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Chapter 261 - Deathmatch with a half-step legendary zombie

This fight was certainly not going to be an easy one for Ye Xiwen. Even though the zombie was under suppression, it was still more powerful and had a much stronger body than him in comparison. So, in the end, Ye Xiwen did not hold a single advantage against it.

But this did not mean that Ye Xiwen's gilded tyrant form was utterly useless. He could take on the zombie by relying on the tyrannical defense of his golden body, but his inferior cultivation level was not at all a help. His battle strength was comparable to truth ninth stage and the gap between ninth stage and half-step legendary realm was too difficult to surmount.

Zombies were infamous for their terrifying bodies in all of the ten thousand worlds. And the body of a zombie of half-step legendary level was easily going to have an iron threshold. Yes, there were thresholds above the iron threshold such as copper threshold, silver threshold, golden threshold, etc. It was said that a zombie with golden threshold could actually contend with mythical creatures.

Although this zombie had not yet fully entered the iron threshold phase, its body was still formidable when taken in Ye Xiwen's perspective. Because Ye Xiwen still hadn't fully reached the true potential of gilded tyrant form due to his lack of level as he was still in truth realm and he would require the understanding of legendary realm to perfect it.

Fortunately, that zombie's power was suppressed, or else Ye Xiwen wouldn't stand a chance.

Even so, Ye Xiwen would have to participate in a deadly battle for survival.

Ye Xiwen and the zombie fiercely clashed and so did their tyrannical bodies, sweeping away anything in the past in the form a horrifying explosion in the forest.

Ye Xiwen's golden body couldn't block the entirety of attack force and traces if blood appeared from the corners of his mouth. Ye Xiwen was dedicated to his cause and was willing to face much worse for its sake. He had no alternative and if he did not do his best then everyone would be slaughtered, including his friends. Moreover, if everyone died then who would complete the task?

Therefore, Ye Xiwen had to bite the bullet and once again move forward to engage in battle!

Ye Xiwen seemed prepared to do his best and go all out.




He immediately took out Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array and summoned deepwater black snake king with the combined soul power of 19 deepwater black snakes. The humongous beast instantly surrounded the zombie and kept on roaring, seemingly all prepared to attack it anytime.

However, the zombie immediately used its fists and kicks and gave several blows to the deepwater black snake king.

The deepwater black serpent king's overall power had reached merely the ninth layer of truth realm and was only one step away from becoming a water dragon, but it was still knocked out like a stray dog. Ye Xiwen had predicted this outcome and was only using the power of the flag array to encircle the zombie and keep it distracted.

Anyway, deepwater black snake king was just a collection of energy, so Ye Xiwen was not afraid of its safety.

Moreover, deepwater black snake king used to be at half-step legendary realm when he was alive and would soon transform into a water dragon, becoming a valuable addition to his arsenal. Although after death, its power had greatly reduced but the zombie's true power was also under suppression. If not alone, perhaps together they could thwart this zombie.

The deepwater black snake king restructured its disintegrated body and once again attacked the zombie.

Ye Xiwen took this opportunity to use Phoenix regeneration to restore his injuries. In a matter of few breaths, his condition was restored to peak condition and he did not waste any time and immediately rushed towards the zombie to collaborate with flag array.

Ye Xiwen had nurtured flag array exactly for situations like this. It was like his last card to deal with opponents at much higher level. He did not need to use it against the two tyrants because he himself was enough to deal with them, plus his pride did not allow him to use flag array to beat those two.

Even after keeping in mind the large disparity between truth ninth stage and half-step legendary realm, Ye Xiwen knew that flag array could work very well for distracting an opponent, giving him enough time for strategizing and healing.

With the help of this divine tool, he was confident that he could constrain and perhaps even kill this zombie.

Ye Xiwen was not a fool and was not just fully depending on the flag array's distraction ability. In the end, he would have to wait patiently for the right time and personally act, using his golden body's invincible strength, to defeat the zombie.

One must know that this zombie's one punch could kill an expert of truth ninth layer, therefore, so far, Ye Xiwen had been acting cautiously and must continue to do so.

For Ye Xiwen, this was a rare experience of fighting with a warrior of half-step legendary realm. Ye Xiwen was going to obtain enormous benefit from this battle.

“Tianyuan mirror!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. Tianyuan mirror suddenly appeared out of nowhere and released a deep scarlet light that enveloped his body, some of it penetrated into his body and merged with his flesh and blood, considerably raising his strength a notch.

“Ye Xiwen, this is an excellent opportunity. Kill this zombie and take its Core Dan. It will drastically improve your cultivation level and that too in a very short time.” Ye Mo was standing on Ye Xiwen's shoulder as he gave his suggestion in a very excited manner.

In reality, Ye Xiwen's inner state was still at truth seventh stage and the zombie, despite being suppressed, was at half-step legendary realm so its Core Dan, when consumed, would be sufficient to help him have a breakthrough in a very short time. Then he would step into truth eighth stage and his battle strength would reach half-step legendary realm, if not directly reaching the legendary realm. But, after reaching the peak of truth ninth layer, his fighting strength would actually reach legendary realm, at that time, he would have easily surpassed Emperor Chen and the others, thereby standing at the top of the younger generation of the southeast region. Even while counting the top experts of the previous generation, he would still be considered at the top.

For others, a zombie's Core Dan, also called Zombie Dan, was a deadly poisonous drug, but that was not the case for Ye Xiwen because his Tianyuan mirror could purify drugs, even the poisonous ones, and transform them into nourishing drugs.

But anyway, he must first kill this tyrannical zombie to obtain its core.

Ye Xiwen used his hands to tear a golden arc of light and shot it at the zombie.

It seemed as if space itself had been torn to welcome the golden arc of light from another world and all must submit in front of the glory of this endless divine beam of light from an otherworldly source.

The zombie shot its palm and its fingernails turned in a frightening claw, like an iron hook which quickly approached Ye Xiwen to trap his neck.

The iron hook claw was a secret technique used by zombies and it was considered a very frightening technique.

“Boom!” The two sides clashed almost at the same time. Ye Xiwen's golden body with god's defense, when coupled with the defense granted by Tianyuan mirror, was finally able to compensate the gap.

As soon as the two tyrannical beings collided, it seemed like the entire world would collapse.

“Bang!” The terrible force generated in the explosion sent both of them flying in opposite directions.

In the zombie's hand, a terrible crack opened up in its tough flesh and purple blood oozed out and spattered on the ground. The blood was extremely toxic and corrosive and instantly began to corrode the ground upon contact.

But Ye Xiwen was also not in a good shape. His gilded tyrant form disappeared all of a sudden and his red blood splashed out while also containing traces of golden threads.

The ominous and vindictive color got stronger in the zombie's eyes. It roared again and again and once again ran towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not waste time and fully concentrated on using Phoenix regeneration to repair his wound. Soon, his inner state was restored to its peak. He glanced at the zombie that was crazily running towards him and he also immediately rushed forward to greet the incoming attack.

Both sides were tyrannical, outrageously powerful and their battle was based on the direct clash of bodies. Especially, there was an ever increasing burning rage in the zombie's green eyes as if it despised the very existence of this world and wouldn't stop before it would bring upon death to this world.

Ye Xiwen looked calm and tranquil, just a crack in his flesh could not make him blink an eye. Phoenix regeneration technique was very magical and once again restored him to a perfect state. He once again shot and released a coiling dragon almost instantly.

The coiling dragon looked upward and gave out a long and loud roar. Its roar was like a thunderclap, and at the same time, mighty dragon qi spread everywhere and restrained Yinqi and Deadqi which were overflowing in the vicinity.

It was a like a terrible explosion of light!

The epitome of positive energy!

The banisher of evil spirits!

Ye Xiwen used coiling dragon palm, and suddenly, the entire world lost its color. As if only the coiling dragon existed in the world and nothing else.

The coiling dragon rushed towards the zombie and attacked it with its claws.

Ye Xiwen also claimed a shot at the same time, but in that zombie's eyes, instead of seeing a panic-stricken look, he saw a rather calm look.

Just like demon beasts, it was not easy for zombies to gain wisdom and intelligence. Their very existence was not tolerated in the world and was basically called a blasphemous existence. The world law that was exploited for making zombies was also considered one of the most blasphemous laws in the world. Zombies just followed instincts and worked on the leftover instincts from when they were alive. But there were some extremely powerful zombies who still had an opportunity to develop wisdom.

Ye Xiwen was facing a zombie that had not yet fully reached legendary realm. It was certainly better than ordinary zombies that followed only instincts, but it was also far from obtaining a complicated thinking ability. Its wisdom was very limited and his intelligence had only slightly gotten rid of the so-called instinct driven thought process.

This was a bitter fight and both sides were trying their best to eliminate the opponent as soon as possible. Each of their clashes was world-shattering and causing destruction in the surrounding areas.

The battle had reached the phase in which blood was splashing in all directions. Sometimes, they were colliding in the mid-air and causing havoc in the forest area that had now simply been reduced to a wasteland.

The zombie fiercely dashed towards Ye Xiwen like a bulldozer.

The coiling dragon soared in the sky and fiercely strangled the zombie. It seemed as if the coiling dragon had come on a punitive expedition, however, even so, even after using various methods, there were still some disparities between the powers of the zombie and Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued)


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