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Chapter 277 - You are a dog

These words were enough to look down on all the experts belonging to the southeast region, let alone Ye Xiwen.

Li Fei did not say anything, but he was obviously standing in support of his comrade's statement. Although his own ancestor used to be a disciple of Yi Yuan School, this did not mean that he held some special respect for Yi Yuan School or its people.

Even if Yi Yuan School was regarded as an above average level sect in the southeast region, it was still nothing when considered in respect of entire southern region. In fact, outside the influence of Great Yue State, Yi Yuan School was just another sect and a lot of people hadn't even heard its name yet.

Gu Yun said it casually but the disciples of Yi Yuan School clearly looked pissed off. It didn't matter whether the statement was true or not, they were furious because their sect was insulted right in front of them. Not just Ye Xiwen, even their own pride was assaulted by an outsider.

“Damn, this arrogant motherfucker! He really wants to pick a fight. I will tear him to shreds with my claws!” The wolf cub communicated via soul search in his usual foul-mouthed manner. Obviously, he could no longer bear the arrogant behavior of Gu Yun.

(NT: The wolf cub always refers to himself arrogantly as 'this prince'. Just like 'oresama' in Japanese.)

Ye Xiwen looked calm on the outside but his brain was calculating strategies about how to deal with this situation that was going out of hand.

Ye Xiwen carefully observed those two men and realized that Gu Yun was obviously less than 50 years old, but was already at the peak of Complete Truth realm. In Ye Xiwen's knowledge, only Emperor Chen and other few were talented enough to reach such a high level at a considerably young age.

(NT: Less than 50 is considered young.)

TMU's strength was really not a joke.

Li Fei, on the other hand, was already at half-step legendary realm and did not appear like an ordinary expert at all. No wonder he was so full of himself.

To be able to reach such a high cultivation level at this age, he must have obtained some kind of precious heritage.

Qi Feifan was standing on one side and his face looked bright yet somewhat flushed, however, there was a bright smile spread across his face. No one knew whether he was angry, or not angry, or perhaps very angry.

“Young Gu, this is not the right way of talking to your peers. This world is large, filled with countless talented people, maybe Young Ye is really a genius as Brother Chu said.” Li Fei came out to mediate but there was still a clear hint of arrogance in his tone.

Ye Xiwen simply did not pay any attention to him, just sat down on a stone chair. It seemed as if this whole thing had no impact on him whatsoever.

(NT: Ye Xiwen has grown up, I guess? After reading so many books in the library, he has gained wisdom. It seems like he has calmed down a little.)

Chu Jingcai smiled wryly and thought that the scene reminded him of the tale in which a megalomaniac meets a hedgehog and gets angry. It was hard to figure out how all of this was going to end in the end.

(NT: Hedgehogs don't give a crap about who the attacker is. They just don't give a fuck :P)

Ye Xiwen's temperament had always been puzzling others. In fact, right now, only Qi Feifan was slightly aware of what Ye Xiwen might be thinking or how would he react in a situation such as this. Qi Feifan had always been in touch with Ye Xiwen, and out of the older pro-disciples, only he was considered a close rival of Ye Xiwen. It was a common topic of discussion in Yi Yuan School that a battle between Ye Xiwen and Qi Feifan was inevitable because they were the two mythical disciples of Yi Yuan School.

Ye Xiwen was the hedgehog here and no one must dare to touch him, but once he was touched, game over! No, Ye Xiwen was not governed by arrogance, neither was he governed by pride and prestige. However, he was well-known for crushing overgrown arrogance in the best ways possible.

Right now, Chu Jingcai was the host and the two sides were on the verge of a clash. What was the best thing to do in such a situation?

Sure enough, everyone saw that Ye Xiwen did not give him face and that was why Li Fei’s complexion suddenly turned ugly.

“Sit down everyone and rest at ease. Today, I have summoned everyone to throw a welcoming dinner for Young Li Fei and Young Gu Yun. I am so honored that these two have traveled great distances to come to our Yi Yuan School!” Chu Jingcai said.

Chu Jingcai was a resourceful guy in a somewhat dishonest way. He somehow managed to calm down the heat, after all, the matter at hand did not just concern Ye Xiwen. The true disciples were also hurt by Gu Yun's arrogant statement and Chu Jingcai had to make sure that both Ye Xiwen and the true disciples did not react in a reactionary manner.

Ye Xiwen, unexpectedly, did not retaliate in the way everyone was expecting him to. While Chu Jingcai was busy handling the situation, he was busy talking to Ye Mo.

“This TMU indeed seems like the topmost university of the south region. What do you think?” Ye Xiwen said.

“Maybe, but its disciples are horrible. For some reason, I have really come to hate these two.” Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen was not at all bothered by their arrogant demeanor because he was more excited about getting tough opponents and that too so many of them. A sense of competitiveness, and the urge to beat them all, these were the things going on in his heart.

Yi Yuan School did not have many genius evildoers (monsters), however, the very thought of encountering an entire batch of geniuses in TMU was exciting in its own way.

Chu Jingcai's hands were gently playing zither, giving rise to a smooth, flowing melody like the passing clouds and running water. Chu Jingcai was so good at it that the music was attracting the birds which descended next to him and began to chirp, complimenting the music in a pleasant way.

Everyone was immersed in such a beautiful music, only the wolf cub was still irritated and eating food, chewing and biting furiously.

“Shut up!” Suddenly, Gu Yun snorted loudly and shot a deadly beam of energy towards the wolf cub.

The wolf cub was eating earnestly with full dedication but his reaction was not slow. He immediately jumped to one side and dodged the attack then shouted: “You fucker, how dare you attack me?!”

Ye Xiwen obviously did not like what just happened and glared at Gu Yun. Indeed, this attack was meant to kill the wolf cub and Ye Xiwen wouldn't let go so easily.

“This dog has attained wisdom? Still, it is so insolent!” Gu Yun never imagined that the wolf cub would start talking all of a sudden, and neither did he expect to receive this kind of reply from a demon beast pet.

“You are a dog, your whole family is made up of dogs!” The wolf cub was furious and roared at Gu Yun.

Gu Yun's complexion suddenly turned gloomy as he looked at Ye Xiwen and said: “Young Ye, are you the one who has trained this dog? I must say you have done a terrible job. This dog has no manners. I am trying to say that you have failed in training it properly. If you cannot even train a dog, why don't let me help you?”

“You fucker, no one would dare train this prince. I shall train your sorry ass instead!” The wolf cub refused to admit being inferior. Well, he never was a well-mannered beast in the first place.

“Humph!” Yun Gu snorted and once again shot an enormous beam of light towards him.

However, before the wolf cub could react, Ye Xiwen appeared in front of him, like teleportation in general, and caught that beam of light in his hand.

“What happened? Now suddenly you want to protect this dog?” Gu Yun looked annoyed as he said. He was obviously not satisfied with Ye Xiwen's interference.

“You are a dog, you bastard!” The wolf cub shouted again.

If Ye Xiwen had not come in front of him, he would have already torn this son of a bitch to pieces.

Ye Xiwen sneered and said: “Protect? You're wrong! I don't need to protect him. To be honest, I did protect you from getting torn apart and that is because I wanted to ask you for an explanation as to why would you suddenly attack him?”

“He is too noisy, that's why.” Gu Yun put on a serious face and said.

“So in your opinion, he is noisy. Very well, then in my opinion, you are too noisy.” Ye Xiwen smirked then immediately rushed towards Gu Yun like a fired bullet, producing a buzzing sound. Ye Xiwen's skin turned golden and his palm went forward, releasing an endless golden beam of light towards Gu Yun.

“Hey, you two ……” Chu Jingcai stood up and was about to mediate between the two, but suddenly felt a strong aura stubbornly pressing him. It belonged to Li Fei.

Li Fei slightly smiled and said: “Brother Chu, why do you look so worried? You should just relax and watch the show. I also want to see the level of one of the strongest experts of the southeast region.”

Chu Jingcai was about to enter into a panicked state, but suddenly, Qi Feifan communicated via soul search and said: “Don't be so anxious, it is difficult to say who will win the fight.”

Out of all of these people present here, only Qi Feifan had the best understanding of how Ye Xiwen generally operated in situations like this. He knew that Ye Xiwen would never engage an enemy he couldn't defeat. Not to mention, Ye Xiwen's fights always tend to defy logic as he had a track record of defeating opponents of much higher levels!

Chu Jingcai sat down and began to watch the fight, however, he was preparing to intervene, just in case the fight went out of hand and someone's life was in danger. After all, he was a legendary level expert and it was his responsibility as the host as well.

The true disciples were also watching the battle and were secretly pleased in their hearts that Ye Xiwen was teaching that arrogant prick a lesson.

Although there were a lot of people who were not accustomed to seeing Ye Xiwen in battle, they could clearly sense his great power and skills.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen was representing Yi Yuan School in this battle, or perhaps the entire ten countries of the southeast region.

Gu Yun was the favored disciple of TMU!

The reputation of the entire southeast region was at stake here!

“Humph!” Gu Yun also shot a beam of light towards the incoming golden beam attack. The two attacks collided in midair and led to a massive explosion, while the very next instant, Gu Yun's fist arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

This was the first time Ye Xiwen's attack was so easily resolved. Having produced such a powerful disciple, TMU was indeed worthy of its title.

Ye Xiwen's dragon claw clashed with the dark cloud attack of Gu Yun and led to another explosion.

“Boom!” The aftermath of this explosion was so terrifying that it broke through the barrier of space and spread out in all directions.

Chu Jingcai immediately used a world law to fix the broken space and contained the aftermath of this explosion with a barrier. The true disciples looked scared and knew that Chu Jingcai had just now saved their lives.

Although they were also in the same realm as Ye Xiwen and Gu Yun, the gap was huge between ordinary true disciples and the experts at Complete Truth realm.

“Bang!” The next collision caused shockwaves that hit viciously against the barrier and shook it to its core.

The upper portion of the Full moon peak along with surrounding space was immediately sent into oblivion.

(To be continued)


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