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Chapter 300 - The fifth god appears

At this time, the well-uniformed members of God's Army were flying all over the city.

Ye Xiwen finally got up and set out of the restaurant. Although he was finally going to meet the wolf cub, he was not in a rush and appeared to be going at his own pace. He was not willing to interfere because he knew that there was no need to do so in the first place.

“Brother Ye, are you going to take a look?” Mo Yan looked at Ye Xiwen and said. Ye Xiwen had killed a half-step legendary member of the Army of God, and there was a possibility that he was on their hit-list now, even if he had killed all the witnesses. However, it was the best for them to stay away from the Army of God.

“Yes, I am going to meet a good friend of mine. You two can wait here.” Ye Xiwen said.

“No, please let us come with you.” Mo Yan secretly clenched his teeth and said.

Ye Xiwen smiled, thought that Mo Yan was quite courageous. Even after knowing the possibility of bumping into the fifth god, he still dared to go with Ye Xiwen. Perhaps, Mo Yan was worried about the treasure that was now in Ye Xiwen's possession.

The three of them flew out of the city along with several streamers of lights. The sky above the city was filled with figures of experts flying at incredible speeds.

Ye Xiwen and the other two soon arrived at an open field that was encircled by a large group of experts, mostly the members of the Army of God.

A large number of experts were floating in the sky and watching from the sidelines.

“Damn you, dog demon, you will die today!” A skinny member of God's Army said while staring at the wolf cub who was standing in the center of the field.

Ye Xiwen noticed that the wolf cub had grown up significantly, almost reaching up to his chest, and contrary to the rumors, his strength level was already rivaling that of legendary experts.

“Fuck you! You are a dog; your entire family is the lowest breed of dogs.” The wolf cub suddenly shouted with anger boiling in his eyes. The onlookers immediately started to laugh aloud, thinking that this wolf demon beast was definitely stupid.

“You are all talk but no action. The only thing you are good at is running away, but today, you can forget that as well. I will first skin you, then pull out your muscles and crush your bones.” The skinny expert said in a provocative tone.

“You think this prince will escape? I’m right here, show me what you got!” The wolf cub smiled and proudly said. He did not seem afraid of being surrounded by so many experts because his agility skill was very mysterious. In fact, without relying on the speed boost from the devil wings, even Ye Xiwen wouldn't be able to catch up with the wolf cub's speed, even the so-called fifth god was unable to catch him.

“Everybody, today we will butcher this dog and eat a pot full of dog meat curry. Begin!” Said the skinny expert, and immediately, dozens of members of God's Army sprang toward the wolf cub.

“Boom!” The wolf cub opened its mouth wide and spat out a rotating divine beam that rushed forward as if piercing the expansive sky, sweeping away everything in its way.




Several members of the Army of God were directly vaporized by the divine beam, not giving them any chance to approach the wolf cub.

“Shitty demon beast, die already!” The skinny expert blasted a punch, unleashing a burst of surging Zhen Yuan towards the wolf cub.

“Humph! Heavenly Wolf Howling Moon!” The wolf cub snorted then muttered something, after which, he turned his face upward toward the sky and howled. His whole body was enveloped in an ominous aura as the moon instantly started to change color. The sky was dark a moment ago but a perfectly round bright moon rose up in the sky, showering beautiful yet ominous moonlight everywhere.

Under the illumination of moonlight, the wolf cub galloped forward. The earth began to vibrate vigorously, and in a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the skinny expert, opened his mouth and swallowed the Zhen Yuan attack at point blank range. Then immediately stretched his claws and grabbed that skinny expert.

“Puchi!” The skinny expert was instantly torn into two parts, his blood splattering everywhere, bone chips flying off in the air. An expert of half-step legendary realm had been directly torn apart.

The skinny expert died on the spot, shocking many experts who were watching this scene.

The wolf cub glanced at the skinny expert's corpse that was now in two parts, and said in his usual foul-mouthed manner: “Now go cook a pot of your bitch sister's meat in hell, you shitty dog.”

Everyone was terrified by this scene, after all, an expert of half-step legendary realm was brutally butchered in front of their eyes, without even getting a chance to fight back. This wolf was really a monster!

One must know that on this road, the experts of half-step legendary realm were considered extremely extraordinary figures, powerful enough to run amuck in any city of this region. Not to mention, the Army of God was famous for having strict recruitment process with very harsh standards, with no scope of non-elites becoming a member. All members of the God's Army were considered pure elites.

An expert of half-step legendary realm was definitely an outstanding character but still failed to last even a moment in front of the wolf monster. This wolf monster was formidable to what extent? Was it already an expert of half-step legendary first stage?

(NT: Power level at Half-step legendary first stage = Power level at Legendary first stage, but, without the breakthrough)

“This wolf demon beast is a monster. Damn, look at its strength level! It can easily contend with the top players of the younger generation.”

“Yes, but I don't know, maybe the fifth god will personally move into action. It would be a lot of fun to watch a battle between them.”

“Catch him!” A member of the Army of God suddenly shouted frantically. Several experts of half-step legendary realm rushed toward the wolf cub at once.

This organization of Army of God was indeed one of the best-organized groups known to Ye Xiwen. There were actually only a few good half-step legendary experts in the group but each had unimaginable cultivation depth. Ye Xiwen hadn't come across any other organization so well trained and well structured. As a fellow expert, he truly felt respect for the founder of the Army of God.

“Humph!” An expert of half-step legendary realm suddenly punched toward the wolf cub, smashing the space into multiple pieces in the process.

The wolf cub suddenly jumped upward and turned into a streamer of light, avoiding the encirclement entirely. The members simply had no way to catch him; on the contrary, he started killing the members one after another.

Many onlookers were secretly surprised; the wolf cub's agility skill was not ordinary. No wonder he went as far as picking a fight with an entire team of God Army. So it seemed like the rumor about the fifth god failing to catch him was not fake.

“Hey, you idiots are too slow, just like turtles.” The wolf cub made no concessions while ridiculing them.

Ye Xiwen looked at the wolf cub and noticed that there had been a tremendous change in his agility skill and overall speed. He could tell that these experts were not fast enough to catch up with the wolf cub, in fact, he himself would need to use his devil wings to match the wolf cub's speed!

“Humph!” At this time, a loud voice resounded in the sky and a big hand stretched down from above, turned into an insanely sturdy cage and tried to trap the wolf cub.

“Damn it, a surprise attack!” The wolf cub suddenly cursed and immediately flew several dozen feet away. He successfully went out of the range of that cage

“Boom!” The cage crashed into the ground and created a huge crater.

Although the wolf cub escaped, the enemy was obviously not ready to give up. Another cage fell down from high altitude, right upon the wolf cub.




With a loud roar, cages fell down to the ground one after another.

“Fifth god, you bastard, you shouldn't have appeared in front of me.” The wolf cub yelled but did not have the means to maintain a cool look on his face, on the contrary, he was in complete distress right now.

“Fifth god!”

“Fifth god has arrived!”

“Where is he?”

“Are you telling me the fifth god has arrived at Yongan city? This monster wolf is so dead now!”

“I heard that the fifth god has taken a fancy to this wolf demon and wants to have it as a pet, but did not expect that it would be so formidable. He had to face a lot of trouble and still wasn't able to tame it.”

“I think the fifth god is going to slaughter this wolf monster.”

The fifth god's popularity was simply off the charts. Being the lowest ranked god, he was approachable and was similar to a role model for all junior members of the organization who looked up to him and wanted to be like him.

A stalwart figure came out from the void. His facial features made him appear quite domineering, with his black hair fluttering in the wind. The golden robe was really complimenting his tall stature as he was overlooking the world like a real god from ancient times.

This was the infamous expert of the God's Army, the fifth god.

“I hope you are prepared to die, little one?” The fifth god looked at the wolf cub with an ice-cold look flashing in his eyes.

“You are courting death!” The wolf cub roared, “Who do you think you are, eh? You are no god; your title is nothing but shit. I have seen much stronger individuals than you and even they do not dare to claim to be some god. You better not bite off more than you can chew.”

“Humph!” The fifth god did not say anything, just stretched out his big hand that gotg bigger and bigger while going toward the wolf cub.

(To be continued)


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