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Chapter 302 - Sword command ownership

“How did you mess with this guy?” After the fifth god left, Ye Xiwen and the others no longer stayed behind and went back to the city. The wolf cub also followed Ye Xiwen and settled in the inn along with him.

“Don't talk about that bastard! He tried to tame me and turn me into his pet.” The wolf cub said in his usual foul-mouthed language. A proud wolf like him was bound to be angry, after all, even if Ye Xiwen had caught him on the demon island but never treated him like a pet. The wolf cub was treated as a partner by Ye Xiwen, but the fifth god wanted him to surrender. This was simply impossible.

When the wolf cub had fought with the fifth god for the first time, he had been at a disadvantage that time and the struggling battle helped him in setting foot into the half-step legendary realm, but still came close to getting captured by the fifth god. He was seriously injured as well.

However, the wolf cub was not the type who wouldn't fight back after suffering a loss. He continued to mess with the Army of God on multiple occasions. He even had a fierce battle with an elite expert of half-step legendary realm because the expert wanted to grab him and force him into the ranks of the Army of God. As a result, the wolf cub had been chased down for several days by the clan of that young master.

That explained a lot about the current situation but Ye Xiwen was curious to know what happened to Jian Wuchen.

“Where is Jian Wuchen?” Ye Xiwen asked as he had been unable to hear any news about him.

“A few days ago, that guy was stranded in a valley and actually found a giant ancient heritage, related to sword arts. So he decided to stay and assimilate it.” The wolf cub replied.

Ye Xiwen nodded. Obtaining a sword art heritage was indeed a great fortune for a sword master like Jian Wuchen.

The Mo siblings heard this and appeared a little envious. Compared to Ye Xiwen, they were more aware of the importance of this kind of fortuitous adventure and heritage. Experts had been known to have grown profoundly powerful after finding such heritage.

This road was riddled with elites from various regions, and at their current levels, the siblings’ existence was nothing more than an ant's in this competitive environment; like an ant that was on the road to TMU, ready to be crushed by any other genius of the younger generation.

In a place where geniuses had gathered up like ants, only a few people could climb the ladder and shine above all.

Everyone was aware of this brutal truth but was still resolutely embarked on this road, in order to prove their worth. They needed to have an invincible state of mind, while constantly hoping to come across a great adventure on this road, a miracle to make them stronger than others. In reality, something like that was certainly not possible and only a few lucky ones obtained such an opportunity to witness a fortuitous encounter that could change their destiny. Everyone wanted to be a top player and any such opportunity was craved by all. This was the fundamental reason why so many experts were unceasingly coming to traverse this road.

Like earlier, Hua Menghan obtained an extraordinary heritage on the demon island. Ye Xiwen never asked her what it was because it was presumably not an ordinary one.

Ye Xiwen remained low-key for several days, also restrained the wolf cub from going out to stir up trouble everywhere. He began closed-door training and indulged in final preparations before the opening of the small world. Anyway, he already had a sword command in his possession so he was not anxious, just waiting for the right time to make an appearance.

But just because Ye Xiwen was relaxing, it did not mean that the entire Yongan city was peaceful as well, on the contrary, in order to compete for the 8 sword commands, the entire city was in chaos. On the second day of Ye Xiwen's closed-door practice, he heard the news that the fifth god had already gotten his hands on 3 sword commands.

The members of the Army of God were continually searching for sword commands under the leadership of the fifth god. Their overbearing reputation was like a declaration to all and everyone was aware of their intentions of opening the small world to monopolize the treasure inside.

Besides the three sword commands in the fifth god's possession, one with Ye Xiwen, the fifth sword command finally made an appearance and it turned out to be in the possession of Yongan City Lord's hands. The city lord personally moved into action and snatched the fifth sword command before the fifth god could get his hands on it. After losing the fight, the fifth god had to resentfully give up on it.

After all, the Army of God, although very strong, was only an organization consisting of young experts, with almost all of them below 50 years of age. There certainly were a lot of talented evildoers (monsters) in the older generation and the Army of God couldn't risk provoking them.

Then the news about the appearance of the sixth sword command soon spread. It soon fell into the hands of a super-terrifying influence of the Ming Empire, the largest intelligence agency called 'Jinyi Guards'. Their strength, as well as influence, was almost unimaginable and making it impossible for other experts to dare and snatch the sword command from them.

This time, the operation was led by a super genius from the younger generation of Jinyi Guards. He was one of the top young masters of Ming Empire.

With the emergence of Jinyi young master, the news about him spread all over the city, inciting several discussions about him and his past. It was found out that Jinyi young master had been specially trained by Jinyi Guards since childhood when they found out that he was exceptionally talented. He demonstrated extraordinary talent and had participated in bloody battles to contribute significantly to Jinyi Guards' glory. He had already defeated countless internal contemporaries and gradually reached the status of the best genius in the younger generation of Jinyi Guards.

Jinyi young master's strength level really raised some eyebrows, not to mention being a native genius of the Ming Empire, even the government of Yongan City was proud of him.

Moreover, Jinyi young master had already gotten permission from the top brass of Jinyi Guards to participate in the conquest that was ongoing on the ancient route to TMU.

Jinyi young master was extremely strong and the day he joined the conquest, countless experts lost their lives. He became the reason behind the river of blood, spilled from the bodies of elite warriors who tried to stand in his way, including the members of the Army of God. However, no one dared to make irresponsible remarks because they knew about Jinyi Guard's invincible power as Ming Empire’s largest intelligence agency. Messing with an organization of spies and assassins was never going to be good for anyone.

The appearance of the sixth golden sword command had already spilled a river of blood, so the whereabouts of the seventh sword command made them clamor, causing numerous casualties of strong experts at the hands of a black-robed mysterious expert. Jinyi young master and several other experts engaged in a competition over the seventh sword command, however, Jinyi young master played his trump card and directly began a breakthrough from half-step legendary realm to half-step legendary first stage on the site, thereby invoking the heavenly tribulation on-site. The other experts were scared of entering the field of heavenly tribulation to snatch the sword command, with several trying and dying in the process. The might of heavenly tribulation was infamous and the deaths of several geniuses scared off the others from trying. At this time, the black-robed mysterious expert strolled through the heavenly tribulation and snatched away the sword command while Jinyi young master was busy having a breakthrough.

The unexpected outcome caused an uproar among experts, moreover, the most important question was – who was this black-robed mysterious powerhouse who was so outrageously powerful?

A lot of experts were shocked, after all, how could such a strong powerhouse not have a pre-existing fame in the world of martial arts?

Stepping into the range of someone else's heavenly tribulation was a very serious and life-threatening stunt and even true geniuses wouldn't dare to pull off such a stunt.

While everyone was still discussing the incident about the seventh sword command and the black-robed expert, rumors about the whereabouts of the eighth sword command soon spread throughout the city, along with the news of it being in the grasp of a group called Qixing.

(To be continued)


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