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Chapter 280 - Devil cavalry

Ye Xiwen returned to Yi Yuan School and immediately began the closed-door training. His aura rushed from truth eighth stage to Complete Truth realm, granting tremendous changes to his battle efficiency.

Ye Xiwen had commanded not allowing anyone to disturb him. In fact, even if there was some urgent task, no one was allowed to disturb him. The value of Ye Xiwen was soon going to reflect in the future, bringing in enormous benefits for Yi Yuan School in various forms. He was phenomenal in his actions of eliminating several Bai Mojiao strongholds and this was quite a big task, after all, this mission was something not even the Taihang elders could succeed in doing so easily.

Another month passed quickly and Bai Mojiao activities got increasingly frequent, they also began to attack major cities.

Five major forces put more intensity in their efforts to exterminate Bai Mojiao forces, however, Bai Mojiao suddenly quieted down while facing that. It was just like the calm before a storm.

On this day, the infinitely cloudy sky, like a relentless army general, suddenly roared and Yi Yuan School's main gate was shaken up. A thrill of horror swept away several mountain peaks and it seemed as if many sierras, located in the front region of Yi Yuan School's campus, instantly collapsed after encountering a doomsday-like scenario. The Zhen barrier circle was also destroyed in a blink of an eye.

The surrounding space was torn apart like a velvet carpet and a gigantic devil claw suddenly stretched out to grab a mountain peak.

“Boom!” The mountain peak was grasped and instantly crushed into pieces. Hundreds of disciples were also grasped along with the mountain peak and were crushed to death.

“Who is that? Who dares to attack our Yi Yuan School!” A voice filled with fury originated from the depths of Yi Yuan School and echoed like a momentary sonic boom.

“Yi Yuan School, this sect of yours has been standing strong for thousands of years but it is time to put an end to its glory!” A loud voice sounded from the other side of the crack in space. A gigantic hand instantly appeared in the sky, sweeping an area stretched over the radius of hundred kilometers in one fell swoop.

“What a joke!” The voice originating from the depths of Yi Yuan School sneered and a rippling Swordqi suddenly cut through the barrier of space and collided with that big hand.

“Boom!” That big hand was chopped down instantly into pieces and turned into an endless amount of qi, sweeping across in all directions.

However, right then, a tall specter appeared from the crack. His whole body was enveloped in dreadful moqi that was distorting the air. People could not see his face but his eyes were shining brightly like two big red lanterns.

(NT: moqi = devilqi)

A terrifying aura scattered in all directions with his body at the center.

“Sage realm! This devil is at Sage realm!”

(NT: Sage realm = Saint realm = Sacred realm = Holy realm.

Requesting readers' help to choose one. It is basically the realm above legendary realm.)

Yi Yuan School's disciples despaired as they discovered this specter's real level. Everyone knew that the strength of Sage realm was terrifying and basically out of their comprehension.

The legendary realm was just for legendary characters and those characters were still bound to the mortal realm in one way or the other. However, after stepping into the Sage realm, one would actually transcend the mortal world and witness major changes in one's body and soul. This was the so-called rising above the mundane life of mortals and entering the world of Sages.

A horrifying scene was unfolding in front of everyone. A large rift in the space ended up becoming a portal for Devil army and Bai Mojiao disciples to rush into this world. They were riding abominable creatures called magical beasts and invading Yi Yuan School in abundance.

Various beastly roared filled the sky as hundreds of thousands of devils and Bai Mojiao disciples captured the skyline.

This time, Bai Mojiao's tyrannical forces had shown up incisively.

“How can they have so many soldiers? This is insane! Bai Mojiao has gathered an outrageous number of devil soldiers. This doesn't tally with the information we obtained damn it!” A disciple roared to express his frustration. Although in the hearts of these disciples, Bai Mojiao was considered as a formidable organization, however, it had been in a situation of extermination for quite some time. They never imagined that even after facing grand scale extermination, Bai Mojiao could gather such an insane army!

There was a creepy feeling about this. A feeling of chill greeted their hearts as they continued to stare at the scene unfolding in front of their eyes.

Hundreds of thousands of mighty devil cavalry soldiers were going on a conquest, heading straight in the direction of Yi Yuan School. Some timid disciples were instantly scared to death.

A crowd of elders and true disciples also went up into the sky while other disciples put all their energy into dealing with the devil soldiers on the ground.

Yi Yuan School's disciples and elders were going all out. They put their lives on the life, after all, Yi Yuan School was their home that they must protect at any cost. A barrage of disciples came rushing out of the depths of Yi Yuan School and jumped into the fight without any hesitation.

They were not prepared for this battle while devil cavalry was rushing to the front. One tall devil was sitting atop a scary magical beast and leading the cavalry. He looked very grim and was on the verge of going berserk any time now.


The two sides crashed into each other in midair, causing numerous casualties on both sides almost instantly.

“Puchi!” Several disciples ran directly into the spears held by devil soldiers. It seemed as if string-like spears passed through several bead-like meatballs in a blink of an eye, unfolding a bloody scene in the sky and on the battlefield.

This was an extremely bloody picture but no one had the time to think about all that. There was no turning back, no one thought of retreating now, rather they raged even more and went all out.

Team after team of devil soldiers were coming out from the rift in space and rushing to attack Yi Yuan School.

“Boom!” Human disciples with swords formed teams and rushed forward to greet the incoming devil cavalry. They joined forces and summoned up a wall of Swordqi and somehow became successful in repelling the devil teams.

Both sides were fighting to kill and making every effort to kill each other.

This was a great event and would spread to become an immortal legend!

Yi Yuan School had been standing tall for thousands of years but this was the first time someone launched a direct attack on it. This was something that had never been seen before, so the disciples were somewhat confused. However, it seemed like now their wills were firmer than ever before.

This was their home, hence, escape or retreat was not an option.

Ancient Zhen laws were activated and disciples got to see the true power of Yi Yuan School. These laws had stayed buried for hundreds of thousands of years for a tactical deployment such as this. Several devil soldiers rushed into them and were turned to ashes.

“Shoot!” Someone shouted from the devil side, and immediately, devil soldiers took out their bows and shot a barrage of magical arrows into the sky, obscuring the sky for an instant then the arrows fell down towards the human disciples.




The rain of magical arrows fell upon the disciples and directly harvested the souls from their bodies. Followed by painful screams, countless disciples lost their lives.

“Counterattack!” The senior expert shouted from the depths of Yi Yuan School, and at this time, an ancient matrix formation began to launch a massive attack, absorbing all of Lingqi in the air instantly.



Almost in a blink of an eye, an inexhaustible black dragon appeared in the clouds and glittered violently, followed by huge electric snake creeping inside the dark clouds and then it fell down, forming a sea of lightning. Numerous devil soldiers and Bai Mojiao disciples were burned alive by the power of this lightning attack.

Countless devil soldiers were burned to crisp in this sea of lightning.

This was a clash between two tyrannical forces and every moment claimed a lot of lives from both sides. The terrible collisions were stirring up the meat sauce and a river of blood on the battlefield.

Dreadful moqi seemed monstrous and was rising up to hundred miles into the sky.

Several ancient laws were being activated to tackle this problem but their resurrection was going to take time. Meanwhile, Yi Yuan School's disciples were losing their lives left and right because their battle efficiency was nothing in comparison to that of the frightening war-freaks like the devils.

For a while, the human disciples were on defense and were being constantly defeated.

Hundreds of thousands of devil soldiers attacked at once.

“Boom!” But, suddenly, a divine beam rushed out from the depths of Yi Yuan School and swept out, annihilating an entire platoon of devil cavalry in one fell swoop.

A huge war-fortress flew out from the depths of Yi Yuan School. It was actually the mountain peak (gifted) to a true disciple and held tremendous firepower. It was equipped with all sorts of matrix methods and immediately unleashed numerous attacks on the devil army. One after another, several war-fortresses flew out and obscured the sky.

The flying war-fortresses began to launch a variety of magical attacks, endless beams lasing in the direction of devil army and causing explosions. The devil army faced numerous casualties after the sudden appearance of war-fortresses.

The flying war-fortresses made an impenetrable defense line in the sky, and on the ground as well, and successfully managed to block the advancement of devil cavalry.


At this time, a thundering sound resounded everywhere along with a storm originating from the crack in space. Then, a huge figure, several hundred meters tall in height, jumped out of the crack and landed in this world.

“War Monster!”

“War Monster!”

The sharp-eyed disciples immediately recognized this creature. This was the infamous War Monster of the devil army. Tall like a mountain, it tore its way out of the crack in space and its frightening existence finally appeared in their world. It was carrying a crooked smile on its face as it gazed at the tiny and inconsequential human experts while revealing its sharp fangs.

(To be continued)


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