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Chapter 279 - Time to try another method

The news about the battle between Ye Xiwen and Gu Yun quickly spread in Yi Yuan School, especially through the networks of those true disciples who were all in favor of Ye Xiwen and held intense hatred towards Gu Yun. Although they did not have the strength to teach Gu Yun a lesson, this job was fairly and properly done by Ye Xiwen. They were quite satisfied from the outcome in which Gu Yun was completely thrashed by Ye Xiwen.

Their individual perceptions of Ye Xiwen did not matter much as this incident was enough to override all those pre-existing perceptions. Now, the entire community of true disciples felt grateful to Ye Xiwen for doing what he did.

At this time, Ye Xiwen was one of them and Gu Yun was an outsider. And they were going to stand beside Ye Xiwen no matter what.

At this time, Li Fei's ashen face was visible to them all and making them fell proud and victorious in a way. They were the prestigious true disciples of Yi Yuan School and would certainly feel proud when one of their own defeated an outsider who was trying to look down on them and their sect.

Of course, Li Fei's ancestor used to be a disciple of Yi Yuan School but that did not mean that he could look down upon Yi Yuan School and that too in their presence!

“Did you see that? Gu Yun did not stand a chance against Ye Xiwen and was completely trampled underfoot. That is how you crush someone's arrogance!”

“Yes, true disciples of TMU are nothing but mediocre pricks. I don't see a reason why they are so arrogant.”

“I assume that Gu Yun is not really a big shot in TMU. I guess he is just a janitor disciple with a gross arrogant demeanor.”

“But we are talking about TMU, guys. Although Gu Yun was so easily defeated by Ye Xiwen, we must not forget that Ye Xiwen is really too strong. In just two years after joining Yi Yuan School, he is the first disciple in the history of our sect who has progressed so insanely. He is a rare evildoer (monster) that appears once in a millennium!”

“Indeed, I have also heard from several fellow true disciples that Gu Yun is truly fierce. If his opponent wasn't Ye Xiwen then any other disciple wouldn't have survived this battle.”

“Yes, Ye Xiwen's speed of growth is monstrous to be precise.”

“Moreover, I heard that these two men came to Yi Yuan School in order to check the qualifications of worthy disciples and recruit them into TMU. But Ye Xiwen has ended up making them angry. I wonder what will happen now. I hope this will not affect the recruitment process.”

Yi Yuan School disciples were discussing among themselves, anyway, this matter about TMU didn't really concern them in this lifetime, so they could discuss freely as much as they want.

However, the matter quickly changed its form and caught everyone's attention when the news went out that Ye Xiwen's name was not present in the list of disciples selected for TMU. The news spread like wild fire in Yi Yuan School and detonated bombs of dissatisfaction everywhere.

It was quite obvious that the representatives of Yi Yuan School used their administrative powers to redress personal grievances, which spread discontentment among disciples!

However, regarding this matter which basically concerned only Ye Xiwen, neither the top brass of Yi Yuan School nor Li Fei made an attempt to give any response or clarification.

Inside the main hall of Qianyu peak palace.

“You were too impulsive this time!” Ye Feng sighed and looked at his stubborn younger brother who was so eager to go to TMU earlier but ended up creating such a trouble. Now, he might not have a way to join TMU.

“That bastard went too far! What happened was necessary.” The wolf cub said with indignation and still hadn't gotten over the way he was looked down upon by the opposite party.

Ye Xiwen did not say anything but also believed that what happened was necessary and just.

“Now, what will you do? How are you planning to join TMU?” Ye Feng asked.

“Rest assured, I will go for the other method. I will just go for the bottom level assessment and win my way up to the top.” Ye Xiwen said in a very calm and casual manner.

In fact, there were two ways to enter TMU. One was to impress the representatives sent by TMU and enjoy the back door entry, but only a selected few could enjoy such privilege. Not to mention, a preestablished connection with TMU was necessary for this method. However, even these so-called selected individuals were required to go through an assessment process, though only to differentiate them in different ranks according to their potential and strength.

A lot of people were usually not lucky enough to have some kind of connection with TMU and their only option was to opt for the second way; to participate in a competitive assessment from the very bottom and win their way up to the very top. However, the difficulty was also much larger and more than 95% contestants usually faced elimination before reaching the semis.

Since the first way was now closed for Ye Xiwen, his only option was to go for competitive assessment. He was aware that this kind of assessment was going to be much more intense and brutal than expected and he might have to kill his way through countless geniuses to reach the top.

Although most of his competitors were going to come from small clans or sects, this did not mean that they would go down very easily. In fact, there were several records of peerless martial geniuses arising from small sects.

Ye Xiwen was not disappointed rather he was more excited to be taking part in the competition and also looking forward to it. Getting a back door entry was no fun to begin with. He was actually looking forward to gaining loads of battle experience in the imminent brutal fights.

If there were going to be endless obstacles in his path, he would pave his own path out of blood and perseverance by virtue of his own hands in order to reach his goal!

Not to mention, he still had mysterious space as well as Ye Mo's help. There was nothing that could stop him from moving forward!

After two weeks, the team of selected disciples finally left for TMU. In addition to Huang Luochen, Qi Feifan and Shuiyan Luo, Hua Menghan also went to TMU unexpectedly, along with about a dozen of true disciples. In other words, the entire elite disciple force of Yi Yuan School was taken away by TMU's representatives.

Fortunately, Yi Yuan School wasn't the only major sect that had to lose its elite disciples. A large number of elites from other major sects also went to TMU.

Out of the six pro-disciples of Yi Yuan School, now, only two were left namely Chu Jingcai and Ye Xiwen.

However, this outcome had a good effect on Qianyu faction's growth as everyone wanted to be a part of the remaining pro-disciples' factions. Since, it was quite difficult to enter Chu Jingcai's faction, Qianyu faction became the most ideal faction to join considering Ye Xiwen's rise to fame and his newly earned title as the strongest disciple in the younger generation.

Ye Xiwen's excellent performance, as a representative of Yi Yuan School while saving Yi Yuan School's prestige and dignity from arrogant representatives of TMU, also made him a youth icon and the most adored disciple in no time.

However, the departure of these elites had a slight impact on Yi Yuan School's overall available combat force, particularly in this era of Bai Mojiao's rebellion.

Bai Mojiao was a cunning organization and had largely taken into account TMU's recruitment process and the imminent lack of elite disciples. It was a good opportunity for staging a rebellion.

A month’s time quickly passed and since Bai Mojiao seemed to know that all major forces had sent their elite disciples to TMU, the degree of their rebellion increased significantly.

Ye Xiwen even had to go himself to wipe out some of the rebelling Bai Mojiao big shots. Now, there were only two pro-disciples left in the sect. Chu Jingcai had to go to the depths of Yi Yuan School to deal with a variety of administrative matters so only Ye Xiwen could be dispatched in emergency situations.

Whenever some Bai Mojiao related missions were far beyond the capability of ordinary true disciples, only then Ye Xiwen was asked to move into action. There were only a handful of half-step legendary disciples in the five major sects, adding up to a dozen at most, but now all of a sudden, they were all gone. This put pressure on the remaining elite disciples. Since Chu Jingcai was ready to take over the title of next sect head, Ye Xiwen suddenly became a leading figure for the younger generation.

During this month, Ye Xiwen exterminated over 20 Bai Mojiao strongholds and rose to fame in the entire Great Yue State.

On this day, the cloudless blue sky, as if laundered excessively to the point of flawless cleanness, was spread to infinity in all directions.

Ye Xiwen was travelling on a rainbow while his hands were crossed behind his back. Even if his current strength was comparable to Complete Truth realm, the extermination of Bai Mojiao strongholds was getting more and more strenuous for him because Bai Mojiao was calling more and more of its best members to deal with a threat like Ye Xiwen. Now, even Ye Xiwen had come to realize that he could not continue to wait any longer.

It was time to have a breakthrough!

After exterminating more than 20 Bai Mojiao strongholds, he seized a lot of resources, including more than 50,000 Ling Dans which were enough to serve his accumulation requirements. The breakthrough time was approaching closer.

Ye Xiwen's inner state was already at a sufficient level thanks to devouring knowledge in bulk in the library. So, as long as he could get his hands on enough energy, breakthrough shouldn't be a difficult task for him.

Not to mention, he had not completely absorbed one of the two zombie cores in the library and was saving it for the next breakthrough. All these resources were enough to send him directly from the truth eighth peak to Complete Truth realm in one fell swoop. Then, his combat efficiency would have a rapid and qualitative change, making it possible for him to contend with half-step legendary experts.

By that time, he would surely reach the pinnacle of truth realm and the next step would be reaching the half-step legendary realm. However, his accumulation was not enough to step into half-step legendary realm. In order to compete with other contenders in TMU's assessment examination, he must step into half-step legendary realm and seemed confident as well.

(To be continued)


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