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Chapter 301 - Hand to hand fight

A big hand instantly shrouded the sky and went toward the wolf cub to grab him.

“Ye Xiwen, just act already! What are you waiting for!” The wolf cub hastily called out. He had spotted Ye Xiwen in the crowd long time and ago.

Ye Xiwen smiled and thought- this wolf cub is really very smart and astute!

Of course, he wouldn't keep the wolf cub waiting any longer and instantly moved into action. His killing intention immediately flashed and spread out in all directions, instantly blotting out the sky and overwhelming the fifth god's aura.

“Who is this man, daring to challenge the fifth god?”

This question cropped up in everyone's hearts as they just couldn't dare to believe that someone would dare to challenge the fifth god. After all, they would never dare to stand in the way of the fifth god?

The reason was simple- going against the fifth god meant instant death.

“Boom!” The golden divine nature of Ye Xiwen was just like a golden tide that blotted out the sky and swept across in all directions. The fifth god's big hand happened to be in the way of this destructive golden tide and was directly annihilated, turning into Lingqi before dissipating into thin air.

Everyone saw a blue figure floating above the golden tide and overlooking the fifth god.

Ye Xiwen's cold eyes were staring at the fifth god. The wolf cub was sitting cross-legged beside him in midair.

Ye Xiwen had painted the world golden within moments. Now, the surrounding area looking like a portrait made up of gold, like a true masterpiece painted by God himself.

“Who are you? How dare you stand in the way of the Army of God?” The fifth god stared back at Ye Xiwen and said in a loud voice.

“Army of God, you say? Never heard of it, am I supposed to care?” Ye Xiwen replied with a smile. “God? Are you trying to tell this year's funniest joke or something?”

Ye Xiwen said and burst into laughter. At this time, the onlookers faintly recognized the hidden meaning of his words, claiming to be God was overly rampant. Those daring to use the name of God according to their convenience were definitely too arrogant to reason with, but the truth was undeniable that this organization was very strong, and on this route, no one dared to act against the Army of God. Even the wolf cub came almost close to getting captured by them. When facing just one was so dangerous, there were five of them in total.

“Are you suicidal?” The fifth god replied without losing his cool as intended by Ye Xiwen. Seeing the wolf cub arrive beside Ye Xiwen was certainly making his furious.

“Ye Xiwen, you have to be careful, he is very strong!” The wolf cub said. Even if he had this insanely insolent personality, he still was honest and said that the fifth god was very strong. Right now, he was recovering and knew well that he was not an opponent of the fifth god.

The wolf cub didn't need to state the obvious because Ye Xiwen could tell the same from the fifth god's imposing aura that was cutting through the sea of his golden energy like sharp blades and rushing toward him.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's clothes were fluttering under the terrifying coercion blowing from the other side. For an average expert of half-step legendary realm, staying in the way of such a dreadful pressure could literally run them over and crush them to death.

Ye Xiwen emitted golden divinities from his body and instantly neutralized the dreadful pressure.

The spectators who were watching this scene suddenly held their breaths and then immediately retreated far away. They did not want to stay in the range while a collision between the two dreadful imposing auras was taking place.

After witnessing Ye Xiwen's strength firsthand, even the fifth god's face revealed a dignified expression. He could already tell that Ye Xiwen was going to be a very strong opponent.

“Aren't you known as god? What happened?! Use your godly powers and try again, loser!” After having the support of Ye Xiwen, the wolf cub started to clamor immediately.

The fifth god's cold eyes stared at Ye Xiwen and the wolf cub and he instantly rushed forward, cutting right through the golden tide. A long halberd appeared in his hands. This was the first time he was resorting to using a weapon against an opponent, in fact, even while contending with an old expert over a sword command few days ago; he did not need to use a weapon. However, while facing Ye Xiwen, he had to resort to using his halberd that had a mysterious glowing pattern carved in it.

“Although no one knows who the fifth god really is, it can be said that he is among the top players of the younger generation. That is why he managed to obtain the title of Fifth God. Many older experts of half-step legendary first stage have tried to snatch this title from him but couldn't even force him to use his weapon.”

“Yes, the halberd you see in his hands is rumored to be a weapon of god and is said to have infinite might!”

“A weapon used by the god? This is definitely impossible because nobody knows whether there is god in this world or not. We just read about gods in our extraordinary history, that's all.”

The halberd shot instantly like a sharp blade with unparalleled speed and made a path by cutting the space in half, just like a picture scroll being torn into two pieces.

Such a stunning attack released boundless coercion in all directions, forcing the spectators to further retreat and move out of the range, otherwise, they would have to face the risk of getting chopped to pieces.

Ye Xiwen's body was instantly covered with golden divinities as he gave a loud shout and directly rushed forward, trampling the space on the way and blasted a punch toward the halberd.

“Boom!” There sounded a terrifying metal clanging noise along with a massive explosion that set off waves of rogue energy in all directions, ravishing anything in its way. Ye Xiwen stood uninjured with only a trace of white scratch on his golden fist that healed almost instantly.

Ye Xiwen was in high spirits as his battling intention was soaring constantly. After stepping into the half-step legendary realm, he finally met a worthy opponent to test the limits of his own strength.

“Extremely arrogant!” Fifth god exclaimed with a cold facial expression painted on his face. He waved his halberd once and suddenly unleashed an enormous burst of condensed energy toward Ye Xiwen with a 'Boom!'

Ye Xiwen was no longer polite and instantly rushed past the incoming attack while simultaneously unleashing a sea of golden divinities toward his opponent.

“Boom!” The two sides collided in the sky and led to an enormous collision that set off tremendous blast waves everywhere which mutually submerged the two in the process.

The two golden figures instantly collided once again. Ye Xiwen's monstrous palm attack pressed down like a mountain and instantly crashed into the fifth god's equally massive mountainous palm attack. The two mountains severely collided and crumbled into an enormous ocean of energy.

“Boom!” The two figures detached from each other and a stream of blood splashed out from the wound that was torn open in Ye Xiwen's palm by the fifth god's halberd.

Ye Xiwen did not say anything, just looked at the fifth god with an ice-cold expression on his face. The Phoenix regeneration instantly repaired his wound while he thought in his heart that this halberd was really no ordinary weapon. He had already practiced gilded tyrant form to the forth layer and even an expert of half-step legendary first stage should find it very difficult to injure his gilded body.

Ye Xiwen never thought that his gilded body would actually be injured. In fact, if it was an ordinary expert in place of him, they would have been split in half already.

Ye Xiwen did not know that the fifth god was even more surprised. He rarely resorted to using his halberd, but when he did, it brought instant death to his opponents. But this time, his halberd managed to pull out a minor wound on his opponent's palm. This was already beyond his imagination.

Fifth god's complexion was pale as he glanced at Ye Xiwen, seemed to consider something then said: “Next time, I will take your life.”

After that, the fifth god left with his forces while the spectators continued to watch this scene in bewilderment. They just couldn't understand why would the fifth god just leave like that? Could it be that he was actually afraid of Ye Xiwen?

This was not right, after all, everyone watched the battle from beginning and it never seemed like the fifth god was falling under the wind, both of them appeared equally matched and Ye Xiwen was even injured a bit. Such being the case, how could the fifth god miss this opportunity to teach Ye Xiwen a lesson?

Nobody knew what the fifth god was thinking, they had no precise answer.

Ye Xiwen did not stop the departure of the fifth god because the small world had not yet opened, so a deathmatch with the fifth god wouldn't be worthwhile anyway.

Moreover during the confrontation, Ye Xiwen truly never had a clear upper hand. If the fifth god had not retreated, it would inevitably be an enduring battle.

(To be continued)


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