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(NT: First Compensation Chapter. Two more compensation chapters to go before resuming regular releases.)

Chapter 281 Old Sect Head

The terrifying War Monster trampled forward, and with a single step, it shook the ground beneath and sliced the air around. The long stretches of mountains were crumbled with its mighty sweep.

"Bang!" The War Monster collided with the war fortress. The most dreadful war machines of both the parties crashed into each other mercilessly.

"Bang!" The devil cavalries, which were spread around within a few miles range, were obliterated by the sweeping Swordqi.

At this time, a skinny and slender figure appeared from the depths of Yi Yuan School. His whole face was wrinkled and he was somewhat limping as well.

The facial features of this slender figure suggested that the man was very old. The identity of the old man was a mystery for all the disciples who were looking at him. There were whispers amidst them suggesting he might be a senior who was in a hideaway for a long time.

"Isn't this our old sect head that was in charge 1000 years ago?" A sharp-eyed disciple recognized all of a sudden.

Hearing this moved the disciples and brought tears to their eyes. For there was no one in Yi Yuan school who did not know and respect this powerful leader.

This old person used to be the sect head of Yi Yuan School until two generations ago and was very much a legendary figure among all the sect heads. However, more than 1000 years ago when Yi Yuan School was surrounded by an enormous crisis, at that time, an ancient treasure trove was discovered and a large number of Yi Yuan experts entered it. But afterward, an accident occurred and they failed to come back.

During this unstable time of Yi Yuan School, the inheritance and the human resource accumulated over a span of ten thousand years was about to get cut off in a flash. But in this time of distress, the old head marched into the East and the West and defeated countless enemies. He finally stabilized Yi Yuan School and restored its strength and vitality. He re-instated Yi Yuan School back to the ranks of five major forces.

However, the expeditions which lasted for several hundred years exhausted his vitality and everyone thought that he wouldn't be able to die peacefully in a sitting posture. However, since then, the old head disappeared without a trace and everyone thought that he really died in a sitting posture.

(NT: Dying in a sitting posture is a Buddhist practice and is considered sacred. It is the only way to stop oneself from turning into a zombie after death.)

Unexpectedly, the old head reappeared in the most crucial time, once again to save Yi Yuan School.

He was the respectable elder from a thousand years ago who saved Yi Yuan School, no wonder everyone respected him to the utmost.

The old head's stature was arched and his face was densely covered with age spots. It appeared as if life was just about to leave his body and it was definite that his survival was supported by his willingness and willpower to seek a breakthrough into the sage realm. Those expeditions had exposed his body to many hidden dangers and now it felt that end of his life was approaching.

The arrival of the old head sent a wave of hope amongst the people of Yi Yuan School.

Even the specter did not dare to deride the old head and looked at him with solemn respect, as if not daring to underestimate this old man's strength.

The presence of the old head had lifted the spirits of the Yi Yuan people, however, the war had not ended yet. Several devils were still coming in and Yi Yuan disciples were on the verge of retreat. This was a terrifying slaughtering feast.

If this had been a one-on-one battle then Yi Yuan disciples would have been invincible but now hundreds of thousands were at war.

Amidst the flowing rivers of blood, Yi Yuan ancestors feared the danger of eradication.

Everyone had to do their utmost and fight, there was no choice.

"Old guy, it is evident that you are severely injured. If you want to continue to prolong your own life with that turtle breath technique of yours, you can still survive for another 100 years, still you want to die?" The specter gave a cold look to the old head and said. He was also in the sage realm like the old head, but the injury the old head had survived earlier was too grave and it had limited his martial life to only vital practices. If he was to participate in a war, his death was certain.

"So what if you have brought hundreds of thousands of devil soldiers, you still cannot win against my Yi Yuan School, keke!" The old head coughed a few times and fresh blood was thrown into the air.

"Old head!" Yi Yuan disciples burst out in concern, worried about his condition.

"I have fought innumerable opponents, the only thing missing was fighting the devil cavalry, keke!" The old man coughed again and spoke.

"Well, it seems your last wish is to die, I will grant it gladly!" The specter replied in a cold voice. Although he was not much interested in this severely wounded old man, he had brought this many devil soldiers to destroy Yi Yuan School and certainly wouldn't allow anyone to stand in his way.

Anyone, who would try to stand in his way, must die.

The specter swept his long spear and released a devil technique that looked just like a devilish dragon, rushing towards the old head.

The skinny stature of the old head seemed like a small boat being hit by wild waves in the raging tides. He suddenly pulled out his firm sword and released a Swordqi horizontally towards the incoming attack.

"Bang!" The terrifying collision collapsed a piece of space. The dark crack in space looked quite frightening.

The forces on both sides suffered heavy losses after the first collision.

"Clang!" The long sword in the old head's hand behaved just like a black dragon, it instantly roared out and clashed with the devilish dragon. The collision produced an endless wave of energy boom which filled the horizon.

The collisions between the shards of Swordlight and spear shadows obscured the sky.

"Cough!" The old head coughed out blood, but his facial expression was firm and resolute. His forehead was wrapped around with the air of death and it seemed as if the next moment he would really drop dead. Even in such a dire situation he was relentless and his attacks were fierce.

The Yi Yuan disciples were sobbing as they knew that the real cost of this fight was his vitality and life-force.

The specter, at this moment, shoved his moqi directly into the devilish dragon which then fired a magical beam towards the old head from its mouth.

The old head charged forward and slashed it with his Swordqi.

The Swordqi was torn into shreds by the devilish dragon. It, then, roared and rumbled into the old head's body.

"Bang!" The old head was flown away, his skinny body went flying into the mountain peak which was then directly severed due to the impact.

"Old head!" Yi Yuan disciples called out in alarm and started weeping bitterly.

“Our top experts, Taizhong elders, where are they?!”

Some disciples were confused because at such a critical time, they did not know where the Yi Yuan elders were and why would they not come out to support the old head, who was struggling at the moment.

"Today, we will crush Yi Yuan School and then go on to trample other major forces of Great Yue State. We will conquer this land and turn it into a devil bridgehead." The specter roared and said.

"Kill these devil bastards, we cannot let the devil race step into our territory."

"Yes, kill these devil bastards!"

One of the Yi Yuan disciples roared, the danger of eradication was in front of them and no matter what usual hatred existed among them, today, they had to fight united.

There were more than a hundred thousand disciples in Yi Yuan School and all of them simultaneously unleashed themselves onto the devil army.


Suddenly, there was a huge burst of sound followed by instant evaporation of many devil cavalries into blood fog.

It was a golden figure that, like a golden ray of light, had rushed into the formations of devil soldiers.

A terrifying aura swept away as the golden light condensed into a dragon, and in a flash, dozens of devil soldiers were killed with just one bang.

The golden trail came together and took form of a person whose whole body dazzled like a golden war god.

"It's Brother Ye!"

“Brother Ye is here. He has finally come!”

Yi Yuan disciples cheered and their morale rose up suddenly. Although Yi Yuan School had many powerful masters, some even more powerful then Ye Xiwen, but they were from the older generation and not the same generation as Ye Xiwen and the other pro-disciples.

Now, Ye Xiwen was the only active pro-disciple left in the sect and these disciples could relate to him in a way they couldn’t with the powerhouses of the older generation.

Ye Xiwen was one of the six pro-disciples, an iconic young expert who was also at the helm of younger generation. His appearance in the battlefield was more than enough to boost the morale of disciples.

"You all need not be anxious, the head and the elders will soon come over!" Ye Xiwen roared and a thundering voice spread through the battlefield. Yi Yuan disciples were no longer worried, after all, these were Ye Xiwen's words and had a natural persuasive power.

Ye Xiwen summoned Hanshan seal which got bigger and bigger in the sky and instantly slammed down, killing hundreds of devil soldiers in a blink of an eye.

Ye Xiwen appeared callous. His body was covered with golden divinity, radiating rays of golden light in the surroundings. He was just like a tyrannical god of war, ominously glaring like a predator.

This time, Ye Xiwen's fighting strength had risen all the way, breaking from truth realm to half-step legendary realm. After more than a month of closed-door training, Ye Xiwen skipped truth ninth stage and directly reached Complete Truth realm in a single breakthrough.

"Ye Xiwen, I did not expect to meet you here. I remember the last time you ruined our plans, but today will mark the day of your death!" A familiar voice sounded from one side. Ye Xiwen shifted his gaze, only to find Lu Hongwei holding a magical sword in his hand and looking at him with a murderous look in his eyes.

(To be continued)


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