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Chapter 294 - Heavenly calamity quenches the body

Anyone that messed with the heavenly calamity was bound to face its wrath. Even if a sage expert was to enter the domain of heavenly calamity, it would immediately calibrate itself to the degree of sage realm. So in the end, it was not possible for an outsider to interfere with someone's breakthrough. It was in a way mandatory for an expert to go through the heavenly tribulation on their own in order to level up.

Hence, the old man naturally did not dare to approach the ongoing heavenly calamity. He speculated that it was probably a demon beast having a breakthrough from half-step to legendary realm.

He stayed there and continued to observe for a long time, only to find out that the range of this heavenly calamity was getting bigger and bigger and was now about to approach him. He made a decision to get out of there. He didn't want to mess with heavenly calamity and end his life in the process.

In his view, Ye Xiwen was certainly dead already since the heavenly calamity was calibrated accordingly for a breakthrough into the legendary realm whereas Ye Xiwen was only at Complete Truth realm. In other words, the heavenly calamity didn't need to recalibrate itself to kill Ye Xiwen since he was at a lower level. Not to mention, the old man knew about incidents where higher level experts had died while trying to help their juniors by entering the domain of heavenly calamity. Coming out alive from the domain of heavenly calamity was something unheard of.

At this time, Ye Xiwen had no time to pay attention to the old man because he had already guessed what the old man was thinking right now. Not to mention, he really needed to focus on the tragedy he was facing right now.

But the old man's calculation lacked a very important element. He thought that Ye Xiwen was at Complete Truth realm and must have used some tricks to defeat Qiu Wolf. It was obviously impossible for an expert of Complete Truth realm to survive the dreadful impact of heavenly calamity. He didn't know about Ye Xiwen's actual strength and the content of energy within his tyrannical gilded body.

The old man was too satisfied with the present situation and seemed to have overlooked a very important point - why would Ye Xiwen knowingly take such a suicidal step and jump into the domain of heavenly calamity?

Ye Xiwen’s tyrannical and divine gilded body had saved his life; an ordinary expert would be dead by now.

However, several bruises and lacerated wounds could be seen all over his golden body, clearly showing the terrifying and destructive power of heavenly calamity.

“Shua Shua!” Several hundred electric snakes swooped down from the dark clouds and attacked Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen was completely motionless but his gilded tyrant form was continuously enhancing at a very fast pace. His whole body was surrounded by golden rays of light rising from all directions, which then transformed into golden swords and hacked the electric snakes.




Intermittent fierce explosions occurred all around him that gave rise to a violent storm. The electric snakes were swept away in all directions and wreaked havoc everywhere.

“Ye Xiwen! I know a devil technique that will allow your gilded tyrant form to completely absorb all this rogue energy of the heavenly calamity for working out your body!” Ye Mo's excited voice sounded in Ye Xiwen's mind.

Ye Xiwen nodded at Ye Mo's advice, after all, he had no other options anyway. As long as he could turn this tragic situation into just another training session, he would be satisfied. He would very much like to absorb all this free energy to make his gilded tyrant body even more tyrannical.

Although he wanted to enhance his gilded tyrant body to the next layer, he didn't know how long this heavenly calamity was going to last.

“Crash-bang!” All of a sudden, a disastrous lightning crashed down right upon Ye Xiwen.




The massive lightning fragmented into several electric snakes and literally started ravaging his body from all sides. In a flash, there was blue smoke all around his body. This attack was enough to vaporize an expert of Complete Truth realm.

However, Ye Xiwen was unmoved and basically, willingly, allowed these lightning serpents to ravage his body. Tyrant body technique was actively revolving within his body while his golden body was sucking the lightning energy like a sponge, all the while nourishing his flesh. It was a shocking scene since no one had heard of someone actually bathing in a heavenly calamity to nurture their body.

A strange golden divine energy was circulating within his body and breaking down the absorbed electric serpents, transforming them into pure energy to act as a tonic for his flesh and bones. His tyrant body technique was also constantly promoting, ascending towards the next layer.

It seemed like the non-stop bombardment of electric snakes would make him deaf, but he kept on focusing on operating various martial techniques to keep the strengthening process going.

However, the heavenly calamity didn't seem to finish anytime soon. In fact, it continued to get even more intense with passing time. The electric snakes, dropping down from the inked sky, had literally started to rain down upon Ye Xiwen. Even the size and power of each electric snake had increased dramatically, making them appear like thunder dragons coming down to swallow Ye Xiwen.

From afar, it appeared like a small figure was sitting cross-legged in midair and thunder dragons were continuously ravaging his body. The entire scene was riddled with lightning flashes and deafening thunderclaps. All one could see was a seemingly insignificant silhouette of Ye Xiwen, submerged in a sea of lightning.

Ye Xiwen did not dare to relax even for a second. The tyrant body technique was working non-stop while his entire body was enveloped with some kind of blue smoke emanating from his body that was being constantly ravaged. It seemed like his body was literally on fire and burning intensely.

Ye Xiwen was sitting in mid-air in order to avoid conduction of electricity to the ground while his own body was being bruised and lacerated again and again. In fact, his skin had begun to burn at multiple places, giving just a glimpse of the terrific power of heavenly calamity.

Ye Xiwen's complexion turned somewhat pale since he was relying on tyrant body technique, practiced to the third layer. It was not sufficient to deal with the present situation, so he was aiming to enhance it to the fourth layer. A few months ago, he had managed to reach the peak of the third layer and now he was going to take advantage of this opportunity to reach the fourth layer of tyrant body technique. This was the most important task right now, only then he could really come out alive of this deadly domain.

The heavenly calamity was further strengthening itself as it did not want let Ye Xiwen go alive. In fact, Ye Xiwen had to rely on Phoenix regeneration to stop his body from disintegrating but even that was failing to fully repair his injuries in time. Now, it seemed like his whole body was on superheated fire, trapped in a cycle of continuously disintegrating and restoring.

At times, his body would go almost devoid of blood due to rapid vaporization, only surviving thanks to his rapid regeneration ability. He estimated that soon his bones would start to crumble.

Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth as soon as he realized that he was on verge of reaching the fourth layer of tyrant body technique.

He did know for how long he stayed inside the domain of heavenly calamity, but it was finally showing signs of disappearing.

Immediately, numerous electric serpents sprouted once more from the clouds, and the very next moment, the billowing black clouds disappeared without a trace.

These electric serpents merged together and transformed into a gigantic thunder dragon, roaring in the sky before suddenly rushing towards Ye Xiwen.

“Absorb this thunder dragon then you can successfully reach the fourth layer of tyrant body technique in one fell swoop!” Ye Mo said while looking at the magnificent figure of thunder dragon. Ye Xiwen knew that this thunder dragon was far stronger than all those electric serpents.

“Boom!” The thunder dragon opened its gigantic mouth as if to devour Ye Xiwen and a violent explosion occurred. A burst of lightning storm instantly collided with his body.

Ye Xiwen felt as if his body would collapse in this terrible storm, ultimately turning into a pile of dust. All the while, tyrant body technique was working crazily and absorbing a massive amount of energy. Not to mention, the Phoenix regeneration was also working at its max and reconstructing his body rapidly.

“Boom!” Under this impact of a seemingly infinite amount of frantic energy, Ye Xiwen suddenly bulldozed through the barrier of the third layer and reached the fourth layer. It was like the collapse of a dam, allowing the flow of accumulated energy throughout his body.

Tyrant body technique fourth layer!

After reaching the fourth layer of tyrant body technique, now he could simply disregard all attacks from the experts of half-step legendary realm or legendary first stage. In fact, even if he was to bump into a much higher level expert, he should still be able to make a great escape, and his enemies would find it difficult to injure him.

Ye Xiwen noticed that the heavenly calamity had disappeared from the sky without a trace, and then suddenly, he saw the figure of a demon beast standing on the ground. It was a Fire Lin beast!

Ye Xiwen recalled that he had seen a Fire Lin beast before and this one looked similar to the previous one as well. But the difference was that this one was much larger and stronger than the previous one, simply a monster.

However, he also noticed that there were several bruises and cut wounds all over its body. Its skin was burnt at multiple places along with some open flesh wounds, from where its blood was streaming down and staining the soil. Facing a heavenly tribulation was equally dangerous for demon beasts like it was for human experts.

Even if this Fire Lin beast had the blood of unicorn in its veins, dealing with heavenly tribulation was still a risky task. Not to mention, it had to deal with a raging heavenly calamity due to Ye Xiwen's intrusion. In fact, it almost came close to burning to crisp.

Its red eyes were staring at Ye Xiwen. Its imposing aura was kind of unstable initially but suddenly started to increase drastically, soon approaching the horrifying aura of the legendary realm before firmly locking onto Ye Xiwen. It was waiting for its strength to recover first before going after Ye Xiwen to kill him.

Ye Xiwen suddenly sensed the imminent danger in his heart.

“Ye Xiwen, hurry up and kill that beast, don't let it recover. You have barely managed to escape unharmed from the heavenly calamity but it is in its weakest state. Kill it and absorb its demon core, and that should help you in stepping into the half-step legendary realm.” Ye Mo said.

(To be continued)


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