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Chapter 263 - Slaughters again

“Boom!” After that hit, the zombie collapsed on the ground.

“Hu, hu!” Ye Xiwen was breathing heavily as he just now used his most powerful attack. He had been hiding it from the zombie all this time and used it right when he saw an opening. Ye Xiwen was assuming that there was a small part of wisdom still present in that zombie's mind so he remained patient and even if he was facing tough moments during the fight, he still continued to wait till the time was right and finished off the zombie in one shot.

Ye Xiwen took a break and let Phoenix regeneration heal his injuries, though this time, the consumption of life essence was not much.

Then, he dug out the Zombie Dan from its body and immediately flew in the direction where the team of experts was still fighting with the other zombie.

Right now, Emperor Chen and the other experts were extremely exhausted. They were having a hard time dealing with a half-step legendary zombie. It was rampaging, killing people and almost no one could stop it.

Even the joint attacks of Emperor Chen and Qing Xu were not enough to stop it or inflict serious injuries. It was being difficult for these experts to attack the zombie due the fluctuations in world laws surrounding the zombie. The disparity in strength was too huge to surmount and dozens of human experts had already been killed by it. Only 300 individuals were still alive which basically indicated that the team of human experts had faced heavy losses in this regard.

Emperor Chen gave out a long and loud battle cry and produced an avalanche of energy leaking out of his body. The energy condensed to form a shadow that looked very similar to him, except it had a pair of abnormally cold eyes. Although he was having a hard time dealing with this zombie, he was not at all scared of it and attacked without hesitation.

This was a terrifying attack skill where he was using his own shadow as a backup!

He could not throw in the towel, especially when Ye Xiwen was risking his own life to distract a zombie and he was doing it on his own. But here, so many people were together and still unable to deal with one zombie. This was simply a big blow to his pride and self-esteem.

Although he knew that Ye Xiwen's case was special as he happened to have a strong body, his pride still would not allow him to admit defeat. He wanted to be stronger than anyone no matter what.

Emperor Chen's attack also incurred huge fluctuations in the world laws. It was obvious that he had already started to meditate and comprehend world laws, preparing to enter the half-step legendary realm. Therefore, law suppression was not working on him.

One could notice this trait in his violent and frightening imposing aura.

“Boom!” Emperor Chen's fist blasted on the zombie's tough body and exploded into a burst of terrifying rippling waves of light. It seemed like this fist was aiming to destroy the stars.

“Boom!” This punch was extremely terrifying but the zombie simply disregarded its own safety and retaliated by throwing its fist at him. Although the zombie's fist was basically a clenched bone claw, it still caused a massive explosion as if to blow away the universe itself and reopen the world of chaos.

“Stop!” At this time, Qing Xu shouted loudly and his spiritual voice echoed in the area. As a result of that, the zombie's movements slowed down a bit and Emperor Chen, who was sitting on his pet lion, managed to dodge quickly and somehow escaped the range of the fist attack. Even if a half of the zombie's body was severely injured by Emperor Chen's attack, it was still very terrifying to fight against and held tyrannical prowess.

Emperor Chen's eyes were filled with anger. He was, what you'd call, a slave of his pride. He was sitting straight on his pet lion like a mountain and suddenly rushed towards that zombie.

He once again used the same attack to finish off the zombie in one fell swoop.


The power capable of shattering stars once again broke out and spread sections of Dao everywhere.

Qing Xu was also closely following him and staying by his side. This is what one would call: immeasurable revere!

Emperor Chen's shadow that had stayed behind him all this time suddenly resonated with the flashing Dao. It is said that you are in Dao and Dao is within you. Right now, this shadow had thoroughly merged with Dao, thereby increasing its power drastically.

“Boom!” Emperor Chen, his shadow and Qing Xu together attacked the zombie and swept away mighty shock waves in all directions.

“Bang!” But, in a blink of an eye, his shadow dissipated and both he and his pet lion were sent flying miles away from there. He spurted out blood from his mouth and blood was also oozing out from several wounds on his body.

Qing Xu was also sent flying all the way until he was caught by his pet crane. This was really a horrifying collision.

Meanwhile, the zombie killed two more people when everyone resorted to all sorts of martial arts and divine tools to attack it. They basically tried to take advantage of this explosion as an opportunity to attack it.




It was a terrible collision and the zombie certainly wasn't able to react rapidly. By the time it made its move, it had already been attacked and severely injured by the joint attack from almost 300 experts. However, this joint attack was not enough to completely eliminate it.

Its whole body was covered in its own blood and looked like a tattered sack of rotten meat. But it was still roaring and its formidable pressure was frightening people, making it difficult for them to fight it head on.

Emperor Chen's body was also covered in wounds but he still stood firmly. He blundered by underestimating a half-step legendary zombie and by also underestimating the gap between half-step legendary realm and truth ninth peak. Not to mention, this zombie was already under the suppression that appeared once in a thousand years. So, in other words, if it was at its full potential then no one would have survived till now.

Suddenly, there came a distant howling sound, and the very next instant, a human figure arrived at a tyrannical speed and struck with a long blade, instantly chopping the zombie, from head to foot, into two halves.

“Is that Ye Xiwen? Yes, Ye Xiwen is back, but wait…Where is that other zombie? What happened to it?”

“Yes, don't tell me he killed that zombie!”

“That's impossible.”

Everyone was extremely shocked by his unexpected arrival. Was it actually possible that Ye Xiwen actually managed to kill a half-step legendary zombie all by himself? The very thought of it was striking terror in their hearts, but they had to accept the reality that Ye Xiwen was standing in front of them and was uninjured.

Emperor Chen was shocked the most and staring at Ye Xiwen as if he was witnessing a miracle. Ye Xiwen's plan was to distract that zombie but if he really killed it then this was really no different than a miracle in the eyes of other experts.

“If I cannot do it, we all will die!”

All of them remembered the statement he made before departing, succinct but powerful.

This kind of monstrous self-confidence was simply known to invincible beings!

Ye Xiwen's golden body released a golden beam of light that instantly crashed into that zombie's almost bisected body. Then he shot his palm out that released a golden dragon into the sky.

“Roar!” The zombie was roaring with a look of terror and confusion in its eyes.

It also threw its iron claw fist at Ye Xiwen.


Its tyrannical flesh was actually blown apart by Ye Xiwen's golden dragon. Afterward, Ye Xiwen grabbed its arms and tore them off its body which made painful heart-wrenching sounds. Then he threw those arms far away from its body. Right now, Ye Xiwen was at his peak condition and nothing could stop him.

But this zombie was weakened and injured.

Ye Xiwen once again pounded his palm on its torso and that resulted in an explosion.

Everyone was alarmed and afraid, thinking in their hearts that who was actually more terrifying? Ye Xiwen or zombie?

The way Ye Xiwen was dismembering the zombie in front of everyone; they were astonished as to how he was even able to do that.

They obviously did not know that Ye Xiwen possessed the golden body of gods.

The zombie's roars were scary and terror-inspiring. All of a sudden, there was a great explosion caused by Ye Xiwen’s palm attack and he managed lang a major blow to its life force. In the end, he finished it off by stamping on its chest and crushing its chest region. The golden divinities crawled from his leg into its body and destroyed all the evil spirits occupying its body. Now the only thing left was taking its Core Dan.

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