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Chapter 299 - Dragon essence

Ye Xiwen turned around to face the two siblings. The young male Mo Yan said: “I am Mo Yan, this is my little sister Mo Xiang, we are deeply grateful to you for saving our lives.”

“It was no big deal.” Ye Xiwen certainly would not say that he wasn't planning to interfere in the beginning, but had to when the members of God's Army attacked him for no reason.

“I am probably taking the liberty to ask you, but why are the members of God's Army after you two?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“You don't know what's going on?” Mo Yan looked strangely at Ye Xiwen and asked.

“I just came here, so do not know much.” Ye Xiwen replied.

“I see.” Mo Yan nodded then said, “It is not a big surprise that there is a big city located behind this mountain range. It is called Wing City and was originally a huge martial school with its own small world, which is rumored to have been concealing a lot of heavenly treasures. And there is this one kind of treasures that can help an expert from directly jumping from half-step legendary realm to the legendary realm; it's called dragon essence!”

“Dragon essence?” Ye Xiwen was suddenly startled because he also knew about dragon essence being the legacy, left behind after the death of dragon arteries.

The so-called dragon arteries were a kind of spiritual arteries but were considered top level among spiritual pulses. They not only contained adequate Lingqi but also brought strong destiny. An ordinary spiritual artery allowed the survival of an entire school and its prosperity, but a dragon artery did it several times better by granting a significant rise in cultivation by providing rich Lingqi for cultivation, and most importantly, also granted strong destiny to the school built around it. If a small school could obtain a formidable dragon artery, it could help them in becoming great, not to mention the destiny of the school would be stronger as well.

However, anything that lives in this world dies eventually. Everything that starts has an inevitable end. In this case, the death of a dragon artery leads to the birth of dragon essence.

Although dragon essence is just the leftover of dragon arteries, it is definitely a high tier heavenly treasure and is precious enough to make experts of half-step legendary realm directly make a leap to legendary realm. Of course, the benefits are not just this much; it can cleanse the human bone-marrow, turning it into spirit-bones and giving an enormous advantage to the practitioner. Not to mention, if a cultivator used dragon essence to cultivation, they can absorb its underlying destiny and enhance his own by leaps and bounds. Now, one could imagine the preciousness of dragon essence. In fact, even a major force like Yi Yuan School won't give a dragon essence to its disciples because Yi Yuan School is built over just a single mesh of dragon arteries, and if and when it dies, Yi Yuan School will not be far from decline. And when the complete deterioration takes place, there will be a possibility of a dragon essence emerging as its legacy.

And you have to be a super faction to have the possibility of leaving behind dragon essence after deterioration because when dragon arteries die, the overall structural mesh of arteries shrink crazily and most small dragon arteries would just disappear without a trace, leaving nothing behind. Only a few super dragon arteries of gigantic size and potential have a possibility of leaving behind dragon essence as the legacy.

And once it happens, it causes countless experts to compete over its legacy.

“Yes, the dragon essence is going to be born soon but in order to enter the small world where it is going to appear, one needs a sword command. There are a total of eight sword commands and only when all of them in a place, the gate to the small martial world can be opened.” Mo Yan said, “And I happen to have one such sword command so the army of god chased me down to kill me and my sister and snatch it from us.”

“Now we are willing to offer this sword to you, big brother. Would you be willing to have it?” Mo Yan said and handed over a double-edged small sword to Ye Xiwen. There were delicate looking patterns on the sword and it was hard to tell what material it was made up of, however, it was exuding a strange glow.

“You do not want it?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Even without this sword, people can go in when the gate to the small world opens. But a humble expert like me has such a precious sword, it is bound to invoke jealousy among men and me and my sister may not be able to survive another seize.” Mo Yan openly said, after all, he couldn't hide the fact that he was just an expert of Complete Truth realm and was competing with many formidable experts. So, it was better for the sword to stay with a powerful deterrent like Ye Xiwen.

In fact, a while ago, he was very close to handing over the sword command to the Army of God in order to survive. After all, even if he and his sister had managed to escape, the news about them having a sword command would have leaked anyway. He naturally understood that staying away from a sword command was the only way to stay out of trouble.

“As long as you allow us siblings to follow you into the small martial world, we will be satisfied.” Mo Yan explained.

“Such being the case, I would not refuse.” Ye Xiwen said and took the sword command. He certainly wouldn't mind having a key to a treasure trove, after all, taking the initiative would still be in his command. He could either choose to be active or passive about it.

Now that he had decided to compete for dragon essence, he wouldn't be hesitant about being proactive.

Mo Yan and Mo Xiang rested for some time then al of then crossed the mountain and arrived at Wing City. This city was much larger than Shun'an and was considered among one of the 50 great cities of Ming Empire.

The giant city had erected towering walls and magnificent buildings, enough to make it no less grand than an Imperial city.

They entered the city, found an inn and after settling in, they went to a restaurant. In the restaurant, they heard people talking about martial art relic everywhere.

One must know that this martial art vestige was much more precious than the Four Sacred Beasts secret technique of the eighth prince.

“Gee, the news about martial vestige has attracted many experts to our city.”

“Yes, it is dragon essence after all. The experts who want to step into legendary realm are naturally attracted to it. In fact, even experts, who are already in legendary realm, can level up with the help of dragon essence.”

“The top players of the younger generation are going to compete for it!”

“You are talking about the Army of God, aren't you? I hear that its members have been searching for sword commands everywhere. Also, the fifth god has personally come into action to obtain the dragon essence.”

“I think they are too arrogant. Even if the five gods are strong experts, they shouldn't underestimate other top experts of the younger generation.”

“True, a lot of the members of God's Army were killed by formidable experts. That is why the fifth god had to personally step in to collect the sword commands.”

“Army of God is really an unusual organization with five gods, each ranked according to their strength level. But even the fifth god, the lowest ranked god and youngest among all is at the peak of half-step legendary realm. Two days ago, he killed a veteran of legendary realm, this is simply insane!”

“Hey, but did you not hear that there is a monster wolf that had a verbal fight with him?”

“Hey, I have heard about a notorious wolf or some kind of dog. Its reputation has spread far and wide in this region, but I did not expect it to mess with God's Army as well. A day before yesterday, the fifth god blocked its path and tried to tame it but it used some kind of insanely fast agility technique. Even the fifth was unable to catch it, even if he is actually at legendary first stage.”

Ye Xiwen immediately thought, is it not the wolf cub they are talking about? Army of God is really out of luck. They do not know that they have messed with the wrong beast and their destruction is evident.

Ye Xiwen looked happy. Mo Yan and Mo Xiang saw him suddenly turn happy and did not know what happened to liven up his mood!

Then, suddenly, the atmosphere in the entire restaurant got tense.

“Humph, you wimps dare to discuss the Army of God and look down on us. It seems you do not want to live anymore!” At this time, a few experts got up from their chairs. One could see 'Army of God' embroidered on their uniforms.

Immediately, there was a pin drop silence in the restaurant. Now, no one dared to speak a word as they did not dare to face the overbearing dominance of the Army of God.

Annoying the Army of God was no different than being suicidal.

“A group of insignificant and talkative idiots think that they are capable enough to judge us? Army of God is an absolute entity! Those who will try to speak or act against us shall perish!” A member of the Army of God said and glanced at the crowd with a cold look in his eyes. This was the typical way of how the Army of God operated in this city, not to mention no one dared to challenge them.

“Everybody, listen up! The monster wolf has appeared outside the city and all our brother of God's Army have gone out to catch it.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded and informed everyone about the appearance of the wolf cub.

“Well, that monster wolf is really courting death. Let's go!”

The members immediately turned into streamers of light and flew outside the city.

Ye Xiwen sneered and shook his head. These members of the Army of God were nothing but truth level experts whereas the wolf cub was already at half-step legendary realm. They were going toward their own doom.

(To be continued)


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