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Chapter 278 - Let me crush your arrogance

The complementary shock waves were still sweeping across the area. No one would have imagined that the battle between two true disciples could be this terrifying.

Gu Yun's eyes flashed, even he did not expect Ye Xiwen to grab his fist attack. Even an expert of Complete Truth realm should not have been able to stop this attack, let alone Ye Xiwen.

“Hoot!” Gu Yun cried loud and long and moved forward like a streamer of light. His fist was wrapped in an inexhaustible divine light which instantly exploded to the size of a mountain and pounded down towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen, without showing any hesitation, stuck his hand out and it instantly turned into a dragon claw and greeted the incoming attack.

“Boom!” The two attacks collided fiercely and set off waves of rippling light and shock waves in the surroundings.

Gu Yun was very strong, no wonder he was so rampant, but Ye Xiwen's facial expression showed no change whatsoever. He once again went all out; his left palm summoned a golden coiling dragon whereas his right palm wreaked havoc by summoning a tyrannical attack like Hanshan seal. Hanshan seal instantly transformed into a gigantic mountain high in the sky, then, it suddenly dropped down towards Gu Yun.

Both these attacks were unparalleled ancient martial art techniques.

Ye Xiwen instantly routed Gu Yun's fist attack. Gu Yun had to jump back several steps to steer away from the range of these tyrannical attacks. There was no way he could possibly stand a chance against ancient mystical techniques.

However, he recovered quickly and certainly couldn't allow Ye Xiwen to attack incessantly. He immediately punched towards Ye Xiwen and suddenly it seemed as if the sky itself would shatter into pieces. This was really a horrifying fist attack and couldn't be taken lightly.

A large area of the sky appeared to be collapsing as the Quanjin spread across the sky and began to bombard wantonly in all directions.

(NT: Quanjin - Fist power)

Ye Xiwen used his right hand to make some strange gestures as if he was turning the pages of a book, and suddenly, Hanshan seal fell down right upon the Quanjin and completely annihilated it. It seemed as if the law of the earth itself was condensed into the Hanshan seal. Gu Yun's Quanjin did not withstand the unimaginable weight contained in the Hanshan seal and directly collapsed.

After the Hanshan seal smashed Quanjin, it further went towards Gu Yun at an incredibly fast speed, like a falling meteor.

“Bang!” The dropping Hanshan seal was just like a sierra falling from the sky and it pounded heavily upon him.

“Poof!” Gu Yun spurted out blood and his body was blasted away horizontally due to the massive impact.

“How dare you injure me!” Gu Yun roared like a crazed beast. His cries of horror shot up into the sky and resounded everywhere.

Gu Yun adjusted his unbalanced posture in midair then immediately rushed forward and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. The speed granted to him by his agility technique was unimaginably fast. In a blink of an eye, a giant fist blasted towards Ye Xiwen.

His attack speed was really outstanding!

Gu Yun's agility skill was approaching near perfection. If Ye Xiwen did not use devil wings, he would barely be able to keep up. Having such confidence and arrogance was indeed not without a reason, and perhaps his future achievements would actually be immeasurable.

“Is that all you got?” Ye Xiwen sneered and activated tyrant body technique, instantly maneuvered his palm to greet the incoming attack. Even though Gu Yun was incredibly fast, this couldn't act as an advantage as he was still unable to hurt Ye Xiwen.




The two sides continued to clash one after another and that caused the space to collapse again and again.

“These two are very strong, will surely reach legendary realm in the near future.” Huang Luochen was amazed by the level of this battle and the potential demonstrated by Ye Xiwen and Gu Yun, even though it was only a truth level battle.

“I never thought that the Southeast region can produce such a master. To think he is actually able to fight on equal terms with Gu Yun. I guess he is not that bad of a choice as a potential candidate for the status of TMU disciple.” Li Fei was somewhat amazed by Ye Xiwen's potential but there was still a hidden punch in his tone.

“This is insane! No matter how much he tries, his attacks are simply unable to hurt Ye Xiwen.”

“Yes indeed, Gu Yun has already tried so many times but is failing to land one effective hit on Ye Xiwen.”

“But similarly, Ye Xiwen is unable to catch up with Gu Yun's speed. Their individual advantages are canceling out each other, making it difficult for one party to gain an upper hand in battle.”

“Is this the best you can do? Don't tell me this is the standard of TMU's treasured disciples?” Ye Xiwen sneered while activating tyrant body technique at its maximum. He had not even resorted to using gilded tyrant form so far.

Hanshan seals smashed down one after another while Gu Yun did not dare to block them. He had come to understand the frightening power of these seals and knew that it was for his own good to stay away from them at any cost.

“Humph, so a little boy is trying to talk big, I see. Even if I cannot hurt you, you also can never expect to hurt me!” Gu Yun said loudly with a stern look on his face. He still couldn't bring himself to acknowledge Ye Xiwen's tyrannical strength. Ye Xiwen was a peerless genius of the southeast region but was still just another genius and nothing more. He, on the other hand, thought of himself as a special disciple of TMU, thereby holding a much superior status than Ye Xiwen.

However, he had already discovered the terror of Ye Xiwen by now. It was too difficult to injure Ye Xiwen's invincible body as none of his attacks worked so far. He was somewhat aggrieved because all he could do during the battle was use fast speed to dodge Ye Xiwen's attacks.

He truly never excelled in offensive battle strategy instead he relied more on his speed to defeat his opponents.

But, unlike most of his opponents, Ye Xiwen not only possessed an unparalleled body as an ultimate form of defense but also possessed an ultimate offense type secret technique, Hanshan seal. If Ye Xiwen was faster than him then he wouldn't have survived this long in battle.

Was it really possible for a genius like Ye Xiwen to appear in a small place like southeast region?

“Is that so?” Ye Xiwen smirked as he felt a sudden urge of defeating his opponent thoroughly to an extent of leaving them completely disheartened and dejected.

A pair of golden devil wings appeared behind Ye Xiwen all of a sudden.

His imposing aura instantly exploded in all directions like a majestic boundless sea.

“Shua!” Ye Xiwen's body suddenly blurred and disappeared from the spot where he was standing just now.

“What is this magical power, how is he so fast?” The true disciples immediately lost the trail of Ye Xiwen. Their eyes just couldn't follow Ye Xiwen, who was moving at such an incredibly fast speed that it felt as if he vanished.

Even Qi Feifan and the other half-step legendary level experts were shocked by Ye Xiwen's speed. They never expected that his speed would be enhanced so dramatically by a pair of wings. Not to mention, these wings also worked towards neutralizing Gu Yun's only advantage, giving an edge to Ye Xiwen in this battle.

There was a look of disbelief on Li Fei's face as he was watching Ye Xiwen's magical speed, which was much faster than Gu Yun's.

In this case, Ye Xiwen was holding all the advantages at the moment and Gu Yun was now in a serious situation where neither fight nor flight was an option.

Li Fei was all set to stop this battle immediately, but suddenly, a strong coercion firmly suppressed him, making him immobile. At this time, Chu Jingcai's voice entered his ears: “Young Li, why do you look so anxious? Relax, just sit back and enjoy the show. I also want to see the true strength of a young genius from TMU.”

Li Fei’s complexion suddenly paled when he was greeted by his own words and that too in a similar fashion. Not to mention, the meaning hidden in these words was quite obvious.

Chu Jingcai finished this sentence and immediately felt a joyous feeling in his heart. Now that he was finally able to vent his anger, Ye Xiwen suddenly started to appear more pleasing to the eye.

“Bang!” There came a loud noise, a human figure was kicked out in midair. It was Gu Yun who had been overtaken and kicked by Ye Xiwen. This kick was strong enough to send him flying right towards the ground. He crashed heavily on the ground, making a big crater almost instantly. He immediately spurted a mouthful of blood while there was an incredible look in his eyes.

“This should not be happening.” Gu Yun seemed confused, completely overtaken by deniability. He just couldn't accept the fact that Ye Xiwen's speed surpassed his own. But, he was not willing to give up so easily and immediately used his best fist attack.

However, Ye Xiwen's face was expressionless as he was looking calmly at Gu Yun. Suddenly, a Hanshan seal smashed down from the sky and hit Gu Yun directly from above.

“Boom!” Gu Yun was smashed on the ground, making a human shaped hole in the ground.

“Damn, Gu Yun was unable to dodge one attack and look what happened to him!”

“Good, well done, that idiot was trampled to death. The fucker had it coming!” The wolf cub clamored in a loud voice and looked quite satisfied.

From the very start, Gu Yun was nothing more than an arrogant bastard who was simply an eyesore for everyone.

The true disciples were literally speechless when they heard the wolf cub's comment. They did not know where Ye Xiwen found this weird beast but no one dared to question Ye Xiwen or his judgment. Gu Yun's speed was already approaching the ultimate level of truth realm, but the wolf cub was able to dodge his attack so easily. This alone was enough to establish one fact that the wolf cub was stronger than them.

“These TMU disciples are nothing but mediocre. They do not deserve to be associated with legendary TMU to be honest.” Ye Xiwen smirked then turned away. Gu Yun was really powerful therefore he was so full of himself. Any other disciple of same level definitely wouldn't stand a chance against Ye Xiwen.

In fact, at present, Ye Xiwen had enough strength to defeat anyone in the truth realm.

Li Fei's complexion was pale but did not have the means to act because Chu Jingcai was blocking his path. Although he was very strong, was still nothing in comparison to a legendary level expert.

Ye Xiwen did not turn back to look and left the scene along with the wolf cub.

(To be continued)


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