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Chapter 268 - Fame rises in the Southeast region

Jin Xuan was confident because he was at truth eighth stage and felt superior to Ye Xiwen in not just level but strength as well. After all, Ye Xiwen used to be nothing but a disciple of truth fourth stage when he left for the demon island quest, almost half a year ago.

“It seems like I am going to have to teach you a lesson.” Ye Xiwen sneered and stuck his hand out. It instantly transformed into a dragon claw and gave rise to dragon whirlwind.

“Boom!” In a flash, Jin Xuan's attack was rendered useless by the dragon whirlwind and it further proceeded to fiercely collide with his body, as a result of which, he was sent flying high into the sky like a catapulted object.

“How is this possible?!” An expression of utter disbelief appeared on Jin Xuan's face the moment his confidence was brutally shattered by Ye Xiwen. Jin Xuan was betting on his own enhanced strength and thought that he could deal with Ye Xiwen, not to mention he also had the backing of Chu Jingcai, but he never expected to face such a loss of face at the hands of Ye Xiwen. He never imagined that Ye Xiwen would become so terrifyingly powerful after having spent half a year on the demon island.

He was at truth eighth stage and there was no doubt about it but he still wasn't able to block a single attack. In fact, on the contrary, he was sent flying like a weakling. He felt depressed because exactly same thing happened to him the last time he fought with Ye Xiwen, more than a year ago.

However, unlike last time, this time, no one came to his rescue. Ye Xiwen instantly arrived in front of Jin Xuan, who was injured and lying on the ground, then inserted his palm into Jin Xuan's Dantian and crushed it.

“No, please, you cannot ……” Ye Xiwen was so fast that he did not even get enough time to shout for help.

“Bang!” In a blink of an eye, Jin Xuan lost his cultivation and hence was crippled by Ye Xiwen. He spurted a mouthful of blood and lost consciousness due to intense pain and blood loss.

Ye Xiwen coldly looked at Jin Xuan and began to think – was it really Chu Jingcai's plan to bring Jin Xuan back from the mines?

In that case, Jin Xuan must have also received some kind of mighty medicine that helped him in having a breakthrough!

Ye Xiwen sneered and remembered that the misgivings between him and Chu Jingcai had started with the beginning of his enmity with Luo Yifan and Luo clan because Luo clan was a supporter of Chu Jingcai. However, later on, Ye Xiwen became the fifth pro-disciple and thus became a direct competitor of Chu Jingcai. In fact, all pro-disciples were direct competitors of each other.

Not to mention, the position of Sect Head had always been taken by pro-disciples. And, there had never been an exception to this pattern!

However, no matter what might be the outcome of this, he had returned and Chu Jingcai and the other pro-disciples would have to accept his domineering presence! ……

The news about their return set off an uproar throughout Yi Yuan School. This news was bound to attract everyone's attention, after all, only three disciples were summoned to the demon island this time and two of them came back safely.

Since they had come earlier than the designated time of one year, everyone wanted to know what exactly happened there.

And right after Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan came back, something unexpected happened. Hua Menghan was made the sixth pro-disciple and became a target of public attention alongside Ye Xiwen. Everyone was surprised because she became a true disciple not long before setting out for the demon island, and right after coming back, she was made a pro-disciple. Something like this was simply unprecedented while only excluding Ye Xiwen's case as he had also created a similar sensation when he was made the fifth pro-disciple.

However, Ye Xiwen was famous for being an exception in everything though same was not true for Hua Menghan and that was why many were envious of her sudden, unexpected fame.

Immediately, the whole Yi Yuan School was discussing the clash between Ye Xiwen and Chu Jingcai. This was an important matter because Ye Xiwen powered up in the last six month whereas Chu Jingcai became the only pro-disciple to step into the legendary realm. Also, a rumor spread out that it was actually Chu Jingcai who brought back Jin Xuan from the mines to take Ye Xiwen down, but Jin Xuan was crippled instead.

Yi Yuan School was once again impressed by Ye Xiwen's strength because he was able to defeat Jin Xuan who was at truth eighth stage.

According to witnesses, Ye Xiwen was so formidable that Jin Xuan wasn't able to stop even a single attack aimed at him.

As time passed slowly, the matter about the demon island bit by bit spread not just in Yi Yuan School or Great Yue State but throughout the Southeast region. Everyone came to know that the eighth prince was actually killed by Ye Xiwen in a battle where he was battling against two experts of truth eighth peak.

Since the eighth prince, who was also the commander of imperial guards, was considered the most talented genius in the younger generation of Great Yue State before the demon island quest started, after killing him, Ye Xiwen attained the same position by default.

It could be said that Ye Xiwen was not just formidable and tough but also had extraordinary combat skills. Although Yi Yuan School lost a valuable peerless genius in the form of Chen Ruochen who was now missing, this trip to the demon island could be called successful in respect of Yi Yuan School and only by virtue of one man, Ye Xiwen. This one name 'Ye Xiwen' was enough to grant an illustrious prestige to Yi Yuan School that had now become famous in all of the ten countries of Southeast region as Ye Xiwen's sect.

Yi Yuan School was a major sect but was only famous in Great Yue State, but now that it was famous in the Southeast region, the credit would entirely go to Ye Xiwen. Yi Yuan School used to be considered as a mid-level-sect by the foreign powers, even though a famous legendary expert like Qi Feifan belonged to it. However, Ye Xiwen's recent outstanding performance and extraordinary achievements were enough to shock foreigners and greatly contributed towards Yi Yuan School's newfound fame in the foreign lands.

Ye Xiwen not only defeated two experts of truth eighth peak at once, despite being two levels below them, he also slaughtered two half-step legendary zombies though under some special circumstances which might have made things easier for him, but still, it was only him who was able to achieve such feats. Hence, these achievements were enough to establish his strength and formidability in the eyes of everyone.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen’s fame spread everywhere. Now, his name was well-known in the Southeast region and was being counted among other famous geniuses such as Emperor Chen, Qing Xu, Warhawk, Ji Moon and Wang Purple. People had come up with a list of top geniuses among the ten counties of Southeast region and Ye Xiwen’s name was at the top of this list.

Ye Xiwen suddenly became the pride of Yi Yuan School and now everyone was scared how Chu Jingcai was going to react. What if he tried to get rid of Ye Xiwen? After all, Ye Xiwen couldn’t possibly fight with a legendary expert.

In addition to Ye Xiwen, all sorts of vital information about Hua Menghan was slowly dug out because a lot of people had not understood why Hua Menghan suddenly became the sixth pro-disciple, but when news about her exploits in the demon island was dug out, everyone was impressed to find out that she had actually obtained the heritage of a great person on the demon island. This was the reason how in just half a year, she was able to jump from truth second stage to truth ninth stage. One must know, obtaining a rare kind of heritage was no trivial matter because this also indicated that her future prospects were going to be limitless.

Like the eighth prince had immediately become a contender for the throne in the royal clan after obtaining the heritage of Four Sacred Beasts Sect, not to mention he had also become the most popular candidate as well. In Zhen Wu Jie, it was always a matter of great importance whenever a disciple was to obtain the inheritance of ancient sects or lost civilizations because it often meant that these lucky disciples would then obtain great wisdom, lost martial art techniques and also the blessings of ancient beings.

And news about Hua Menghan obtaining great benefits on the demon island slowly spread throughout the ten countries of Southeast region. The demon island, anyway, was famous as a mysterious island that was home to legendary beasts, but this time, the surviving disciples spread all sorts of newly obtained information about the island, for example, about the existence of a tyrannical ancient demon race and the Demon Emperor. And, if Hua Menghan had really obtained the heritage from a great being, belonging to such a lost civilization, then one could easily imagine her importance.

Therefore, it was not surprising that she was made the sixth pro-disciple of Yi Yuan School, thereby adding a bit more uncertainty to the contest for head's position.

Chu Jingcai was the first pro-disciple and had maintained his power and illustrious prestige for last 100 years, so no one dared to go against him, but on several occasions, he was openly challenged by Ye Xiwen. Of course, Ye Xiwen was not a fool and it was a near impossible task to make him submit. Luo Yifan once tried to bully Ye Xiwen, and now, no one knew where his corpse was rotting. No one dared to openly mention it but a lot of people suspected that Ye Xiwen was secretly involved in the killing of Luo Yifan.

One month passed after Ye Xiwen returned to Qianyu peak but Chu Jingcai did not pull off anything to retaliate and take revenge. In this sensitive period of time, one day, Qi Feifan personally went to Qianyu peak to meet Ye Xiwen.

“Qianyu faction is honored that Brother Qi has taken out some time from his busy schedule to visit us.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile and welcomed Qi Feifan. Although both of them were pro-disciples, there was no need for Ye Xiwen to call him 'Brother Qi' but Ye Xiwen had always referred to him like that and continued to do so even after becoming a pro-disciple, after all, Qi Feifan had saved him several times.

“Brother Ye, I hope you will pardon me for being presumptuous enough to come here without informing.” Qi Feifan also smiled and said. “I would not beat around the bush and come straight to the point. Today, I have come precisely to settle things between you and Chu Jingcai.”

“There's nothing going on between us.” Ye Xiwen said indifferently.

“I know that his newly implemented inspection rule ended up causing trouble for you and I must say that he is not at right in this regard. However, that Jin Xuan incident was not arranged by him.” Qi Feifan said, “I feel the need to disclose something important that all pro-disciples must know.”


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