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Chapter 270 - Book demon

“Our practice time is too short, so if we step into the legendary realm now then we are basically going to end up being at the bottom in True Martial University.” Qi Feifan said.

Ye Xiwen nodded, even having great talent was not enough to reach higher levels of the legendary realm so easily.

“Therefore, it is better to stay at half-step legendary realm and if we are able to give an outstanding performance during the entrance assessment test, perhaps they may consider giving us the status of inner disciples or even core disciples.” Qi Feifan said.

Now, Ye Xiwen finally understood the reason why these pro-disciples weren't keen on stepping into the legendary realm!

So, they had been planning for decades, just for this one opportunity.

“Brother Ye, deducing from your age and cultivation level, if you wait for 100 years and then appear in the entrance assessment test of True Martial University, in that case, none of the opponents of half-step legendary level will stand a chance against you.” Qi Feifan tried to give a critical opinion because going by the cultivation speed shown by Ye Xiwen, he should be able to definitely surpass legendary realm in the coming 100 years. In fact, he should be able to easily reach higher levels of Sage realm if his cultivation continued to grow at this speed.

“That being said, now that Chu Jingcai has stepped into the legendary realm, will he give up on entering True Martial University this time?” Ye Xiwen asked but he obviously did not think that Chu Jingcai should give up, especially after waiting 100 years for this opportunity. However, postponing was also an option for him now, since a legendary expert's lifespan was 1000 years and waiting for yet another 100 years was not a big deal because Chu Jingcai's life as a legendary expert had only just begun.

“Yes, I wanted to be a moderator between you two to erase all misunderstandings. There is no need for an unnecessary blood feud between you two. I am going to True Martial University, along with second and third pro-disciples, so now, only you, Chu Jingcai and Hua Menghan will remain in Yi Yuan School as pro-disciples. I want all three of you to get along and protect Yi Yuan School.” Qi Feifan said. “Do not misunderstand Chu Jingcai's intentions. That guy has made quite a lot of sacrifices for our sect.”

“I don't hold anything against him, to be honest. But his followers always try to provoke me and I cannot just stand idle and let them do whatever they want.” Ye Xiwen said.

“Well, that is understandable since no one is allowed to embarrass or insult a pro-disciple, and those who dare to break this rule deserve to be punished. You should continue to punish those who provoke you. I don't think Chu Jingcai would say anything.” Qi Feifan said.

Qi Feifan was on Ye Xiwen's side because he knew that Ye Xiwen wasn't the type of guy who would indiscriminately attack people for no reason.

No one could play with the dignity of a pro-disciple, that was a strict law in Yi Yuan School and not even the elders could break it.

“Good, my job is done here. I will not stay for long, time to say goodbye.” Qi Feifan said goodbye with a smile and left.

After he left, Ye Mo appeared in front of Ye Xiwen.

“True Martial University, it seems like a place I will have to visit eventually.” Ye Xiwen said.

He knew that Qi Feifan's proposal of waiting for 100 years was quite critical in a way. In fact, if he really waited for so long before appearing in True Martial University's entrance assessment, he would actually have no opponents at all. However, according to Qi Feifan, Ye Xiwen must stay at half-step legendary realm for coming 100 years.

The longer he would stay at half-step legendary realm, the greater would be the accumulation of energy and experience.

However, he could not wait for so long because now he knew that there was hope of returning to the Earth. Nothing could stop him now as he wanted to go back home as soon as possible. Of course, one hundred years was not a long period of time for him but that was not the case for the people on the Earth.

He could not wait that long because his family would be dead by then.

So, he must quickly enhance his cultivation as soon as possible, enough to make it possible for him to go back to his parents before they die.

However, Yi Yuan School could not help him in achieving his new goal because the strongest known experts in this school were at most at legendary realm and even they couldn't perform inter-dimensional travel! In other words, he must reach higher realms, much above legendary realm, to achieve his newfound goal.

And it seemed like True Martial University was a place that might help him in this regard.

After he made up his mind, he did not say anything to anyone and directly went to the main library of Yi Yuan School to find out more about True Martial University, and also to gain some basic general knowledge for the betterment of his understanding of this world. He had no time to accumulate experience and hence had to use such a method to forcefully mug up all sorts of information and dump them into his mind.

At his current status, he could naturally access forbidden parts of the library with ease. The main library was located in a different world that was somewhat small but had enough space to contain piles of millions of books, arranged in various different categories.

The guard of this small world was an old man with unfathomable cultivation. Ye Xiwen tried to sense his cultivation level but failed to do so. His guess was that this old man was possibly at a very profound stage of the legendary realm. An expert like him really deserved to be the guard of Yi Yuan School's main library.

After all, this one library was home to books on numerous martial techniques, secret skills etc. There were a lot of other secret stuff stored in this library and Yi Yuan School could not afford to lose them at any cost.

“Greetings to senior.” Ye Xiwen cupped his hands and said in a respectful manner.

“Good, are you a new true disciple? I haven't seen you before.” The old man looked at Ye Xiwen and said. He looked quite surprised as the young man standing in front of him was clearly at truth seventh stage but he had never seen him coming to the library before. This was quite strange because new true disciples would usually visit the main library, right after stepping into truth realm, to learn basics about truth realm and a variety of other information. However, it was extremely rare for an expert of truth seventh stage to visit the main library for the first time.

This was because Ye Xiwen had successive breakthroughs, one after another after he stepped into the truth realm. Not to mention, he was never stuck at any point during his cultivation and never really found a need to visit the main library.

However, now he had to admit that knowledge was a necessary tool to obtain greater power.

Ye Xiwen nodded. The old man looked somewhat strangely at him then said: “You can go inside but you may have trouble locating things inside so I will send a book demon to show you the way.”

The old man conveniently summoned a book demon. It was a glowing white spirit, about 30 centimeters tall, with a somewhat timid appearance.

“You will find all sorts of books in the stock. Go inside and take a look!” That old man indifferently said.

“Thank you senior for the help.” Ye Xiwen said and entered the library with that book demon.

“Brother, what kind of books are you looking for?” The book demon said. These book demons would daily absorb spiritual essence from the books in order to live.

Even a stone could turn into a demon, let alone books. And these books often possessed inherent advantages because they were written by great people who usually left behind a portion of their souls in the books they wrote. These souls and lingering sentiments would later emerge as book demons.

Of course, the type of book demon was dependent on the book's content.

And some formidable rebellious ones had taken refuge in Yi Yuan School, for example, the one who was showing the way to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen said: “I’m looking for information on True Martial University.”

“I see, those data books have also been read by several seniors in the past.” The book demon said and led Ye Xiwen in the right direction. These book demons were not weak beings and also did not have low status in the sect. Their status was comparable to core disciples and they were also able to cultivate. Once a book demon succeeded to cultivate to a considerably higher level, it could then become a disciple of Yi Yuan School.

Ye Xiwen suspected that even that old guard was probably a book demon. Perhaps, he used to be a book demon earlier but later began to cultivate and eventually reached such a high level that he was given a very important post of guarding the main library.

However, at this time, Ye Xiwen was not much interested in getting to the bottom of this matter.


Suddenly, there came a loud noise along with distant human voices. Ye Xiwen turned his head in the direction of the source of the sound and saw a team of giant book demons as if going on an expedition.

The book demon noticed the curious expression on Ye Xiwen's face and said: “This is being caused by a book on military and war strategies. Those book demons are born out of that book.”

Ye Xiwen couldn't help but feel amazed. This world was really full of wonders.

They continued to walk past several bookshelves. There were countless huge books stacked on these shelves and contained a variety of information.

It was not hard to tell that some of these books were thousands of years old.

“Hey, Ye Xiwen, I know a better way than using soul search to grasp knowledge faster and more efficiently.” Ye Mo's voice suddenly resounded in Ye Xiwen's mind, and at the same time, he appeared beside him. Ye Mo was clad in a Confucian style scholar dress and the instant he appeared, the book demon was frightened and jumped back away in panic. Ye Mo glanced at that book demon's face with a rather unexcited look in his eyes.

“You just need to catch them all and swallow them up. This is the easiest way to naturally grasp knowledge!”

(To be continued)


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