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Chapter 262 - Slaughtered zombie

It was a brutal contest of resilience and toughness among the two tyrannical masters. Once again, a mighty explosion occurred and blasted both of them in opposite directions. Both of them had their skins peeled off and blood oozing out of their wounds, but none of the two was willing to stop fighting.

For a zombie, its body itself was the most powerful weapon. A zombie did not feel pain and wouldn't stop rampaging, even when its limbs were torn off or its head was severed from its body because right after transforming into a zombie, its body was occupied by evil spirits, ending up making the whole corpse just a tool.

So even if the head was severed from a zombie's body, other body parts would still continue to move because a zombie's body was not controlled by its brain but by the evil spirits.

The zombie did not stop even when it was seriously injured in the last attack and immediately rushed towards Ye Xiwen. Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen was standing like a mountain while an endless amount of imposing aura was gushing out of his body, making him appear like a mighty god of war. Phoenix regeneration was working non-stop to heal his injuries and restore his inner state to its max, and in a short time, he was back to his peak condition. Ye Xiwen also did not care about the injuries since Phoenix regeneration was the biggest advantage he held, and by relying on it, he could always continue to maintain his present tyrannical battle efficiency.

And even if that zombie did not care about its injuries, it still could not stop a gradual decrement in its battle efficiency as it was constantly running amuck and wasting energy. So, a long battle would actually be more favorable for Ye Xiwen because even a zombie of half-step legendary realm could be slowly exhausted to death.

Although Ye Xiwen would have to consume a lot of his life essence and vitality, he refused to give up, otherwise, only a dead end would greet him if he was unwilling to make decisive sacrifices whenever needed.

Retreat was not an option, it certainly wasn't an option!

“Roar!” The zombie lifted its face upwards, roared and released its poisonous qi in the surrounding area. Being a zombie, it was fully detached from reincarnation cycle, and just like a monster from hell, it released an ominous imposing aura, breaking the shackles of the world and swept across in all directions.

Ye Xiwen seemed all prepared to face the fury of this zombie!

Ye Xiwen also roared and there exploded a dazzling divine light from within his clothes as if to conquer the entire universe and subdue the heavens.

The battle had entered its final phase and it did not seem like this battle was going on between a human and a zombie, but between two legendary beings, belonging to two different universes.

It had mostly been a contest between two invincible bodies, but the extent of this battle had not yet reached the most tragic state. Much worse was about to come!

The zombie's green eyes were flashing fiercely and it waved its fists in a strange manner to display zombie-specific martial art that derived qi from its arteries.

Ye Xiwen also went all out and used coiling dragon palm to summon a huge coiling dragon. It gave out a long and loud cry and soared into the sky, wantonly dancing and it seemed like the whole belonged to it, now. As if a real legendary dragon had come out of the fables to dominate the entire world. The coiling dragon's very presence was suppressing Yinqi and Deadqi in the atmosphere.


The battle had entered an extremely frigid phase, and suddenly, Ye Xiwen's chest was penetrated by the zombie's sharp iron claws. And the very next instant, the zombie retracted its claws and tore off a big chunk of flesh and meat from his chest.

But things did not go well for the zombie as well. Its whole body was nipped by the coiling dragon, and as a result of that, its bones were now visible through the several wounds spread all over its body.

Ye Xiwen's golden defense had been broken by the zombie's iron claws and a fatal wound could be seen oozing blood from his chest area. But at the same time, his wound was also healing at an incredibly fast speed, and within a few breaths’ time, he was back to normal. Of course, there was no trace of any wound on his chest region and he was once again at his peak condition.

“Boom!” Both sides severely clashed again and caused a massive explosion in the sky, resulting in a burst of dazzling golden light and splashing blood in all directions.



Ye Xiwen noticed that each time the zombie attacked with its claws, it drew the power of world laws and invoked suppression upon him as a result of the fluctuations in world laws. One must know that suppression effect of world laws was applicable only to the experts of truth realm and below because it was extremely difficult for them to comprehend world laws and they easily succumbed under their might, in turn facing an overwhelming suppression. This was actually the biggest difference between an expert at truth ninth peak and an expert at half-step legendary realm.

It was very difficult to comprehend world laws and that was the reason why only a small numbers of experts entered into the half-step legendary realm. Even in the younger generation, only a handful of experts, below the age of 150 years, were able to step into half-step legendary realm, but there were many experts at truth ninth stage in comparison.

Although there were several legendary level experts in Yi Yuan School but that was the result of a thousand years of accumulation. And considering the fact that there had been millions of disciples in the history of Yi Yuan School, there were only a few dozen disciples who had managed to step into the legendary realm. So, one could see that legendary experts were quite rare existences.

There were not more than 200 legendary experts in the entire Great Yue State and that too out of tens of billions of people. So, one could understand how difficult it really was to step into the legendary realm.

A legendary level expert was capable of invoking complete suppression. When considering the elites from all of the ten countries of Southeast region, there were only 20-30 people who had managed to achieve the legendary realm before reaching the age of 150. This meant that on an average, only 2-3 people per country were able to achieve such a feat. Qi Feifan was one such example as he was able to reach half-step legendary realm at a young age.

So even if there were hundreds of true disciples at truth ninth stage, some being at the peak of truth ninth stage, but even so, they were still considered nothing in front of the four pro disciples.

This was a crucial step and if this step was taken within a short period of time then it would directly determine their future success.

If an ordinary expert was facing such law fluctuations which were being orchestrated by the zombie, then that expert would have been in an utterly miserable state by now. But thankfully, Ye Xiwen had also comprehended a section of the law debris. The depth of his comprehension was not comparable to that of the zombie but was enough to offset the suppression effect that was being caused by the fluctuations in world laws.

Heaven and earth seemed to have lost their luster in front of the tyrannical battle going on between these two monsters. Spiraling energies were spreading in all directions. Thundering explosions and shock waves had reduced this entire forest area to a wasteland.

Ye Xiwen was not at all worried, on the contrary, he was very excited to have come across such a rare opportunity to experience fighting with a higher-level tyrannical monster, a monster that possessed an invincible body just like him.

Perhaps he had a subconscious lust for violent and bloody battles and he himself was unaware about that.

The zombie was getting injured again and again while Ye Xiwen contained to remain at his peak condition thanks to Phoenix regeneration. With the help of this technique, he could repeatedly challenge opponents of much higher level than his own. Not to mention, he could also participate in deadly battles without worrying about getting seriously injured.

He dared to challenge a tyrannical opponent not just to sharpen his own skills but also to obtain the biggest advantage in the form of battle experience and also in the form of an invincible confidence level.

Most people, even the so-called peerless geniuses were afraid to do so, but Ye Xiwen dared to take this risk thanks to Phoenix regeneration.

If anyone could see this battle, they would surely feel frightened to no limit.

The zombie had slowly started to lose its advantage over Ye Xiwen because it was getting tired and was taking a lot of damage.

Although Ye Xiwen was at his peak condition, he still could not hide his pale complexion. This was the consequence of overusing his life essence. Even his golden defense wasn't able to cover up his pale complexion.

In other words, Ye Xiwen was burning his own life energy for the sake of winning this battle. Everyone cherished their lives, after all, their lifespan was limited and no one wanted to consume their own lifespan and die early because time was very crucial to cultivate and step into next realm in order to increase the lifespan.

However, Ye Xiwen was not afraid of losing several years from his lifespan. In just a few years time, he had reached truth seventh stage all the way from Houtian third stage. It could be said that his cultivation speed was insanely fast, and so unlike others, he did not need to spend a lot of years to step into the legendary realm in order to obtain a huge lifespan.

Moreover, he always thought that life was not for saving up. People must fearlessly move forward and live the way they want.

The zombie roared and its helmet and armor suddenly shattered into pieces. When it was alive, it used to be a general and had fought for countless years, killing countless enemies in his career. So far, the battle was stuck in a tie but one thing was clear that it was not going to resign in front of Ye Xiwen.

The zombie blasted a punch and swept away an endless amount of poisonous Deadqi towards Ye Xiwen. He noticed that the golden defense had started to melt due to its corrosive effect.

“Looks like I do not need to retrograde today to cut down a legend.” Ye Xiwen said in his heart and finally began to go all out without any restraint. He immediately used coiling dragon palm and an endless amount of dragon qi, combined with golden divinities, collided with the zombie's attack in midair and the resulting explosion was so vast that it camouflaged the entire sky.

Suddenly, the ground cracked open when a massive sword intention condensed in his hand. Ye Xiwen had also embedded golden divinities into this sword intention. This terrifying golden sword intention was capable of killing demons, devils, ghost, goblins and all sorts of creatures in one fell swoop.

Ye Xiwen stared coldly at the zombie. The coiling dragon was roaring again and again. At this time, Ye Xiwen opened his devil wings and instantly arrived in front of that zombie.

“Boom!” The terrifying golden sword intention struck horizontally as if to puncture the world itself and it instantly crashed into its body.

The zombie used its hands to block this attack but the destructive power of golden divinities was so tyrannical that it directly routed the zombie's defense and pierce through its body, destroying all the evil spirits that were occupying its body.

(To be continued)


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