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Chapter 273 -

Fighting had entered a superheated phase, the fiendish book devil did not a chance again the little book demon and was on a continuous retreat spree. Though the book devil was very strong but his opponent was a lot stronger. With the help of Ye Xiwen, the little book demon swallowed several formidable book demons and many of whom were superior to this fiendish book devil.

“Bang!” The book devil could not block a full-fledged attack of truth ninth peak level and was sent flying by a massive explosion. After that, he was killed and then swallowed by the little book demon. Ye Xiwen glanced at the victorious book demon and also saw an evil look floating in his eyes.

At this time, Ye Xiwen was busy scanning devil power techniques and choosing best ones to digest and absorb in his sea of knowledge. Traces of moqi could be seen emerging out of his body and proliferating into the air, but was soon annihilated as moqi could not affect his conscience.

(NT: moqi = devilqi)

Ye Xiwen's mind or conscience was like an absolute existence and couldn't be tweaked with so easily.

Ye Xiwen was successful in completely absorbing devil power techniques to the extent of taking a leap from quantitative change to a qualitative change. Yes, it was time for a breakthrough!

If his inner state was like a water tank then the energy contained in his body was like water, however, now this water tank was not big enough to accommodate the ever increasing energy content.

If his inner state was like a water tank then the stock of energy was almost the size of a pool. This comparison was enough to give a valid reason why there was a need for a breakthrough – to increase the size of the water tank in order to accommodate excess energy.

Ye Xiwen's inner state itself was much stronger than others on the same cultivation level, not to mention after the recent studying spree in the last few months, he managed to stretch the water tank to the size of a pool. And this was enough to accommodate all of the water (energy) he had accumulated since the last breakthrough.

His cultivation had already reached a perfect situation that was required before each breakthrough. Now he had no choice but to have a breakthrough, otherwise, continuing further wouldn't have any great effect.

However, his cultivation and accumulation were extremely profound, to an extent that once he had a breakthrough, his battle efficiency and energy content would reach Complete Truth level. In that case, no one in the truth realm would be his opponent.

The next step was half-step legendary realm. Easy to say but only a few were able to take the so-called half-step into the legendary realm.

However, Ye Xiwen's accumulation had increased up to a terrifying level, and after the breakthrough, even an expert of half-step legendary realm wouldn't be able to kill him. Ye Xiwen would still have a chance of escape.

Although still insufficient, he wanted to step into half-step legendary realm because only after that, he might have a chance to participate in the so-called assessment. If so many people were choosing to stay at half-step legendary realm, there definitely was a reason behind this kind of strategy and he also wanted to test it out.

However, food should be eaten only a mouthful at a time and Ye Xiwen knew this fact quite well.

Now that the decision was made, he was ready to have a breakthrough in the library while Ye Mo and the little book demon were going to be his bodyguards. Though right now, these two bodyguards were somewhat tensed as this was the world of books, infested with book demons. Although not all books had given birth to book demons, there were still enough to pose a threat to him and especially the book devils. Of course, most book demons preferred to stay in their books but a breakthrough was going to cause turbulence in this world and might attract the attention of unwanted guests.

A great danger was associated with having a breakthrough here, but Ye Xiwen had already made his decision and no one could change his mind now.

Ye Mo immediately commanded Tianyuan mirror and sent it hovering over Ye Xiwen's head. It released a scarlet curtain that enveloped Ye Xiwen completely from all sides. The little book demon was not far from there and seemed all prepared to perform his bodyguard duty. He held a great sense of gratitude towards Ye Xiwen and considered him like a big brother. He witnessed Ye Xiwen's mercy and compassion firsthand and managed to leave the lowest position of truth first stage and reached quite a high position of truth ninth stage in the world of book demons. Now, he had enough qualification to send an application to Yi Yuan School and get out of this world, thereby becoming a true disciple in Yi Yuan School.

All thanks to Ye Xiwen and he did not know what he must do to return the favor. Ye Xiwen changed his destiny and he was willing to do anything for this big brotherly figure, even by putting his life on the line.

Ye Xiwen sat down cross-legged and took out two half-step legendary zombie cores. Suddenly, a majestic Deadqi spew out into the air and it seemed like the devil territory instantly evolved into the kingdom of death. Ye Xiwen wasn't surprised as these two cores of half-step legendary zombies were bound to be terrifying, so this kind of outcome was understandable.

Rippling Deadqi proliferated into the air but the scarlet curtain blocked its path and contained it firmly around Ye Xiwen. At the same time, swirling Zhen Yuan came out of his body and began to absorb the essence of the two cores. The raw energy first passed through Tianyuan mirror and entered phases of filtration and purification. Only after that, the purest form of energy was absorbed by Ye Xiwen. Although a major section of impure energy was stripped out, the remaining energy was pure and more than enough for having a breakthrough.

Large fluctuation of energy around his body eventually began to attract the attention of several old book demons.

“Damn, this man is tyrannical! He completely obliterated the kingdom of book devils.”

“But he is just an expert of truth realm, how can he be so tyrannical? I cannot believe my eyes.”

“Ga Ga, I sense Deadqi! I am so happy. This is really a lucky day for Shimo.” At this time, there was a sudden burst of Deadqi on top of a bookshelf.

(NT: Shimo = Corpse devil. He is referring to himself as Shimo.)

A set of greedy eyes looked at the two zombie cores held in the hands of Ye Xiwen who was deeply engrossed in meditating under the protection of Tianyuan mirror. One must know that the owner of these greedy eyes was none other than a book devil that had come out of a secret book on Deadqi based devil technique. However, there was no Deadqi available in the library and so there was no way for Shimo to practice this secret devil technique. But, when he saw two Deadqi-rich cores in Ye Xiwen's hands, he could not hide a sudden burst of happiness in his heart. He was just one step away from stepping into half-step legendary realm and these cores could make his wish come true.

He was actually one of the top ranked book demons in the entire library.

“Jie Jie, those dead cores is mine!” Shimo gave out a loud and sharp cry and a large hand that was purely made up of Deadqi went towards Ye Xiwen.

(NT: Jie Jie: Strange laughter, peculiar to devils. One Piece style! :D)

“Stop!” At this time, the little book demon suddenly saw that Shimo was planning to attack Ye Xiwen.

The little book demon immediately used royal fist technique and released a powerful attack that was so potent that it was almost on verge of reaching the Complete Truth realm. This was a very terrifying martial art and as soon as it was invoked, the atmosphere suddenly changed and it seemed as if the entire world must obey his order.

Ye Mo was also getting slightly anxious at this moment because he himself had never witnessed a devil using Deadqi based attack.

“Humph, you alone cannot stop me, kid. I can eat you whole in on go, you understand that?!” Shimo got furious and shouted, while at the same time, he changed the direction of his own attack towards the little book demon.

Shimo was at Complete Truth realm whereas the little book demon was almost about to enter the same, but there was still enough gap between their strengths, not to mention Shimo could be considered one of the strongest experts on the same level.

“Boom!” The little demon's royal fist attack was compromised and the complementary waves of aftermath crashed against Tianyuan mirror's protection barrier. Afterward, Shimo's Deadqi attack further went towards the little book demon to finish him off.

“Bang!” The little book demon stepped back while also trying to use his arms to block the attack but failed in doing so. Along with his blood spattering out, there appeared a huge wound on his arm, to an extent that it was almost close to being torn off his body, which was very frightening. If he had been slow even for an instant then he would inevitably have lost an arm today.

“Gee!” A cruel smile appeared on Shimo's face as he licked his lips and said, “Jie Jie, you look tasty so this old man has decided to eat you but first I will swallow the dead cores and step into half-step legendary realm. Then I will do you the favor of being my food.”

“As long as I am alive, you’ll never succeed.” The little book demon said in a firm voice and also noticed that the last attack exactly the same as the one used by his previous devil opponent, though this one was a bit more potent in comparison.

The little book demon decided to use a devil technique against Shimo. So, he released moqi from his body that suddenly transformed into the shadow of devil emperor with long horns and study build.

“Hah, you think using a childish technique such as this will have any effect on me. I will bring an end to your wishful thinking, kid. Behold the power of my eternal deadqi arts.” Shimo laughed strangely then instantly fired a punch, releasing a stream of Deadqi into the air. The surging Deadqi was so horrifying that it seemed as if it was defying the very concept of six reincarnations and literally reversing the concept altogether.

“Boom!” The two attacks collided and Shimo's attack expectedly had an upper hand yet again.

Shimo's skill was much more than that of the little book demon then this outcome was understandable.

“Jie Jie, it's time to get my cores.” Shimo was about to attack Tianyuan mirror's protective screen, when suddenly, a spear came out of nowhere and stabbed him right in the chest, nailing him into the ground.

Shimo turned to look what happened just now and realized that the spear had been thrown by the little book demon. He immediately got furious and shouted: “If you are really so eager to die, I’ll gladly fulfill your wish. I changed my mind about first seizing the cores because now I am gonna devour you first!”

Shimo condensed a big devil claw that was made up of a mixture of Deadqi and Yinqi. And the very next instant, the devil claw went towards the little book demon at an incredibly fast speed as if to rip him apart, however, at this time, he heard a loud shout: “Stop!”

A tyrannical aura engulfed the entire area all of a sudden.

Then a huge dragon claw appeared out of nowhere and advanced towards the devil claw.

“Boom!” The devil claw was instantly grabbed and then crushed by the dragon claw, resulting in a massive explosion.

(To be continued)


(NT: Yes, this chapter is without a title :P. Why don't you guys come up with something?)

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