Army of God openly announced about it being in the possession of Ye Xiwen. Their original intention to do so was to incite experts into attacking Ye Xiwen but no one knew that even though many people were envious of Ye Xiwen, no one was daring to attack Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had been staying low-key after his fight with the fifth god, the news about which had already spread throughout the Yongan city and everyone knew about it. Now, it was an established fact that Ye Xiwen was as powerful and fierce as the fifth god so who would dare to mess with him?

Now the news about the eighth sword also spread, everyone started waiting for the small world to open.

Sure enough, the fifth god took the position of a leader and summoned the other sword command owners. He also sent invitation tickets to those who wanted to go along with them into the small world. A large group of experts had gathered just outside the Yongan city, near a mountain range that was originally home to the ancient faction before its decline.

And as the owner of a sword command, Ye Xiwen naturally received the invitation as well. Even if the Army of God didn’t want Ye Xiwen to be a part of this ceremony, as long as he was in possession of a sword command, they had no choice but to summon him as well.

Ye Xiwen, the Mo siblings and the wolf cub were flying toward the mountain range.

There just were too many experts who had gathered to venture into the small world. Besides a majority of experts of the younger generation, there were a lot of tyrannical experts from the older generation in the crowd.

Ye Xiwen and his team could certainly be ranked among the top of younger generation but their overall strength was nothing in comparison when considering some of the experts of the older generation that had gathered there.

It was hard to guess the sheer number of experts that were attracted to arrive here, each wanting to have a slice of the treasure.

Ye Xiwen was in no hurry and slowly flying toward the mountain. His team was also surrounded by many people who knew his identity; all of them were staying away and not daring to come near Ye Xiwen. They had already heard a lot of insane rumors about him; killing a half-step legendary expert in one shot being one of them, not to mention about his fight with the fifth god. They had not seen him in action but they could sense his tyrannical presence. At least, the experts of younger generation did not have the courage to challenge Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” At this time, a terrifying breath spread throughout the sky.

A handsome young man in embroidered silk robe and waving a folding fan flew by like a beam of light, followed by eight guys in similar embroidered robes. Each of them had profound cultivation level, least being half-step legendary realm with two of them being at half-step legendary first stage.

Some people recognized this unusual group.

“It's the young master of Jinyi Guards! He is finally here!”

“It really is him! Since that day, the bloody-handed Jin young master's reputation has continued to resound throughout the Ming Empire as the cruel and merciless genius.”

“If he was not cruel and merciless as they say, how else would have emerged victorious from the harsh training of the younger generation of Jinyi Guards. I would say, he is among the top players in the younger generation of experts.”

“Gee, it really is the team of Jinyi young master. Just look at them, each and every one of them is in half-step legendary realm and has unfathomable cultivation depth.”

“If Jinyi young master is embarking on this ancient road, does it mean that Jinyi Guards are planning to turn this road upside down?”

“Now many young experts have stepped onto this road, cropping up many unknown yet invincible masters from all directions as well. Only the time will tell who will be victorious in the end.”

They were not discussing loudly as they didn't want to get on the wrong of Jinyi Guards, the largest intelligence agency of Ming Empire.

“These Jinyi Guard people seem like rampant individuals.” The wolf cub said with disdain. He didn't like rampant people because he couldn't get used to seeing other more rampant than him. Only he had the right to the most rampant and arrogant; no one must surpass him in this department.

“Compared to the Army of God, they have been more low-key.” Ye Xiwen said dismissively. As they flew out of the city, they saw hundreds of members of the Army of God rushing toward the mountain range. As opposed to the show-off attitude of the Army of God, only a handful of Jinyi Guards had arrived for the event.

The so-called luxury of being low-key in big events!

“Having fewer experts in a team improves its efficiency. Although the Army of God has a lot of members, most of them are useless baggage.” Ye Xiwen said lightly, “What's the point of having hundreds of losers when I can easily kill all of them?”

One simply couldn't blame Ye Xiwen for thinking this way. This was the kind of world where only the strong had the right to command respect.

Ye Xiwen only needed to pay attention to formidable experts like the fifth god while his subordinates were nothing more than a bunch of losers who were wasting their time, serving others.

The Seven Star Lords Organization was also a similar group like the Army of God but with only seven members. Ye Xiwen had not seen them but could make a guess that all seven of them were elites, just like the five gods.

The Mo siblings were secretly speechless. Ye Xiwen's statement had left them flabbergasted, after all, only a top player like Ye Xiwen could talk like that. They themselves stood in the same league as the losers Ye Xiwen was looking down on. With respect to him, the ordinary members of the Army of God were simply not worth paying attention to, however in reality, it was a terrifying organization with each and every one of its members being extraordinary young elites.

After Jinyi young master's team, another group of experts appeared in the sky. This group was being led by an old expert who had an unfathomable cultivation depth.

Some sharp-eyed people immediately recognized that it was a team of experts who represented the government office of Yongan city.

“Look, this is the team representing Yongan city's government office. They are called the protectors of Yongan city and defend the government office. It is said that the previous generation's city lord once rescued the life of this old man and he has been defending the government office ever since. He has unfathomable strength and has saved Yongan city several times. He has basically become the patron god of Yongan city.”

“Yes, no one knows where he came from but some people say that he is from TMU while some say that he is from some unknown sect. In short, he is very mystical and nobody really knows his past.”

Ye Xiwen and the others soon approached the mountain range, and further went toward the large gathering of experts.

“Oi, are you Ye Xiwen? Surrender your sword command or it would be difficult for you to escape death!” An aggressive voice sounded as a terrifying force swept across.

(To be continued)


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